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Anthony & Sylvan Pools

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• Jun 21, 2021

Do NOT Use Anthony & Sylvan
Wrote this review:
We spent over 20,000 thousand dollars for a renovation and our pool looks absolutely terrible. Whatever enjoyment we once had relaxing by our pool is filled with disappointment and frustration from the horrific experience we've had with Anthony & Sylvan. It looked better before the renovation and if we could go back in time, we would not have pursued our renovation with Anthony & Sylvan for a number of reasons as follows:
1. Customer service is absolutely terrible. Our renovation was scheduled 6 times and their response was, 'we are short on supplies', 'we didn't know the renovation team didn't show up', 'our oversight', etc... And this was only if you even got a response. During the 6 times our renovation was re-scheduled half of the time we came home to find NOTHING was done. We emailed, called, texted and no response from their scheduler (Monica Francis).
2. The quality is absolutely terrible. After over 20K, you would expect quality work. Nope! There is consistent and visible discoloration. It looks like someone peed in our pool. They were told immediately and we were told, wait 3 weeks. Brush 2x daily. We brused 2x daily and we waited 24 days yet the discoloration persists. We contacted their managers, supervisors, directors, (Ashley Fretz and Corey Corenhhenour) and their response 'So and so is on vacation. This will have to wait until they get back'. Unreal!
3. They don't communicate with you or with each other. They make a mistake but won't own up. They volunteered to schedule water to fill the pool after the 6th time the plastering was re-scheduled. They communicated incorrectly and there was no water to fill our pool until well over 24 hours later and this was because the customer found the water.
4. They only want your money. We paid on time and in full and once we paid up, they forget about you. They were timely with their reminder requests for payment but can't seem to remind themselves of the customer service and contractual obligation they have. Loud volumes of negligence here!
5. They have not fulfilled their end of their contractual agreement.
Save your money and your anxiety for a better cause. Do NOT use Sylvan. If you are in Pennsylvania, go elsewhere - Try Blue Haven. I understand they at the very least ensure the customer gets what they paid for.

• Apr 26, 2021

Hold Your Breath!!!!
Extremely frustrated at this point and time. One star so far. Awaiting on their schedule. Signed up early to get a jump on the project. Got permits set up in advance, Sent the money ahead of time. Prepared all details in advance to make it easy for the crews to enter and do their work. Start day comes?. Nothing Happened. Now I have a hole in the ground and landscape is a mess. All the reps from the company are really nice. But Nothing is happening! They move in slow motion. I would think being an established business for a long time they would understand the procedure! To maintain a quality and reputable business you need to live up to your words and be responsible. The word value means quality work for a reasonable price. Getting angry and frustrated does not leave a good taste for me. Lack of communication and organization. Lord Help Me!

• Feb 17, 2021

Very knowledgeable and friendly

• Feb 06, 2021

Avoid Anthony Sylvan at all costs
I think Anthony Sylvan is terrible wherever you find them. In December, 2020, we contracted with Anthony Sylvan to start a pool renovation in March to avoid bad weather. Without any announcement, some clown shows up in our driveway and tells us they are ready to start. This is in early January, two months early. He says he drove all the way from PA to Georgia. I tell him we are in the middle of a kitchen remodel but he's kind of pushy. He says he'll be back in a couple of weeks. In two days he shows up again, unannounced, and starts to drain our pool. I should have told him to get off our property and I was close but out of respect for the subcontractor I let him continue. That was a mistake. Virtually that same day Anthony Sylvan calls to say they don't have the tile and will have to delay construction. Great. I already removed our safety cover in preparation for them starting. While on the phone with this guy I look out the window and my 17 year old dog is literally drowning in our pool. He died that way. OK, he was half blind and deaf but he didn't need to die like that and it was totally unnecessary. So I fired Anthony Sylvan but now my dog is dead, my pool is drained, and they refused to pay to refill it. I estimate the cost to refill my pool at $600 so I gamble and hire another company. At this point in time (February 2021) my pool is tiled and ready for final plaster but there is no window of decent weather to complete the job. Thanks Anthony Sylvan. You just had to think only of yourself and the fact that you had no other work to do so you found someone you thought you could bully into starting early, and DID! Unfortunately that was me. Don't let Anthony Sylvan take advantage of you. Find another company with decent reviews.

