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Alberta Auto Transport

3800 Airport Dr, Springbrook, Alberta, Canada, T4S 2E7

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Never again.
Please how do I get my car from this company? Do I need to file a report with the police? They've been untruthful about whereabout of my car.

I wish I read these reviews before hiring them.


A lot of these reviews seem very recent so I think they’ve been doing this more so recently because I never saw these when I first hired them. Everybody needs to report them to their local police and insurance. Tell them they’ve stolen your car and give them the website here for the reviews so they can see. My local police were very shocked when they saw these reviews. People need to stand their ground and don’t sent these bullies their money. It’s not right. Also report them to BBB at

The same experience. Until now I dont know what to do. Keep saying my car is on the way this weekend then next week. I am so stressed. Can you tell me what to do with this people keep lying.

This company is not real - it’s a scam
I requested their service to ship my vehicle from Ontario to BC at the beginning of June and paid a $500 deposit. It took them nearly 3 weeks to pick it up. I checked in with them multiple times per week and they were rude and aggressive each time. Very unprofessional - almost sounding like gangster teenagers. When I inquired I was told each time “next week, next week”. It’s now been a month and a half from the date I gave the deposit and they can’t tell me the whereabouts of my vehicle or the delivery date. They demand $3400 even though they quoted me half of that, and they will not meet me with my vehicle. Still don’t have it today and they’re ghosting me now. I informed them this is theft and there is a Police investigation ongoing.

Do not do business with them under any circumstances. I wish I would have looked them up before sending them any money and entrusting them with my vehicle.
This company is not real - it’s a scam


Until now I dont know where is my car. They are lying everyday. Mepp saying this weekend then next week

Scammers and bullies ALERT
1 star is way to many already. The most arrogant and unprofessional company I’ve encounter. I’m not even going to loose more time explaining because people already have. Just never do business with them. Law suit coming their way.


I had a quote from ALBERTA AUTO TRANSPORT to transport my vehicle from BC to ON. They gave me quote for 1475$ + 13% tax which comes to 1666$. Paid 500$ in advance. I was informed the car will be delivered in 7-10 business days. Got my car after 1 month and was been overcharged by this fraudster ALBERTA AUTO TRANSPORT. They charged me $450 extra and when I questioned them they said pay it now and once you have your vehicle we will explain you what it is for. NO ONE NEVER GET BACK TO YOU ONCE THEY GET THE PAYMENT. EITHER Drive it your self or choose the people who gives you the real quote and real car transport service then this ALBERTA AUTO TRANSPORT FRAUDSTERS.


Incredibly shady practice. Inflated invoices, zero communication.
I was shopping for quotes to ship my car and AAT contacted me and provided a reasonable quote and said they would deliver the vehicle in 7 days. They added on additional fees not included in the quote, $700 more than the quote.

They also don't list a phone number to talk to anyone at the office. You have to go through an answering service and they may or may not call you back. Most often, not.

Any arrangements offered by the employee are done over the phone so there is no written record.

I had to involve Calgary Police just to find out where my car was after almost a month.

When they delivered it they left the car in a hotel parking lot. I wasn't able to inspect it prior to being released from their care.

When you actually get someone on the phone, 'Adam' talks over you and repeats the same sentence over and over.

Easily the worst consumer experience I've ever been a part of.


Don’t ship your car with them, took me over 2months to get my car from them after shipping, not before reporting them to RCMP and declaring my vehicle stolen. They don’t respond to emails and text, they only have someone responding to calls who have no clue where vehicle is. Haspreet the owner is a snub who eat lies for breakfast.


