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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.
I would also like to say thank you for working with me and being understanding about the situation. I am extremely satisfied with the resolution.

Good Afternoon [redacted],
I apologize that you are experiencing any inconvenience while seeking our assistance with your product concerns. I assure you that we do stand behind the quality of every product we sell and the extreme value of our protection plans.
In reviewing your records it...

appears that the dispute between you and our Customer Care Team stems from our service technician indicating that upon his inspection every chair you maintain in your residence has a “broken” seat frame. Our technicians are trained by the manufacturers of this product and we rely on their professional reports to depict whether a product is experiencing a defect or has been damaged by something other than a concern in initial workmanship.  At this time the cause of the “broken” seat frames remains questionable and it is not appropriate for any retailer to make assumptions on what could or could not have happened within your residence to cause this type of breakage.
Bobs Discount Furniture handles manufacturing defects under the protection plan you purchased and at this time our factory trained professional locates damages that he asserts did not stem from a factory defect concern. [redacted] (a third party) manages accidental damage claims under the plan you purchased and you have been presented with this avenue as a possibility for recourse should you have an accident to report that would cause breakage to all of your seat chair frames. Should you maintain that no accident occurred your claim wouldn’t qualify for coverage under the terms of [redacted].
It is reasonable for any business to expect that the product under warranty is kept in overall good condition prior to a concern being reported, should you wish to dispute that there is any concern with the seat frames and/or that your chairs (4) are in good condition overall I respectively ask that you send photographic evidence to me via this mediation channel you have selected to open.
To move forward please send a minimum of nine (9) pictures (in color) for review:
                - 1 Picture of each chair that clearly shows the entire facing surface (seat, inside backs, legs) of the chair.
                - 1 Picture of each chair that clearly shows the entire under surface of the seat and frame area of the chair.  
- 1 Picture that clearly shows the entire set in its current condition (table and 4 chairs)
We will review these photos and respond with what, if any, options for resolution we may have to offer you for further recourse.
Bobs Discount Furniture
Corporate Customer Care Liaison

Good Morning [redacted],
I apologize
that you had to take any more time than initially expected to receive your
entire order in the good condition we promised you it would be in. Please note
the acts as a mediation channel giving us an opportunity to respond to
posted concerns.  In...

reading this
response you are not “hearing from the”, you are receiving a direct
response from Bobs Discount Furniture Corporate Offices.
Bobs prides
itself on providing you quality service
and the best value product for the price. Our primary focus is on making any
failure we may have caused right so that you are satisfied with the product
that you have purchased from us. When we have made any failures right it is
then up to us and our discretion as a business as to what we may offer to
provide you with as a further form of apology.
I will most certainly be following up on the coaching concerns you have
presented within this complaint. It is very embarrassing to think any of our
Customer Care Agents would have told you we have a policy that includes a
certain dollar amount per trip. We treat all of our customers as individuals and
take ownership for our faults by resolving the concerns we have caused. We
always look to honor the original agreement made between our customer and our
business before discussing a further form of apology and it is not fair or
adequate to our complete consumer base to offer a further form of apology off
of one individual’s time.
While it is
not normal procedure to do so I recognize your extreme disappointment and since
you endured so many concerns with delivery it is logical to offer you an amount
of compensation based off the price you paid to us for a delivery fee. We
wouldn’t offer to compensate you based off the cost of factory fresh
merchandise you currently maintain in your possession in satisfactory
condition. Again the responsibility of any business is to honor the original
agreement made to our customer and we have successfully completed that, I am so
sorry it took more time away from your life for us to fix the mistakes we made.
In addition
to the already processed Bobs Discount Furniture Gift Card for $100.00 we will
process a second Bobs Discount Furniture Gift Card in the amount of $129.99.
These two (2) Bobs Discount Furniture Gift Card credits total the amount you
were charged for a delivery fee. I do feel that overall this is a suitable
offer for your concerns and hope that you can understand our position in
seeking to balance our needs as a business with the wants of our customer.
If you
would like to accept this additional Bobs Discount Furniture Gift Card for
$129.99, you may respond to me via this channel you felt necessary to open
or contact our Customer Care Department directly at ###-###-####, Monday
–Saturday 6:30am -8:00pm (we will be closed
on New Years Day).
Kindest Regards,
Bobs Discount Furniture

Good Morning,
I have spoken with [redacted] this morning (10.07.2014) and
apologized for the headache that she has had to deal with while seeking
resolution thru the [redacted] company and Bobs directly. We have authorized and
even exchange of the affected item for resolution on...

