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Anthony & Sylvan Pools

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Anthony & Sylvan Pools Reviews (108)

• Jul 28, 2022

Their renovation DESTROYED my pool. I now have three leaks in a pool that was perfectly fine. Their plaster products are specific to Anthony & Sylvan so when your left with their inferior work and hire a competent company to fix the mess they cannot match the plaster color and your brand new plaster looks patched. ( And yes A & S was given the opportunity to fix the problems) Also check employee profiles the majority of their staff has ZERO experience in the pool industry Once again DON'T DO IT!

• May 31, 2022

Do not recommend
1 out of 5 stars. Our pool was completed in August of 2018 and I am writing this review now to cover the full ownership experience with a pool from Anthony & Sylvan (A&S). I hope that this will help inform people prior to making a significant investment with A&S.

Design / Architect Phase (April – June 2018): 5 out of 5 stars. Our architect “Jay” was nothing short of fantastic. He was incredibly responsive to our needs & answered all of our questions fully and expeditiously. He truly sold us on the A&S experience and reinforced the notion that we made the right decision. As his time period with us came to an end, he transitioned the communications and “day to day” aspects to our project manager “Jeremy”. I was asked (very politely) by Jay a few times if I could leave a review, as A&S puts a lot of stock in their “drive to 5” star review. I let him know that I’d take care of it once everything completed and that was that.

Construction Phase (June – August 2018): 1 out of 5 stars. The transition from Jay to Jeremy started well enough and we did not think much of it. Jeremy started things off and talked to us about the construction process and what to expect. We did some prior research so knew that an area of our yard would be a construction zone and that we should expect it to be completely torn up as they move in equipment and materials for we had no issues with that. The overall construction process took about 2 months. With each passing week we received less and less correspondence from Jeremy. Days would go by with no response to email or text. When I mentioned this being a problem, the response was that he was very busy and that my questions should be answered in the daily reports (which we never received). After the construction completed, I was pressed (annoyingly) for a review. I cited numerous, unanswered questions where serious issues continued to remain unresolved. To this day (May 2022), I still have open issues that I have since submitted to warranty (which they have been completely non-responsive, but I’ll get to that). I gave the construction phase 1 out of 5 stars because of very poor communication from our PM and severe quality issues that were not resolved.

Pool Start Up (August 2018): 5 out of 5 stars. Once the pool was filled, a technician, Mark, came out for the day to get everything fired up and educate us on our pool and operations. Mark was exceptional. He was incredibly knowledgeable and extremely patient with explaining everything to us. He actually had me record all of his lectures so that way I wouldn’t this day, years later, I still reference those videos because they are that good and informative! Mark really took his time to make sure we were completely comfortable with everything before he left. Mark never once asked us for a review, but rather that last thing he said was “if you ever have a question, day or night, pick up the phone and call me”. This guy was an absolute class act!

Pool Closing (2018): No issues

Pool Opening & Closing (2019): No issues. The pressure valve that is used for the mini jets and polaris was not working. The technician replaced it and that was it.

Pool Opening & Closing (2020): Upon opening the pool in May 2020, we had a very unpleasant experience. During the 2019 closing, apparently one of the technicians dropped their pocket knife on the pool step and then put the cover on. Once the cover was removed in May 2020 a very ugly metal and rust spot was left on our step. I had to have numerous conversations with A&S about this as they said “it wasn’t us”...which left me surprised because it was not my knife, and I was nowhere near the pool when they closed it. The “fix” that A&S provided was a guy coming out 3 separate times to scrub the stained area down. This left an off-colored spot on our step that to this day (May 2022) still exists. The pressure valve that was replaced during the 2019 opening was once again not working. The technician said that they always break and that he didn’t have any to replace it with. His feedback was to use the main filter pressure gauge to manage the polaris psi.

Pool Opening & Closing (2021): This was a very frustrating year. A&S “lost” our scheduled date for opening and closing. Which led to numerous calls and voice mails to reschedule. By dumb luck I finally reached someone and was able to get things scheduled. The opening was fine and had no issues...with the exception of a broken, now rusted pressure gauge from the previous year. The closing was absolutely awful. They simply did not even show up for the closing, and it took a frantic week of phone calls by me begging to get someone out to close the pool. All of this effort is tough to swallow when you have to do all of the work and beg someone to do their job that you pay over $1,000 for each year.

