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Berman Subaru of Chicago

4330 W. Irving Park Rd., Chicago, Illinois, United States, 60641-2829

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I purchased a Subaru Forester in 2017 from Mid City Subaru and bought an extended warranty to protect the cloth seat covers. We paid $1,250.00 for the coverage. In July, 2020, I need to use the warranty, I needed a deep cleaning on a spill. When I spoke with the dealership, they said I needed to contact the underwriters. When I bought the plan, I was told just to bring it in to Subaru and they would handle it. I reached out to the underwriters who told me I should send them photos. Afterwards, they said they would send me a check for $150.00 and to find someone to clean it. If there is money left over, I can keep it. I don't know car cleaning shops, Mid City was supposed to do this. I reached out their management and told them the situation. They didn't follow up as they said they would and when I said their insurance package was not what was promised and that I wanted a refund, I was told no, I could now bring my car to their shop to be cleaned, otherwise I was on my own. I was VERY disappointed with the General Sales Manager and his bad attitude. I will not do business with them and I do not recommend anyone else spending their money with company.

Berman Subaru of Chicago Response • Aug 06, 2020

Thank you for your feedback, Zach. Please contact General Manager Joe D'Andrea who will be more than happy to address your concerns. He will do his very best to resolve this situation to your satisfaction. Joe can be reached via phone at 773-382-8227 and email [email protected]

I was told they would fill the vehicle I bought with fuel and I was also told that the vehicle would be cleaned and I have seen 6 year olds clean cars better than that the inside of the windshield looks as if they sprayed it and let it run down windshield and then it dried like that the car had 50 miles to empty and I had to drive all the way across the state I didn’t even get out of Chicago before I had to stop for fuel I will not be going back to this dealership ever again

I found an ad on for a 2009 Acura TSX with TECHNOLOGY PACKAGE, sold by *** Subaru with an online listing price of $9,369. I confirmed with the sales rep that the car indeed was the Technology Package trim. After buying the car... the car is NOT the technology package trim. This is a bait-and-switch. They also advertise one price online ($9369), but when it comes to make a deal there is a $1600 "service fee" added, even though no service was done to the vehicle by *** Subaru's service department. This is also very misleading advertising.

Berman Subaru of Chicago Response • Jan 12, 2020,

Good Morning. Received, I’ll review the paperwork tomorrow as we are closed today (Sunday) and will also be in contact with customer tomorrow.

Thank you

Customer Response • Jan 15, 2020
The business in reference has offered a compensation check of $1500 in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is very satisfactory to me.



I bought a 2019 Subaru Legacy 2.5 limited in October 2019. I loved my last Subaru Legacy 2019 but it had almost 300,000 miles and I couldn't afford to pay for the repairs. My complaint with my new Legacy I have cracked windshield that starts from the mount/seal and come up. I took to Berman Subaru on Irving Park and they took pictures and send them to Subaru US ad denied repairs. It going cost 800 dollars for a new window shield.

I took my 2018 Subaru Impreza to *** Subaru for it's second oil change. The car had only received 1 oil change since it was purchased new, and that only oil change had been done previously at ***. While waiting for the oil change, the service manager Adam *** me about having taken my car to a *** since the last oil change, and that I had an aftermarket oil filter installed. The aftermarket filter was allegedly screwed on too tight. The oil pan cracked while the tech was trying to take it off. The service manager showed me what he claimed to be an aftermarket oil filter that his tech had taken off my car. He showed me estimates of how much it would cost me to have the dealership repair the broken oil pan.

The service manager backed off after I protested that the car had only had one prior oil change at their location. I threatened to take the car to a different mechanic and have *** foot the bill for destroying the oil pan. He resolved the problem by fixing the oil pan free of charge.

I am disappointed in the service that I received because, in my mind, one of the following situations occurred, neither which reflects well upon this business:
1) The first time I received an oil change at ***, the service tech replaced the filter with an aftermarket part. I paid for a Subaru Genuine part, and drove on it for many months
2) The service manager lied to me and showed me a different part than the one installed on my car in an attempt to have me pay for the repairs that were the dealership's fault

Berman Subaru of Chicago Response • Dec 27, 2019,

I tried calling John on the number on the complaint three different times and it went straight to VM and left him a VM. I also emailed him asking him to call me on my cell phone at his earliest convenience. I can update the file when I hear back from John and get his concerns addressed.

Please let me know if you need anything else!

