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In reviewing the information, the customer called to establish new service effective 05/09/17. During the call for new service she also requested that we close the existing account for her previous address and a final bill was mailed. On 05/23/17, the customer called to place the service
at their previous address back in their name stating she has not moved out yet and a proof of residency letter was mailed at her request. Per our records, this account remained in the customer's name until she called on 07/19/to let us know she is no longer residing at the property. The customer has been advised any dispute in responsibility will need to be worked out with the landlord as Ameren will not get involved. This issue has also been investigated by the Missouri Public Service Commission and the complaint was closed as Customer Responsibility

In reviewing the information, the pole in question was replaced by one of Ameren's contractors in November 2016. Our field personnel attempted to reach Mr*** yesterday. A voicemail was left asking him to return the call to discuss his concerns

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2015/06/02) */
June 2,
Open Date: 05/19/
Complaint ID #: XXXX-XXXXXXX
Account #: XXXXX-XXXXX
Customer Name: *** ***
Service Address: *** S ***
Waggoner, IL XXXXX
customer's complaint is in regard to tampering charges
Ameren Illinois Response
Ameren Illinois conducted a thorough investigation of the subject complaint which revealed the following information
Company records indicate that *** R*** established electric service at *** S *** St*** IL.XXXXX on 04/17/(Ameren account number XXXXX-XXXXX)
On 04/15/the Company disconnected Mr*** for non-payment of a past due balance in the amount of $
On04/20/Ameren Illinois field personnel found that the inner and outer meter seals had been removed from the meter
On 04/21/the Company exchanged Mr***'s electric meter with a new meter due to the inner meter seal of the previous meter being cut(Mr***'s previous meter number was XXXXXXXX and the new meter was XXXXXXXX)
After thoroughly investigating this complaint the Company has determined that the Tampering Charges were appropriately assessedBelow is a breakdown of the electric tampering charges
$Standard Electric tampering fee
$lock fee
+ $for unmeasured usage
$Total Tampering Charges
The unmeasured usage was an estimate calculated using historical usage at this address for the period of 09/25/through 04/15/
Below is an excerpt from the Illinois Administrative Code describing the regulations regarding meter tampering:
Section Tampering
a) Intent: Tampering with utility wires, pipes, meters or other service equipment is prohibitedThe intent of this Section is to describe the process by which the utility shall bill the customer for the unauthorized usage when the utility has proof that the customer benefitted from tampering
b) Proof: The utility has the burden of proving by a preponderance of the evidence that tampering has occurred with the utility's wires, pipes, meters or other service equipment, that the customer has benefitted from the tampering, and that the utility's billing is reasonable
c) Investigation: When the utility has reason to suspect that tampering has occurred, it shall investigate without delay
d) Notice to Customer: Once the utility has full proof of the tampering, it shall report to the customer the details of the investigation
e) Remedy: As soon as the condition becomes known to the utility, it shall take steps to correct the condition and issue a corrected bill without delayPursuant to any tariffed meter tampering charge, before assessing the charge, the utility shall review the situation to determine if the person benefitting from the tampering was responsible either directly or indirectly for the tampering
Because Mr*** was the party most likely to benefit from the tampering of the meter, he is responsible for paying the total tampering charges of $before the Company could provide electric service to him again at *** S *** St*** IL XXXXX
Given the above, Ameren Illinois considers this issue to be resolved and the complaint closed
Thank you,
Ameren Illinois
Regulatory Affairs
*** ** *** *** ***
Decatur, IL XXXXX
cc: *** ***
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (1500, 6, 2015/06/03) */

