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American HomePatient

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• Jul 12, 2022

Horrible Company
This company should be closed down, they brought out a bed that's one side and suppose to be electronic but didn't work. The bedside toilet was not the right one and the stand up walker was put together with several different parts. They would not come back and fix the equipment or exchange it. I had to get the insurance company involved to make them get it and I ordered everything from another company. They are horrible

• Jun 22, 2022

I hope they burn in HELL
They don’t care and purposely play around with much needed medical supplies. There is a special place in hell for these people.

• Dec 16, 2021

Billing Issues: double and inaccurate invoices
The company billed me twice for the same items on the same invoice! And it doesn't even match up with what my insurance company says that I owe. I am sure that others receive the same bill and would pay the double charge if they didn't review the invoice. It's a scam by the company to bill their customers for more than what is owed. I have talked with the billing department twice about the bill and they now can't find my check, one that was sent through my bank. The last call required research on their part and while waiting, the call was disconnected. This has happened twice now. Who needs this incompetency and frustration! It's time to switch suppliers.

• Sep 13, 2021

Just Horrible
This company has repeatedly refused to provide the concentrator specified by my doctor. They refuse to provide me with a concentrator for travel. They owe ME money, but bill me in violation of Medicare regulations.


Multiple errors-Multiple complaints
Who runs this company? I’ve ordered supplies several times. Each time my insurance pays and I pay. Each time I’m billed again with the original charges. Each time I’m sent a dunning letter.
I tried to call customer serve but I was put on hold for over an hour before I just hung up.

They’ve called several times a day (robo) asking me to order, just weeks after my previous order.

I finally had to block their number. I’m thoroughly disgusted.


C**p supplies
They keep sending the wrong supplies. They sent the wrong tubing and filters this time. I am the one who has to deal with a old leaking hose until I can return the one they sent by mail and then wait until they send a new one


Impossible to reach
I can't say their customer service is lacking because I have been unable to reach anyone by phone. I've called 2 different locations and have spent over 30 minutes on hold. If I had options for another provider, I'd get rid of them in an instant. Billing issues have been common in the 2 years I've used their services/products.


Seems they hire thugs.
Just had an altercation with a delivery driver at my Condo complex. Took 3 parking spots and refused to move so I could park. I would never use a business who hires this level of people. Judging from the reviews I will be warning my friends and family to stay away for their own safety.


I am appalled by the terrible service I have received to date from this company. One look at their reviews confirms that the level of dissatisfaction from clients is almost universally negative. In my case, I got tired of my CPAP machine making a huge amount of noise and settings not seeming to work. I travel frequently for long periods of work overseas and had to wait until my return to the US to bring in my machine for review and servicing. I was told (based I think based only on the noise it was making that ""yes, the machine is not working properly") but that was the way it "worked" from the start. I was evidently sold a defective machine to start with. There was no loaner machine available so I went for a whole month with no machine at all. When I finally called to inquire about the repair status, I was told they had no idea as to the status but called eventually to say I could come pick up a loaner machine and, by the way, a ticket had finally been issued --a month+ after dropping it off--to repair my machine. I was called 2 weeks later to inform me that (1) the cost of repair of my machine (40185926) was $312 and : (2) I had two days to return the loaner machine. I reject I should have to pay for a machine that never worked properly and am told I have to turn in the loaner machine before receiving the repaired original machine. Sleep apnea is serious and I am left--again--for an extended period of time with no machine. I insist this be rectified with no additional charge and be permitted to keep the loaner until I receive the repaired one. BTW, ordering supplies is a joke---they keep sending me plastic mask after mask. What's the deal? So far, terrible service and by all appearances, a terrible company run by incompetents.


Consumer account was reviewed and adjustment were made The account now reflects a Zero balance A letter is being sent to the consumer to that affect

Unfortunately I have to agree with the Rating of 1 for this company. I was sent to them by my doctor and I have been nothing but displeased. You stop by to see someone and the person at the front never tells anyone you are there even though there is only one other customer in the building. After 45 minutes I ask when I will be seen and she tells me to make an appointment. What? I have trying to find a mask that does not leak. When I finally do get to talk to someone, they throw a different mask at me and send me on my way. I have tried like 7 different masks with no luck. No one takes the time to check the mask size or if the straps are the right size. They are just too busy to talk to you. I called my doctor and told them I didn't want to use this poor excuse for a company any more. They called me back and asked me why I had tried so many masks. In the last 30 days my mask leakage score in the accepted range. No one will help me figure out why. They say to call and make an appointment but when I call sometimes no one answers and sometimes they say no one is available. Someone needs to look into this company. This medical device company they should have a rating of ZERO!


Terrible Service ! You will wait weeks and weeks for your supplies to show up ! Find someone else ! They are terrible !


I have been with American Home Patient months, and have written complaint letters to Medicaire, my inscompany, COPD foundation etcshowing proof of my payments, called them at least times about the bill and they refuse to correct itYou talk to different deptsall across the country and noone knows what the other deptdid They send threatening letters to me all the time when I am paid ahead! I've had to cancel several dr appts cause they tell you they're delivering one day, then call to say, no it will be 2-days later and you have to be here for delivery of liquid oxygen Right now my tank is emptyI use a walker so pulling a tank around, I can't doThey really, really don't careThis is the most immoral business I have been forced to deal with because of no options


Sorry for the delayed response - our computers were down and we had email issuesUnfortunately, the property manager that handles the Groves is leaving today for another job opportunity and with wrapping up several other issues, this one cant be addressed with herGiven the delayed response and the inability to properly research this, I am inclined to just make payment to the resident with the intent of making them happyI will send out a check to them next week - can you verify where the check should be mailed - hate to cause further delay.thanksSteve

I was referred to this company by my doctorMy contacts with them were frustratingAll I wanted to do was go into a local store and view equipment optionsI could not arrange this and each person I spoke with in three separate locations told me a different storyThey then got nasty when I expressed my frustrationThis company is horribleAvoid themI went to a different company


April 22, Dear I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to meI would like to thank you, and let you know that I appreciate your assistance in this matter It has been my experience that when a company refuses to work with me, as a consumer, you are always instrumental in getting the matter resolved Regards, [redacted] ***

Worst customer experience I have come across in my years


Expect three things: 1) to be hung up on, 2) for the customer service people to sound completely stoned out of their mind or falling down drunk, 3) for absolutely no accountability. I have been dealing with this company for years and they have no clue about customer service. They incessantly lie about literally everything and if the US had a working government with consumer protection, they would at least be investigated. Horrible to deal with.


My husband has a C-Pap machine-we have had it for almost 2 years. we do not order anything thru American Home patient since we can not trusts them to over bill us. The agreement says that we only had to pay for a certain amount of time--and that time has been up for months. and we are still getting billed. I have called many times to try and get this corrected and no one wants to help me out. I could've bought 3 machines by this time for what they are charging. I asked for an itemized billing statement to show every transaction that has been billed for since day one-and still nothing. It is like they refuse to assist. This is to me a violation of patient rights, and a gray area on their billing practices. which to me should be looked into by a government entity. I called and asked to have it reported to their billing dept to look into and again--nothing.


Since American Home Patient was bought out by Lincare, I haven't gotten any order correctly. I never had a problem before. I will ask for items and a different item shows up. There is no email to show my order or say when it is shipped. When I call to return, I don't get a label. Each call has the representative telling me that what I ordered at the previous call isn't allowed etc., but I was never told there was a problem when I ordered the item the first time. Then they ship something totally different. The reps must get a commission for placing an order.

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