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• Jan 09, 2021

Too many straight edges
I’ve ordered several different Jigsaw puzzles And they all have at least a small straight edge on half of the puzzle pieces. It makes it frustrating to try and even get the border complete, let alone enjoy the body of the puzzle. Great picture, but absolutely crappy cuts. Go elsewhere

• Dec 16, 2020

My order
I ordered the hummingbirg suncatcher 2.5 weeks ago in time for me to send it as a gift. I called today, it won't be here until the 22nd or 23rd of December! Now that person won't have a gift to open from me.

Order a Christmas gift to be sent to NJ from Florida Was not delivered but check cashed on 12- I call on 12-and was told package was mailed on 12-9-16, but turns out the address was incorrect No way that I put in the address that they had on label A scam perhaps They are going to redeliver but could give me no date of delivery or when it was going to be shipped I filed a dispute on my credit card! Unethical business practices I believe

I needed to order a large supply (sets) of an 8-piece set of wooden puzzles from this company and needed them in a fairly short amount of time (months) I called them to verify they could accommodate my order, which they affirmed I received sets in about two weeks I called to ask about the other sets and was told they would arrive on April They did not arrive so I checked my order status to find it was listed as cancelled It took three phone calls to the company to get a straight answer about what happened to my order The first call, when I asked to speak to management was given an invalid phone number to call On the second call I was hung up on, even though I was speaking appropriately The third call was when I was finally told that my order had been cancelled because they could not fulfill the order I stated it would have been nice to know that information during my original call to the company, during my inquiry about the rest of the order, or when someone decided to cancel it without letting me know Do not order from this company and expect to get your order

I purchased a puzzle spinner from Bits and Pieces advertised to hold a 1500 piece puzzle - imagine my surprise when it did not even have enough space to lay out the pieces for a 1000 piece puzzle. I immediately contacted the company and asked them to pay for return shipping as their product did not work as advertised. They refused.

I have looked into the refund check and from all of our records it was processed and sent out on January 9, 2014, since the customer has not received it I have contacted our accounting department and I have requested they void the refund and send out a new check Thank you *** [redacted] Customer Service

I had a terrible and surprising experience with this companyI ordered online from themThey overcharged me for what they initially shipped, my package never came and they ignored my e-mailsWhen I called to cancel my order and get a refund they repeatedly left me on hold for lengthy periods of time, presumably hoping I would just hang upFinally they told me that they had processed my refund and that it would take 3-business days to show on my credit card statementI never received the refundI had to go through my credit card to get the money back

[redacted] has several orders in our systemAll of the orders are either 'bill later' or revolving creditThe bill later orders are handled internally, and the revolving credit orders are through *** in Monroe, WIThe payments received on the bill later orders are applied, as are the Revolving credit orders Please see attached information regarding orders Bill Later Spring Hill Nursery Orders [redacted] Bill Late [redacted] Order Revolving Credit [redacted] Orders [redacted] Call log notes also attached showing agents explained to customer and transferred to revolving credit for explanation as well

I have order from Bits and Pieces in the past I have an account I have placed orders in the pastI placed an order only to discover the product was sent to another address I felt so uncomfortable in the first phone conversation with the person I ordered from, I called back a second time and want over the order again along with reviewing my address, I asked that this second call be documented along with my concerns it was not! It was not until I got the conformation email that I discovered the product was sent to a different addressso I will billed and someone got my order!!! I called customer service and was told they would take the order off my bill We will seeI write this as warning I could not have tried harder to give them my address I was very disappointed

I bought several jigsaw puzzles for Bits and Pieces and was not satisfied. Could not work any of the puzzles. the pieces are ill fitting and I could not do the frames on any of them due to too many straight edges that don't fit well. These puzzles took up my money and time and enjoyment. I don't recommend their puzzles at all. I am a veteran of many decades of jigsaw puzzles and know of what I speak.