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 7, 2015/05/18) */
May 18,
Open Date: 04/28/
Complaint ID #: XXXX-XXXXXXX
Account #: XXXXX-XXXXX
Customer Name: *** ***
Service Address: *** ***
Marissa, IL XXXXX
The customer's
complaint is in regard to
Ameren Illinois Response
Ameren Illinois conducted a thorough investigation of the subject complaint which revealed the following information
*** *** *** S *** *** (XXXXX-XXXX) BA: XXXXX-XXXXX
According to our records, the Customer Contact Center received a request (from *** *** Dispatcher *** to disconnect gas service due to an emergency building fire at Mr***'s house on Wednesday evening, November 19,
The gas serviceman who responded shut off the gas at the wedge seal; red-pinned the service; removed the meter (#3TCXXXXX-XXXX); plugged the inlet and outlet of the meter set; and noted the final reading (XXXX)The gas serviceman then sent the order for clerical follow-up-which included removing the gas meter from Mr***'s CSS account and closing the order (OAS # XXXXXXXXX) on the following dayIn fire situations it is also common practice for us to cut the electric service at the pole and drop the service on the ground due to usually not being able to get to the house due to the working fire
On March 7, 2015, Mr*** used a fork lift to load debris into a dumpster on the south side of the houseThe debris was from the collapsed roofAt that time the North wall fell on the top of the gas riser and ruptured the gas line causing the gas to blow
Mr*** dialed 9-1-Both Ameren and the *** Fire Department respondedThe 2-man crew worked hours (on weekend overtime) to excavate at the main and use an existing control fitting (punch tee) to retire 100' of steel, 3/4" gas service and fix the leakAdditionally, the 1st Responder kept the work area safe and assisted with the repairThe customer was charged for the emergency repair
Upon further review of the incident, it has been determined that the charges assessed to Mr*** should be removed from the account
Given the above, Ameren Illinois considers this issue to be resolved and the complaint closed
Thank you,
Ameren Illinois
Regulatory Affairs
*** ** *** *** ***
Decatur, IL XXXXX
cc: *** ***

Upon review of the information provided by the customer, the balance in dispute was transferred in error and the customer is not responsible for that portion of the bill. The transferred balance has been removed; however, due to arrears, the account remains in threat of disconnection and
payment is required by 05/24/16. We recommend the customer contact our call center at *** to discuss options available to prevent possible disconnection

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2015/10/27) */
In reviewing the information, due to missed or partial payments, the customer's service was disconnected for non payment in AugustAt that time, a deposit was assessed as a security precaution and set up to bill in installmentsThe first
of three installments was included on the 08/11/bill; however, after speaking with the customer, we agreed to rebill the deposit in installments effective with the next billThe first of six installments was included on the September bill and the second installment on the October billBecause the account continues to carry forward a past due balance each month disconnect notices continue to generate and service was disconnected again this month

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:
Ameren has not been honest and fair in thisI have spoken to several different representatives whonhave all given me a different storyI was told that I needed to file a registery of my medical devicesThey have told me on different occasions that the form was mailed outAll different dates to expect the form and when I asked if they could fax it to me, they said they could notI have since received a form TWO MONTHS later and on it it has the number to which I could fax it toNot to mention the rudeness ive dealt withI will pay my bill and will make arrangments but I am on ss disability and a fixed incomeThey have not tried to work with me and everything they have needed I have given themI havr spoken to an attorney and it is against the law for them to do thisI am facednwith losing my home now because of the lack of communication or training of their staffNo one seems to know anything and what they DO KNOW is different from the restI will comply with reasonable arrangements provided I am treated with respect and not rudeness and count on the same information from everyone anytime that I correspond with themOtherwise I will pursue further legal actionI know my rights and I and everyone else they are treating this way shouldnt have to have them trampled because we are dependent on their services.
*** ***

Per our records, a bill was left unpaid for a previous address. Per a social security trace verifying benefit of service, the unpaid balance transferred to her ex-husband's account in an attempt to collect. He has been advised to submit proof of residency for review if he wishes to
dispute the balance. An activity statement was mailed to the complainant at her request. This issue is also under investigation by the Missouri Public Service Commission

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2015/11/13) */
In reviewing the information, the customer recently called to establish service effective 10/14/After verifying the customer has been the tenant of record since 09/14/15, the unpaid account balance in the roommate's name since that time was
transferred inWe have advised the customer the transferred balance will not be removed; however, payment arrangements are available if needed