As we were looking for a company to ship our vehicle from Calgary to California, we were having a hard time finding a company to do border crossing during covid and the border shutdown currently. So we stumbled across Alberta Auto Transport, which looked like it was a reliable company but that was it fact FALSE. So I’m going to tell you our story with this “company” in hopes to help others not get scammed.
September 28th,2021
We dropped off our car at their lot( which was a very sketchy location in Calgary, wouldn’t feel safe without someone there with me). We got told when we dropped it off it would be leaving in 2 days and that it would be in California one week after it’s picked up on September 30th, 2021. We were told our car would be shipped for $2500 CAD and then we had to send a $1000 deposit which we sent before we dropped off our car.
Oct 5th, 2021
We called Alberta Auto Transport to see when it will be arriving as it should be there in the next few days and we wanted to be prepared and available when they arrived. Got told by Adam(Jaspreet Gill) that it hasn’t even left yet but will be leaving the following day to Vancouver and then after it gets to Vancouver it’ll be heading down to California.
October 7th, 2021
We receive an invoice from Alberta Auto Transport of $2338.17 due immediately to resume transport. As our bill was suppose to only cost us $1500 more we were confused. We were now being charged $2500 USD which equals $3338.17 CAD. As they are a Canadian company they should’ve been charging us only in CAD, so we sent the payment as we have been without a car. They informed us at the start that we pay the deposit then when we receive the car we pay the rest. Which also was a lie.
Oct 8th , 2021
We call again and Adam informs us that it’s in transit and should be to us by Monday October 11th, 2021.
October 11th, 2021
We call again and Adam informs us that our car will be there by Friday. We are frustrated by this as it’s been awhile since our arrival date. But all we can do is wait at this point.
* we did not receive our car on that day and was in contact through email for weeks.
October 20th,2021
We get an email saying we need to write a letter providing Fast Car shipping to take our car across the border. Which they should’ve had us do awhile ago if they would’ve informed us we needed that. So as you can see it was a lie up until October 20th that our car was going to be crossing the border any day.
October 26th, 2021
We receive another invoice from Alberta Auto Transport saying we need to pay another invoice of $1850. We did not want to pay this extra amount as we have already paid $3338.17, so we don’t get why there was more fees. It was a difficult situation as they had possession of our car. But they would not continue transportation without that bill.
November 2nd, 2021
We receive an email saying they are not transporting our vehicle anymore and have left it at an AUCTION LOT in SEATTLE( which they didn’t give us the address for until 4 days after this email). So this location was a 12 hour drive from the agreed drop off location. So they did not complete the shipment from Calgary to northern California. We had to get in contact with this company that the car was at and see when we could pick it up. Our two options was to fly there and drive it down to California or find a car transport company in Seattle to take it the rest of the way. The lady at this company in Seattle was very helpful and got us a company that would ship it from the auction lot to our address for $550.
So ALBERTA AUTO TRANSPORT had our car for 6 weeks before telling us our exact location of our car, as they have lied the whole time where the car was and when it was arriving. They have costed us $3338.17 CAD and $550 USD to get our car from Calgary to Northern California. Which is only a 20 hour drive so doesn’t explain the 6 weeks.
When you call Adam treats you with such disrespect. He hangs up the phone when you try to say something and only calls to tell you that you need to pay more money or to lie about the location of our car. He does not care about answering any of your questions because he will just end up hanging up the phone and not answering. He won’t answer for days either on email or phone. This company has caused such stress to us that we were in the stages of reporting our car as stolen since it was 5 weeks past the day it was suppose to arrive. This company is a SCAM and I hope you made it this far so that you can choose another company to deal with.
November 11th, 2021
Upon receiving my vehicle, there was over 1000km extra on my car then when I left it in Calgary with them. They also gave us the car with no plate and had my license plate cover ripped off and thrown in the trunk of my car. Then keys they gave me were not the original set I gave them at the drop off location as mine were red and the different ones are grey. So they ended up losing our set of keys and stealing our plate( which is now reported to the police). Now being in California it is make it super difficult to get a plate from Alberta sent down here for us to replace the one that was stolen. The inside of my car had garbage and papers thrown all over my front passenger seat as well.
I will be reporting this company on BBB even though they aren’t credited on their and if anyone has anywhere else I can report them please comment below.

Also Jaspreet Singh bluetoothed his car to my phone, and what company needs to go in a hook up their phone if the only time they are in it should be to get it on and off the truck. To point out to bluetooth to my car it is not a simple task. So that proves they were driving my car which explains the extra 1000kms on the odometer.

Finally they have blocked my number and boyfriends so we weren't able to contact them.


I was billed $1400 including tax for shipment from Alberta to Ottawa. After 6 weeks of delay, I suddenly received an invoice that requires me to $2170 to get my car. Phone conversations was quite intimidating and bullying. I have decided to take legal action on this company, as this is quite unethical and misleading

• May 25, 2023

Can u please tell us what happened after the legal action?

Can you please let me know more about legal claim as I want to also sue them.

I am filing a claim as well, did you end up persuing legal action?

Car shipping from Alberta to BC
I would simply say pls pls pls pls NEVER Use this Company in your life. They are scammers and will never return your vehicle. Don't believe them it's my honest advice to all of you.


They delivered on time
Got my corvette moved they delivered it on time


In mid-April 2020, I contacted an auto shipping company called Albert Auto Transport to ship my car from Cold Lake (Alberta) to Montreal (Quebec). I signed an agreement with them on April 20th by completing a form and sending it via email and sent them a e-transfer of $1000 as a deposit and the balance would be paid when I receive my car. Their initial quote was $1200 to $1500. On May 16th Auto Alberta Transport contacted me by phone informed me that my total is $1500 and asked me to send the balance of $500 so they drop my vehicle in Montreal, I sent them the balance via e-transfer of $500 on the same day. On May 18th 2020 they send me an invoice amount of $2304 and told me if I don’t pay the balance right away, I will be charged $50 a day for storage. I informed them that I did not receive my car and that was way higher than the quote they gave me. They told me that when I pay they will provide me with a phone number of the person who is delivering my car. After discussions they agreed to waved $300 if I made the payment right away, as they still have my car I had no option but to pay them, so I sent the outstanding balance by e-transfer on May 20th. They provided me with a number (***) to contact the person who is supposed to deliver my car, but no one replies at that number. I tried the number for a week without success. Alberta Auto then provided me with a different number to contact but same issue no reply. I contacted the second phone number I was provided again and again without success. On June 1st 2020 AlbertaAutoTransport provided me with a third phone number, also no one is answering. To make a long story short, the agreement was to have the car delivered in Montreal (QC) but it was never done, I had to provide an alternative address in Ottawa (ON) and the car was finally delivered their on June 29th 2020 at 11pm. My car is a *** and I have most of my belongings inside the car (as part of the shipment). Last but not least, the invoice I was provided did not indicate the business tax number. Moreover, the agreement destination is located in the province of Quebec, but the invoice had Ontario provincial tax on it, so it did not have the correct provincial tax charges. My *** was dealing with Alberta Auto, but the agreement was under my name as it is my car that is being shipped and for some reason the invoice has his name on it. The invoice does not seem very professional.

