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Good Morning,
Our offices are in receipt of this claim as of Monday,
3.23.2015 and we are responding on the same day as receipt.
As of Friday, 3.20.2015 this claim has been directly settled
with the customer via continuous email conversations she and I held.
The customer...

accepted our offers for resolution which have
all been processed and explained in great detail to the customer  as of last week.
Thank You,
Bobs Discount Furniture
Corporate Customer Care Liaison

Good Afternoon [redacted],
apologize for the frustration you have endured while seeking to use the
protection plan you purchased for your furniture. I also apologize to you for the
alleged sales experience you have outlined occurred while purchasing this
protection plan. As I was...

not present during the time of sale I am unable to
make determinations of what actually occurred and I do know that we expect our
sales team to provide a brief overview of the protection plan to our customers
without overwhelming them. The [redacted] Plan is extremely valuable and Bobs
would never make an attempt to sell you anything that we did not feel held the
value of its price point. The simplest way I can explain the plan to you is to
state it is insurance for your furniture and does cover incidents that occur to
your furniture from accidents inside your home (beyond normal use).
I have
been with Bobs for the greater part of a decade and at one point in my career I
was a salesperson and I have never heard of or seen a ‘4 page handout’
regarding the [redacted] Protection. Your sales receipt indicates the direct
warranty period thru Bobs as  one year
and the informational flyer we always provide at the time of sale discloses
that ‘[redacted]’, as its name depicts, offers coverage against one time
accidental damage occurrences.
As we do
stand behind the quality of our merchandise, even after the expiration of our
direct guarantee, your account reflects that we have granted you a reselection
credit on 10.22.2014. Your account further reflects that you may choose to keep
this sofa and loveseat or have us pick it up when we deliver the new
merchandise you select at no delivery charge. We will not be offering to refund
the cost of this merchandise to you, should you wish we will agree to offer you
a monetary refund on the monies you paid
towards the [redacted] Plan as you allege this being sold to you in an inappropriate
Please let me know how if you
would like to accept the refund of $99.99 by responding to me via this channel.
I apologize to you again for any frustration we have caused you.
Kind Regards,
Bobs Discount Furniture
Corporate Customer Care Liaison

They have to be kidding. This product is not made of what they say it is. I will continue this debate with the NY dept of State, and the Dept of Consumer Affairs.

Good Morning,
Please pass on my apologies to [redacted] for the disappointment
he is currently experiencing with his product. Our records indicate that this
sofa was delivered to [redacted] on 2.8.2013 and this concern was first reported to
us on 4.08.2014. At that point the Bobs...

Discount Furniture Warranty had expired
on the merchandise and [redacted] was granted a service at no charge by us as a
courtesy. [redacted] did purchase the [redacted] protection plan which, as its name
depicts, offers coverage against accidental concerns causing damage to the
Our technician’s inspection results show that while he was
in the home he repaired a leg on the sofa that had been badly scratched and
inspected the frame. He found that the frame was not cracked as a result of a
factory defect as the frame had no knot where the crack occurred and the damage
was not a ‘seasoned split’. We stand behind our technicians report as if our
own eyes were in the home and while it is not appropriate for us to assume what
may have occurred to the sofa to cause such damage we felt it suitable to refer
[redacted] to the protection plan he purchased for occurrences such as this. We do
not believe that this sofa is experiencing a factory defect and the fact
remains that the direct coverage through Bobs Discount Furniture had expired
prior to this being reported to us. These two facts combined are adequate
reasons why we are unable to offer [redacted] recourse for this concern.
I have listed extreme
courtesy options below for [redacted]’s review as we do try and offer a
willingness to resolve our customer’s concerns whenever possible.
Option #1:
[redacted] believes that his item is
experiencing a factory defect and we do not agree based on the inspection we
feel was completed during the service appointment.
We will offer to provide [redacted]
with a store credit in the amount of 80%. This 80% will be based off the amount
he paid for this sofa itself. He may use this store credit to reselect and as
another extreme courtesy we will offer to cover the cost of the
new delivery fee associated with the new merchandise he selects along with the
cost of removing (and disposing since we cannot re sell it) the current
merchandise he has in the home. We will not include a [redacted] Plan credit
here as this reselection option is being offered by Bobs and not the [redacted]
company ([redacted]).
Option #2:
[redacted] believes that his item is
experiencing a factory defect and we do not agree based on the inspection we
feel was completed during the service appointment.
We will offer to provide [redacted] with
a monetary refund amount of 40%. This 40% will be based off the amount he paid
for the sofa itself and will void any and all responsibility [redacted] feels
is owed to him from Bobs Discount Furniture for this sofa. We will also
offer to cancel and refund the [redacted] plan [redacted] purchased in its full
amount of $69.99. A monetary refund is always processed to the original method
of payment via restrictions put in place from our system. In this scenario we
would be refunding the financing account that [redacted] originally used and he
would be cut a direct check from the financing company associated with his
I apologize to [redacted] again for the
level of stress this concern has caused him to feel and I assure him it is
always our intention to place our customer’s satisfaction first while keeping
in mind the importance to weigh out the needs of our business.  
Kind Regards,
Bobs Discount Furniture
Corporate Customer Care Liaison have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.   They have agreed to refund my $129.99 delivery fee.  I would like to close this complaint, however, I want to reopen it if they do not honor their promise.Sincerely,

