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Alexander's Busy Bee Nursery & Preschool, Inc.

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I am rejecting this response because:please have the Macdonald  Hearing aid co. contact with response from vendot that I am off their list.

I am rejecting this response because:  My complaint isn't about direct mail - it is about the incessant phone calls even after the company has been told that the phone number is on the National Do Not Call list and they have been instructed not to call anymore.  The company continues to ignore this information and continues to harass my 91 year old mother.  Originally,  they were calling my father but when the caller was told that my father was deceased, they continued to call and ask for my mother.I want the phone calls to stop.

I am rejecting this response because:  McDonald said that I received these with no complaint. I complained three times regarding the fit and falling out of the ear piece in the left ear. Now the hearing aids have become defunct with bells ringing at random times (not the dead battery warnings) and the sound becoming tinny.  I feel that the fact that buds are falling off and sticking in my ear, and I can not get them out without another party using a tweezers to remove them is dangerous and a sign of faulty material.  McDonald promised to deliver to me a working set of hearing aids that wouldn't be dangerous and would enhance my hearing.  They are neither of these.  It is the responsibility of a company to deliver the goods that are promised.  Even though these problems have arisen past the time of refundability,I should have the "goods" promised in proper working order and not have to run to the company every few weeks to have a correction.  In addition to this, the office is now open only two days a week when it was scheduled to be open for five.  If there is an emergency on one of the three days when the office is closed, I could be in danger of having something stuck in my ear and having damage done to it. If I should need servicing for the device itself in an emergent situation, I would have to drive to another town to get to the new office that is being opened.  I was guaranteed service and care, and I am getting neither.   I also know that McDonald refunded money to another client in this same office for much the same reason.  It seems that I should have the same courtesy.  I am afraid that greed has become the byword of the company rather than service.  I intend to pursue this matter as far as necessary in order to receive proper and fair treatment.

A full refund has been made to Mr. [redacted]'s account.

Consumer was provided a free hearing test on 5/10/2016 and completed lifestyle assessment forms indicating a need for hearing aids. She purchased a pair of Enya RIE hearing aids for $3,591.00 that were delivered on 5/31/2016 without incident. Consumer appeared for regular service and adjustment...

from then through 8/2/2106. Company records indicate Consumer kept an appointment on 7/26/2016 but did not mention ANY complaints about the  fit or function of her hearing aids. The complaint was the first indication Consumer was not satisfied and has never requested a refund and return as she agreed to do in her signed purchase agreement. Buyers are afforded 45 days from the date of delivery to request a refund. Company records indicate Consumer did not request a refund prior to the date of the complaint - a period exceeding 75 days. Therefore, Consumer has lost the right to request a return and refund (1) because she never requested a refund directly from the company, and (2) the request from the was made at least 75 days after delivery. The request for refund is denied.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to my concern, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.
 Thank you for looking into this problem for me, I'm sorry I don't have a computer or an email address. I should have known to send documentation to help with my complaint. I've learned quite a bit since writing to the I asked [redacted] (at McDonald hearing aid center) for the phone # of "[redacted]". She looked in a cupboard got the enclosed brochure out and after getting on her computer. She wrote a phone # on the brochure and another on back. When I called the 1st number, the next day, they answered "Health Plan". Thinking it wasn't the right number I called the 2nd number they also answered "Health Plan". Of course it was automated, and when they asked for my acct. number I was really confused so I hung up but called back and stayed on until a person answered. I asked for a supervisor and after hearing my story she referred me to Consumer Relations ([redacted]). I talk to Ms. [redacted] (ext. [redacted]) and told her my story. She referred me to Jenny White, a Consumer Relations Specialist (ext.[redacted]). Ms. [redacted] said she emailed all info to Ms. [redacted] I've left several voice mail messages. but Ms. White has yet to get back to me. Ms. [redacted] has been helpful in many ways. She explained everything is electronic (no paper exchanges hands), so any address they had would be whatever they were told. After looking at the Health Plan brochure, I realized if I had received it in the beginning I wouldn't be having these problems. I would have known what numbers to ask for. I will let you know if anything is resolved.Thank you,[redacted]Paradise, CA

[redacted] ("Customer") was seen in the office and provided a hearing test on 11/20/14 revealing a moderate to severe bilateral hearing loss. That same day Customer purchased a pair of LINX hearing aids. The hearing aids with custom ear molds were delivered on 12/8/14 with no...

complaints about fit or function of the aids. The left aid was repaired and replaced on 1/23/15. The left mold was reordered and delivered on 3/11/15 and notes indicate Customer was doing well with replacements. Customer received new receivers on 6/9/15 and the fitting was deemed completed. Customer was seen several times for batteries from 6/9/15 through 8/6/15 - a period of 68 days with no adjustments. California State Regulations permit a return for refund within 45 days of completion of the fitting. The fitting was completed on 6/9/15 and the 45-day return warranty period was exceeded on 7/24/15 and the right to return was lost on that date. Therefore, a refund is not warranted.