Pool Opening (2022): Once again, A&S did not have my opening scheduled. I called and left multiple messages to get it scheduled. Once again, dumb luck by calling at 0830 I managed to catch someone and get scheduled. The opening was not good. I was told by the technician that everything was good to go and there were no issues. The following day I turned on the mini jets and to my surprise, one of them was not working. The bottom line is that they did a half baked job at opening the pool correctly and never tested the mini jets for proper operation. After 2 weeks of more phone calls and messages, the technician finally came back out and got them working again. What was even more concerning about this opening is that the grout on the coping in the deep end has completely come apart. There are now chunks missing and this feeds back to my serious issues raised during the construction phase where there were hollow spots on the deep end coping and tile. I asked the technician about this and he said that it was not good and I should contact warranty. I submitted the claim to warranty on 5/10/2022 and received an automated response that I would be contacted in 3 business days. Today is 5/31/2022 and I have still not heard a word from A&S. Another issue with this years opening is that when I finally did speak to someone about scheduling my opening, I stated that I wanted to swap the halogen light for a multi color LED light. I was told that my request was logged and someone would get in touch with me the next day. Despite many follow up calls and messages, I never heard back and had to open the pool. The last thing is that the pressure gauge still remains broken and even more rusted out than before.

Overall: 1 of 5 stars: My rating for A&S overall experience is 1 out of 5 stars. There are aspects where A&S did a great job and I was completely satisfied. However, for the items that really matter (quality, value, customer service) I have found A&S to be severely lacking. If A&S actually reads this review, please do not insult me by posting a comment that you’d like me to get in touch with you to resolve my issues, as you have clearly demonstrated over the years that no one at A&S actually picks up the phone or responds.

• May 18, 2022

Don't use to replaster your pool
Met with "salesman" to obtain quote to replaster out pool. He advised that his wife was in the car and not feeling well. I think this was a ruse to get me moving faster since we told him to invite her in to have something to drink or eat. Anyway, we went through what I wanted. We had a discussion about replacing the tile as well as the plaster. I said I wanted all tile replaced. We even went through the catalog to pick out the tile. I said I wanted the same as we had. No problem.

It was my error in that I did not exam the contract as well as I should. I trusted this guy to complete the contract as we discussed. Turns out he did not check the small box that choose "waterline tile to be replaced", so they didn't replace it. Calls to regional management were useless.

When this pool was built, the company was Sylvan Pools, not Anthony Sylvan. It was done correctly and as planned. When the plasterers showed up, they were a subcontractor in a beat-up old truck with handwritten lettering of the company name. That should have been my first warning. I was able to see them work on the plaster only one day. On that day one of the workmen was walking around the new plaster with shoes rather than the padded covering required. I told the "boss" to get that guy out of the pool. In the process of plastering, they tore off some tile. They replaced it in a very crude and sloppy manner. I did much better work when I had to replace a few tiles.

I complained to the regional management about the horrendous tile replacement job they did (with pictures), but nothing was done. Now a few years later rust is coming up through the plaster, which tells me that in these spots the plaster was not sufficiently laid. In addition, the workers decided to plaster over the plugs in the bottom of the pool.

When my son decided to put in a pool, I advised him to go to another company and choose a liner instead of plaster. His pool is over 50 feet long and much easier to care for.