The 2 stars wouldn't apply for our sales associate Mr. Bart *., he was of great help and assistance to us.
I am disappointed because after dealing with Mr. Bart, and have already chosen a vehicle, AND put a $1000 for them to put a HOLD (wherein which, when I asked how much to put a hold for it, they said $500), for the Sale to be finalized in a few days after.
But unfortunately, it was "ACCIDENTALLY SOLD" by one of their Sales Manager for whatever no good reason, (...and I even personally saw our sales associate put a "sold" sign on the car that same day we put some money for it and pulled out of the dealerships lot; I do understand its just to put a HOLD, and not yet considered as a down payment at that time, but eventually will be added to it)
Yes, I received a refund, and yes, Mr. Bart apologized. That's cool, but that whole situation to me is just bad business practice. I'm sorry, but they will not get any good recommendation from me.

Berman Subaru of Chicago Response • Aug 30, 2019

Thank you for your feedback, RJ. Please contact General Sales Manager Dan D'Andrea who will be more than happy to address your concerns. He will do his very best to resolve this situation to your satisfaction. Dan's direct phone number is 630-709-5193 and email [email protected]

I purchase a vehicle from this dealership back in June 21, 2019 and I was mislead on buying some extended coverage for the car which ended up paying a lot more. So I went back to the dealership and talk to the finance manager (Ken) and he said I can't cancel it for some reason (but it is not true) there's a 90 days full refund. He was lying to me and so I ended up calling corporate to reach out to the dealership to settle this matter. After weeks later the finance manager (Ken) finally email me and had me to come to the dealership and sign the 2 cancellation form for the 2 coverage I didn't want. After a month later I call customer service to check the status on the cancellations and the representative said the coverage it is still active and they never received the cancellation form from the dealership. So the finance manager (Ken) was lying to me this whole time never submitted the forms. Then another issue is when I bought this vehicle I was supposed to received 2 key fobs and a spare key. The salesperson forgot to give me the second key and I didn't able to obtain the second key until 2 months later since there was delivery issue with the second key. I been back back and forth with this dealership to a point I can't stand it any longer. The finance manager never reply to my calls and ignore my email.

Berman Subaru of Chicago Response • Aug 19, 2019

Christopher - Very sorry on the inconvenience. Both policies have been cancelled and I have been in contact with my office to expedite the refund to your lien holder. I'll send you an email with a tracking # when we send the reimbursement to *** Bank so you can follow your account and verify in a few days (probably close to 7-10 business days from now) that you're refund has been returned to the principal balance of your loan.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please don't hesitate to contact me @ .

Again, sorry for the delay, I'll be in contact soon with that tracking #.


Customer Response • Aug 20, 2019

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID and I wanted to wait till the refund is actually been credit back into the account before I closed this case



I put in a $500 deposit for a specific car that they had. After negotiating a price and coming in later to purchase, the finance guy raised the price of the car and did not give me the special promotions going on. I then said I do not want to purchase and would like my deposit refunded. They agreed, but it has been 2 weeks since the deposit. I have called numerous times and they keep saying give it more time and they did the refund. The refund has not been posted to my account at all.

Berman Subaru of Chicago Response • Jun 29, 2019

Good evening and sorry on the delay. I'll get with my office manager Monday and figure out why your deposit refund hasn't been processed yet. I'll respond/be in contact on Monday!

Thank you for your patients and sorry for the inconvenience!

Subaru team went out of the way to be sure I git best vehicle for my needs at the right price. Salesperson Hormis *** was easy to work with in the negotiations

Berman Subaru of Chicago Response • Jun 06, 2019

Len, thank you so much for your kind words and endorsement. We greatly appreciate you giving us a 5 star rating too. Welcome to the Berman family!

I came in person and file a form to cancelled an extended coverage warranty for a 2019 STI that I bought on Tue, Feb 19, 2019. The form was filed on March 4 2019 and I was told I would receive a full refund of $2065 within 4 weeks. I never received the refund and the warranty was cancelled. Ive called multiple times and no one returns my phone calls.

Berman Subaru of Chicago Response • May 27, 2019


Good morning and sorry for the inconvenience. The warranty cancellation has been processed and will have a check for you by the end of the week.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact me on my direct @ otherwise you'll hear from me when I have the check in hand.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience, have a good weekend!

Good experience and will recommend Subaru for others

Berman Subaru of Chicago Response • May 13, 2019

Ilija, thank you kindly for your feedback and review. Welcome to the Berman family!