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 6, 2015/10/26) */
In reviewing the information, the customer has been billed for actual usage recorded on the meter at her residenceDue to missed or partial payments, the service was disconnected for non paymentA deposit was assessed as a security
precaution and will not be removed

In reviewing the information, the customer's account is on Budget Billing. This is our level pay option based on the current month average for the address. Because this is a month program and the customer is billed the average amount,
the account will always have a budget balance ahead or behind (the difference between the actual usage and the amount the customer is being billed). The monthly average billed is currently being deducted from the customer's credit balanceSince we are not billing for the actual use, a budget balance behind has accumulated which will settle in May 2018. We have offered to remove the account from Budget Billing; however, the customer has declined. I have attached a copy of our Budget Billing brochure
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
*** ***

In reviewing the information, we originally set up the customer's account effective with the date the meter was set in error. He contacted us on 01/19/to let us know he did not move in until 10/28/and at that time, an order was issued to correct the connect date. All previous
billing was cancelled and a corrected bill for the service from 10/28/through 01/18/was mailed to the customer on 01/23/18. We ask that he contact our Customer Call Center at *** if he has any questions

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2015/10/30) */
In reviewing the information, a switched meter issue (customer was being billed for neighbor's service and neighbor was being billed for her service) was verified on 10/09/and the information was forwarded to our Customer Account's Department
for rebilling purposesThe customer's account has been rebilled to reflect the actual usage recorded on the meter at her residenceA switched meter letter, spreadsheet and corrected bill will be mailed on 11/02/
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 8, 2015/10/30) */
On September 16, I arrived home from work to find out my electricity had been shut offI called Ameren UE to find out why because my bill is paid promptly each monthThe customer service department checked my record and informed me that my service should not have been shut off and there is nothing that showed they had done soThey sent someone out to determine the cause, and that person discovered that the wrong person's service had been shut offThis person discovered that I have been paying the meter for Apt and Apt has my meterThis same person called into the office and told them someone needed to come out and switch the meters
On September 17,I again called Ameren and I spoke with ***, then ***They both assured me that someone was coming out to switch the meters, but they couldn't tell me when because they were so busy
I called back on September 21, and spoke with *** then ***I was again told that someone was coming out, but they didn't know when because they were very busy
I called again on September 29, and spoke with *** who relayed the same information I had been given on my previous calls
I called on October 8, and spoke with *** and her supervisor *** *** the supervisor advised me to "be patient and it will be taken care of."
Today is October 21, and I feel that I have been more than patientThis situation has gone on for well over a month with no resolutionI feel like I am being given the runaround! I spoke with supervisor *** on 10/14/who told me he would personally handle the situationThe situation has not been "HANDLED" as of todayIf I had handled my bills like this, surely they would've found a way to shut off my service, but can find no way or time to correct their mistake!
I feel the handling of this situation is shameful and reflects very poorly on how they feel about their customersI have no recourse but to use their service as they have a monopoly, but if there was any way I could choose my electricity carrier, I would switch

As previously indicated the customer would need to provide proof of residency for review to dispute any portion of the unpaid balance. We suggest that she contact our Customer Call Center at *** to discuss the previous accounts, dates of service and documents that would be acceptable to proceed with the bill dispute investigation