Good Afternoon Bryant,
I apologize that you remain so dissatisfied with our responses to your request for compensation. While I again acknowledge that this experience has been frustrating for you, the fact remains that as a retailer we must also consider the safety of all employees (as well as others on the road) during times of inclement weather. You paid for a delivery service which was successfully completed to you and your product is in the good condition you expected it in. As a business we have corrected the concern present and offered you a further form of our apology.
Normally we offer any type of additional apology in the form of a Bobs Discount Furniture Gift Card because as a business we understand the importance of earning our customer’s trust back and proving to our customer that delivery failures are not part of the normal daily operations that have helped us grow to be the 15th largest furniture retailer in the U.S. We also wish to provide our customers with a tangible item as a further form of apology rather than just committing to the act of pacifying someone with a monetary amount. Should you wish not to provide us with another opportunity to deliver merchandise we can understand the reasons why in this scenario and we have several cash and carry items that can be taken from our showrooms or pit locations as our free gift of apology with use of a gift card.
As the is aware, the size of our business is massive and we would not be continuing to grow so rapidly into new territories if we operated without honesty and transparency. Word of mouth travels extremely fast especially in an age of technology and It is a terrible fact I learned many years ago in my business that a happy customer will typically tell 10 of their family/friends while an unhappy customer will tell 20 of their family/friends. Add social media into the mix of that and you can place a zero on the end of both those figures. I do not deny that we, like any business, have unhappy customers who have experienced failures or headaches while seeking to resolve their claims. The internet is a place where information even from many years prior remains currently viewed and judged upon. Many customers whose claims have been resolved or denial results overturned don’t feel the need to take action on reposting/posting positive feedback.
The truth is the amount of claims you have listed reflects a three year period of time. To categorize our business as poor quality or state that all of our customers are complaining  just doesn't give the nearly 3,000 (average amount of daily deliveries alone) customers that are receiving a great experience today and in the future, as well as my nearly 4,000 team members who strive every day to make the experience a pleasant one, ample credit.We are genuinely very sorry when our customers experience failures that result in any amount of unintended inconvenience and we stand by the quality of our merchandise and the integrity of our entire organization. Please don’t ignore the fact that the internet contains a small percentage of complaints which stay on for long periods of time and thru some sites -forever. We take great pride in the reality that on a daily basis we maintain a vastly larger pool of customers who are completely satisfied with their merchandise and their experiences with us overall.
In an extreme effort to honor your demand to be accommodated by way of a refund we will make a one time courtesy offer to provide your original method of payment with a $75.00 refund as our form of apology instead of our original offer of a $100.00 Bobs Discount Furniture Gift Card.
Should you wish to accept this $75.00 refund instead of the $100.00 Bobs Discount Furniture Gift Card offer please respond to us thru this mediation channel and we will process this refund to your Wells Fargo Financing Account. It can take up to 1 full billing cycle for you to see this refund post to your financing account.
We apologize again for the impression you have been left with of our company and thank you for taking the time to provide us with your continued feedback.
Kindest Regards,
Bobs Discount Furniture
Corporate Customer Care Liaison

Good Afternoon,
We apologize that the customer is experiencing any disappointment while using the protection plan they purchased from us. [redacted] ([redacted] is known as their parent company) is a third party company and we have, for many years, experienced a vast amount of approved...

