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Ashley Furniture HomeStore - Jefferson Boulevard

7375 Jefferson Blvd, Louisville, Kentucky, United States, 40219-6178

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My husband and I recently purchased a couch, loveseat, and rocker recliner. They are all power. We didn’t make this decision lightly and even looked at lazy boy and Havertys. However we have purchased several items over the years with Ashley with no problems so we decided on set at Ashley. Our main purpose was finding something comfortable. This set is the one the staff sets on in the store and was very comfortable. It was delivered and my husband looked it over for flaws but didn’t set on it and unfortunately signed for it. When we sat on it,it is not even close to the one in the store. I understand that some things may need broken in but this just doesn’t seem to be the case. Also the rocker recliner is another story in its self. It leans forward and reclines lopsided. Now to my other complaint is that as soon as we sat on it the day it was delivered we went straight to the store. One to verify that the two sets do not compare in comfort and filed a complaint. It is 6 days later with only a call from customer care to say they are ordering a mechanism part for the rocker recliner and that basically all sales are final and you are stuck with this uncomfortable expensive furniture. And the customer person said “anyone should know New doesn’t fell the same” well then on the show room floor there should be a sign “item purchased will not be as comfortable as they are in the store”. I feel like this is false advertisement and would like to get a lawyer not to try to get some money, just so they will take it back or make it right! I want what we thought we was purchasing.

Ashley Furniture HomeStore - Jefferson Boulevard Response • Feb 20, 2018

I have spoken with the guest and explained that we don't have a comfort guarantee policy.. The cushions will start to break in with use.. I have ordered a mech for the recliner due to the guest saying it was leaning. Once she receives the parts we will send a tech out to inspect the recliner.

Customer Response • Feb 21, 2018

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution. Please respond here ONLY]


During my complaint I stated they are sending a mechanism to try to fix the recliner. Which took 6 days to even speak to someone. However, my complaint was that it wasn’t comparable to the one in the store. Their response of “no comfort guarantee” only makes them look bad. So basically they don’t stand behind their product nor care about customer satisfaction? With that being said I have talk with Ashley the sales lady from the store that sold us the set. She spent hours with us while we was deciding. She was supposed to have gotten off at 6 and it was after 8 once we picked one out. Like I said in my original complaint we didn’t make our choice lightly. We wanted something comfortable to sit on. Had I known I would have to break it in we may have chose differently. But Ashley ask me to let her see if she can do anything because she wants us to be happy. So I am ok with that for now.

My experience in the show room was “good”. The saleswoman that helped me was delightful and is definitely a great fit for the store. She was helpful and seemed to do everything she could to make sure I was happy and well looked after. The “problem” arose after I left the store, having placed my order. I got online a little later to show a friend the furniture I picked out and behold! Price differences close to $200 per unit! I call the store back immediately to see if they can fix this. I’m told I will hear back next day. Never get a call. Finally two days later I call them, per their request I send them links to online prices and tell them if they can’t match price I will cancel order and place order online. They assure me they will fix it, no worries. Here I am almost a week later and my bank account shows a $124.00 reimbursement. Not even close Ashley Furniture... I’m done with you. If their service group and prices weren’t totally out of whack this could have easily been a five star review, instead you are receiving three stars.
Update: Received a message from an unnamed person (manager, customer service?), requesting my contact information so they can do something to take the bad taste out of my mouth. I promptly responded to their provided email address with the contact info that they requested. Guess what, we are now at or beyond a week since the last correspondence and I haven't heard from anybody on behalf of Ashley. Now you have really put a bad taste in my mouth. Why is your company the absolute worst at following through with your customers?! Not a very good business model. Review now dropping to two stars, and the message stays the same, you will never make another dime from me.
Update #2: Come on guys, I can't believe I am posting here yet again. Still no word from whoever is suppose to be contacting me. I received delivery and as I should have expected the shenanigans continue. The delivery crew didn't even have the tools they needed to assemble my furniture when they arrived.... Seriously?! You have one job. Fortunately for them I own a tool set and was able to provide them with what they needed. As they began to assemble the furniture they discover that one of the pieces was not properly finished and cannot be assembled. I am already an unsatisfied customer, you would imagine that you guys would have double checked this order to make sure that everything would go off without a hiccup. I suppose that is too much to ask of you, regardless of whether or not I spent over a thousand dollars in your store. So yea, I am mad. Honestly, I could use a few choice words to describe how I feel, but I won't. I was informed that a service tech would be in touch with me in the next 24 hours to come out and fix the issue. Guess what Ashley! As per your usual, 72 hours later and I haven't received a call from anybody!! This is now dropping to a single star review and I am most likely going to have you guys come pick your furniture back up from me. It is not enough to never give you my money again. You don't deserve the initial money that I spent in your store either. Thank you Ashley, for setting the bar at a new all time low.

Ashley Furniture HomeStore - Jefferson Boulevard Response • Jan 29, 2018

I have spoken with the guest and I am working to get service to install the insert and legs..

