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Always Affordable was the repair company assigned to my case by my home warranty programAfter having read the other complaints on this company, I have to admit that I have experienced all of the same issues as the prior consumers who have complained
On 5/2/2016, we filed for a repair with the warranty company for our washer and our stove topNeither my girlfriend nor I were able to be home for the Friday scheduled repair so my girlfriend's year old father stayed at our place for the appointmentThe appointment was a four hour window and was for 10am to 2pm I believeThe technician didn't show up until hours after the scheduled time and during his assessment, told us that the timer needed to be replaced on the washer which made senseWe informed the tech that our brand new stove takes upwards of 20-seconds for any of the burners to light and the oven takes to minutes to heat up fullyIt also emits a large amount of gas into the air when onThe technician then

I submitted a warranty claim with *** *** *** for a clogged toilet on 4/16/The claim was assigned to the company in this complaint, possibly also going by the name Repairs R UsThe individual who showed up, arrived at my house at 6:pm on Thursday, 4/19/(the window given to me was between 3-pm)The individual arrived without any tools or any name on his vehicle identifying him as a professionalHe proceeded to ask me for several metal wire hangers from my closet and began using the wires to try to snake my toiletWhen he got resistance from the toilet, his assessment was that something solid had to be jammed into the plumbing, but he could not tell until he removed the toilet from the baseHowever, since it was already 7:pm, he had to return the following day, Friday 4/20/to take a lookBefore he left though, he said he needed to buy a few parts "which are not covered by the home warranty," including a wax seal for the toilet he was planning to remove

I am sorry you feel this way but no one gave you a hard time at the office you were told in November that the leak was not coming from the fridge that we could see and that you needed a plumber in which your diagnosis was given to your warranty company it was there responsibility to get you a
plumberWe were not call to come back out for your fridge until the beginning of DecemberWhen you called me and spoke with me about the scratches done to your fridge you said you don't knot what they did because you did not"babysit" themYou never said anything about them getting your buttons stuck this is the first I heard of that and the pictures you sent there is hrs unaccounted for after my guys left and you cursed me out and said you were getting a lawyerWe have the picture of your fridge with time and date even location of where he was when picture was taken and it shows no damageYou gave us multiple stories in your emailsThe picture your project manager sent that you sent to us, you even said that was taken a month before we ever came out and our original diagnosis was in November so it couldn't have been a month agoOur techs picture clearly shows no damage and at first you said that you weren't in there with them at all and don't know how it happened, then you said they opened the washer door and it hit the fridgeWhen I pointed out that the door didn't meet the scratches you said it was the top of the washer and I said how can that be there is a wall between the two and then you said they laid the top of the washer on your fridgeThis is an impossible explanation because they would take it off and pull forward not sidewaysI am sorry you feel this ways but the facts do not line up and we will not accept responsibility for something not done by our company

Please see the email below that I sent to Always Affordable Repairs after I noticed the sloppy and unprofessional work, which was done in my bathroomInstead of applying the sealant himself, the tech Jimmy let his wife Heather(introduced as his helper) smear silicone caulk where there should have been grout caulk causing a very ugly scene in my shower, which is a place I go to take baths to manage back pain and relax
The work was done on 2/& 2/23, but I didn't notice it until the 28thI haven't used my tub sinceI do not want to sit down in a tub and look at silicone smeared on my shower walls and dry silicone smears in and on my actual tubIt looks very nastyI contacted them a couple of times and was told they would send the tech back out and to wait to be contacted because the tech was off that day and they didn't know if he was coming in the next day or the nextDawn gave me the email address to the owner Tammy, but when I sent the email, I thought Dawn was the o

Always Affordable Repairs diagnosed the issue and tried to complete the workA couple of weeks later, the same issue with the dryer persistedThe project cost more than expected and took weeks longer than anticipated to try to completeI tried to communicate to their team that the issue still persisted and did not receive a quick enough response so I purchased a new dryerI asked for a partial refund of the labor but did not receive oneI highly suggest Home Advisor to take this "Pro" off their website