• May 11, 2022

We signed a contract with Anthony Sylvan even though they were the highest estimate we received because they are so well known and have been in business so long. The problems started as soon as they started work on the installation. They had subcontractors dig the hole and do the rebar then didn't come back for over a week. The wall of the deep end collapsed. Our PM was sent pictures of this and still waited to come back. The rebar had to be removed, more digging had to be done and the rebar reinstalled. The diving board base was set in crooked and the concrete poured. We now have a permanently crooked diving board. It took them four diving boards to figure that out. The plaster was messed up the day it was done. We had golf ball sized clumps stuck to the bottom and sides of the pool. The plaster on the pool steps was so rough I cut my foot on it. We had lumps and rough spots all over the entire pool plaster. When they were filling it instead of keeping the hose off of the plaster they tossed it in the deep end causing a large black gully the width of the hose (this is done to get water in the bottom so the plaster is not damaged by the water truck hose). They had to drain the pool, remove some plaster below the tiles and apply new plaster over the pool. They broke numerous tiles removing the plaster and had no intentions of telling me. When I told them they said the tiles would be replaced the morning of the new plaster job. On the morning of the new plaster they did not bring the tiles and did not mention it until I brought it up. Then everything was on hold until someone brought the tiles. When they did the plaster, they left foot prints in it, uneven areas and they filled in all the jet holes in the side of the pools. We noticed this just in time to stop the Anthony Sylvan representative from turning on the filter. Him and my husband were rushing to dig the plaster out of those holes before the water reached them. After the plaster was done the second time they did not put enough muriatic acid in the new water and we had rust colored lines going down the sides of the pool. After going back and forth with them about correcting this they decided to do a light acid wash. A representative of Anthony Sylvan from Maryland came out to start the light acid wash and told us the reps in PA do not know how to do them. He turned off our filters, placed a portable pump in the deep end and poured a bunch of muriatic acid in the water. He told us to leave it for ten days and then someone would come out and take the pump out, turn the filter back on and get the water chemistry to where it needs to be. After about two weeks a representative of Anthony Sylvan came to supposedly finish the light acid wash. He walked into our yard and told us he did not have any chemicals and he left. We never saw him or anyone else again. As a matter of fact the pump is still in my basement. Since this was done at the end of the season and they never completed it, it caused our water chemistry to be off and over the winter which cause scale and staining on our entire pool. We had an independent plaster expert come to inspect our plaster. He contacted Leslie's where we had our water tests done every week and he reviewed all of our water tests. The last one was done after the light acid wash. It showed the water hardness was way too high which was caused by their light acid wash. Anthony Sylvan denied responsibility. They agreed to replaster however I would be forced to sign an agreement to not tell anyone anything about my terrible experience with them and all of my warranties would be voided. I did not do this. Last season I called them to look at a crack in the plaster in the area they previously removed and replaced. I was told by their employee that they will not ever correctly fix the problem because they don't do that, they do what is most cost effective for them whether that is the right thing to do or not. He told me it wasn't a crack yet and I should wait until the plaster falls off to have it addressed. When closing the pool the crack was above the water line and I noticed it was hollow, meaning the plaster separated from the gunite. When we took the pool cover off a week ago I saw the crack is not completely craced through the plaster. I emailed and sent pictures to Anthony Sylvan. It has been a week now and I have heard nothing. In fact, my last two emails have gone unanswered. The pool is almost three years old, this should not be happening. In addition, when the electrical was done for the pool the pool lights and the lights in my kitchen began blinking off and on if they were on for more than an hour. The electrician came out to look at it and said he knew what it was right away. He said he had to change the circuit switches (I think that is what he called them) and that he does this in almost every pool Anthony Sylvan does because they are faulty. He said Anthony Sylvan knows they are faulty but they still tell him to install them. This company is a scam, they do not care at all about their customers once they get their money and they will not finish the pool until the full amount is paid. They try to stop these reviews by offering people money to remove the posts.

• May 06, 2022

Still waiting and wish I never used them
Anthony / Sylvan is a pool supplier who subcontracts everything out. You will be at the mercy of the subcontractors who do other work besides pools so you are at the mercy of their subs who don't just do pool work. Our on line Zoom occurred in May of 2021 and were told we would be swimming by May. They marked out the pool in October of 2021 and to date (5/6/22) I have a hole dug, coping / tile and the PVC pipe underground. There is no commitment for the next step from anyone. I urge you to get other presentations from other pool companies. Do not just discuss your pool with Anthony / Sylvan.

• May 06, 2022

Also, our pool started at $87,000 (20x40) - we moved the pool very close to the house, already had a fence and a plot plan, no waiting for a loan, etc. so they reduced it to $80,500 (no heater at this time). They made a mistake on the code for the Sun porch inside of the pool so it had to go from 8' to 7'. They did credit $400 for that but that was a cost they avoided. Look to pay for a Pool Cover $5,000+ (although they knew what they did to me so far and made a deal for a $3,700 cover) and to fill your own pool. They include the minimum concrete around the pool so you pay for additional with their contractor along with any adds he has due to the property. You are on your own for the final property clean up with their trucks running in your yard. I'm sure there will be more surprises since we are just with a hole in the ground with gunite / coping. So far I'm at $90,700 (with Anthony) and another $4,300 to get a few more feet of concrete with more $$$ coming when the site guy comes out. Stay tuned for the rest of the costs so you will be more informed before you commit to just Anthony / Sylvan. I was actually told by Anthony that they are building my pool at "lightening Speed"!? I welcome Anthony / Sylvan to respond to this email so we can have an open discussion for everyone.

