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• Feb 24, 2021

They won’t let you cancel
I have Truly been scammed by boldleads.

I feel so stupid. I wish I went to their Yelp / google reviews/ or here. I cannot see anything but 1 star reviews.

Tyler is HORRIBLY rude- as is everyone there.
I had spoke with Gina the sale rep and she was so sweet and even called me after our initial sales talk to tell me she went on my website and saw the photos of how I was blown up in Afghanistan serving as a combat medic and how she read all about my story and was inspired by me.
She told me she read about how I had lost my leg serving our country and how much she appreciated my service and that she would never put me into boldleads unless she thought it would help.
I cannot believe how much scammy tactics boldleads would use to get a client to pay. That phone call is what made me confident in using this company. But now I know it was just a super scammy sales tactic.

Boldleads does not care. They do not care. They are rude and mean. Made me nearly cry on the phone. I’m so stressed right now because of them.

I wish I never signed up.
My family is going to be out nearly $8000 because of this evil company. I wish they had a heart.

I truly thought boldleads cared about me
I need to record a call so you can hear how they treat the disabled.

• Apr 16, 2021

How do you get out of it?

• Mar 12, 2021

Dispute the charges, DO NOT PAY! we were all scammed as well.

• Jan 31, 2021

I need to cancel this ASAP
I have not even started to make the first step as I just signed up two weeks ago. I am going to block my credit card and then call BL tomorrow. All of these leads are either disconnected numbers or the lead has no intention of selling or the wrong number. The emails are also incorrect as well. I wish I read these comments before I signed up as I was skeptical. I would like to contact NAR as well to send an email out to all Realtors.

• Jan 05, 2021

Worst experience ever. Ripoff and terrible service.
This was the biggest mistake we have ever made with investing in false promises from this company and will be retaining an attorney. They called us over and over for months and when we finally signed on with a promise of no less than 20 quality, prescreened leads, they ghosted us. We received duplicates, faulty email and contact info, and some names with the same address, but when we called it wasnt even a real person. This company is really looking for a class action suit. We formally complained and said to cancel and they still keep charging us. And no one will call us back at all. So unprofessional.

• Dec 18, 2020

Horrible experience. I am not even going to say anything about the quality of the leads. How about just receiving lead count that was promised. I was guaranteed 20 ppl each month. Now I am paying $650 per month and only received 9 leads. Support is horrible and always make it your fault or dance around everything to make it your fault. This is a sample of their great concierge service. SCAM and lots of misleading information from sales rep and other departments

• Dec 10, 2020

Don't Recommend - Don't Receive Any Stars
When talking with them they said it was month to month, but now when I go to cancel they say I'm in a contract for 6 months that is NOT what I was told on the phone and on top of it she says they need 10 days to review my request before THEY decide to cancel. NO - I want to cancel!
The leads are crap - I'm paying $649 for a TARGETED AREA, but the leads I'm getting are not in the targeting area. They have automation, so a client asked not to be texted, so the automation says,"I understand, then ask them more questions" so you just pissed off that person. Do you think I will EVER convert that lead?

Do NOT waste your money, time or hassle dealing with this company!
Spend the extra money and go with Zillow, who actually provide LEADS who are ready to buy and who CAN actually BUY!
Not just bored and scrolling and wasting everyone's time!

• Oct 19, 2020

Real estate leads
I recieved numerous threatening calls from them. I cancelled my subscription because two months nothing but junk. no one is selling or buying, always just curious and then they waste your time. They will threaten you with all kinds of things and they are rude, nasty bullies, I have reported them to the New York State attorney general and I know and investigation is in process. they lied to me. I said I will try for a month and they trying to say I asked for a contract be aware of these fools, Zillo is 1000000000000 times better for a cheaper price.

