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• Oct 16, 2020

Manufacturers Defect Amigo Avenza
I purchased the 2021 Amigo Avenza. Arrived promptly as described, 99.9% assembled however it has been sitting in my garage since the day it has arrived. Approximately 2 weeks. I have no brake lights. Right blinker flashes brake light, when brakes pulled right blinker flashes. Cargo trunk missing key and seat lock broke, had to remove hinges to open. Was told warranty claims filed on both..have yet to receive replacement on either. They had me pull battery and have it checked to see if that was causing electrical was fine. They now want me to take it to a mechanic but have not offered any way of compensating for the repair cost and my scooter mechanic (I have a Motofino also) wont work on it as it is brand new and they don't want to be responsible for any other electrical issues. I call, always get voice mail and when an email is answered "we are working on it"..Working on what? I just want a scooter I can drive...that works. I would think a reputable company would not make a customer run around and try and trouble shoot or find a repair shop on a brand new scooter. They should have sent a working one and taken back the one with the manufacturers defect.

• Nov 19, 2019

We will send Mr [redacted] a new clutch as soon as he confirms shipping address with usWe will also provide a tracking number once the clutch is shippedSewing & Vacuum Center Inc.Attn: [redacted] * [redacted] Thank you[redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:All the problems people are having with Ice Bear poroducts ,I find it had to believe they dont know a simple thing such as a shipping address.--I have been waiting since June for a shipping address,about days

Ms [redacted] thank you for getting back with me I would like it reopened and to show that they have refunded the full amount of the UTV back to the credit card Also they are making arrangements to pick up the UTV and they are not charging no shipping fee's to me to ship back to them and no restocking fee's All along that is what they said they were going to do I also will include a message that they sent to me on 7/22/direct It has been threat after threat with them.Thank you for all your help

We have paid the tow truck driver for the round trip to and from the local shop, the distance is irrelevant at this pointWe tried very hard to help this customer when we were thousands of miles away from her, but customer did not want to cooperate with us, nor with the local shop and the distributor (BMS Motorsports), she assumed that we would not pay the shop for repair and that the shop would fix her UTV on the same dayShe did not care when the shop told her how much work they had on hand at the moment, she kept calling all parties and wanted her UTV fixed right away, she somehow became a "friend" of the tow truck driver whom we hired, she had him tow the UTV back to her place from the shop in a few hours unfixedShe also threatened both BMS Motorsports and Bobcat's Motorsports with a Chargeback and complaintWe received Chargeback on 6/16/and the full payment of $2,was taken out of our bank account right awayWe are now out of money and the machine while customer was still talking about charging us "storage fee"Her behaviors are unacceptableBy law the consumer keeps either the merchandise or the money, not bothPlease have the UTV ready for pickup as soon as possible and email pictures of it from different angles to [email protected], please include the belt, the keys and everything that came with the UTV in a glove boxCustomer is responsible for the return shipping which is $However, as a courtesy, we will cover half of it (including the cost of the belt) and customer pays $Customer shall contact her card issuing bank to withdraw the Chargeback before we will send our car carrier to pick up the UTV, once the UTV is shipped back to us, we will issue customer a refund minus $which comes to $2,If customer keeps the UTV as it and after we get our $2,back from her card issuing bank, we will credit her a $which is way more than enough to cover the repair Thank you Bobcat's Motorsports
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to my concern, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
Address---*** ***---*** *** *** *** ***