• Apr 29, 2022

Do Not Contract with them!
Worst experience. They won’t move your project forward unless you pay up front, which gives you NO RECOURSE when there is a problem. 1 year after pool completed and I’m still dealing with issues that THEY caused! POOR QA/QC cost me thousands of dollars in water! Use a local pool contractor - this operation is a joke, yet they “pride themselves” on their customer service…not!

• Apr 05, 2022

Signed contract with pool company August 2021. Excavation, rebar, and plumbing began November 2021 and first and second payment was submitted to continue pool process. At the beginning of December 2021 I met with my project design consultant to pick out tile and coping. During our meeting I had discussed with the design consultant that I wanted tile completely around my raised bond beam. He stated that all my specifications where placed in the order, and incorporated a note to not be overlooked, that I specifically wanted tile all the way around my raised bond beam. I had my mother as my witness as well. December 12, 2021 the tile and coping was completed with no tile on the back of my raised bond beam. Immediately called design consultant who put in work order for tile and coping contractor to come back out and add tile to back. Shortly after, I tried reaching my design consultant for about 2 weeks to get an estimated ETA of when the crew would be here, but never received a response. Attempted my project manger in the process and he informed me that I did not pay for tile on back nor was it any note. He also informed me that my design consultant had gotten fired. For about a week they could not find in my contract that I had worked out with my design consultant that I had wanted or paid for tile to be added to the back of my raised bond beam and stated that I needed to pay them an additional $225 in order to get tile to the back. At this point, they would not move forward with my pool plastering process until I had paid the final payment which already was paid and the $225. After letting in and addressing the issue again I paid the $225 but my project manger informed me that I would be refunded per his manager if I was to give a good review about the company, which did not sit right with me. Fast forward to February 2022, my plaster process began and on February 16 I started filling my pool. During the first week after my plaster was completed and my pool was filled I began to notice white discolorations in my plaster that would not come out with brushing or even after I added the necessary chemicals. I tried to inform my project manger during those two weeks who at the time never did a final inspection of the plaster before filling. Come beginning of March 2022 I was informed my another contractor of the company’s that my project manager was fired. I attempted to confront the situation with the pool company, but was given the excuse that he has been out sick. At this point my project manger and the general construction manager was not responding to any phone calls or text messages for 3 weeks. Come March 4th I was assigned pool school and during this time the outside contractor that was sent identified that my pump was not working and that my raised bond beam was not flowing properly due to gunite and plaster being stuck in the opening. The contractor wrote a report about the issues and submitted it back to the pool company while also informing me that pool school would have to be rescheduled until the issues were fixed. At that point almost two weeks had passed and on March 15th my pump was fixed after numerous calls, voicemails, and messages were left to my project manager, pool company’s offices, and main construction manager. The only person that addressed our concerns and got in contact with me was a scheduler for the company who has been the only person to address my situation and issues till this day. However, due to sitting for multiple weeks my pool developed algae and caused even further problems for my plaster. On March 16th my pool was treated for the algae but the underlying issues (white discolorations) were still present. On March 18th the scheduler (only person till returning my messages even after still trying to contact the main office and construction manager ) notified me that a plaster work order had been put in 2 weeks prior and then notified me on March 25th that a plaster crew would be out that following week to evaluate the plaster. It is now April 5th and I still have not received any calls, messages, or voicemails back trying to address the issue since February. There has been a complete lack of communication from the company with no decency for their customer’s investments, and will not recommend them to anybody trying to build a pool. My pool is still not complete and I am not at all satisfied with my experience with this company. It has been an absolute disgrace.