I hope you can assist me and also to make the public aware of racist remarks by an Ashley Furniture, Blankenbaker PKY, employee. (16 Dec 17) ***, floor manager, at the Blankenbaker Store asked me who the employee that I was complaining about was who loaded my coffee table wrong in the back. Asked me if he was "Jaimacan" and said "He was not to smart". I identified the young man as African-American. I am Hispanic myself and seems that by saying those comments against the young man was totally wrong. I did RECORD my whole conversation with *** as evidence.
This whole mess with Ashley Furniture at Jefferson Mall has gone bad from the beginning till now. From bad orders and to massive lies to a customer with a Racist remarks against an African American.
I live in ETown and wen to the Ashley in Jefferson Mall on 24 Nov 17 to order a coffee table set. Paid $1119.32 and I would pick it up myself on 16 Dec 17. They were to be all 4 glass top tables. Ms., salesperson who got a commission, was not too friendly when I paid cash.
On 16 Dec 17 went to pick up my tables at the Blankenbaker warehouse. The loader, African American young man, was on his phone as he tried to put a coffee table loaded into my car. I had to correct him because he was trying to put it in my car with the box arrows pointed downwards which was incorrect. Plus he was on the phone call on his shoulder the whole time. I loaded the table myself instead. Went inside and complained. Went back outside and he put the two end tables boxes leaning on my car paint. Went inside and talked to ***, floor manager. He asked me to identify the loader,, and I said it was an African-American. *** then identified him as a "Jamican" and that "he was not too smart". I told him if he was not too smart then why employee him at Ashley. *** at the end agreed that he would reimburse me $100.00 and told the lady there to have a check sent to me.
16 Dec 17. Went home with 3 of the 4 tables. Sofa table was back ordered. Got home and opened an end table only to see it was NOT glass. Called the store and *** was gone. No one was in charge and they finally passed me to corporate. Spoke to *** (may be misspelled) for about 40 minutes/hold. She guaranteed me that she ordered ALL 4 tables with glass and agreed to deliver on 22 Dec 17 (Fri) between 3:00-5:00 plus give me another $100.00 (on top of ***) for my troubles. Got off work (unpaid) on 22 Dec 17 at 2:00-5:00 (3 hours). No one showed up. Called the Blankenbaker store and spoke to Heidi. She first did not want to help because it was the other store but I told her Ashley is still Ashley company. She made some phone calls and then confirmed that *** did NOT place any order on 16 Dec 17 - basically lied to me for 40 minutes. *** stated that a person from the Jefferson store will call me to get this resolved. On 23 Dec 17 (Sat) went to the Blankenbaker store and picked up the sofa table (NOT glass). 23 Dec 17 someone from the Jefferson store called me and asked me to tell her what is going on and that I have to come to the Jefferson store. Told her to call *** first because I was tire off repeating the story only to be lied to. I went to the Jefferson store on 26 Dec 17 and spoke to Sammy (female supervisor). She was rude. A friend of mine was there also and did a price challenge. I asked Sammy since she had to order all brand new set of 4 for me if I can do a price challenge since the same set was at Furniture liquidators for $100.00 cheaper. She refused. She ordered the set and to be delivered on 6 Jan 18.
Lies: *** said he would reimburse me $100.00 on 16 Dec 17 for the loading fiasco. Where he, I believe, said a racist remarks about "Jaimaican" and "not too smart"
16 Dec 17 6:00 PM - Venicia at Corporate was going to give me another $100.00 for the wrong tables. Turns out on delivery date she gave for 22 Dec 17 - she never ordered anything. Never got the $100.00 she promised plus I lost 3 hours of work. I get paid $27.00 per hour - lost. Lied to.
23 Dec 17 went to Louisville to pick up a wrong Sofa table. Lost time/gas to go 150 miles.
26 Dec 17 went to Jefferson Ashley store to pick out the 4 glass top round tables. Bad attitude and more gas/time to go to Louisville. Refused a price challenge.
2 Jan 18 - Ms *** offered only $100.00 for all of the lies and deception by Ashley. Told her I had so much time lost this whole thing was bad. She said they "gave" me the two end tables free. She called me back and I said if the new end tables ordered were free then Ashley OWED me a difference of $460.34 from what I paid till what she claimed. This was on top of the $100.00 from *** and $100.00 from *** (corporate). I am not including the $100.00 that Ms. also offered on 2 Jan 18.
Can *** get involved? If you look at Ashley's and *** reviews this is exactly the complaints many customers have of them. Just plain lies. I regret every going to them. Frustration and wasted time/money for the wrong items. The salesperson gets her commission and the customers get the shaft.

Ashley Furniture HomeStore - Jefferson Boulevard Response • Jan 03, 2018

I have tried to speak with guest to resolve the issues but he will not allow me to speak and when I ask him to please allow me to explain he hangs up on me..