There are multiple issues
Back on August 22, I set up an appointment with always affordable appliance repairI had a broken washerThe original person came on time looked at my washerAt the time my washer was off balance, they thought putting it on balance would fix the problem and I did not need a repairUnfortiunately that was not the case, my washing machine was brokenThey did diagnose my washing machine and got the information to potentially fix my washerOn August 23, 2017, I called the company back to let them know I needed a repair because the machine was brokenOriginally they charged me $(tax included) but if I chose to get a repair the money would go towards the partThey also charged me $(tax included) for the repair even though I still have not had my machine repairedThey told me it would take a week to order the part and they would call meThey did not call meI called them August to see if the part was in, it was notThen I called August

Called my home warranty company, 2-Home Warranty, to create a service ticket for our dishwasher We explained that the dishwasher does not cycle properly which creates a fire hazard and that the soap dispenser does not lock, dumping the soap prematurely and because of the cycling issues, will bake the soap onto the inside of the machine Always Affordable Repairs was contracted to come and give a report of what is going on and order parts if needed for a repair The company came out on 11Augand the gentleman got the run down of what was going on from my wife She asked if, in situations like this, due to cost effectiveness, will they scrap this washer or repair it We asked because we would need to find a washer that matched everything we already had if a new one is needed The gentleman said he needed to see if he can get the parts first to determine that He then look in the washer and used a rag to wipe off the serial number and model number of the machine He then

These folks were brought into the picture by American Home Shield to install a gas/propane cooktop, specifically because the original delivery company did not do propane(FYI, the product is shipped for natural gas and must be converted with an orifice and regulator kit to LP)The installer put the unit in and essentially walked away After coming home and using the cooktop (my wife was present when it went in), I called the company, spoke to Dawn, and asked if they had in fact made the conversion, as the flames were not proper and my pans were being coated in carbon Upon checking, she said she would send the tech back, which she did This was the original tech He fiddled with the stove, confirmed that he made no conversion, and looked at the installation instructions like he had never seen them before, which was the caseThe tech said he would have to come back another day, a slower day, because this would take a lot of time After much back and forth with Dawn and AHS, I finally received the conversion parts in the mail Spoke with Dawn, scheduled the service callSpent all afternoon waiting, contacted the company to make sure they were still coming, and nothing, no show Had a lame excuse that he had come and no one was homeNot true And no phone call, nothing Gave them another chance, set up a Saturday appointment, again, late getting here Same tech Had no clue, had a major attitude, it was obvious from his manner and speech that he did not want to be here Told me he had done his job, he was not going to do anything else Expected me to read the instructions and tell him what to do I said, so you are not going to do the conversion? He said no, his job was done I said then why did you come here? His response was argumentative and his attitude was becoming hostile, so much so that my nephew stayed in the kitchen with me At that point, I told him to leave before I lost my cool He made a snide remark about losing his cool My nephew was concerned enough to follow this man and his companion out and then followed them in his car until he left our neighborhoodNO ONE SHOULD EVER FEEL THREATENED IN THEIR OWN HOMEI sent several follow up e-mails to this company, telling them what happened, how frustrated and upset I was/am, time wasted, etc No apology To them, they did everything right Unbelievable!
I cannot state enough that at least in my experience, these folks are technicians in name only No knowledge, no sense of customer service, no obligation to make things rightAVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!