• Sep 17, 2020

No Help With Any Issues Once Sylvan Leaves
Sylvan Pools renovated our in-ground pool. They took the light out to do the renovation. After completing the gunnite wall, they put the light back but didn't seal the light which they said they did. The man came out and saw it needed to be sealed behind the light but did not put the screw in when he put the light back into the wall. Now they tell me I didn't buy a new light so they won't put the screw in. The light is floating in the pool. Very bad business ethics. Unsatisfied customer.

• Sep 13, 2020

No Service and No Follow Up from Anthony & Sylvan Pools
I purchased 2 swimming pools from Anthony & Sylvan. This year I have been calling, emailing faxing and leaving messages regarding a problem we are having with the pool. Melissa B took the warranty report but nothing was followed up or further talk or emails, etc. regarding our problem. They 100 percent ignore their customers. We are fed up and would not recommend them.

Horrible Work and Customer Service
We hired Anthony & Sylvan to install an inground pool. Construction began in March of 2019. Things were bad right from the beginning. After excavation the steel rebar was left to sit and the sides of the pool collapsed causing it to fail the county inspection. I was told by James that they knew it would fail (I sent him pictures prior to county inspection) but sometimes the inspectors pass it anyway. The rebar had to be removed and reinstalled. There was debris left all over the yard. When I complained they came out and picked up the debris and shoved it in between the gunite and the ground. After they get your money they are in no hurry to get anything done. Appointments were scheduled and numerous times no one from Anthony Sylvan showed up. Plaster was done incorrectly, there were cracks and dents and large clumps of plaster all around the bottom and sides of the pool as well as staining which began forming the day after they put the water in the pool. The plaster job was so bad it had to be redone. They sent the same plaster crew out to redo the plaster. They broke tiles and did not mention it, had no intentions of fixing it until I again complained about the broken tiles. For the second plaster job they had their plaster "expert" on site. Once plaster was finished the water trucks came to fill the pool as the pool was filling we noticed they filled in the return jets with plaster. The plaster "expert" did not notice this until we told him. As the pool was already more than halfway filled we had to scramble to get the plaster out of the returns. After the pool was filled the staining to the plaster started again. We have been consistently contacting them to correct the staining. Last October they did what they called a light acid wash. They came out and turned off the filter, put a pump in the deep end and poured chemicals into the pool. They were supposed to be back in a week or so to check the staining, bring the water chemistry back up, take their pump out of the deep end. One of their employees (Jeff) came out to our house, did not look at anything or even go near the pool. Instead he came to the gate said he didn't have any chemicals and left. The process was never completed by them and their pump is still in my yard as we had to take it out of the pool ourselves. Our plaster has consistently gotten worse, it has cracks, dents and the entire pool is stained. The lights they installed are faulty, if left on more than an hour they begin flashing and blinking as do the lights in my kitchen since they installed the electrical for the pool. The electrician came out last summer and replaced what he called a faulty part Anthony Sylvan uses in their light installation. He refused to check his work/wiring and instead said it had to be my home's wiring even though there was never a problem until the electric for the pool was installed. We also have air bubbles coming out of the drain in the bottom of the deep end. We were told multiple different reasons for this, some employees say its not a good thing some say its not a problem. In June of 2019 after the second plaster job we started seeing holes in the tile grout. At that time Alex the project manager came out and looked at the holes in the grout and said it needs to be fixed asap. Next month will be one year since he told us that and although we constantly emailed them about it, nothing was ever done. Last night someone came out to look at the staining and the tile grout. Same story as last June, the holes need to be corrected asap and we would receive a phone call from Neil, the manager last night. Well, we didn't receive a phone call, as usual. So here we are with a $58,000 pool that looks like crap and Anthony Sylvan does not do what is necessary to correct it. This company has terrible reviews on the BBB website, terrible reviews on social media and on their own Facebook page, although when you post a complain or negative comment they remove it. Stay away from this company, they are awful.

We have contact the customer and are working with them to find a positive resolution

After receiving this feedback, we contacted the customer to better understand their concernsAfter speaking with them, we were able to identify and agree upon next stepsThose actions are currently scheduled to be completed on 10/19/and 10/20/

Anthony & Sylvan built our pool and this summer it’ll be years oldThis last time was the second or third time that we have it renovated over the years, and it was greatWe had different kinds of tile and coping put on this timeIt gave a whole new look to the pool, and we’ve had a lot of very complimentary comments about itThe guy who came out initially discussed everything, and was very professionalHe’s been in this business for a long time, and knew what he was talking aboutHe was very helpful in having helped us make decisions as to what we really wantedWe got it jackhammered, re-plastered, new tile, and new copingThen of course pumping the pool out and getting water deliveredIt was quite extensive, and was a time-consuming kind of a dealI knew darn well that a lot of coordination goes in with this, because there’s so many different playersGood thing there was this girl who was very helpful as the process was going alongWe’ve bad weather that messes up the schedule, but she put me at ease and took overShe said to relax, and made phone calls, then handled a lot of the stuffI told my wife I can’t believe how easy this was to be done this timeIt was just well worth it and we’re so happyHighly recommended!