Mr*** has told us via phone and email several times that he does want the vehicle and to have it shipped to himHe also told us that his wife does not want him to have the Trike and "they" were sabotaging his purchase. He told us over the phone that "they removed his printer" so
he could not print the documents he asked us to physically mail the documents to him, which we did three times and once by priority mail that has trackingWe can confirm that the documents were delivered to his addressHe received one copy at the end of September or beginning of October and said that his son or son in law was supposed to mail it to us, but we did not receive it and the other copies that we mailed to him he maintains that he has never received them and stated " they must be taking them before I can get them"He asked us to resend the documents again to his home and he told us under no circumstances are we to cancel his order without his verbal and written consent, which as of now he has NOT given, neither by email or phone We have talked to both his daughter in law and Mr***s wife as they have told us that we need to cancel his order because "he will kill himself riding it"We asked our lawyer if Mrs*** had the right to cancel his order, and he advised that that unless they have a LEGAL Power of Attorney document stating that he is no longer capable of making decisions on his own then we have to abide by his wishesWe have not only contacted our lawyer, but the lawyer which drew up the paperwork for Mrand Mrs*** in who stated that our Lawyer is correct that the paper work that Mrs*** submitted was drawn up in as a precaution in case he was no longer capable to make decisions and take care of himself, and stipulated as our lawyer told us, The POA documents must be submitted with separate doctors letters confirming that Mr*** is not able to make decisions for himself otherwise the document is not legal. We were advised at this point to follow his wishesAs of today 11/17/we have received an email through *** from Mr***s *** account "Cancellation request via eBay"requesting cancellation, however as instructed by him we are waiting on the passcode he created to cancel his orderWe have received the POA document 11/7/and have been waiting for the two additional documents for Mrs*** to submit instead of just sending the vehicle as we legally can do and causing the ***s more difficultiesWe have a legal obligation to follow our customers wishesMrs*** has not shown us any medical documents stating he is in a psychiatric hospital as they claim, nor have they ever mentioned that he was in the hospital for anything other than cirrhosis of the liverWe are not only an honest and ethical business, we are a legal business that must follow the lawIf Mr*** is indeed in a psychiatric hospital as Mrs*** states it should not be difficult for her to get two doctors to confirm his incapacity so that we can legally be allowed to cancel his orderWe are not trying to make the ***s life difficult, we are working with an impossible legal situation, trying to give Mrs*** the opportunity to follow the law and produce the proper paper work that she knows she must supply for the Power of Attorney to be legal

I am rejecting this response because: The company had the item on their website and accepted the money asked for and retained that payment for almost a complete month The company wrote me and asked if I wanted to wait or cancel while they waited for hardware and I agreed to wait At no time was there ever a mention of the wrong price I believe that a contract was struck when I bought the item on their website and they indeed accepted said price and retained the money which was already billed on my credit card while I waited for month for said hardware This is the reason for my complaint, the party made a contract and were paid Nearly a month later they broke said contract and returned the money they had received amost thirty days later

Below forwarded is a copy of the email explaining the details of this cancellationIn addition, we have issued a full refund to the customer todayTransaction ID for the refund is *** *** called today after his order was cancelled, but the connection was bad and he was
breaking up, we finally lost each other, no one hung up on him. Hi ***, The hardware has arrived at our warehouseHowever, we found an error on our website and will cancel your orderThe correct price should be $including shippingDue to the size of the package, $should not include postage.I apologize for the error, please allow to business days for your card issuer to post the credit back to your account.***
*** ***
*** ***
*** ***
*** ***
Parts & Service: ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to my concern, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
The response is correct that the manufacture said they would exchange it for a new one but someone has to pay shipping to and from and I will not do it as I already paid for the new buggy which is not new in my opinion with all the defects and damage upon receipt of said buggy I also made this complaint in hopes of resolving this issue without having to go through court systemAlso I made quite a few attempts to contact the dealer to no avail I also left a couple of messages with no return call I just want what I paid for and that's for a new buggy with no defects and no safety issues I hope we can come to a quick resolution