Customer was originally seen for a free hearing test in March of 2015. The test showed customer had a moderate to profound bilateral hearing loss. Customer did notpurchase at that time. Customer purchased a pair of [redacted] HD hearing aids on 7/10/15. The aids were delivered on 7/27/15 with notation...

that the fit,function and calibration were OK; but customer had dexterity issues. The company provided a remote volume accessory to customer without charge.Customer was seen regularly from then until 8/27/15 when he appeared requesting a return. It was explained to customer that the right of return is not automatic and he must provide the company the opportunity to adjust, repair, or replace the aids. Customer flatly refused any options offered, including a free upgrade to more technologically advanced and expensive models – even though customer had no complaints about the fit or function of the hearing aids. Company relies on Civil Code Section 1790-1793.2 in that the buyer does not have an unqualified option to return the device for a refund and may return the hearing aid only if the buyer has offered the seller the opportunity to adjust, repair, or replace the device and the seller has failed to do so. The law also states that a buyer does not have an unqualified right to return if the seller offers to adjust, repair, or replace the device and buyer refuses. In this case, seller - the company - has never refused any kind of service whatsoever but customer refused any other options offered. Thus, a return and refund is not warranted.The company remains available to service the devices and continue to provide its high quality services to customer. The customer should contact the office and schedule an appointment to be seen and to receive service on his devices. Thank you.

A hearing aid dispenser is required by law to refer a customer to a doctor when they see something in the ear that might need medical attention. In this instance the dispenser absolutely did the right thing when she recommended the customer see a doctor about the excessive wax and "something black" in the ear canal - California Business and Professions Code Section 2538.36 (7). There was no "being put off". If the dispenser had not referred the customer to a doctor for a suspected medical issue she may have violated the law. It remains that the customer did not lodge a complaint with the office and did not request a refund at any time. The decision of the company stands.

On [redacted] – a refund check (#[redacted]) was issued in December but evidently the customer did not receive it. A stop payment was put on the first check and a second check (#[redacted]) was issued 1/7/16. We trust the latest check was received. [redacted]General Counsel, Moore Family Hearing Company, Inc.[redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: I was surprised she didn't check the hearing aid instead of looking in my ear and lying about seeing black in my ear. I also looked because she had it on camera . I didn't see anything but a LITTLE wax. I would like to have them investigated. I was there once when a gentleman walked in the door and [redacted] made a remark like "What is Your problem?". She clearly does not want to deal with problems. The other girl ,Catalina, was there both times but she most likely  she would side with them for fear of her job she just started. I will take legal action if I have to and go public with these people. rip offs.

I am rejecting this response because:You helped me resolve my problem with the McDonald Hearing Aid Center, however they are not abiding by their agreement. Enclosed please find a copy of their receipt indicating the devices were returned in good working order on 05-16-20016, in which they said they would start the refund process for what I have paid. Not only have they not refunded me any money but they continue to bill me and have now added late fees. I took a copy of all of my paper work to the Elk Grove office a month ago and the lady made copies for McDonalds and assured me everything would be alright. Part of my concern is that they may be degrading my credit status for a situation they have created. If you can get these folks to honor our agreement I would be most grateful. Thank you in advance, [redacted]

Oops! Our mistake. I will forward the demand for removal of your name and number from the call list.