this concern and are
currently scheduled to make the exchange on 10.20.2014. I have also provided [redacted] with my direct contact information as I will be personally following up
with her to ensure she continues to be satisfied.
Thank you for the opportunity to make this right,
Discount Furniture
Care Corporate Liaison

Good Morning,
Please pass on my sincerest apologies for the overall poor
experience our customer has endured while seeking to get only what was guaranteed
at the time of sale. We certainly do not intend to cause our customers more
grief while rectifying failures we have initially...

caused and we are truly sorry
for the aggravation we have caused Donna and her family to experience because
of our failures.
Should a professional repair not suit the needs of our
customer we are more than willing to replace the affected merchandise with a
factory fresh version or offer a 20% discount in the form of a refund on the
affected piece (the customer would be agreeing to keep this item as is with no
repair on the damage reported should the discount be accepted).  I have noted our customer’s account with
these two available options for resolution and we ask that [redacted] contact us at
Customer Care (###-###-####) to make us aware of which option she may prefer.
While a monetary refund is not a possibility we do wish to
make this failure right by our customer and we look forward to hearing from [redacted] again so that we can resolve her concern in a fair and adequate manner.

Good Afternoon,
We apologize
to the customer for any inconveniences that have been caused as a result of her
not being able to accept the delivery on 12.30.2014. While we certainly empathize
with this customer’s frustrations per our records we have caused no direct
failure to our...

A time frame
of 4:00pm -6:00pm would not make sense for several reasons. We provide an
estimated three (3) hour window for any scheduled furniture delivery and our
delivery teams start making stops at approximately 6:30am (in most states we
are not permitted by law to have a driver scheduled on the road for a period of
11- 12 hours).
automated system’s records show a time frame of 9:00am -12:00pm being delivered
to phone number:  ###-###-#### in
reference to this scheduled delivery for 12.30.2014.
Discount Furniture cares very much to satisfy our customers and we continually
seek to make any failure we may be responsible for right by our customer. I
have performed extensive research on this account and come to the conclusion
that the estimated time window provided to this customer was confirmed as
9:00am – 12:00pm. If the customer can provide a transcript along with date and
time information I will be happy to perform further research along with my IT department
to determine the origin of the alleged voicemail she asserts to have.
Our records
further indicate that our delivery team tried with every capability to make
this delivery on 12.30.2014. The delivery team told us that they went to the
rental office and asked if anyone from that office would let them into the
residence and supervise their delivery, they were turned away. They also
offered to leave the merchandise with the rental office prior to leaving and
were again told this was not an option. We are just as disappointed as our
customer is that we were unable to complete the original scheduled delivery.
At this time
we will not be making an offer of monetary apology as we believe to have
honored all agreements made with our customer. Should the customer wish to
provide more evidence I am willing to perform further research. We currently
have another scheduled delivery in place to deliver the expected product.
Discount Furniture

Good Afternoon,
I attempted to contact this customer via the telephone number she provided today (2.11.2015).
I was unable to reach [redacted] so I left a detailed voicemail regarding the research we performed on this concern and our apologies for any confusion she felt may have been...

present during her communications with us.
I personally listened to the recorded call(s) with one of our Customer Care Supervisors and during the initial conversation [redacted] held with us on 12.27.2015 our agent did not disclose that no new delivery fee would be charged on the new sale. The agent made reference to the credit the customer was to receive to reselect a new mattress with, indicating that this reselection credit would not include the original delivery fee already paid. We further researched the second call that [redacted] held with us on 1.21.2015 (when the credit was actually entered for the original mattress) and again there was no mention of a new delivery fee being waived.
As the original delivery was completed with no concerns and the customer’s choice to return the current model is one based on a comfort concern, it remains fair and adequate that the customer should be charged a new delivery fee for a second contract to deliver a new piece of merchandise.
We wish [redacted] the best sleep possible in her new mattress selection and do hope she can understand our position as a business in this scenario.
Kindest Regards,
Bobs Discount FurnitureCustomer Care Corporate Liaison %3
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution seems to be only way to go. Due to financial restrictions at this time, I'm sadly unable to go elsewhere.  I know of 3 people that have had the same 'sagging' issue with Bobs furniture, maybe its a local problem. This will be the last time I shop at Bobs, and would discourage others from doing so.  

Good Morning,
 Please pass on our sincerest apologies for the
inconvenience the multiple deliveries and damaged product continues to cause
our customer. We can certainly understand the customer’s frustration and
acknowledge the reasons why our customer remains so disappointed in...

