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1436 S Liberty Dr, Bloomington, Indiana, United States, 47403-5118

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great people to work with! I've never had any problems!

American Rental Response • May 18, 2020

Thank you, Ashley! We appreciate you taking the time to let others know the good things.

Lynnette from Brandenburg Kentucky store has done nothing but lie to me and my husband about our computer that we purchased and piece was broken off of back. I did not ask for insurance and have another purchase that I've been paying insurance and didn't know. Time and date computer was supposed to be picked up. She ignored ignored and sent someone before then and didn't get and call or nothing about what was going until me and my husband went to Brandenburg to make payment and then she didn't know. Then what my husband had downloaded on computer had been erased then calls my husband the day they bring it back knowing he's on the road but he didn't answer because he was busy and I walk outside to find 2 employees sitting in my driveway and they have my house#

American Rental Response • May 27, 2020

3/6/2020 Mrs. came in and told Store Manager her CD
drive door was broken. Store Manager advised her to remove all personal information
on the drive, and it could be sent in to corporate service department for
service. The client didn’t want to do
that, so Store Manager contacted corporate IT Technician same day who told her
that he was sending an external CD Drive on her next truck.3/26/2020 The external CD drive arrived at store.3/31/2020 Mrs. picked up the external CD drive4/17/2020 She brought it back. Said her husband did not want it. The Store Manager then told her that the next
step would be to send the computer in to corporate to be worked on, and that all
information would need to be removed/backed up on a flash drive. Store Manager even showed her an example of a
flash drive.4/23/2020 A Certified Service Technician went to Mrs.’s
home to pick up computer and sign the PC paper to send it to service.4/23/2020 The computer was sent on the truck to the corporate
IT service dept.5/7/2020 The computer was received back from service 5/8/2020 The computer was returned to Mrs.5/11/2020 Mrs. called and yelled at Store Manager,
saying that all of her husband’s work had been removed, and hung up.5/15/2020 Store Manager talked with Mrs. about her
pay off and when her days were due. She was very nice.

Customer Response • May 29, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and have determined the response would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.]


Best place in town to get furniture great people with great personalities they make u feel like family from Melissa crawfordsville indiana

American Rental Response • May 29, 2020

Thank you for the kind words, and for letting others know about our great people, ***.

When my husband had a massive heart issue and was in the hospital in Indy for quite an extended period of time I had to resort to texting as a way of communicating and bill paying with our bramch. They were willing to do this, amd so we have been able tonstay up on our payments and communicate via text so as to not disrupt my husbands new schedule amd health requirements.
I started also keeping a close eye on payments however as I had been suspicious for quite a while as our balances never seemed to go down no matter how much we paid on our accounts. Well, since 12- 26 - 2019 I asked for a balance and they gave it to me. At that time it was 2016.92. Since then I have made the following payments-
1-6: 200.00
1-2: 300.00
2-19: 350.00
3-9: 200.00
This is a total of 1400.00

I asked for an update of my total balance on 3-28 and was told that I had 1416.22 remaining (balancws total).
I was rather shocked and questioned the discrepancy in amounts and received no answer that day, so questioned it again the next day and was given a handwritten paper with varying balances fluctuating up and down and was told that this was what they had as my balance and that the difference was the taxes and damage waivers.
I paid 1400.00 dollars in a 3 month time period however, and if you subtract 1400.00 from the 2016.92 balance from 12-26- 2019 then my renaining balance should be (in theory)

If you take 2016.92 balance from 12/26 and subtract the payments made (total 1400.00)
That balance shows up as 616.92
Not 1416.22
That is a difference of 799.30 ...

I have mentioned to them before that I was certain payments weren not being recorded correctly, and I am pretty certain that a good portion of the cash payments I made had been not recorded. Now I am positive that something fishy is going on. When I asked about it I was told that it was due to taxes - but a difference of 800.00 in 3 months seems off even if taxes and interest are figured in. I have the proof of payments and offered it to them. I have received no response to that offer. I wish to pay off what I believe is my balance due of 616.92 (the 12- 26- 19 balance of 2016.92 minus the 1400.00 I have paid in the last 12 weeks.) And be done with this company.