From: of Metro Washington DC">Date: Thu, Jul 30, at 9:AMSubject: Fwd: You have a new message from the of Metro Washington DC & Eastern Pennsylvania in regards to your complaint #***.To: *** *** ---------- Forwarded message ----------From: *** Date: Thu, Jul 30, at 7:AMSubject: Fwd: You have a new message from the of Metro Washington DC & Eastern Pennsylvania in regards to your complaint #***.To: ***Please close and cancel this complaint as my AHS home warranty has taken care of the issueThank you
*** ***

My homeowner's insurance company assigned Always Affordable to fix my oven (top element needed to be replaced) and my refrigerator unit (thermostat)At first, Always Affordable was very responsive - I always got someone on the phone and they were able to work with my scheduleHowever, when they came for a 2nd visit with new parts for the oven, it turned out that the parts were for a newer model, but the tech said he would leave the oven apart with the power turned off at the breaker because he would be back tomorrow or within days, topsAfter a few phone calls, I got an appointment for weeks laterI took off work to be at home during the hour time window on June 3rd - it is now June 18th and I am still waiting for a tech to show up, or a phone call from the office to say he isn't comingI've called numerous times and left numerous voicemails, but somehow this once very responsive office keeps sending me straight to voicemail and never returns my callsOn top of that, I got a bill from the insurance company for the $deposit I owed them - I gave that check directly to the tech after the first visit and have the scanned copy of the deposited check in my online statementI'm simply in disbelief at how unprofessional they have been in ignoring me

They were contracted through Select Home Warranty to look at my LG range They came in, did not try to fix anything, wrote down numbers from the range,
told me they needed to order a new board, charged me the $service fee and left I was told later that the replacement board was no longer available I called LG directly and they gave me some simple directions to follow on the panelI followed them and the appliance now works again Don't use them - they are a rip off So is Select home Warranty

This company was hired by my Home Warranty company to come and look at my dishwasher which had a broken soap dispenser (did not lock) and would get stuck in a cycle creating a fire hazard The machine would only run fully on one setting and even that cycle would have timing issues The tech from Always Affordable Repairs arrived at my home and my wife explained what was happening The guy said he needs to find the model and serial number During this time, through our research and limited knowledge it sounded like the board needed to be replaced and a new dispenser ordered The most expensive being the board Since the machine was a few years old and parts possibly not being available, my wife asked if they would normally replace the machine since it's not really cost effective for the repair and it's an off the shelf washer The gentleman then took a rag and wiped the serial number and model number from the machine in front of my wife He stood up and said, "If I can't find the numbers to buy parts, there is a better chance of replacement but it depends on what the insurance company says." We got a call a week or so later from Always Affordable Repairs and asked when they can come out for the cleaning I stated I have no idea what they are talking about and they said we needed to pay an additional $which is not covered by the insurance so they can determine the part numbers since none were available when they got there We explained what happened and the lady, Jen, said we still needed to have it cleaned so they can buy parts We stated that we would clean it ourselves since we would not pay them additional money They setup another date to come out to get the numbers and on that day, they never showed up and gave no call to us to explain where they were We called them and they said they couldn't come by because they got tied up at the previous job They asked what was going on and when we explained, they said they don't need to come out because this is a fire hazard and too expensive them to repair and ensure safety They told us a report will be sent to the home warranty company and we should call them by Wednesday that week to get an update if we don't get a call sooner We called Wednesday to the home warranty and they had not gotten a report I stayed on hold until the lady called Always Affordable Repairs and when she came back she mentioned that they were passed to the reporting group to process their report I got a call back from the Home Warranty company about a hour or two later and told that Always Affordable Repairs stated we had a rust issue and that we were complaining the rust was on our dishes This was NOT the complaint at all We explained what happened and were told we needed to get another company to give a report that would counter theirs If the 2nd company came with the same report then we would need to pay another deductible I tried to call AAR and they continue to tell me the managers are not in the office I finally got a hold of Tammy, person Dawn spoke to on Saturday that said they don't need to come out, to ask for a copy of the report from when they came out She told me she would email it in minutes She never emailed it and when I called back later that day, I was told she stepped out of the office THIS COMPANY IS A FRAUD and should be investigated for INSURANCE FRAUD and THEFT My home warranty company explained that no contractor should be asking for money for additional services and that all services should be done through them We pay a deductible and that's it, all else is billed through the home warranty I had them initialize a fraud inquiry on them to protect others from being used If you look at the reviews on this site and many others, they only get good review and all others are bad This is most likely due to them having an employee or friend give them fake positive reviews The responses to the negative reviews are all the same and usually pertain to "the home warranty denied their claim and now they mad." They are FRAUDS and again should be investigated by the county for criminal business practices