Stay away from Bold Leads
This is one of the most worst companies Ive ever worked with.
The leads are complete junk.
I can not stress to you enough not to use this company. I signed 6 month contract and in that time most if not all the leads where bad numbers and bounce back emails. Some Leads hundreds of miles away from the areas we discussed. Ive been in the business a long time and this company is by far the worst Ive ever worked with. Everything from their bill department to their follow up. They need to be reported to the attorney generals office.

Horrible company- steer clear!
Terrible customer service. Ripoff. Harrassing, rude, argumentative customer service, if and when they ever get back to you.

No call back
I can't say that I would recommend Bold Leads. One of the biggest reasons why I decided to give Bold Leads a try was because they advertise "Our team will generate leads, qualify them, and hand them off to you on a silver platter." They also advertise "Never call a bad lead again. Our team will only connect you with leads who actually want to connect with an agent." Well after over a month and a half none of that has happened. When my husband and I called them to express our concerns after the first month there response was "It takes 3 months to see results." Now as much as I want to hope and pray that comes true, at over $700 a month I would expect to see a some kind of better results. Going into our second month the interaction between conceirge services and the clients have been very poor. I have left 3 messages for our account manager Tiffany and still no call back. Our sales representative said he or someone would call me back with my concerns, it has been over 48 hours and still no call back. So in conclusion, if you ask me if paying over $700 a month for their service is worth it? Definitley not. Will try reaching out again to them and see if they will do what is right. If you would like more detailed explanation as to why I gave it such a low review feel free to reach out.

• Dec 18, 2020

I am not here to discuss the leads and their quality, extremely poor. I am here to agree with others that this company is a scam. I was promised minimum of 20 leads per month. For 3 months they did not meet the number. Then support tells me that my sales rep misrepresented this info. When I called Tara my sales rep, she reassured me that support department is wrong. Every time I call, they are always right. I learned that lie to cover their own b... SCAMMERS. I did file a fraud complained. Below is their Concierge service text to one of angry leads. Support is arguing with me that Concierge's response is a proper one. Once this text was sent out, this person called my Broker and Department of Commerce.

• Jul 28, 2020

Susan I have the same problem. They assured me with results. I paid $700 which I now lost and now I am tied to this horrible company that will not refund me or will cancel my subscription. Please if you found a way to get them to cancel your account please let me know. I just lost so much money to this scam and horrible company. Please let me know about what you did.

Boldleads did not misrepresent our product or expected results We are billing as per the terms our our signed agreement with the client

Hi,I am accept the refund from Bold Leads, but dispute their replyI have attached the response I used to send to my credit card company to initiate a charge disputeI stopped that motion once I heard that Bold Leads would provide a refundI still however, want to alert others to their substandard actions and performanceCommunication was misleading from the beginning about cancellation and services, regardless of the posted replyThis case shall now be closed, and I accept the refund, but not the replyThanks for your time and efforts regarding this situation [redacted]

9/26/17, [redacted] (Client) signed a 12-month contract with Boldleads (BL) for online marketing to generate leads BL explained the minimum advertising budget yields ~leads per monthOn 9/28/17, client participated in a BL call explaining that incorrect information provided by the public was to be expected Client registered for BL webinar for system explanation and lead expectations BL has no record of client attendance9/30/Client requested BL update his ads with his brokerage & license informationCompleted on 10/1/17.10/13/Client requested to cancel his account due to poor lead qualityLead quality expectations had been outlined to the client 2x & are BL TOSBL reaffirmed lead expectations, contract terms, & offered aproduct to enhance lead information at no chargeClient accepted 10/16/17, Client spoke with BL & was excited about a lead that could convert into a sale 10/16/17, BL discussed client's concerns re: high lead volumeHe received leads in < weeks exceeding expectations BL confirmed that his account was overperforming 10/18/17, Client emailed - upset with number of leads & that “fake” people were submitting leads BL communicated that they were researching his concern.10/19/17, BL called client Client incorrectly stated that BL was not in compliance with CA boards & that BL is not licensed to do business in California He accused BL of manually entering in “fake” leads He claimed BL of running blind ads BL assured him that none of this was trueBL offered to show client ads & to verify legal complianceClient became aggressive & uncooperative on the call & hung up Client threatened legal action in emailClient's concerns have been addressed within hrs Client wrongly accused BL of illegal practicesBL terminated Client's agreement without penalty due to abuse & slander on 10/25/ BL has a zero tolerance policy for abuse/slanderTo date, the client has paid BL a Total of $