American Rental Response • May 13, 2020

and *** have three items on rent with us. The “purchase price” that is referred to in
the complaint is actually the Early Buyout (EBO) amount not the total agreement
amount, and it would have been $2016.96 (W/D $739.63, Refrigerator $732.77,
Recliners $544.56). Early Buyout Option
must be exercised within 120 or 180 days to be valid. The time limit had passed for this to be an
option on the merchandise in question.

next option is a 50% discount of the remaining full term of the agreement. The payoff amount changes slightly with each
time period that passes. Account has to
be current to exercise the 50% pay off option.

payment history presented is correct. The payment amounts, however, did not all apply directly to the payoff balance,
as customer mistakenly believes. It was applied
to the total agreement amount. It was
also applied to their damage waiver or Guaranteed Replacement Program (GRP), to
taxes, to late payments and to call in convenience fees.The
store staff has tried to explain these things to the ***, without success
in getting them to understand.

of last week, they are currently 4 weeks due, and our phone number has been

Store staff contacted *** about
payment. She paid $202.27.

Store staff contacted *** about payment. She
paid $200.00.

Store staff contacted *** about payment. She responded that she would be in on
Wednesday 1-22-20.

staff contacted *** about payment, since no payment was made on
Wednesday. She paid $300.00

Store staff contacted *** about payment. She responded that she would pay on Friday

Store staff contacted *** about payment, since no payment was made
on Friday. She responded that she couldn’t
make payment until Tuesday 2-16-20, and would pay $350.00 at that time.

Joanne paid $350.00 and was mistakenly told that she was paid until 3-8-20.

Store staff contacted *** about payment. Initial and subsequent credit cards were
declined, and we learned that she had an issue with the bank.

Tried card again, and payment of $200.00 went through, paying them up to

Store staff contacted *** about payment. She responded that she didn’t think we were
open due to COVID-19 outbreak. Payment
was made for $350, and updated balances were given to her (W/D $538.76, Refrigerator
$498.96, $378.50).

this point she started questioning the balances.

Store staff sent her the breakdown of payments, and what each payment went
towards. She still questioned the
balances based on her math. why here...

Customer Response • May 17, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and have determined the response would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

This did not explain at all the discrepancy of over 800.00 in that 12 week time period.

I will address his response line by line.

It was stated that I am 4 weeks past due, yet the last three weeks I have attempted to reach them to pay have failed.

They claim I have blocked their number, yet that is not true. I no longer have a traditional "home phone"- everything is done through my cell phone, and they were provided with that number- as proven by the texts as that is how I have to pay as I need to have a record of all communications and payments made, as well as having no ability to talk on the phone as my husband is very, very ill and was in the hospital an hour and half away from our home for months. Now that he is home, I am working with him to recover, as well as homeschooling my youngest daughter and taking care of my autistic son. I have no time nor the ability to leave my house for anything at this point in time.

They claim I had a bank issue on a payment, when in reality the bank itself had the issue. No one that banked with *** Federal Credit Union was able to access their accounts, use their cards or do any type of banking for 24 hours. I can prove that- and did share that information with them.

They claimed that I stated that I didn't know they were open during the shut down. They are correct. I was VERY surprised that they were working as that business did not qualify as an essential business under the rules of the President and our Mayor. I did however, make a payment. I have since tried three times to make more payments and do not receive answers or any type of acknowledgment.

My desire to know why there is an 800.00 discrepancy in my payments vs what they claim I have paid has not been answered. I wanted to pay off my balance which I do not believe is almost 1500.00.

My math says that if my balance was 2016.92 and I then paid 1400.00, then my remaining balance should be 616.92- yet they stated it was 1416.22. that is a difference of 799.30. I do not believe that taxes take up 799.30 in a 12 week time period.