the car was all scratched bumper damaged trying to tell me it was like that Adam the most arrogant person that I met in my life doesn’t let you talk he quoted me at 1700$ end up paying 2400$ and he didn’t want to disclose the location of the vehicle worst company ever I don’t get how people rated him 5 stars if I could 0 but Unfortunately 1 is the minimum that I can give


This company are just scammers. they held my vehicle for 3 months and kept asking for more money and refused to tell me where my car was.
when I call them they don't answer email or phone and when they do answer it is just to make me pay more money. I called police and they do to everyone.
they call themselves alberta auto transport or auto haulers.

stay away!! you will regret it signing with them!!


The owner of Alberta Auto Transport is holding my truck trying to *** money.

Alberta Auto Transport Response • Jan 06, 2020

This matter has been resolved and the customer has his vehicle. ***

The reason behind the customers complaint was; he did not make the payment towards the transportation cost in full. According to the company paperwork before shipping we have the customer acknowledge the terms and conditions of shipment. The customer had read and signed the conditons and was aware of the fact that if he fails to make payment towards the shipment, the truck will not be released to him. Also if the vehicle has reached its final destination we have the policy to apply storage charges towards its parking for each additional day until the vehicle is picked up and paid in full by the customer.

The customer *** to not pay the transport charges, *** The customer repeatedly tried to make *** claims and was not willing to make payment towards the transportation cost. We had tried multiple times to sort this matter out with the customer various times.

Conclusion: This vehicle was released to the owner *** upon the payment of the base transport charges. The storage charges were waived off because the customer was unable to ***, cooperate and come to an resolution.

*** he had to pay the balance of the transportation cost and receive the truck.


They dont answer texts e mails or phone calls.Have no glue where your car is.


On April 26 I was quoted a price of $1650-$2000 to pick up my 1950 *** pick up(non-running but rolling vehicle) in Sherwood Park, AB and deliver to ***, QC. The truck was picked up that date. ***
On May 6 I received an invoice from Alberta Auto Transport in the amount of $2,459.50, on the invoice it said transport from Alberta to Ontario, I questioned this and was assured it was to be delivered to my address in Quebec as I was advised in a previous email.
I paid the invoice.
After numerous emails and telephone calls during May, June and July, I was finally told my truck was in Ontario and they were working to deliver it to the final destination. In a conversation with Andrew of Alberta Auto Transport in June, he advised they were having difficulty finding a transport to take the non-running truck to Quebec, if I could find someone he would reimburse me the cost.
I arranged to have my truck picked up on July 15 at a cost of $300.
Alberta Auto Transport is now not returning any of my numerous emails or telephone calls to discuss the reimbursement.

Hello, I want to ask if you got your car? How long does it takes?

I booked my cars to be transported from bc to prince edward island. But that company did not deliver the vehicles and in response to that we had to contact rcmp. The company prepared *** invoices and never disclosed the location of my vehicles. There was no transparency regarding the transportation service. They also tried to demand more money by detaining our vehicles at undisclosed location. *** Still I don’t have my vehicles possession and the company hasn’t responded after I refused to pay more money.

I hired Alberta Auto Transport to deliver a car from Alberta to Hudson, NH, USA. I paid in full prior to transport. I was told approximately 2 weeks. Car was not even picked up in 2 weekks and took 5 weeks to get into the US. The 3rd party company hired by Alberta Auto to enter the US could not get payment of $500.00 from Alberta Auto due to a "faulty" credit card. Jay the owner of Alberta asked me if I could make the $500.00 payment and he would wire me the money next day. *** He did not wire funds, told me to be patient. At this point Alberta would not answer my phone number, *** get Jay on the phone. Again Jay asked for patience, the boss would sign the check to pay me. ***. I want my $500.00 RETURNED. I also reported damage to my Auto and Alberta Auto will not communicate with me. *** I need the $500 *** returned


I booked a car to be shipped from alberta to bc , they said no problem , then they would not answer the phone ,when they did, said they would pick up on a Friday ,, did not happen ,, then they answered Friday ,said Monday pick up , then no answer Monday , I called no answer again , left messages , then they called me on Thursday , , they said they want $150.00 for towing car onto trailer , I said car runs and drives , I told them forget it , very poor customer attitude,, they even answer the phone ,hello,you don't know if its them or not ,I would not recommend them to any one---

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