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response If you wish, you may update it before sending it.] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Our concerns have been addressed and we are waiting resolution on one matter at this time Regards, [redacted] ***

We recently went with Anthony and Sylvan to put in a heated in-ground gunite pool with raised spa/hot tubThey did a great job! The pool is amazing and we couldn't be happierJobs like these are not easy to do - a lot can go wrong - and making sure you pick the right company is the biggest key to successThe team and Anthony and Sylvan really know what they're doing - the price was reasonable and everyone was very professionalGlad we chose A&S to do our pool

Good morning – after receiving a customer satisfaction survey from The [redacted] ’s suggesting they were not satisfied with their pool finish, as the Northeast Construction Manager, I personal visited the site to review the finishI found that the finish was installed properly and with the agreed upon material – [redacted] Select OnyxWe reviewed our findings and pictures with the client as well as other pools with their selection (Onyx) to give them piece of mind that the correct material was installedAs with all “onyx” pools, we installed our dark drain covers, dark cleaner fitting, and dark eyeballsThe skimmers are outside of the pool shell and are white and our rope cup sockets, which are a safety feature to distinguish the shallow end from the deep end are whiteAgain, this is a safety feature to differentiate shallow water from deep waterIn closing, the pool was constructed well within industry standards and with the selections the client had agreed to by virtue of their contractIn the spirit of customer relations, we did offer the client a free winterization of the poolThank you, Corey C [redacted] , CBP

We have refunded the McKights the money they have requested and have came to a agreement of resolution to the issues in question

My wife and I contracted with Anthony & Sylvan Pools and are disappointed in trying to resolve a problem with a storm water drainThroughout the building process there were issues, too many to list hereThe biggest and recurring problem was the continued miscommunications between the Project Manager, Schedulers and Sub-ContractorsBecause there was no pre-construction meeting with our municipal zoning officer (as required), there was a complete misunderstanding by Anthony & Sylvan of what was required for storm water managementAs a result of the misunderstanding we have an ugly inch drain on the side of our pool that is too lowTo keep the pool working properly we had to plug the drainPlug courtesy of Anthony & Sylvan at our IndoctrinationThe drain should have been out the backside of the skimmers in the overflow portIf the drain would be unplugged, the water level would be too low for the skimmer and pump to function properlyTo date, we do not have an approved occupancy permit because the drain is pluggedThe drain must remain open in order to meet the required code Because of the delay now the township has added a requirement to install a pit for the storm water managementWe have tried to explain that the drain is too low to the Project Manager and Construction ManagerCurrently they have offered a cover with holes similar to a shower drainThis would be placed over the inch holeThis will still allow the water to drain to the level where the skimmer and pump will not function properlyThey have not replied to our repeated explanation that the water level will be too lowSince we have had problems throughout our build, we have withheld the final $payment until the job is completed and we have an approved occupancy permitAnthony & Sylvan's Construction Manager has held off on allowing the installation of our pool cover because of the outstanding balanceHe also threatened to send us to a collection agency and suspend our warrantyWe hope that they work with us and resolve the issue soon

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response If you wish, you may update it before sending it.] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] I was contacted and we are going to meet sometime next week to discuss the problems, and to hopefully come to some type of resolution Thank you for your support in trying to help us resolve the problems Regards, [redacted]

Anthony and sylvan pools has reached out to me and are trying to correct the problemsThe pool issues are not resolved, but they are making a attempt to correct them Regards, [redacted]

[redacted] [redacted] [redacted] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution should be satisfactory to me I have submitted a receipt for a Lighting replacement and have not yet received the payment as promised Hopefully it will arrive shortly We made a date to do the repairs in September, after the Pool is closed If they keep their word I will be satisfied [redacted]

We have been working with the [redacted] to resolve their issues and are happy to say they are now satisfied

We have reached out to the customer and are trying to work with them to resolve their issues

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