• Mar 17, 2022

20 months into construction of our pool and STILL NOT FINISHED
We signed a contract with A&S in June of 2020. 1 year and 9 months into the project, our pool is STILL NOT COMPLETE. We have experienced 20 months of scheduling issues, long periods of inactivity and delays in pool construction and clean-up. The A&S 'designer' under-estimated the engineering of the pool and did not check HOA truck weight restrictions before bidding which led to 2 unanticipated change orders. We have seen significant turnover of schedulers and project managers and the local Austin leadership group is non-responsive. This has been the single worst construction experience we have endured. You can only blame so much on Covid...
20 months into construction of our pool and STILL NOT FINISHED

• Feb 28, 2022

Good Job
All things considered, as soon as we were about to get started... COVID -19 had halted almost everything. Even through those crazy circumstances, the guys did a very good job. We were about to get concerned, due to labor shortages and increased pricing on construction materials however, they stood their ground and proceeded as expected. Our PM Tyler Kock was prompt, helpful and was there every time we had questions and concerns.
I would recommend Anthony Sylvan to any friend or relative and especially our team without hesitation.

Dale & Lorie Wathen
Southern Maryland

• Feb 10, 2022

Worst experience ever
Started building a pool Sept. 2020, we signed a contract and were excited. They came and dug the hole for the pool and felt like were on track. The hole sat for 3 months so we were unable to use out yard and asked where the crew was. Then plumbers showed up inconsistently for 2 hours in the afternoon and would leave some days it would be only one employee. This has been a total nightmare. How can anything get done with one person. It was always excuses when we asked where the workers were and when they were coming. It has been 6 months and this whole process has been like this with series of questions if the workers will show. If I had to this again, I wouldn't. Now we are told that they will not show till Feb. 28 to finish the pool which I'm assuming is going to be pushed to March. There is no consideration and no answers with emails or phone calls. Worst company. Don't ever come to Anthony and Sylvan. Waste of money. If I could give 0 stars I would.

• Feb 10, 2022

this is in Nevada.

• Dec 14, 2021

Anthony & Sylvan cannot find or fix pool leak following renovation.
They lack the technical ability to identify and address any issues that arise. In August of 2020 we contracted with Anthony Sylvan to renovate our pool. This included new coping, tile, stair railings, and a re-plaster. The work started in April of 2021. The subcontractor showed up, as expected, drained a full pool, and removed all of the old material. A couple of days later, a Saturday, they returned and installed the tile and coping. The crew installed the wrong tile. The tiling crew showed up the next morning, Sunday, to replace the tile they installed the day before. Not a big deal and the tile and coping looked great. But I was notified the stair railings were still on backorder so they would not be installed. The problems started with the re-plaster. The plaster crew came out the last week of April and re-plastered the pool. Once that was completed they began filling the pool with water from our hose, as agreed. It takes about 3 ½ days to fill the pool with the hose. By the end of day 2 I noticed the water level was not rising anymore and decided that there must be a leak somewhere. By now the pool was about ¾ full. I marked the level and turned off the hose. The next morning, Sunday, the water level had dropped considerably. Since I only had the contact information of our salesman I contacted him and told him the pool was leaking, most likely at the light fixture. Monday morning their construction supervisor, Carl, contacted me and said he would be out Tuesday to look at the problem. By Tuesday morning the pool had drained to the point that there was only about 1 foot or so of water in the deep end of the pool well below the light fixture. About 15,000 gallons of water gone! This started 5 or so weeks of them, or really Carl, trying to identify where the leak was. Once or twice, the subcontractor sent a crew out to see if they could identify the location of the leak but they just walked around and didn’t seem examine anything closely. During this time Carl ran pressure tests of the bottom drain lines. That test passed so Carl said he sealed up everything he could think of around the pots and put some water in the pool. It looked like the pool was fixed! And they reimbursed me for the water I lost. This was early June. I filled the pool and we used it through the summer. I did have to add water, but it was dry so I could not tell if it was a leak or not. Bucket tests were inconclusive. I remained in contact with Carl about the issue worried that a crack in the drain line or pots could be blocked by dirt or debris, slowing or blocking any leak, and could fail. In late summer he was working on getting a diver in to verify the tests he performed and repairs he made were OK. That never materialized! I closed the pool at the end of October, as I had done for 20 years. At first the water level stayed at the level I had dropped it to. Then after about two weeks or so the water level started dropping and then dropping faster. By early December the water level had dropped by about 15 inches and was continuing to drop. I contacted Jane and Carl at Anthony Sylvan and told them the pool was leaking, and hoping again that it was the light. Jane’s response was to just keep an eye on it and if it gets worse I should contact a leak detection company. As I write this we are down to about 4 or so feet of water in the deep end of the pool and not getting replies from A&S. Somehow this is my problem now! I did contact a company in Hagerstown that has been doing leak detections for about 20 years. So now I have to pay someone $600 to figure out what Anthony & Sylvan could not? Luckily I can do that, but I’m also working with our attorney to start legal action. This is not worth the hassle, find someone else!