I submitted a warranty claim with Total Home Protection for a clogged toilet on 4/16/The claim was assigned to the company in this complaint, possibly also going by the name Repairs R UsThe individual who showed up, arrived at my house at 6:pm on Thursday, 4/19/(the window given to me was between 3-pm)The individual arrived without any tools or any name on his vehicle identifying him as a professionalHe proceeded to ask me for several metal wire hangers from my closet and began using the wires to try to snake my toiletWhen he got resistance from the toilet, his assessment was that something solid had to be jammed into the plumbing, but he could not tell until he removed the toilet from the baseHowever, since it was already 7:pm, he had to return the following day, Friday 4/20/to take a lookBefore he left though, he said he needed to buy a few parts "which are not covered by the home warranty," including a wax seal for the toilet he was planning to removeI wrote him a check for $He also said he doesn't start work before 10:amFriday came and after several texts asking for his ETA, he texts at me at 2:pm that he's minutes awayTwo hours later, he finally shows upBecause I work from 9-5, I had my father-in-law at my house, monitoring this "professional's" workMy FIL texts me several times saying this guy has no clue what he is doingHe's using wire hangers to try to snake the drainI arrive home from work by 5:I find this guy sitting on my tub, dirty finger prints all over the walls, with my toilet off to the side, plunging away directly into the pipeHe was still wearing the same pee and crap covered sweatshirt from the day before, sweat pouring off his faceI asked him about what he found in the toilet and he said there was nothing in the toilet, but the toilet was defective and a new one needed to be installedHowever, he could not install it until the following day, Saturday 4/21/I explained to him several times that my wife and I are hosting a birthday party for our 4-year-old Saturday evening and I need this issue fixedHis response: "don't worry, don't worry, it will all be taken care of." On his way out the door though, he asks if I can give him a shirt since the sweatshirt he had on for the last days was wetI gave him an Under Armor sweatshirt from my closetAlso before leaving, I asked if we could use the other bathrooms and showers in my houseHe said yes, but keep it to a minimumWell later that same evening, water began flowing out of the pipe where the toilet used to be, flooding my bathroomAt that point, I got fed up and called Roto RooterNow the company who sent this it (and possible criminal, police report is pending) to my house is asking for the service feeAll this person needed to do was snake the clogged drain, but instead he caused water damage, stress, aggravation, and a horrible experience for me and my familyWe had to re-locate our son's birthday party because of this unresolved issueOne last thing: when an actual professional from Roto Rooter arrived, he confirmed that nothing was wrong with the toilet and was able to install it back after he unclogged the drainBasically, the original guy was ready to submit a fraudulent claim for a toilet that was not brokenBottom line: the person sent to my home had no business being thereHe was unqualified, unlicensed, and completely cluelessI do not believe I should have to pay for service that was never rendered

This company was recommended by my home warranty company to do repairs on my washer and refrigerator start date nov after several weeks a part was in for my washer and repair doneI was given a hard time about part for refrigerator but after several more weeks was called and told part was inThey came to do repair on tues of JanuaryWhile the techs were here I expressed concern over washer working properly so we ran a loadI was working on painting in back hallway while thy preformed workAfter washer finished the one tech had pushed in the option buttons and they became stuck so they decided to pull off the front panel to see whyI went back to paintingI then heard the tech swearing and asked what was wrong no responseAfter they finished working I had to run some errands upon returning home I noticed gouges on my freezer doorI took pictures and contacted the company they next dayI was asked to send a picture then two days later was asked to send pictures showi