claims through this third party company. Our customer’s are usually very happy with the outcome of their reported claim and based on the price they paid for the coverage our sales associates and sales managers would have no reason not to boast about the extreme value the protection plan carries. Our [redacted]f Plus option is especially unique because it provides a certain amount of protection directly through Bobs Discount Furniture and a certain amount of protection thru the [redacted] company.
We provide a general flyer at the time of sale that very clearly indicates (in several places) that we are partnered with the [redacted] company to offer this [redacted]f Plus Plan. The flyer also depicts that there are some exclusion(s) to the protection plan and the document further encourages the consumer to read their full plan (from [redacted]) for the list of exclusions. As the manager of the plan, [redacted] is responsible for sending the consumer the plan documents. Should the customer decide that they would like to review the complete plan documents as the flyer suggests and they don’t have these documents, we assume (as any retailer would) that the customer would then try and obtain said documents for review. Had we been made aware of the need for these terms and conditions we most certainly would have provided them upon any request. As it is not typically a document we provide we literally have no way of knowing whether the consumer has received the complete plan or not and we see no reason not to trust that [redacted] is continually sending these documents as many claims for coverage are routinely approved.
In this consumer’s specific case I have attached both the sales flyer (we provided at the time of sale) and a copy of the sales invoice that states the differences in coverage details. We do apologize that the customer found our communications, verbal or written to be confusing at all. We work very hard everyday to ensure our customers receive the most transparent information possible and again part of the plan is honored by our company for factory defects; it ultimately depends on the type of coverage the consumer is seeking to access as to who handles the claim directly. I have also included a link to our website which showcases our recently upgraded [redacted]f Plus flyer again depicting thoroughly that we are partnered with the [redacted] company:
Kindest Regards,
Bobs Discount Furniture
Corporate Customer Care Liaison

Good Morning,
Thank you for providing this mediation service however in
this claim’s case the customer also left us a corporate voicemail that was
directly followed up on yesterday (3.31.2015). I have personally worked with
this customer, and provided documentations by email, to...

decipher the current
details of her account with us. I have sincerely apologized for the mistakes we
have made and the customer has been offered/accepted additional form(s) of our
apology from us as our way of making it right. The customer has my direct
contact information and I have made agreements to follow up again with this
customer on 4.2.2015.
Kind Regards,
Bobs Discount Furniture
Customer Care Corporate Liaison

Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because: [redacted], 
Thank you for your response.  So your protocol as you describe in your response to me Is just 1 phone call  and than leave without any other types of communication.  You don't go out of the truck and knock or ring a door bell like every other delivery company that I have dealt with my life. That's unacceptable by any means.
I saw the truck and what happened. I got tired of waiting. My girl friend and I were walking the dog. I was over a block away watching a white truck turn go down the street slowly.  I was running hoping this was the truck and someone would get out and go to my door. I saw the truck stop at my house.  I was close enough to see the guy in the passenger seat look at my house turn to the guy driving.  I watched them take off. Please do not tell me I didn't see this happen. I understand this would be a different story if I didn't see this with my own eyes. At this point my trust is not there with your company as this whole delivery system does not work for me. I phone 1 call with no other types of attempts. Sincerely,[redacted]

Good Morning,
Please pass on our most sympathetic apologies to the
customer for any type of communication error they allege to be apart of the
sales experience within our ‘[redacted]’ location. We further apologize that the
customer feels there was any lack of care present while initially...