On August 15, 2016, [redacted] executed a three-month contract with BoldLeads for access to the Boldleads lead follplatform and management of an internet advertising campaignBoldleads provides ad management for marketing on the internet and makes no claims about the quantity or quality of the leads that result from the marketing campaignsBoldleads delivered and this client received a total of full leads, partial leads and address capture leads after days of an active ad campaign.*See attached screenshot of client's account showing leads up to the day she asked to cancel The client agreed to a month subscription with Boldleads and ads were designed and placed, with leads deliveredThe client is in breach of this contractThis client claims, in her letter, that she has spent $with BoldleadsThe actual amount spent to date is $( see attached invoice) The breakdown is as follows: $- Monthly subscription Pro charge - (A Pro Subscription includes: Access to the lead follplatform, unlimited landing pages, an interactive software interface, zip code exclusivity and a professionally managed advertising campaign.) $Non refundable setup charge $- Monthly recurring Ad Budget charge - (This pays for the upcoming days of online marketing This payment draft was to have covered marketing costs from 8/-9/15.) The client’s advertising campaign ran for a total of days with a total advertising spend of $The client’s ad campaign has been stopped and on 8/30/the client was refunded remaining Ad Budget balance of $The client also disputed this advertising budget charge with her credit card company on 9/24/despite receiving a refund This client stated that she has tried all of Boldleads recommended lead conversion strategies The client has only been with BoldLeads for days Many of our strategies suggest following up with leads for a two-week periodThe client has not had the time to try all of the recommended strategies The client stated Boldleads Support was not available to her for daysBoldleads offers both email and live supportOn 8/client scheduled a Support call for 8/despite of the availability of earlier time slotsThe client also received support and guidance from our Facebook page (see attached)The client stated that she was told, “it takes months to close a deal.” Her Boldleads Account Representative reached out to her immediately and reminded her that she was only days into her marketing campaign and that it was too early to make a judgement call based on the leads she had received The client was told deal times vary and that internet advertising is a long-term ventureMost of our real estate agent clients report their lead conversion time range to be between months 6-At that time, when the client was talking to her Account Representative, the client asked if she could add a ‘Buyer’ advertising campaign to her already purchased ‘Seller’ advertising campaignShe was advised to complete her month contract starting with Sellers only before adding additional campaigns provides a followup system CRM & runs advertising campaigns to generate "raw" internet leadsWe charge a monthly subscription for the CRMNew clients pay a non-refundable "One-Time On Boarding Fee" of $for ad design & account setupA charge for the ad campaign is paid to Facebook.Client signed a 3-month contract with BoldLeads on 8/15/for a Seller Leads Pro Account for advertising in zip codes & 32931.Actual amount client spent so far is $(see attached invoice): $199-Monthly recurring Seller Pro charge - (Subscription fee for the followup system)$Non refundable One-Time OnBoarding charge$200-Monthly Advertising Budget charge - (days of Facebook Ads This draft would have covered marketing costs from 8/-9/15.)Client's ad campaign ran for days resulting in spending of $Advertising Budget fundsCampaign has been stopped & client will be refunded remaining unspent balance of $130.22.Client stated that she has tried all of our strategies for lead follow up Client has only been with BoldLeads for days Most of our strategies suggest following up for up to a two week periodShe has not had the time to implement the recommended strategies.Client stated that Boldleads Client Support was not available to her for daysClient had a minute On Boarding call with support on 8/On 8/client scheduled a Support call for 8/even though there were earlier time slots availableClient also received support and guidance from our Facebook page (see attached).Client stated she was told, “it takes months to close a deal.” On 8/her Account Representative reminded her that she was only days into her marketing campaign and that it was too early to make a judgment call based on the leads she had received from Boldleads Advertising efforts Client was told that deal times vary & that it's a long term process - most real estate agents report the most closings between months 6-

