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All Things Made New

Ammon, Idaho, United States, 83406-4778

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I do not recommend this business to anyone as we had a very negative experience. We gave Rob P(owner) a chance to prove his skills in building us a nice patio cover and he failed us miserably. We fired him and we generously paid him a final amount, of which, Rob then went to the business that he rented the equipment from (Mountain West Rentals) and didn’t pay his bill for equipment that he rented that sat at our house for 4 weeks mostly unused, as well as the building supplier ( BMC West) threatened to put a lien on our home because Rob did not pay his billowed to them for our supplies that we paid him for already and Rob lied to the company and told them a false story that we did not pay him. We quickly went and spoke to BMC West with proof that we paid Rob and showed cancelled checks to prove that he was paid. We returned some OSB that we had already paid for and purchased to get BMC West to withdraw the threat of a lien against us and go after Rob P for the balance on the account that he owed them. Rob P caused us a lot of hassle, time and extra stress as well as having to hire a reputable contractor to complete the job and correct all of the errors and mistakes that were made. Rob ran over our trailer with the Telehandler he rented and damaged our jack, his crew put a divot in our concrete from
not knowing how to properly use a jackhammer, none of workers can measure anything correctly and were very sloppy tracking mud and dirt everywhere and did not clean up after themselves. Very sloppy work and we are very unhappy customers. I welcome anyone to reach out to me if you have any questions. I would give 0 Stars if that were an option. ??

cut into ceiling to attach header mouse feces fell everywhere including in our washer they left the job site for the night without picking it up or letting us know about it, came the next day and picked it up with my shop vacuum and left all the mouse feces in the vacuum we didn't know about till a month and a half later, drilled into foundation and basement ceiling to attach header left multiple holes open from the outside going into our ceiling, drilled wrong side of railing that shows and left holes wide open showing and told me I could fill them in with silicone if I wanted, left trash all over my yard from their meals and drinks, had to come back to redo stair hand rail and after a month it still was not done, left the basement ceiling drywall cuts open without mudding them like he said he would, left all the garbage from the boxes of porch materials in the driveway after he finished, didn't pull a permit like he was suppose to since our porch is ten feet off the ground, left screws sticking out of the finished porch in multiple areas, and also lied about being insured when asked at the bid

Customer Response • Nov 02, 2018

The business has no address. I have the business card and it states no address on it and the owner will not answer calls or text about an address I have made multiple attempts

All Things Made New Response • Dec 17, 2018

To whom it may concern:

RE: ***’s Deck

1. When agreement and acceptance of the bid was made, *** never asked about insurance, license or Permits. While working at ***s property I informed about the work needed in his house regarding ceiling Sheet rock. I told *** that I need to bolt the Deck through his RimJoist to secure his Deck properly. He was also offered to have his sheetrock repaired at an additional cost of $900.00, At that time he said no! we already have enough many into the deckand that he would take care of it himself since he is redoing his whole basement anyway. And before I cut in his ceiling I got permission from him. 2. Regarding Mice Feces *** verbally assaulted me because we did not vacume his Laundry. I even offered to wash his clothes. *** is complaining about things that he authorized and then went back on his word. He is a one in a millionth customer that I am unable to Fathom. Every issue he brought up! I addressed before his final payment. His property was cleaned better than it was when I arrived. I asked him if he likes his Deck. He and his Wife said to my face that they are absolutely blown and they love it and thanked me over and over. Then I asked him before payment to make sure theres nothing wrong with it and he found 3 pinholes in top rail and said to me that he would throw some silicone in it not to worry about it. I offered to replace and fix a handful of things he decided he didn’t like after being informed verbally when I was at his neighbors working. I had No idea there was a problem until I stopped by to get my planks. After his very Rude Verbal assault I professionally apologized and immediately ordered new parts for his deck. At no cost to him.

At this point 2 weeks had lapsed/ Not a month. (His Statement is full of lies and I don’t deserve that!)

So I went to Repair his deck and all the parts were no where to be found. No one was home so when his wife came home I asked her where things were and She had no idea. To Ask ***. Well *** was in California. I live 60 miles away, And I informed his wife to have *** call me when he gets back and I would take care of it.

So I get a phone call a week later From ***. I answered “Hey *** how you doing?” This kid! Was screaming Verbal assaulting me and I’m just blown away he really disrespected me and was accusing for a whole bunch of things that were already communicated.

Look I can only handle so much before I defend my honour. This guy is wrong and extremely disrespectful. He’s young and hes a large Alcohol habbit. I’m actually related to him. I asked my relatives about him and told them what he is doing.

He blasted my name all of the marketplace on ***.

He called you

He called my Trex Rep. (after I asked him To,)

Hes got 5yr labor warranty by Trex.



Robert P

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