Customer Response • Jan 03, 2018

Ms. of Ashley is not telling the FULL story. I hanged up when she refuses to honor the $100.00 from *** as a loading hassle, refuses to honor $100.00 refund from *** of Corporate offered on 16 Dec 17 for ordering the wrong item, *** said the 4 tables were ordered and delivered on 22 Dec 17 from 3:00-5:00 took off work 3 hours and turns out *** NEVER ordered the tables lost time off work unpaid, 26 Dec 17 *** of Ashley refused to honor a $100.00 less at *** price match. Then Ms. told me that they were not CHARGING me for two tables, which the new receipts showed, and today telling me the receipts are incorrect. The original salesperson, ***, who ordered the wrong set and got the commission no longer works there. That is how this whole mess/fiasco started and Ms. is still not being truthful on the WHOLE story. I can provide a copy of the recording where Ashley's employee, ***, identified the bad loader as "Jamaican" and "he is not too smart". Wow!!! Ashley and Ms. you all need to look at your past bad bad reviews and on *** - very bad towards customers, I am not the only one you have *** with.

I purchased furniture at the *** on 10/21/17 (Order ***) and was told that my furniture was to be delivered on 11/17/17. I thought at the time that a month was a long time to wait for my furniture to be delivered, but I went ahead with it. I called on 11/15 to verify that my furniture was going to be delivered on 11/17 and was told yes, between 3:15 and 6:15pm. I then took the 17th off of work so that I would be home. Then I later received a call from Ashley stating that my furniture was not on the truck, and delivery needed to be rescheduled for 11/30. I am getting more upset, but what can I do about it? So I say okay. Then I get a call on 11/28 and am told that my furniture is on back-order, and cannot be delivered now until 12/19 - over 2 months from date of purchase! This time I am offered a refund of the $199.99 delivery fee for my inconvenience (which I still have not received). So delivery is scheduled for 12/19. I call the Ashley Store where I purchased the furniture, and told them of my situation and frustration over this. She informed me that all of this time I could have had part of my order (the loveseat and two chair tables) delivered, because they have that! The couch is the only thing on back-order. So I agree to accept a partial delivery. She verified that this could still be done on 11/30. So I was somewhat satisfied - I will get a refund of the delivery fee and get some of my new furniture. Well, it is now 7:55pm on 11/30 and I still have NO FURNITURE AND NO REFUND!! At this point I am beyond angry, and would like to know what Ashley Furniture intends to do to rectify this situation. I am unable to reach anyone at Ashley We Care *** - it either rings forever, or it puts me on hold (last time was 20 minutes), or at *** the ***. I am pretty sure that I could have spent $4,000 elsewhere, and already had my furniture by now!
Update - I was finally able to speak to someone at Ashley. They scheduled the partial delivery for 12/4. This date came and went with no furniture. I called again, and they rescheduled it for 12/6. I received delivery of the loveseat and end tables. I have also received two refunds – one for $199.99, and one for $200. I am still waiting until 12/19 for the delivery of the sofa.
12/18 – I called to verify that my sofa was going to be delivered on 12/19. I was told that it was not scheduled for delivery, that it was just an estimate. I cannot begin to express how angry and frustrated I am about this experience! Any help that the can provide would be greatly appreciated.
Called on 12/18 at 3:50 to see about delivery for 12/19 – was told by *** that it was only tentatively scheduled for 12/19. He stated that he would have the dc call me within the next three hours about delivery tomorrow.

Ashley Furniture HomeStore - Jefferson Boulevard Response

We have delivered the sofa, but I have left a message for the guest to confirm that there are no more issues..

I purchased a dinnett set from the store and when it was delivered the chair was damaged and the table had minor damages. I contact the store immediately the same day it was delivered and explained to them the issue. The rep could not get the item replace until two weeks later. When they finally brought out a replacement chair, It too was damaged. I refused the item and headed down to the store of purchase. I have pictures of both the damaged chairs. I spoke with the manage Ms *** who I requested a refund from, she asked if I would accept a different dinnett set instead. I agreed and picked out another set with one of her sales team. He wrote it up 3 weeks ago and I’ve been following up every week with visits back to the store and constantly been told they are working on it. This is unacceptable being that the set came damaged and we agreed on a resolution. Still waiting for an update. Nothing has been updated.

Ashley Furniture HomeStore - Jefferson Boulevard Response

I have left a message for the guest to resolve...

Customer Response

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

I received a call from Ms. 3 weeks ago and she explained that they are setting up a date to have the replacement dinette set swapped out for the damaged set. She called the manager Ms. from the actual store of purchase to confirm the mix-up. I have not heard anything back since Ms. initial call 3 weeks ago. I tried calling the guest response team office on Tuesday, Dec 26, 2017 to speak with Ms. but was told that she would get back to me.
I’ve heard nothing back. *No resolution at this time*


Ashley Furniture HomeStore - Jefferson Boulevard Response • Jan 22, 2018

I have spoken with the guest.. We have exchanged the table and chairs but the table base is wrong.. I am getting the guest the correct base..

Customer Response • Jan 22, 2018

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved.


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