Tell us why her September 20, Open Date: 09/07/ Complaint ID #: 2017-***
Account #: *** Customer Name: *** *** Service Address: *** *** *** ** *** The customer’s complaint is in regard to a payment agreement. Ameren Illinois ResponseAmeren Illinois conducted a thorough investigation of the subject complaint which revealed the following information Ameren Illinois records indicated *** *** established natural gas and electric service at *** *** St, *** ** ***, on 08/06/(Ameren account number ***). 07/31/17, Ameren Illinois issued a bill in the amount of $1,due 08/22/17; dates of service 06/27/to 07/30/($electric service, $gas service and $1,pervious balance). 08/09/17, Ms***'s payment agreement auto-reinstated with the payment of $254.03. The balance of $was deferred in installments of $(final installment $100.24). A payment agreement reinstate letter was mailed to the customer. 08/25/17, Ms***'s payment agreement defaulted. 08/28/17, Ameren Illinois issued a bill in the amount of $1,due 09/19/17; dates of service 07/30/to 08/27/($electric service, $gas service and $1,previous balance). 09/06/17, Ms*** called Ameren Illinois stating her payment agreement confirmation letter advised her to pay $instead of $307.30. 09/14/17, an Ameren Illinois Representative contacted Ms*** to set up a Special Circumstance Payment Agreement due to discrepancies on the payment agreement letter. The payment agreement was set up with a payment of $due 09/26/with installments of $(final installment $89.33) to defer the balance of $1,134.33. Ameren Illinois apologizes for the incorrect information in the payment agreement confirmation letter. Ameren Illinois set up a Special Circumstance Payment Agreement with installments to help ease the financial burden. Ameren Illinois encourages Ms*** to contact local area churches and energy assistance agencies for possible help with paying the bills: Given the above, Ameren Illinois considers this issue to be resolved and the complaint closed. Thank you, Ameren Illinois Regulatory Affairs*** ** *** *** *** ** ***
cc: *** *** e

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2015/11/16) */
Per our records, our Construction Department has scheduled this job to be completed by 11/20/15, weather permitting
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 12, 2016/02/02) */
I would like to inform your agency that the issue with
Ameren has been resolvedThe utility company did send someone out to my home to remove the electrical wires which ran through the iron gate which is attached to my home
Thank you for all of your assistance with this matter
*** ***

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2015/06/09) */
In reviewing the information, the customer's electrician contacted us in April to let us know they were relocating the service at the residenceBecause we do not need access inside the home and there was no request to notify the customer in
advance, our construction crew completed the work requested by the electrician in MayPer the information provided in the complaint, our Claims Department has reached out to the customer to initiate an investigation of the damage

In reviewing the information, Ameren Missouri's smart thermostat promotion consisted of a $rebate which the customer received instantly via our Online Marketplace. This $rebate brought the price down from $to $149.00. In conjunction with Ameren Missouri's rebate, a
couple of manufacturers were offering special Black Friday pricing. In this case, *** offered an instant rebate of $through participating retailers; however, the Ameren Missouri Online Marketplace was not a participating retailer for this promotion. We have left a message asking the customer to call to discuss; however, we have not yet heard back from him

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 7, 2015/09/11) */
September 11,
Open Date: 09/01/
Complaint ID #: XXXX-XXXXXXX
Account #: XXXXX-XXXXX
Customer Name: *** ***
Service Address: *** *** Dr
Belleville, IL XXXXX
The customer's complaint is in regard to tampering charges
Ameren Illinois Response
Ameren Illinois conducted a thorough investigation of the subject complaint which revealed the following information
8/13/-*** *** contacted the call center to advise of blown fuses and stated due to safety concerns that he would contact an electricianWe offered to schedule an appointment for a temporary disconnects or we could come out sooner as an emergencyMr*** did not request a temporary disconnect at this time
8/13/- Mr*** called the call center back to request a temporary disconnect for 8/14/
8/14/- Mr*** called the call center to request that service be reconnected due to repairs made by his electrician
8/14/-We arrived to reconnect the service and noticed the seal was cutTampering charges and usage on the meter totaling $was applied to his accountMr*** is disputing the tampering charges added to his bill
As a result of Mr*** advising us of the safety concerns which led to his electrician pulling the meter, it has been determined that the customer should not be responsible for the tampering charges
The charges will be removed from the customer's account
Given the above, Ameren Illinois considers this issue to be resolved and the complaint closed
Thank you,
Ameren Illinois
Regulatory Affairs
*** ** *** *** ***
Decatur, IL XXXXX
cc: *** ***

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