I would like for this to be resolved as since things have changed drastically in the past 8 months for us with major income changes, health changes and lifestyle changes due to the health crisis my husband had and is still recovering from. I would be more than happy to pay what I believe I owe- 616.92. I do not believe I owe more than that, especially after I firmly believe that there are payments that were made and not recorded by them as I used to pay in cash, and it was openly admitted to me that there were many payments stolen by a former employee who was subbing for the manager while he was off for a medical issue.

Why here was asked? Honestly, because I have received no response from your business, even now that the state has opened back up- yet when it was shut down they wanted payments even though we were shut down by the mayors, governors and Presidents orders. I also have a feeling that I am being stolen from if I pay that much and yet am only showing that little paid. Something is wrong. I just want to pay my balance of 616.92 and be done with this. In order for me to pay however, someone will have to take a payment-


[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.]


*** And

American Rental Response • May 28, 2020

And *** have four items on rent with us. The “purchase price” that is referred to in
the complaint is actually the Early Buyout (EBO) amount not the total agreement
amount. The EBO is 50% of total amount.The
payment history presented is correct. The payment amounts, however, did not all apply directly to the EBO, as
customer mistakenly believes. It was applied
to the total agreement amount. It was
also applied to their damage waiver or Guaranteed Replacement Program (GRP), to
taxes, to late payments and to call in processing fee (Misc on attachment).On 12-26-19,
the balance on the items was $4033.84 making the 50% Early Buyout amount the
$2016.92 that Mrs. Grossman was told.Her
subsequent payments were against the balance of the agreement not the EBO
of their circumstances, though the payoff amount is much higher, our President
is willing to settle with the *** for a total of $700.00 as long as it is
paid by June 6, 2020. This amount will
pay off the four items and will include any tax and damage waiver due. The past due amounts will be forgiven.A letter
will be sent to the *** explaining this with the offer since they are not
responding to phone calls.

Due to thw coronavirus I have lost my job I no longer work as on now and neither does my fiancee. We have a small child we have to take care of so we came to be around my family to help in these crazy times. American rental knows about the situation and is comming to pick up our furniture because were behind. Everyone us behind. We've paid on time every week of 90$ a week and weve never missed one payment. Now neither of us are working unemployment hasnt came through yet and noone has helped us out with money for bills so we can't make the payment. My grandma is terribly sick with covid 19 and now they are saying I have to drive back. 4 houra so they can get their stuff because we havent paid. With rent and electric companies and all theae places helping people in these times hiw can american rental take back all of their furniture because of this pandemic

American Rental Response • Apr 02, 2020

Damian’s last payment was made on 3/14/2020 and was paid on the due date. Next payment was due on 3/21/2020. Damian came to the store a few days before and discussed with store manager that he and his family wanted to go see his grandmother that contracted COVID-19. His account was allowed to run a short amount of time past due, and he was encouraged to be safe during his visit.

The Store Manager contacted Damian on 3/24/2020 at which time he said he would make a payment the following day. Store manager advised him that communication was key during this time.

On 3/26/2020, Account Manager, spoke with Damian again. At which time Damian stated that if we were going to make him pay that he would just return our merchandise. Account Manager convinced him to keep the merchandise and Damian committed for payment on 3/27/2020. That date came and went, and the commitment was broken.

Damian called the store on 3/31/2020 and spoke with Store Manager. Stated that we weren’t trying to work with him and that he was going to move in with his family up north. He said that he would only be here for a few hours on 4/3/2020.

Store Manager advised him that we would still need the back rent as well as to schedule a time for the return. Advised him we were taking necessary precautions and doing curbside pickups. He was belligerent. Manager asked him to change the way he was speaking to the manager. The Store Manager told him that we had done the best by him that was allowed. He continued to be belligerent, so Store Manager ended the call. He called back and hung up after the Store Manager answered.

Since that conversation, we have had no further contact, and the return has not been scheduled. Customer is past due from 3/21/2020.

NOTE: Customer started this new group of accounts with us in December of 2019 (rather than 3/14/2020), having been a customer since 2015. He has run one day late on four payments, with no late fees. He has made 11 total payments. He has a mattress, pad and frame. He also has a corner dinette as well as a sectional, coffee table and an entertainment console.