Bob’s prides itself on providing
quality service and the best value product for the price. Our primary focus is
on making the concern we caused right so that our customer is satisfied with the
product that they have purchased from us. As the retailer we take full
responsibility for the damages that may have occurred at the factory overseas
or during the extensive transit the merchandise endures prior to arriving to
our customer. Merchandise is specially inspected at the point of loading the
merchandise from our CT distribution center and there is still a very long way
for the merchandise to travel prior to arriving to the customer’s
residence.  We mention this process
because we do have another option for special inspection called ‘White Glove’
which addresses the item(s) and their condition more thoroughly throughout
their entire transit (loading, off loading and reloading) process. At this time
we have requested that our Quality Control Team complete the ‘White Glove’
delivery process for the pending even exchange attempt on 4.22.2015.
Should the customer wish to
discuss other options for resolution based off the items they maintain in the
home we are open and willing to work with our customer to gain their
satisfaction. We certainly don’t want our customer to feel as if they are being
forced to take continued deliveries of damaged products. We never expect or
anticipate disappointing our customers, let alone on multiple occasions and
should this type of delivery be the norm for us we obviously would not be
continuing to grow as an organization. Other offers the customer may be
interested instead of the fourth delivery attempt include the discussion of
scheduling a factory trained repair professional to the residence or a discount
offer off the price paid for the damaged items to keep them in their current
condition. Of course our main objective (as indicated above) is to make this
failure right and provide our customer with the merchandise they have selected
in its expected showroom condition. It is important to us that our customer
knows we have other options to offer should they feel necessary to initiate
these types of discussions.
We further apologize for the home
damage that the customer cites to have occurred during delivery. As the
customer is not providing specifics (what date did this occur on?) we are
unable to initiate the claims process right now. Should the customer wish to
file a formal Property Claim against this delivery team/company for the damages
on the wall(s) we ask that they reach out to us via our Customer Care Office so
that we can aide in getting this claim filed against the third party on their
behalf. These are time sensitive claims as they involve insurance reporting and
follow up so it is recommended that the customer contact our offices as soon as
possible should they wish to move forward with their Property Claim request.
We apologize again for the time
our customer has had to put towards getting quality merchandise delivered and
look forward to gaining their full satisfaction on 4.22.2015. Should the
customer wish to discuss alternate options for resolution or file the Property
Claim please advise that they contact us directly:
Customer Care Offices:
###-###-#### – Mon- Sat/ 6:30a-
8:00p or Sun/ 10:30a -7:00p
The Property Claims Office is
specifically open – Monday – Friday 8:00am -4:00pm

Good Afternoon [redacted],
I apologize that you have personally experienced any
disappointment while working with Bobs directly or speaking with the [redacted] company.
As the is aware, the size of our business is massive and we
would not be continuing to grow so rapidly into new...

territories if we operated
without honesty and transparency. Word of mouth travels extremely fast
especially in an age of technology and It is a terrible fact I learned many
years ago in my business that a happy customer will typically tell 10 of their
family/friends while an unhappy customer will tell 20 of their family/friends.
Add social media into the mix of that and you can place a zero on the end of
both those figures. I do not deny that we, like any business, have unhappy
customers who have experienced failures or headaches while seeking to resolve
their claims. The internet is a place where information even from many years
prior remains currently viewed and judged upon. Many customers whose claims
have been resolved or denial results overturned don’t feel the need to take
action on reposting/posting positive feedback.
In regards to our [redacted] Plans we have a very high ratio of approved claims
through this plan and the company we partner with. Sadly it is not common that
a customer can access a data base made by other customers of great reviews on
their successful claims experiences. In most cases the plan costs about 10% of
the merchandise cost to the customer and Bobs is paying for technicians (don’t
forget about gas), parts, and the cost of disposing and providing new
merchandise in many scenarios. I cannot imagine how we would be making money
off of this plan when we are paying out far more than what is charged to help
our customers. I do apologize that this customer believes to have experienced
any confusion during their time of sale, we do not deceive our customers,
support products and plans we do not find valuable, and we do not force our
customer into buying any product. To categorize our protection plan as poor
quality or state that all of our customers are complaining  just doesn't
give the nearly 3,000 customers that are receiving a great experience today and
in the future, as well as my nearly 4,000 team members who strive every day to
make the experience a pleasant one, ample credit.
We are genuinely very sorry when our customers experience failures that result
in any amount of unintended inconvenience and we stand by the quality of our
merchandise and the integrity of our entire organization. Please don’t ignore
the fact that the internet contains a small percentage of complaints which stay
on forever. We take great pride in the reality that on a daily basis we
maintain a vastly larger pool of customers who are completely satisfied with
their merchandise and their experiences with us overall. Our customers, our
ability to recognize our failures and take ownership to make them right have
allowed us to become the 15th largest furniture chain in the
I would like to help you resolve your concern with the support
legs directly and should you find this acceptable you are welcome to email me
at [redacted] .
In researching your product I have found that this manufacturer
offers three different types of support legs. There is a center support leg, a
short support leg, and a long support leg. I certainly don’t want to cause you
any further inconvenience and if at all possible request that you send me a
photo to show what currently exists under your bed so that I can order you the appropriate
Please feel free to contact me directly by email or if you find it
more suitable, we can continue to use the for their mediation assistance.
Discount Furniture