Do NOT Use Anthony & Sylvan
Wrote this review:
We spent over 20,000 thousand dollars for a renovation and our pool looks absolutely terrible. Whatever enjoyment we once had relaxing by our pool is filled with disappointment and frustration from the horrific experience we've had with Anthony & Sylvan. It looked better before the renovation and if we could go back in time, we would not have pursued our renovation with Anthony & Sylvan for a number of reasons as follows:
1. Customer service is absolutely terrible. Our renovation was scheduled 6 times and their response was, 'we are short on supplies', 'we didn't know the renovation team didn't show up', 'our oversight', etc... And this was only if you even got a response. During the 6 times our renovation was re-scheduled half of the time we came home to find NOTHING was done. We emailed, called, texted and no response from their scheduler (Monica Francis).
2. The quality is absolutely terrible. After over 20K, you would expect quality work. Nope! There is consistent and visible discoloration. It looks like someone peed in our pool. They were told immediately and we were told, wait 3 weeks. Brush 2x daily. We brused 2x daily and we waited 24 days yet the discoloration persists. We contacted their managers, supervisors, directors, (Ashley Fretz and Corey Corenhhenour) and their response 'So and so is on vacation. This will have to wait until they get back'. Unreal!
3. They don't communicate with you or with each other. They make a mistake but won't own up. They volunteered to schedule water to fill the pool after the 6th time the plastering was re-scheduled. They communicated incorrectly and there was no water to fill our pool until well over 24 hours later and this was because the customer found the water.
4. They only want your money. We paid on time and in full and once we paid up, they forget about you. They were timely with their reminder requests for payment but can't seem to remind themselves of the customer service and contractual obligation they have. Loud volumes of negligence here!
5. They have not fulfilled their end of their contractual agreement.
Save your money and your anxiety for a better cause. Do NOT use Sylvan. If you are in Pennsylvania, go elsewhere - Try Blue Haven. I understand they at the very least ensure the customer gets what they paid for.


Hold Your Breath!!!!
Extremely frustrated at this point and time. One star so far. Awaiting on their schedule. Signed up early to get a jump on the project. Got permits set up in advance, Sent the money ahead of time. Prepared all details in advance to make it easy for the crews to enter and do their work. Start day comes?. Nothing Happened. Now I have a hole in the ground and landscape is a mess. All the reps from the company are really nice. But Nothing is happening! They move in slow motion. I would think being an established business for a long time they would understand the procedure! To maintain a quality and reputable business you need to live up to your words and be responsible. The word value means quality work for a reasonable price. Getting angry and frustrated does not leave a good taste for me. Lack of communication and organization. Lord Help Me!


Very knowledgeable and friendly

Avoid Anthony Sylvan at all costs
I think Anthony Sylvan is terrible wherever you find them. In December, 2020, we contracted with Anthony Sylvan to start a pool renovation in March to avoid bad weather. Without any announcement, some clown shows up in our driveway and tells us they are ready to start. This is in early January, two months early. He says he drove all the way from PA to Georgia. I tell him we are in the middle of a kitchen remodel but he's kind of pushy. He says he'll be back in a couple of weeks. In two days he shows up again, unannounced, and starts to drain our pool. I should have told him to get off our property and I was close but out of respect for the subcontractor I let him continue. That was a mistake. Virtually that same day Anthony Sylvan calls to say they don't have the tile and will have to delay construction. Great. I already removed our safety cover in preparation for them starting. While on the phone with this guy I look out the window and my 17 year old dog is literally drowning in our pool. He died that way. OK, he was half blind and deaf but he didn't need to die like that and it was totally unnecessary. So I fired Anthony Sylvan but now my dog is dead, my pool is drained, and they refused to pay to refill it. I estimate the cost to refill my pool at $600 so I gamble and hire another company. At this point in time (February 2021) my pool is tiled and ready for final plaster but there is no window of decent weather to complete the job. Thanks Anthony Sylvan. You just had to think only of yourself and the fact that you had no other work to do so you found someone you thought you could bully into starting early, and DID! Unfortunately that was me. Don't let Anthony Sylvan take advantage of you. Find another company with decent reviews.