Had a pymt due on 3/10/20. I called today let jason know myself and husband are not working. I said I would try to get pymt there next week. He informed me if I didnt have a pymt in by 4/2, they would come pick my dryer up!! What horrible customer service! So many people not working and they call and tell me that! Horrible

Even though I am not working because of the shut down, they are staying open and will reposses if I'm late for 2 payments.

American Rental Response • Mar 27, 2020

We’re unsure as to why this customer has filed a complaint with the because she isn’t late on payments, and no action has been taken to retrieve any merchandise. Also, we are working with each customer on an individual basis to help them get through this difficult time.

Customer Response • Mar 30, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 14240983, and find that this response/resolution is satisfactory to me.


Amanda D

The company charged me for a declined damage waiver for 55 payments in the amount of $121.55. refund, not credit, is required.

American Rental Response • Mar 04, 2020

Our internal auditor reviewed the files yesterday, and
determined that the amount due to customer is actually $263.73. A check will be mailed to the customer this
week. The majority of this amount comes
from the said damage waiver and one other waiver we looked for, but could not
find, to see if it was signed or not. A
copy of the audit will remain on file in case there are any questions in the

Customer Response • Mar 06, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 14193907, and find that this response/resolution is satisfactory to me.

I want to add that the Bloomington location of American Rental has always been exceedingly accurate and responsive. They are extremely accountable and appreciated by patrons.


Christopher T

I contacted the business tho let then know I'm going tho be a week late on my payment. They told me tho come up with some kind if payment by Monday. I came up with $20 to give them. They refused the payment. They are harassing my references after they have already spoken with me. The sent out a 2nd notice stating they are not in contact with me. They are conducting business in an unethical harassing manner.

American Rental Response • Dec 03, 2019

S rented a washer and dryer on 10-10-19, and received free time because he did so online ie: Initial payment online pushes second payment of 23.29 per week back to 11-8-19. Same situation for the bedroom for which he paid $104.14 online when ordered, and due 11-15-19 for a second payment of $52.07.

This was a first payment default.

Our account manager placed a house call on the 11-16-19, and spoke with him to advise that we would give him till Monday 11-18-19 to pay at least a payment of $70.36. He didn’t pay.

We revisited on Tuesday, and spoke with Mr. S who offered $20.00. He was advised that a full week’s payment was needed. He replied that “ ‘the other guy said I could pay something’ and said see you in court” then shut the door.

We have tried to make contact 4 different times by phone. A second notice was mailed on 11/19/19. Mr. S currently owes 2 weeks payment of $148.73 to get to 11-29-19.

To date, there has been no movement towards payment of what’s owed.

Employee *** reached out to me a current customer (at different store) and the wife of his former manager and proceeds to ask if I am alone and wanting pictures to prove it when both of us are married to other people. Never one time did I give him the impression of any interest. Extremely inappropriate on a personal and professional manner.

We are currently renting a range from American Rental in Connersville Indiana. The front left big burner needed a part replace due to not coming on, that was done. The same burner has quit working again and have notified American Rental several times. First excuse after 2 weeks was that it was on back order, I was never told that without asking. Next excuse, still not in. Next excuse still no truck delivery. Next excuse have not had any truck deliveries for a while, not sure when it will be in. This has been a wait over 2 months now, that is without a large burner working on the stove, which is a challenge cooking for a large family. We have had numerous other issues with appliances and furniture that we have paid off. This will be the last rental.

American Rental Response • Aug 06, 2019

We would be happy to bring her a loaner and send her range to our Service Department to diagnose and correct the problem.

Store Manager has offered to bring them a loaner during that time, and the customer refused. Customer won’t send it to service to find out why the part keeps going out. She requests they order the part and the CSTs change it. We would prefer that our expert service personnel diagnose and fix the problem so that it doesn’t happen again. The part she refers to is on order in case that is the correct solution.