The UTV was delivered with a belt missingWe found a local shop where's miles away from her house and paid a tow truck driver who towed the UTV to and from between her house and the shop, we also mailed the belt to the shop prior to UTV being towed there, but *** daughter (*** ***) had
been calling the shop every hour rushing them to get her UTV done right away, the shop had tons of work on hand at the time, no one had promised her a "same day repair service" in any way, she then told the shop that since the UTV could not be fixed right away, they should provided her with a written report stating that the UTV is non-repairable, the shop refused to do that because they said that the UTV was just missing a belt and "is" repairable, they just need a few more days before they had time to get to itMeanwhile, *** keeps calling the distributor (BMS Motorsports) every hour threatening with a chargeback and complaint, the owner of BMS finally had enough and told *** that they had been working with her and the shop since day one with no intention of stopping to help but they would call police if she keeps harassing them with unreasonable demands and threats*** then called the tow truck driver to tow the UTV back to her a few hours later and unrepairedShe also threatened Bobcat's Motorsports with a chargeback and complaint from day oneWe emailed her and discovered her dishonest behaviors, she has not responded to our last email to her dated 4/25/We have agreed to issue a refund of $if the UTV is shipped back to us at Buyer's cost in it's original condition with all accessories including the beltFreight charges must be pre paid by Buyer, no COD is allowed or the return shipment will be refusedIf Buyer has troubling finding a car carrier, we can use our carrier to pick up the UTV from her house and ship it back and will deduct a $from her refund upon receiving of UTV, the net refund would be $Lastly, I am not sure where she got the amount of $from, it has not been in any of our previous communications in any way, did she just make up that number out of nowhere just like how she suggested the shop to provide her with a statement to show off her dishonesty and greediness? Any additional questions please feel free to contact us.Best regards,*** General Manager Bobcat's Motorsports

Hello ***, Mr*** notified us that there might be a problem, we tried to walk him through a few trouble shooting steps and decided that it would be best to have the engine repaired by the manufacturerWe have been working with Mr*** on this case with no issuesAs we have informed him
that we have already been working with the manufacturer on getting the engine repairedDue to the fires in Los Angeles the manufacturer has been impacted and is behind on orders and repairsCurrently we are awaiting instructions from the manufacturer as to where to mail the engine and how long the repair will takeWe have NOT in any way denied the claim or miss led Mr***, however there are special circumstances that were not foreseeable that is out of everyone’s controlWe are hoping to have an answer for him in the next couple of days

I am rejecting this response because: trike was defected and would not return

There was an error on our website and we have fixed it, the correct price is $and not $Customer has received a full refund, he can feel free to place a new order if he chooses to

Mr*** ordered a motor trike assembled by the manufacture and delivered to his homeWhen the customer received it, the keys to ignition and rear trunk were missingWe realized later on that both keys had been zip tied to the handle bar but lost during shippingThe manufacturer took immediate
action and mailed out an entire new ignition with new keys via Priority Mail and a new trunk with new key by *** on the same day the customer reported it On Wednesday 6/7/the customer received the new ignition set, he called us several times stating that he did not know how to replace itWe tried to guide him through the process via phone and emailI received detailed installation instructions via email from the manufacturer on Thursday morning and forwarded the email to Mr*** right awayHowever, Mr*** notified me by phone that he had a 'mechanic' come over last night to fix the ignition, while he was fixing the ignition the scooter started smoking and the mechanic suggested that to return the scooter because it had 'electrical issues' I asked Mr*** if there was any power to the bike to which he said noI asked him if he could check the fuse to see if that was the issue with no power and he never responded. At this time I told Mr*** not to do anything, I would call the manufacturer again and see if they could authorize a repair by a certified shop near himThe manufacturer agreed to pay for shop labor of the ignition installation regardless of cause of the issueI asked Mr*** for a shop preferenceHe gave me the number of a nearby shop ~ *** ***I immediately contacted them and sent them the instructions for the repairI have been communicating with the shop consistently and asked Mr*** to drive the trike to the shop for repair as he was able to kick start itI also told him to email us the repair bill for a reimbursement when the repair is doneWe thought this would complete the issue As for the “electrical shortage” that Mr*** is stating, The picture of the ignition that the shop emailed us (see attached) clearly shows that either the customer or his “mechanic” on Wednesday night (6/7/17) put the plugs in backwards, touching the green wire to the black wire grounding them out causing them to smoke and melt This is NOT a "manufacturer's defect" or an “electrical issue”, it is pure human error after the deliveryThis could not have been done during assembly as the trike would have burned to the ground during shippingHopefully this action only damaged the original ignition, however if the customer or his “mechanic” had connected the new replacement ignition that we sent on the same way, it could have damaged the replacement ignition as well causing it not to work, which could be the cause of this current delay We are currently continually working with the shop and Mr*** to get his trike startedBoth Bobcats Motorsports and the Manufacturer *** *** are extremely sorry for the inconvenience that Mr*** has endured by the keys being lost during shipping, however we have since the beginning, and we will until it is completed do everything in our power to get his trike on the road as quickly as possibleAs an one-time courtesy, the human error caused by Mr*** or his "mechanic" is being covered under warranty, I will keep you updated on the repair progress I also attached a copy of the sales agreement that Mr*** signed before his order was shipped, term# on Page specifies detailed warranty coverage and detailed return policies are listed on Page Best regards, Bobcat's Motorsports Tel: 916-913-Fax: 844-301-2226Parts & Service: 916-333-