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.
*** ***

I posses an AHS policy for my appliances I filed a work order which was assigned to Always Affordable Repairs LLC I don't know who's running this company but it is the worst! I was contacted to schedule an appointment for a technician to come out to my home an evaluate the needed repairs During that conversation, I informed Always Affordable that I would be leaving work at noon and would need until 12:30PM to get home so I would appreciate them alerting the technician to that They stated that they would Needless to say, the tech showed up at 12:03PM and left I arrived at 12:30PM as I stated only to find that I could not get my repairs evaluated I was rescheduled for the following Saturday I was asked what time worked best for me and I stated 1:00PM and they agreed I was contacted by the company less that minutes later and asked if I would agree to an earlier time I agreed to the suggested time of 10:00AM The tech showed up on Saturday at 10:00AM slightly agitated He evaluated my repairs and then discussed times with me It was then I found out that Always Affordable reps intentionally misstated the truth in telling the tech that I insisted on him arriving at 10:00AM which disrupted his schedule pattern I was then contacted by a rep from Always Affordable on May 9th at approximately 2:36PM (they left a message) that my repair parts were in and that I needed to contact them to schedule installation of the parts I contacted them on the same day at approximately 4:36PM, got no answer so I left a message with contact numbers for them to return my call I then contacted Always Affordable on May 10th (since I received no return call) at approximately 9:36AM to try to schedule installation of repair parts; no answer so I left another message I contacted them again on the same day at 3:15PM and spoke to someone who scheduled me for installation on May 11th between Noon and 3:00PM I was home at 10:AM on May 11th I received no call or visit from a technician at all I called Always Affordable around 3:30PM and inquired about the installation of repair parts only to be told that I was not on the schedule! Needless to say, I was furious!! They never returned my calls and even at that I reached out to them to find this out I don't know who's running that company but they are definitely NOT A+, B+, C+ or D+....their customer service STINKS!!!! They are rude, unprofessional and severely lack integrity expected of a business!!!! Today is May 12th and I am scheduled for installation of my repair parts today between 4:and 6:00PM (this is because I refuse to lose another hour at work with these people) If I am in need of appliance repairs ever again, I will adamantly insist that this company not receive the business

[redacted] has a home warranty ([redacted]) and we were sent out by warranty to diagnose customers dryer ,yes it has taken longer than we thought however the part error was not on our tech or office we ordered the right part however the parts come form ([redacted]) The customers home warranty . As far...

as a replacement again the customer has a home warranty it is not up to us to replace the dryer it is the warranty decision. We apologize how long this is taken ,parts are ordered and this will be rectified very soon..

We have went out an diagnosed the problem , when our tech states a appliance is not repairable we need to send a senior tech out which we did an he did find that the refrigerator is not repairable an that was turned into [redacted] the home warranty we also found the dishwasher repairable which was turned...

over to [redacted] warranty we are waiting for a approval or denial from the customers home warranty [redacted] customer needs to call his warranty

This is my last response, I saw the email and Dawn responded to it and said she would like to come an see and you did not want her to . You asked us again to stop a leak which we did ,we never said we were in the remodeling business ,The tech showed you all the damage you have the gaps...

 in the walls and the caulking that caused your leak,jimmy showed you what he can do to stop the leak ,an you said ok we never said it was gonna look like a finished bathroom we stopped your leak an put some dry wall up where the water damage was done. I'm sorry your not happy but if you were so unhappy why did you wait days to contact us after the service and why did you not tell the tech when he was done and showed you the job.

This customer is the biggest scam artist ,they have a home warranty we are the middle man the repair co that came out ,well we are the second repair co out the customer keeps tampering with his motor he removes it and the tech comes out says unit missing a motor  2 companies stating the same...

thing ans we are the dis-honest ones ,no, customer cursed and screamed my secretary out ,he is a scam artist ahs needs to flag him...

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