I apologize for the issues you had with Bits and PiecesOur company did experience issues with a move to a new
location recently which ultimately put us behind in filling ordersYour order is processing and shipping todayYou should be able to pull up the tracking information online tomorrow
While I cannot change the current situation, I hope that you will accept this token of appreciation for your patience with usI am sending an additional order (free of charge) which has another puzzle and a *** *** *** ***Please let me know if I can be of any additional assistanceThe new order number is ***
Thank you,
*** ***
Customer Dispute Resolution - Bits and Pieces

*** *** had one account in our system, and the email address was completely removedUnfortunately, there were two other accounts with the same address (*** *** and *** ***) that had the same email informationI have
removed the information from those account(s) as well
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID *** and it obviously has nothing to do with me which just shows how screwed up that company isSomehow they have managed to stop the emails so if I never hear their name again, I am happyTo the, thank you so much for your help and I sorry that it had to come to thisThank you-
*** ***i
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, we would like to know your view on the matter.]
*** ***
I will not accept the business's response until such time as I am sure that my name, address, e-mail address and any other personal information concerning me has been totally erased from their computers! After being told that this had been done on December 10,2015, and finding that I am still receiving e-mails from them, until such time as I am 100% sure I no longer exist in their records, I won't accept their response

RE: Complaint ***
Mr ***
I apologize for any inconvenienceThe restriction on the *** *** is not by our Company, it is a State Restriction
You have two account numbers in our systemWhen you spoke with an agent, they removed the information from your account as requestedPlease see attached information, the emails you are receiving are from another account number that does not have any orders
*** *** Account: *** Order(s) *** Placed 11/28/Cancelled 11/29/Order *** Placed 11/17/Cancelled 12/19/No email or phone numbers on this account, they were removed as requestedAccount: *** *** *** Account No orders on this accountEmail and phone listed on accountI have removed these 12/10/All email information has been removed from both Account *** and ***I have also removed from the mailing listsI apologize for the item being unable to ship to AlaskaUnfortunately, we have no control over State or Federal restrictions regarding shipping specific itemsThese are not our restrictionsI apologize for any inconvenienceThank you,
*** * * Bits and Pieces Customer Resolution

I apologize for you continuing to receive emails after your email address has been completely removed from our systemI have forwarded all the documentation to our Web Support department, and will update you as soon as I receive their respondThank you,
*** *** Bits and Pieces Customer Dispute Resolution

After receiving their catalogs for years, I decided to purchase quite a few Christmas items On December 5, 2016, I ordered approximately $worth of merchandise from their web site All items were showing that they were in stock After days I heard nothing from Bits and Pieces regarding my order shipment I checked my order status on their web site and was shocked to see that my order had not even shipped yet One item had been back-ordered and was not expected to by delivered for another months (June 2017) Again, these were CHRISTMAS gifts I contacted a customer service representative and canceled the back-ordered item I was told all other items would arrive before ChristmasOn the morning of December 18, I again checked the status of my order to find that EVERY item that I had ordered on DECEMBER was now back-ordered and "might" get to me by ChristmasOne item was not due until January The customer service representative said he could not guarantee delivery before Christmas Needless to say, I was furious and extremely disappointed Had I not checked on this order, I would have been without many presents on Christmas day Not one time did the company contact me about my order This is unprofessional and a horrible way to do business I canceled my order and shared my total dissatisfaction with Bits and Pieces I asked to be removed from the mailing list This company has really caused a great deal of unnecessary stress on me during this Christmas shopping season I now have to go out just days before Christmas to find replacement presents from somewhere elseBits and Pieces totally "dropped the ball" on my order and failed to deliver (literally) This was my first order with this company and it will certainly be my last

I sincerely apologize, I honestly thought that I had your information completely removed from our systemWhen I contacted our Web Support department, I was told that there was one other area where the last email you received was sent fromI am attaching the information I sent and received from our Web department We are taking steps to ensure that customer emails are removed from this database area when we remove the address from our system*** ***
Bits and Pieces Customer Dispute Resolution

Poor customer service Order placed Dec Confirmation email gave delivery date of Dec 10- On Dec check order status and find the order had never been sent and a new delivery window of Dec 20-was listed The items were ordered as gifts for a December party In addition, one item was no longer available I never received any emails to up date delivery or to notify one item was not available

This company is very disorganized and extremely slow I ordered items from them last year in NovemberBoth arrived damaged It looked like one was damaged in shipping, the other could have been damaged before it was shippedThey replaced one item but we're out of the other so they gave me a store credit They told me to keep both damaged items, which was nice to not have to hassle with the returns This year I used the store credit to purchase something and have been waiting days for it They keep changing the expected delivery date and the UPS TRACKING number says no information is available for this item

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Address: Box 1058, North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada, S9A 3E6


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