We stand by our decision that we are not going to Return or Refund the vehicle, however we are still willing to honor our year parts warranty at this point. Mr*** is welcome to email us with any issue he is having and we will do our best to advise him on how to repair the issue and will send parts as needed as we do with all customersMr***’s time line of events keeps changing, He forgets he called Bobcats Motorsports when the vehicle stopped on the way to the shop stating that the vehicle died in the middle of the road, not knowing what was wrongI asked him what the vehicle was doing and had to help him determine that the vehicle was out of gasI asked him if he knew that the gas indicator was on E when he left and he said he did, but he figured that there was enough gas to get to the shopI again advised him to how to open the gas cap to put gas in itA little while later he called back stating he was at the gas station and put gas in it and still could not get it to startI advised him there was air in the lines due to it running out of gas and to get starting fluid for the air box to help pull the gas from the tank to the carb to help it start; Which he did not want to doA couple hours went by and I did not hear from Mr*** so I called the shop and they confirmed that Mr*** had dropped off his vehicleThe current intermittent stalling issue Mr*** may be experiencing is most likely due to an idle adjustmentI have sent Mr*** written instructions and a video on how to adjust the carb, and as far as I am aware he still has not done the adjustmentIf that is not the cause it also could be that the carb is clogged due to it running out of gas when he first rode itThis could have gotten debris stuck in the carb jets causing gas starvation and the scooter to dieIf the idle adjustment does not work for Mr*** he can email me and I will email him instructions on how to fix a clogged CarburetorWhatever the issue we will still stand by the warranty and work with Mr*** as long as he stays courteous and professionalHowever, we do request that Mr*** and his wife stop their internet slandering of Bobcats MotorsportsAlthough we are extremely sympathetic to Mr***’s situation, we have proved over and over again that we are not at fault for Mr***’s set of keys being lost in transitIt was simply a shipping accident, which we took steps to rectify immediately upon it being reported by Mr***Everything that happened after he received the vehicle was due to the choices that Mr*** made not something Bobcats Motorsports did or had any control overTell us why here

We will send Mr*** a new clutch as soon as he confirms shipping address with usWe will also provide a tracking number once the clutch is shippedSewing & Vacuum Center Inc.Attn: *** *** *** ***
*** ** ***
*** *** Thank you.*** ***

Ms *** thank you for getting back with me I would like it reopened and to show that they have refunded the full amount of the UTV back to the credit card Also they are making arrangements to pick up the UTV and they are not charging no shipping fee's to me to ship back to them and no restocking fee's All along that is what they said they were going to do I also will include a message that they sent to me on 7/22/direct It has been threat after threat with them.Thank you for all your help

The customer has been working with the manufacturer to resolve the issuewe received an email yesterday 4/21/from the customer stating that he and manufacturer had come to an agreement about exchange. We are currently waiting to receive the agreement from the manufacturer to
aid in any way that we can
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to my concern, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
Please send instructions for installing rear turn signal light and how to clean carburetor

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