reporting this
concern to us and we assure our customer that we take great pride in being able
to resolve customer concerns in a fair and adequate manner.
Our records reflect that the merchandise in question was
picked up from a ‘[redacted]’ (Clearance) location and not delivered by a Bobs
Discount Furniture representative. The merchandise was also sold to the
consumer under the agreement that they were accepting the merchandise on the
same day of sale in the condition it was in, therefore the merchandise was sold
at a further discounted rate than what is offered as our regular discounted
retail rate. When merchandise is taken from a retail location for any reason a
document is signed by the consumer picking up this merchandise indicating that
they are accepting the merchandise in its current condition and taking full responsibility
for the merchandise and its transport from that point forward. As I was not
present at the time of sale I cannot confirm whether the consumer asked the
pick up personnel to remove the leg from this loveseat for transport or not. I
do know that it is a common practice of mine to remove the legs from a loveseat
to ensure it fits through a standard doorway while I am transporting my own
product in between residences. Please know that a Bobs Discount Furniture
representative would not commonly have been present at the ‘delivery point’ to
put a leg back onto this merchandise given the nature of this sale and the fact
that our records indicate the customer picked up this merchandise on their own.
As a business we regretfully cannot accept responsibility for a damage that was
caused beyond our control.
The additional ‘5 year [redacted] Plus Protection’ plan procured
on the merchandise offers coverage against factory defects and most in home
accidents (I.E. stains from food or beverage, human or pet bodily fluid). Our
sales invoice, that is routinely expressed to and signed by the consumer,
clearly outlines the purpose of this protection plan and the fact that
merchandise is not returnable after the act of possession has occurred. Bobs
Discount Furniture prides itself on core values such has integrity, honesty,
community, and diversity. To allege that any of our sales representatives or
personnel would mislead a treasured customer for any reason is malicious and vindictive.
This complaint was sent to you on 1.16.2015 and received from
the by our Corporate Offices today (1.20.2015). As of 1.17.2015 (one day
after the concern was filed for your review) our account records confirm that
this customer’s desired settlement has been met. Under internal order number[redacted] the customer has been provided with a store credit for the amount paid on the
loveseat and protection plan. This was completed as an extreme courtesy and our
company has made a valid effort to work above and beyond the company policy
guidelines we continually express in writing to please this customer’s
individual demands.
We consider this complaint closed at this time and encourage
the customer to reach out to us directly should any unforeseen need for follow
up occur at this time. We sincerely apologize again for the amount of time the
customer has had to spend on gaining the escalated resolution they originally
strived for.
Discount Furniture

I Call Bobs Discount Furniture store Customer Care at ###-###-#### and they agree to replace a "one time replacement" one of the item which my choice was the Headboard. They instead stated that they will be replacing the Headboard and Footboard since it is a one piece unit.
The replacement will be taking place on Saturday: November 29,2014. There Delivery man will be doing the exchange and replacement of the items Listed above.  
I want to truly thank you guys at "" for making it HAPPEN :)) your input and resolution to my agony. Also Kudos directly to Bobs Discount Furniture Liaison for there professionalism and changing my outlook positively for there caring for Their CUSTOMERS. THANK YOU.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:I accepted the sofa set ‘as is’ with scratches and sign of wear and tear and till now I am agreeing to it. But the question comes over here that at the time specifically asked the sales person is that the used sofa and they said that we are not allowed to sell used stuff at Bob pit. And if it’s not the used sofa how come the items like used bandaid, hairs etc were found under the sofa cushions and  I found these only while cleaning the sofa thoroughly. And if they say that sofa is kept in the showroom for so long then price of the sofa will be marked only $300 lower the original price which doesn’t make sense where the other items were marked as less than half of its value. Please ask the Bob furniture to furnish the details of this sofa when it came to Bob pit and from where it came. Sincerely,

I am rejecting this response because the unit has not moved from its original origin.(I use my other address to receive letter correspondence, sorry for the confusion) The entire surface of this stone is completely flat and smooth. This is definetly a crack, which just appeared. I still cant understand how a person, without actually looking at the material, and not a 2 D photo, can determine the origin.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.
I am currently in [redacted]  and going downrange within a few hours if I don't respond is due to my undisclosed location in the [redacted]. 

Good Morning,
We apologize for any disappointment
the customer has experienced with the bunk bed purchased from us.
Our records reflect that as a
business we addressed our customer’s concern fully on 3.10.2015 and the
customer has selected to use their credit in a purchase for new...

living room
We look forward to pleasing our
customer with the new merchandise they have selected via the credit and
resolution we are providing.
Bobs Discount Furniture
Corporate Customer Care Liaison

After I explained to their technician what happen he said and I quote yes this is an accident. I call [redacted] they said Bob does nothat share pictures with them. If they did they would have pictures they are saying they have no pictures. So someone is lying here.
Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:

Good Day,
I apologize again to our customer for the alleged sales experience they have outlined occurred while purchasing this protection plan. As I was not present during the time of sale I am unable to make determinations of what actually occurred and I do know that we expect our sales team to provide a brief overview of the protection plan to our customers without overwhelming them. The sales flyer is commonly placed inside this trifold along with the customer’s sales invoice. Again as the Goof Proof Protection in honored thru a third party company there is regretfully no way for our business to determine if the customer did or did not receive the specific plan outlines.
The Goof Proof Plan is extremely valuable and Bobs would never make an attempt to sell our customer anything that we did not feel held the value of its price point. The simplest way the plan can be explained is to state it is insurance for your furniture and does cover many incidents that occur to your furniture from accidents inside your home (beyond normal use). The sleeper mechanism on this merchandise is currently covered through [redacted] for five years (not Bobs), the reason this person’s claim was denied was because it wasn’t reported as the result of an accident occurring. That determination takes only moments to verify via phone. Like many other protection plans sold on home appliances, automobiles, or electronics there are reasonable guidelines that must be adhered to in order to keep the plan fair for all consumers alike.
Should the customer feel her claim is not being properly addressed by the [redacted] company we would suggest that the customer contact this company directly to make them aware of her remaining concerns.
As of right now Bobs Discount Furniture is still able to provide the courtesy offer of ‘Best Effort Service’ that we outlined in our last communication.
Bobs Discount Furniture
Customer Care Corporate Liaison %3

I am rejecting this response because: I feel like this company really could care less about what's in the best interest of the customer.  I find it very disheartening for company to take advantage of another human being in such a way.  Bob's isn't giving or offering anything that I wasn't owed.  The delivery charge should have been refunded especially since the delivery team left litter scattered in my front yard and street.  I had to go outside to clean up the mess they made.  I took pictures of everything.  In addition to that, they didn't connect my sofa, and we're able to attach my daughters mirror to the dresser because they didn't have the hardware.  I also didn't mention that my daughter cried for an hour after she found out that she wouldn't be able to sleep I. Her new bed because is was damaged.  It sounds to me like this company is only out for the money and has no empathy for all I've been through.  The sad part is that my parents went through a similar issue with this company a few months ago, and again they wanted to do nothing for them.  I don't know why Bob's feels like offering a credit to shop in there store is a gift.  Why would I want to buy anything else from this company?  This company is trying to appease me my offering me a measly $100 in Bob's credit.  What does Bob's really lose if they are giving a credit to spend in their store?  They don't lose anything because you're giving the money right back.  This company might as well be stealing from the poor.  I refuse to be victimized and I will share this story with anyone so that they don't make the same mistake I did.  The one thing I know for certain is that what goes around comes around.  I was always taught to treat people the way I would want to be treated.  This company has no compassion and giving them a second chance was a very poor decision on my part.  

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because: While I did receive the parts that they sent (not the parts I asked and thought I was paying for), I am STILL missing parts. I explained over and over again that I needed the complete system for BOTH drawers, and not simply a single track and a few nuts and bolts for ONE. I still cannot ompletely construct this bed. Furthermore, I requested some form of reparations for the extremely sub-par "service" I've received, of which none has been offered. I just want a complete working bed.

Good Morning [redacted],
I am very sorry for the disappointment you are experiencing with your reclining
sofa set and the [redacted] Protection Plan you purchased. I assure you that
Bobs Discount Furniture cares very much to satisfy all our customers and we
stand behind the quality of our...

products including the protection plan we sell.
The [redacted], as its name depicts and the documents associated with the
plan denote, is for protection against accidental damage and in order for a
claim to qualify for coverage under this plan you must report an accidental occurrence
causing the damage you are reporting. I can certainly understand your
frustration as we have serviced this concern several times for you and are now
denying you coverage.
While I
acknowledge why the denial was received from Bobs Discount Furniture as we
actually begin servicing this merchandise for you and covering the cost of
parts outside of your direct warranty from us, I can also clearly see how you
as a consumer may believe that your protection plan would cover you for such occurrences.
The plan
grants you a one time replacement of the affected furniture should your claim
be accepted. Should you choose the replacement option the one time replacement
fulfills the agreement of your protection plan and the plan is no longer active
on the items that have been replaced. In the interest of fairness we are
willing to approve a one time replacement of the sofa using the protection plan
you assumed covered you continually for this occurrence.
If you would like
this option processed we will place a store credit into the system for you
based on the original price you paid for this reclining sofa. We will also
cover the cost of removing the current item and delivering the new item you
select from our showroom on the same day. If you would like us to enter this
credit for you please respond as ‘satisfied’ through this channel and we will have our retail location reach out to you regarding
the credit.
Kind Regards,
Bobs Discount Furniture

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