Good Morning,
Please pass on our sincerest apologies to our customer for
the frustrations caused by the delivery zone and the merchandise having an
unexpected back order date. We certainly take ownership for the unexpected
delay from the manufacturer and genuinely wish we could undo...

the mistakes that
have occurred during these transactions.
We further apologize for the rude behavior that this
customer asserts to have endured from our Customer Care Staff and have begun
researching our recording so that we can properly address the obvious coaching
concern this customer has brought to our attention.
Our records Indicate that we were able to accommodate a
delivery zone exception in an effort to make it right by our customer and
successfully delivered the remaining merchandise as of 3.28.2015 (Sat).
Kindest Regards,
Bobs Discount Furniture
Customer Care Corporate Liaison
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.
  However, I will be responsible to discard the damaged couch and loveseat, because I will be going out of the country within a few weeks and will not be available before then.  Also, how will I be able to redeem the credit with Bob's Discount Furniture?

Good Afternoon,
Please pass on our sincerest apologies for any and all
inconveniences we have caused to our customer during their delivery experience
with us.
Our records currently show that this sofa was successfully
delivered to this customer on 3.27.2015 to [redacted]...

Should the customer not have possession of the merchandise then
per the policies signed at the time of sale the purchase would be eligible for
a cancelation and refund. As our records depict that the customer actually has
the merchandise, and has had the merchandise since before even filing this
claim, the merchandise would no longer be authorized for a refund.
Should the customer not have possession of the sofa at this
time please ask that they respond with this information so we can begin
researching this dispute with the appropriate departments.
Kindest Regards,
Bobs Discount Furniture
Customer Care Corporate Liaison

Good Evening,
We apologize to our customer for any and all inconveniences
she has endured during this furniture purchase. I have spoken to our customer
today (10.29.2014) and scheduled the delivery of her merchandise for

Good Afternoon,
We apologize that the customer still remains so unsatisfied.
We stand behind our already provided written and verbal responses to this
Bobs Discount Furniture

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:From: [redacted] Date: Wed, Apr 8, 2015 at 10:22 AM Subject: Re: Complaint Transfer for Complaint Number:[redacted] To: "[redacted] The complaint I have pending, is frustrating. The reply Bobs furniture sent that they needed more information was bogus. I had no way of adequately reply. I have the information to send them and would like a full refund instead of the store credit. The credit they issued was only good for 90 days, and still my elderly parents have not decided in a purchase.     

Good Morning,
We are very sorry for any and all inconveniences our customer
endured during this purchase with us.
We do understand that having to reschedule and as our
customer alleges she was routed for a day she didn’t agree on, is extremely
frustrating. We do take...

ownership for our own failures and/or lack of care in
this scenario; however we cannot be responsible for the fees or services that
were contracted through another company.
The customer did accept our offer for a $75.00 gift card as
an apology and we fulfilled the original agreement we were hired to complete to
this consumer.
Should the customer wish to accept it we will make a final
offer of compensation for a monetary refund in the amount of $99.99 (this is
what the customer paid us for a delivery fee). As we already indicated to our
customer, it is far beyond our normal procedures to refund monetary amounts from
a sales order for any reason. We are working above and beyond to try and
satisfy this customer’s demand for compensation.
The customer can contact our Customer Care Office (###-###-####)
to process this refund credit or respond to us directly through this
channel that this option is satisfactory.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID[redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

Good Afternoon,
Please pass on our apologies for the frustration this
customer is experiencing with the sectional sofa purchased from us. We also
apologize for the alleged rude behavior the customer cites to have received from
one of our technicians. It is extremely rare that we...