Thank you for your letter of 10/2/15. Unfortunately we have very poor mail. I received it on 10/8/15 but in our phone conversation, you mentioned my case would remain open.Let me say that during the purchase period. I was told by technicians: [redacted], and [redacted], that prior to 45 days, if I was not happy I would return the hearing aids for a full refund. This policy was repeated several times. This policy is further repeated in the “agreement to purchase” included in my earlier letter. Yet, on 8/27/15, at 3:45 pm, when I told [redacted] I wanted to “opt out”. (per the agreement) she exploded, she said get out of my office, I’m calling the POLICE to get you out of the building.” Her behavior was most uncalled for, offensive, shocking, swolling, disgusting, unsavory, harmful I have ever experienced. I have included a list of my physical and health issues. You can see that my health is rather FRAGILE.Since this encounter with [redacted], I have suffered from serious anxiety attacks, loss of sleep, several angina (chest pains) attacks, and four near fainting, near black-out episodes. Further, the hearing aids were so badly adjusted that flushing a toilet sounded like Niagara Falls, moving a dish sounded like an earthquake. Result= jangled nervesI have just received a third statement form health plan. (Attached) for $442.00 // $3653.00 which I have no intention of paying because this whole McDonald thing of “Bait + Switch”, “Keep customer hooked”, ie “PURE FRAUD”!!!!If I find it necessary to hire an attorney to get my balance restorded to ZERO, I’m afraid there may be serious charges of Elder abuse, mental and physical abuse, and considerable physical and financial, health claims. Why not McDonald pay back health plan and reduce my balance to ZERO. [redacted]’s physical and health issues-1.      Age 85 years2.      Open heart- 6 way bypass surgery3.      Angioplasty – 2 stints, I balloon, I roto-rooter4.      Diabetes 2, diabetes SHOCK (near fatal)5.      Walk with a kane6.      Hearing loss7.      Caterac surgery- visual “cropping (blanking).8.      Prostate enlarged plus all the problems9.      Low strength – form diabetic shock10.  Parkinson’s11.  High blood pressure12.  Loss of balance – several FALLS. Prblems resulting from hearing aid failure and barbaric treatment at McDonalds1.      Angina chest pains due to stress2.      Loss of sleep due to stress at McDonalds3.      Near fainting/black-out due to stress.4.      High blood pressure due to stress.5.      Jangled nerves due to malfunction of hearing aids6.      Extreme anxiety over McDonald’s treatment.Legal advisor [redacted] P.S. where is that apology from [redacted] and corporate? If they are smart, they can avoid all the potential litigation. Frankly, Mr. [redacted], I cannot understand why McDonalds continues to employ [redacted]. She is a serious liability to McDonald.P.S.: My wife is equally upset and frustrated by our encounter with [redacted] and has added a few pages to this report. It is somewhat disjointed due to her being so upset. Thank you for pursuing our complaint.[redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:We have not received the refund of $1,618.50 for the money paid to McDonald through the Health Plan of [redacted] at PO [redacted]  [redacted]. [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: we completed all there requirements on october 23rd.  Tried to return them then.  They refused to see us untill November 4th.  They were returned on November 4th!!!! They are well after their 45 days!!!! .We have tried to return them since september.  Wont return our phone calls.  Tried last week.  Tried again today.

I am rejecting this response because: the fact that I have unmatched parts on my one remaining hearing aid shows that there have been problems.  It is not as the company said that I had no problems.  I know that I have had the hearing aids for over the warranty period.  My complaint is that my one remaining hearing aid is now unusable because I can not replace the one that was lost.  The hearing aid would not have been lost if it was properly attached.  The fact that Mr [redacted] no longer works for you is convent for you.  He assured me that my hearing would not be obsolete before it was paid for and it obviously is obsolete or I could have bought another one to replace the lost one.  This company sells overpriced hearing aids that fall apart as soon as the warranty is up and I also think they take advantage of seniors.

The Customer purchased and received a hearing aid on 12/3/15 financing the purchase 100% through a finance company - 18 months with 0% interest if paid in full by the end of the 18 months. The application for insurance coverage was completed and signed by Customer on 12/17/15. This is...

because insurance coverage was evidently not part of the consideration for the original purchase. The insurance company paid $800 (AND the company IS in the [redacted] network but under a different name). The insurance check was received in the corporate finance office on Thursday 5/5/16 which coincides with the 2-3 week time frame the insurance company said it would take to receive the check, although the insurance check was dated 4/19/16. A reimbursement check from the company for $800 was issued on Friday 5/6/16 and sent UPS - tracking number [redacted]. He should have received his check Monday 5/9/16. Customer's allegations regarding financing are completely false and his use of the terms "fraudulently and "stealing"" are libelous, and unwarranted at best.  Regarding his hearing aid purchase - the hearing test showed a left ear hearing loss varying from 15 to 60 Db; but the lifestyle assessment which is completed by the customer and the company uses to help determine his actual hearing needs indicated a moderate listening lifestyle; and thus the more technologically advanced hearing aid was best suited for him.

The address used on the billing comes from the HealthiPlan receipt the patient signs. This is between the finance company and the consumer. The address correction cannot be made by McDonald but must be made by the consumer. The consumer should contact HealthiPlan Customer Service...

at:HealthiPlan Customer Support: [redacted]  -  Option 2  (HealthiPlan account holder)They will require and account number or social security number.The company finance department, as a courtesy to consumer, will contact HealthiPlan to explore removing the interest and fee charges and will also ask HealthiPlan to correct the credit report, respecting HealthiPlan, under the circumstances.

Customer is not qualified for a refund under law and thus a refund will not be forthcoming. Customer should continue to access the services that are available from McDonald - at no additional charge. She will receive ongoing services without charge for the life of the hearing aids. The dispenser will continue to work diligently to help Customer to receive most benefit that can be provided from her hearing aid purchase. It is recommended that Customer contact the office and schedule follow up appointments for service. Each of Customer's complaints are highly likely to be resolved in thus way.

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