Customer Response • Aug 06, 2019

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this response/resolution is satisfactory to me.


*** M

I am owed a refund for a couch that was purchased and brought in poor condition with water damaged.. promise refund and keep getting run around..

American Rental Response • Jul 07, 2019

The refund was approved by Auditor on 6/13 and sent to Accounting. Accounting sent check to store on 6/14. Customer cashed the refund check on 6/26.

We rented a XBOX one and a smart tv. When we didn't need them anymore we returned them. I forgot to remove accounts from the smart tv when I spoke with the lady who took our equipment back she stated that they would reset the devices to manufacture settings anyway. Well I had my Netflix accounts signed on to the tv so when they rented it out again the person who got the tv also received free Netflix. Since we dont have internet right now I dont watch Netflix on my phone but when I checked it they removed my profiles and made their own. I figured out it was from that tv because Netflix told me. If your going to tell someone that your going to remove everything from that device then you need to do just that. BTW a answer of I'll have someone go remove that and get it taken care of have a nice day. Isn't a good answer Ja-niece

We told them about our TV having a big black strip on one side. A service technician came out. He removed the tv and took it back to store. Some how they reset it and brought it back the very same day. The technician said it will not happen again. Now it has a scratch on it and the strip is back. We called the store in Bardstown Kentucky. They said nothing can be done until Monday and we have to change it for a loaner. We cannot get a brand new TV until Friday of the same week only if the manager says we can. We want a brand new TV. This is the second time the black strip has appeared. We want a brand new one. This is damaged. Why are we getting the run around when asking for a brand new TV? We do not want a used one. The contract that we signed is a brand new TV.

Will never buy from American Rental again. They are very rude and not understanding at all. Got in a tight spot and got 2 weeks behind so now they are suing me. I have bought from them for over 20 years and never been sued. I have gotten behind before and always caught up the payments. They overcharge as it is so they should be a little more understanding. If you live in or around Salem Indiana, do not buy from them, you will regret it. *** is much better if you have to do payments.

I recently just furnished my whole home everything was brand new except our couch that they rented to us.. my husband and myself work a bunch of hours and when we finally get a day off we noticed there are bedbugs in the couch we didn't have any issues prior to the couch and now we do we want them to take the couch back and at least pay for the proper care to get rid of the issue we are very unhappy with this situation and it is making hard to keep our business with them.. and if they do refuse to fix the issue I want my money back that I have put in to this furniture.

American Rental Response • Dec 13, 2018

Customer came in approximately at 12:30 p.m. on Monday 11/19/18, after the complaint to was made. She explained the situation of bugs being on her sectional. We arranged to pick up merchandise. John B and Marshall J arrived at the home at approximately at 1:25 p.m. on 11/19/18 to pick up merchandise in question. After inspecting the merchandise, approximately 5 bugs, 0 eggs were found on 1 piece of the sectional and 0 bugs on any other inspected items. Merchandise was removed from home. Customer said she would be back at the store in 1 hour to make arrangements to have area treated. Attempted to contact customer to schedule a treatment when she didn’t show. When customer came in the next day, arrangements were made for treatment by Orkin. They inspected on 11/26 and sprayed on 12/5.

Customer had paid two weeks rent. She was provided with a new sectional, as requested.

I called to tell them that my stove that I had recently started to purchase was not w***g. The employees argued with me about it stating they could not help for a week after being told I was leaving town the next day. They also told me that the problem was most likely caused by mice or roaches and if they found that to be the case they would not fix it. My disabled husband whobis a veteran had to take the stove to the store himself they would notbpick it up. He also had to argue with them for over 30 minutes before they would take the stove. Ibtold them that I did not want it anymore if that was the way they would treat me. I feel like they were trying to bully me into keeping the stove as it was and paying for a broken product