No Help With Any Issues Once Sylvan Leaves
Sylvan Pools renovated our in-ground pool. They took the light out to do the renovation. After completing the gunnite wall, they put the light back but didn't seal the light which they said they did. The man came out and saw it needed to be sealed behind the light but did not put the screw in when he put the light back into the wall. Now they tell me I didn't buy a new light so they won't put the screw in. The light is floating in the pool. Very bad business ethics. Unsatisfied customer.


No Service and No Follow Up from Anthony & Sylvan Pools
I purchased 2 swimming pools from Anthony & Sylvan. This year I have been calling, emailing faxing and leaving messages regarding a problem we are having with the pool. Melissa B took the warranty report but nothing was followed up or further talk or emails, etc. regarding our problem. They 100 percent ignore their customers. We are fed up and would not recommend them.


Horrible Work and Customer Service
We hired Anthony & Sylvan to install an inground pool. Construction began in March of 2019. Things were bad right from the beginning. After excavation the steel rebar was left to sit and the sides of the pool collapsed causing it to fail the county inspection. I was told by James that they knew it would fail (I sent him pictures prior to county inspection) but sometimes the inspectors pass it anyway. The rebar had to be removed and reinstalled. There was debris left all over the yard. When I complained they came out and picked up the debris and shoved it in between the gunite and the ground. After they get your money they are in no hurry to get anything done. Appointments were scheduled and numerous times no one from Anthony Sylvan showed up. Plaster was done incorrectly, there were cracks and dents and large clumps of plaster all around the bottom and sides of the pool as well as staining which began forming the day after they put the water in the pool. The plaster job was so bad it had to be redone. They sent the same plaster crew out to redo the plaster. They broke tiles and did not mention it, had no intentions of fixing it until I again complained about the broken tiles. For the second plaster job they had their plaster "expert" on site. Once plaster was finished the water trucks came to fill the pool as the pool was filling we noticed they filled in the return jets with plaster. The plaster "expert" did not notice this until we told him. As the pool was already more than halfway filled we had to scramble to get the plaster out of the returns. After the pool was filled the staining to the plaster started again. We have been consistently contacting them to correct the staining. Last October they did what they called a light acid wash. They came out and turned off the filter, put a pump in the deep end and poured chemicals into the pool. They were supposed to be back in a week or so to check the staining, bring the water chemistry back up, take their pump out of the deep end. One of their employees (Jeff) came out to our house, did not look at anything or even go near the pool. Instead he came to the gate said he didn't have any chemicals and left. The process was never completed by them and their pump is still in my yard as we had to take it out of the pool ourselves. Our plaster has consistently gotten worse, it has cracks, dents and the entire pool is stained. The lights they installed are faulty, if left on more than an hour they begin flashing and blinking as do the lights in my kitchen since they installed the electrical for the pool. The electrician came out last summer and replaced what he called a faulty part Anthony Sylvan uses in their light installation. He refused to check his work/wiring and instead said it had to be my home's wiring even though there was never a problem until the electric for the pool was installed. We also have air bubbles coming out of the drain in the bottom of the deep end. We were told multiple different reasons for this, some employees say its not a good thing some say its not a problem. In June of 2019 after the second plaster job we started seeing holes in the tile grout. At that time Alex the project manager came out and looked at the holes in the grout and said it needs to be fixed asap. Next month will be one year since he told us that and although we constantly emailed them about it, nothing was ever done. Last night someone came out to look at the staining and the tile grout. Same story as last June, the holes need to be corrected asap and we would receive a phone call from Neil, the manager last night. Well, we didn't receive a phone call, as usual. So here we are with a $58,000 pool that looks like crap and Anthony Sylvan does not do what is necessary to correct it. This company has terrible reviews on the BBB website, terrible reviews on social media and on their own Facebook page, although when you post a complain or negative comment they remove it. Stay away from this company, they are awful.


We have contact the customer and are working with them to find a positive resolution


After receiving this feedback, we contacted the customer to better understand their concernsAfter speaking with them, we were able to identify and agree upon next stepsThose actions are currently scheduled to be completed on 10/19/and 10/20/

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