receive complaints from
customers not wanting members of our service team back to their residence. Due
to restrictions of our computer system, in order to prevent a previous
technician from returning we must be made aware each time a service appointment
is created so we can send a specific request for that specific service date. I am
so sorry if our agents were properly informed by the customer while creating
the service appointment in question and the unwanted technician still showed up
to the home.
Our records show that this merchandise was delivered to the
customer on 10.24.2012 and the warranty protection the customer purchased on
this sofa is active through Bobs Discount Furniture for a period of five years
(expiring on 10.24.2017). While I can understand the customer’s aggravation
having had multiple services we have been keeping their best interest in mind.
In the event of a manufacturing defect the  protection plan documents illustrate that [redacted] Plus offers unlimited service (labor and cost of replacement parts) OR a one time exchange/replacement
 of the merchandise. Should the customer
seek to have this merchandise replaced it will completely fulfill the protection
plan agreement on all three of these sectional pieces. Some of the issues the
customer has been reporting (seam separations) have been deemed manufacturing
defects however some of the concerns are related to normal wear and tear, in
example it is completely normal and should be expected that multiple seats
loose resiliency over a period of two years time. We have been continually
meeting our customer’s concerns with service as readily as we are able to.  
We are more than happy to offer the option of replacement or
reselection to the customer under the parameters of the protection plan they
purchased should they fully understand
and accept that this replacement will use up the coverage they currently
maintain. On the sales order in question the cost of the plan was $149.99
to protect $1299.00 of merchandise for five years, based on the extremely low
price point we feel it is obvious as to why the plan is active for only five
years and would only allow the replacement of merchandise only one time (please
keep in mind the plan covers the cost of delivery/disposal fees associated with
the replacement as well).
Should the customer wish to purchase the plan on the
replacement merchandise that is always an additional option they can take advantage
of. I have listed below the available options for this customer’s concern in
terms of getting this merchandise replaced:
Option #1:
Initiate the ‘one time replacement option’ under the [redacted] Plus Plan for the exact same merchandise (THIS OFFER IS EXCLUSIVE TO THE [redacted] 3 PC SECTIONAL ONLY).
Should the customer want to purchase the plan again on the new sectional they
should make us aware of that choice so we can correctly set up the paperwork and
charge them for the new protection plan prior to scheduling an exchange date. We
will expect to remove the items the customer currently has in the home on the
same date we deliver the new replacement items.
Option #2:
Initiate the ‘one time replacement option’ under the Goof
Proof Plus Plan and receive a store credit for the amount originally paid to us
on the sectional (THIS OFFER IS
EXCLUSIVE TO THE [redacted] 3 PC SECTIONAL ONLY). This store credit would
allow the customer to pick out a different living room set and should they wish
to purchase the plan on the new set the customer can discuss this directly with
their new sales person while in our store. We will expect to remove the items
the customer currently has in the home on the same date we deliver the new
replacement items.
If the customer is still seeking a merchandise replacement
please ask that they respond to us with which option they would prefer through
this channel that they have opened for mediation purposes.

Good Morning,
We apologize to our customer for the disappointment
associated with the furniture she selected not properly fitting into her
residence. We also apologize for any lack of care the customer cites to have received
from our offices.
Our records, checked thoroughly,...

indicate that the customer
is still in possession of the loveseat. Should the customer seek to get a
refund instead of returning to our showroom to select a different set entirely,
we will first need to remove the loveseat and have that loveseat physically
return to our distribution center prior to any monetary funds being transferred
back to the customer.
The sofa portion (that was never delivered) has been/is eligible
for a refund as outlined on our website and the customer’s sales invoice:
You may
request a full refund on orders for stocked merchandise at any time up until
the time we deliver the merchandise to you or until you pick it up.
The customer can contact our offices at [redacted] (Mon-Sat
6:30a -8:00p/ Sun 10:30a- 7:00p) to schedule a date that works best for her for
us to remove the loveseat. Again we apologize for the inconvenience we have
caused and are happy to work above policy in this scenario to satisfy our
customer’s preferences.  It is most
appropriate to call us to schedule a pick up date as our calendar of availability
changes throughout each business day.
In order to get a refund on the sofa (undelivered item) processed
the customer will want to contact the retail location to which her sales order
is associated with –[redacted] Store = [redacted] (ensure you press the
number (1) on your phones keypad after you hear Bob’s voice and your call will
be transferred correctly to the office). Our retail location is available from
10:00am – 9:00pm Mon-Sun, once the customer confirms her sales order number ([redacted])
the sofa (undelivered item) can be voided and the customer’s original method of
payment can be confirmed and refunded at this time.

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