I purchased a vehicle from *** Subaru on April 4 2019 and return vehicle April 8 2019 and requested my down payment. A manager by the name Dan *** told me the state of Illinois don't refund money and I asked him to show me that in the papers I sign and he could not and call the police on me and my son. Police arrived and found no fault with me nor my son and the police asked the manager to show them where it said that I could not received my money back. And Dan told the police that he was not going to give me my money back. I left the vehicle there call the loan office to cancel the car loan and called the DMV and cancel the license plate. I have been calling the other *** Dealerships hoping to speak with the owner or his sons no called or email me from

Berman Subaru of Chicago Response • Apr 15, 2019

To Whom This May Concern,
Constance *** purchased a vehicle from *** Subaru of Chicago on 04/04/2019. Vehicle purchase transaction went smooth and Constance drove her newly purchased pre-owned 2017 *** off the dealership premises.
On 04/08/2019 around 8:55pm, Constance son came in and stated that they wanted to return the vehicle. Dan spoke with her son and stated he was not on the purchase documents and we needed his mom her to discuss. Constance arrived around 9:45pm, walked in the door demanding she has three days to return the vehicle and wanted her down payment of $7,000 back. At that time, Dan sat them down and explained to them that you can’t just return a vehicle and that there is no 3 day return policy on a vehicle after being driven off dealership property.
To try and resolve the customers concerns and which was openly stated by Constance that she simply just didn’t like the 2017 *** that she purchased, Dan then proceeded with offering 2 options to Constance...
#1 - *** 30 Day Perfect Car Promise - Purchase a vehicle and have the option to exchange/trade-in the vehicle purchased within 30 days or 700 miles (whichever comes first) but must purchase another vehicle from *** Subaru of Chicago.
#2 - We’d purchase the vehicle back at trade-in market value without having to purchase another vehicle from us.
Both options were declined by the customer at that time the customer turned unruly & disruptive. It was nearly 11:00pm and they refused to leave the property. The police were called and we’d asked for them to be removed from the property.
We are still willing to try and find a solution for Constance dissatisfaction of her vehicle purchase and would also like the extend the offer on the *** 30 Day Perfect Car Promise to all 6 of our locations inventories and not only *** Subaru of Chicago to try and get her into the right vehicle.
If you have any further questions, please contact me on my direct @ or ***@***.com

Customer Response • Apr 15, 2019

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:

1. Dan *** didn't present ANY offer to me that night Monday April 8 2019 from 8:55pm to 11:40pm

2. No where on the documents that I signed nor on their website that say I cannot get my money back

3. Per Dan *** and Joe *** said State of Illinois it's State Law No Refund and I looked on all my sign documents NO where on this paper said that

4. My son Tyshaun *** was there with me when I purchased the vehicle and he was with when I returned the vehicle



Amazing experience there! Lee *** was an awesome salesperson!

Berman Subaru of Chicago Response • Jan 10, 2019

Gina, thank you kindly for your feedback and review. Welcome to the Berman family!

Jeanette *** at *** Subaru of Chicago went the extra mile while shopping for and purchasing our 2019 Subaru Forester. She was very professional and a pleasure to work with!

Amazing! Go Subaru!!!

I was helped by a gentleman named Xavier ***. He was helpful by answering all my questions and getting my into a car I wanted at a reasonable price. He helped my set up my phone and waze for the Subaru and gave me tips while driving/using a Subaru! Would highly recommend!

Service Dept. Customer

I went in for a wheel bearing and paid the diagnostic fee. I was offered a wheel bearing repair at a ridiculous price(which I declined) in addition to many other recommendations. I was initially told by the service agent that I could apply the diagnostic fee to any of the recommended services. I called in later to schedule one of the other recommended services(brake system flush) at which point they declined the application of the diagnostic fee to that particular service citing that they weren't applicable since they weren't directly related to the initial diagnosis. This would be perfectly acceptable except that the service agent intially said THE EXACT OPPOSITE to me.

I will admit that they do have a point in that the diagnosis was initially for something else and I did have that work done elsewhere(per their high estimate). I think Berman can probably do good work for you but the real problem I had is that I trusted them and that's not something they deserved.

If you're going to have them do work for you be warned, be vigilant, and know exactly what you need when you walk in the door.

Berman Subaru of Chicago Response • Oct 18, 2018

We appreciate your feedback, Brett. While we strive to make each customer happy with their experience, we apologize for the misunderstanding.

I brought in a 2007 Subaru outback to have the radiator looked over and was informed that the "head gaskets had blown" and that the total cost would be $3,749 to fix the issue which I declined. I was then informed by the service consultant that one of the mechanics was willing to buy the Subaru even though his wife would "kill him" for taking on the project which I also declined. Upon getting the car taken to another shop I was told that there was nothing wrong with the head gaskets and I've driven the car over 100 miles since then. I'm very thankful I only paid the inspection price of $149.95 and I find no fault in that charge. My concern is that I was told that a major repair was needed that wasn't and then I was informed by the service consultant that one of the mechanics would buy my car since the repair was so expensive. If they float an offer to buy your car after giving you an estimate for a costly repair get a second opinion first before proceeding.

Went into the dealership on a Friday, spoke to a saleswoman named Christina. She was very professional and helped us find what we needed with our growing family. If you’re ever in need of a new/newer vehicle I would recommend going here and asking for Christina.

Jessica was very helpful and nice when explaining the services my vehicle needed.

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