American Rental Response • Oct 24, 2018

We disagree with the above statement. When the customer asked to have the range picked up from her home she was informed that we could not that particular day but would be able to remove the range from their home later that week. The customer then made the decision to load up the range and bring it back to our store in their own vehicle. Upon inspecting the range we discovered that the range was in fact infested with cockroaches and we had to make arrangements for *** pest control to come to our location and treat the range at our expense. The range was then shipped to our service center in Bloomington Indiana and after our service tech plugged in the range we determined that all the range worked and functioned as it should. We found no problem with the range and it will be returned to our Greencastle store and will be restocked for a future sale. Due to the fact that no problem was found with the range and also that the customer was in fact renting the range from us and had use of the range during the rental period we do not feel that we owe this individual a refund and consider the contract we had with them terminated. If the customer felt as though they were being bullied to keep the range we do apologize. My manager was hesitant to bring the appliance back to the store due to suspected roach infestation and was only trying to prepare to deal with the situation to keep from infesting her store.

Fraud I understand people get in tight spots but I’ve asked several times for a pay off for my six month same as cash and keep getting fees and fees and fees they want to keep you in the rental I just wanted the 6 months same as cash Salem Indiana is the worst

I bought my son a trundle bed, spent over $1,000. I have been fighting bed Bugs ever since. They go away then as soon as I allow him back in his room (Because NO he is NOT sleeping on that bed while their actively moving) it'll be a day or 2 then BOOM! here come the creepy crawling nasty snappers. I've completed multiple treatments, they're ONLY in is bed frame, barricaded I guess. I can not get in contact with corporate to file a formal complaint. Their customer service was phenomenal, never an issue. However now their under total new management and I haven't experienced them yet... Due to this issue I will NOT be purchasing, renting or anything from them EVER again.

I went into my local store on Feb 9th and purchased a firelace tv stand. I was told at the time of purchase it came with a remote. So it was delivered without the remote. When I questioned them about it they told me that they would look for it. Well here we are 2 months later and still have no remote for something I am paying for. I have been in the store several times and I keep getting told it is on order. So I go back into the store today 3/31 to get the status of the remote and was told that they can't find one. So for the past 2 months they have done nothing but lie to me saying one is on order. So I asked for the number to the corporate office which they gave me a number. When I called the number given it was a fax number. So I went back into the store and tried to get a real number and they would not give it to me. Also when I was in the store today 3/31 a lady came in and stated she was the district manager which she stated her name was Ann. She tried to tell me even though they told me it had the remote that they don't have to do anything about it because I can still use the item.

American Rental Response • Apr 03, 2018

We offered to pick up the fireplace Mr *** was renting and refund his payment when we couldn't find the remote in February. He said no he needed the fireplace and could use it without the remote. We did place an order for the remote but has not arrived. I came in after he had spoken with the store staff on 3/31/18 and offered to discount the fireplace for his inconvenience and he said I would have to take several hundred dollars off. I told him I would not take that amount off for a missing remote and asked if he was able to use the fireplace. To which he responded yes but the ad showed a remote. I assured him we did have a remote on order but had no control over receive date. He cussed at Me and left. I searched current inventory and found a similar fireplace at another location and got the remote from them to satisfy Mr ***s missing remote. The store Manager took the remoter to Mr *** Monday 4/02/18 and he refused to let him in the home to verify remote worked. I have attached the service order Mr *** signed when he was given the remote. As far as we know he currently has a working remote for the fireplace. Sincerely Anne B District Manager, Full O Pep; American Rental

Customer Response • Apr 04, 2018

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and have determined the response would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.



I think I should still get some type of refund back to my checking account for going 2 months without everything I was told I was getting. I spent $99.81 on an item that I didn't receive everything that was suppose to be with it on day 1. Yes I told them I could still use the item when they asked me, but that is like selling a couch and delivery it without cushions and saying well you can still use it right. Also when I asked them for corporates phone number they gave me a fax number and when I went back in and asked for the right number they wouldn't give it to me. Then some lady stated she was the district manager but how do I know she really is a district manager. Also how do I even know they order it because 1 person said they couldn't find 1 and another person said 1 was on order. So they can't even give me the same information.

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Address: 1436 S Liberty Dr, Bloomington, Indiana, United States, 47403-5118


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