Mary, As I have stated numerous times to Paul D***, I bought a lead generation productWhen I purchased the product I was told by Paul "trust me you'll get leadsMy office uses real geeks which is another lead generation site, and they deliver REAL leads A lead is someone who is in the market to sell their homeI told him that he is a sales person who makes his money off of sales calls and leadsWhat if every single person who called him or he called wasn't a serious buyer or interested at allThat's not a real, qualified, genuine lead and he knows itI was on their facebook page which they screen heavily and have to approve commentsAnything negative written about the leads not being real are erasedI even had another guy on the bold leads fb page reach out to me when I said "these aren't real leads!"Of course, that was deleted Yes I was only on the site for days when I started complainingWhy after ONLY four days did I complain? I complained because I had received over leads that were OUT of the zipcode which I had paid for as an exclusive territory (a sales gimmick which they can't defend), OR people did not enter any contact infoNo nameNo numberNo emailJust an addressSometimes people would enter multiple times, same address with all fake contact infoOr the few times I actually connected with someone, they said..."please don't contact me I'm not in the market, I was just curious as to what my house is worth." One of them was even my neighbor and told me not to contact him! Therefore once again, these are not REAL, solid, actively looking to sell, leadsThese are FAKE leadsWhen I continued to confront Paul about this he said, most realtors say they start seeing results in 8-monthsSo they want you to pay $a month with no real activity and trust that all of the sudden a year later I will start getting responses from the people whom I don't have email addresses or phone numbers for, or for the people who said don't contact me I am a business personI am here to make moneyBroke people don't spend $a month on lead generation with $downI legitimately believed the sales pitch Paul gave meI wasted weeks of being able to market to serious sellers because of Bold leads This is a customer service industry and for him to make me feel like I'm an it for stating the obvious and for him to deny that this is not TRUE lead generation like Real geeks is condescending and ridiculousThe only right thing to do with such an unhappy customer is to refund all of my moneyHowever, they want to continue to argue with meI am a member of NARMy broker is the President of our association where national conventions are heldI have been trying to give them a chance, but if I am not refunded my moneyI will march right into her office tomorrow and tell her to tell every realtor in Central Florida to steer clear of Bold LeadsAs you can tell, I am extremely upsetNot only by the poor leads, but by Paul's absolute disrespectI hope that helps, if you need more evidence...I can start pulling up more emails, but honestly I've wasted so much time with them....I just want a FULL refundThat is the fair, honest and ethical thing to do

We manage advertising for real estate agents that generates leads of homeowners who inquire about a home valuationAgents then work with the leads by calling, texting and emailing in order to convert the leads into clientsWe assist agents with this lead conversion by offering training, automation, software tools, webinars, drip campaigns, and a mastermind groupWe help thousands of real estate professionals build their businesses, and have countless success stories and positive reviews, some of which are available on our siteWith our business model, we do not sell listing leads to agents or guarantee listingsWe simply provide advertising management in the agent's chosen zip code(s) or area, with the intent to generate leads using our tools.Mr [redacted] signed a 6-month contract with us on 7/31/and was provided with targeted leads during his months with usIn his 4th month of a 6-month contract, he indicated that he wanted to cancel his contract Our sales, billing and support departments have made separate attempts to contact Mr [redacted] via phone and email to discuss his contractHe has been unreachable despite our best attempts After attempting to contact Mr [redacted] , we cancelled his 6-month contract on 12/9/We also refunded Mr [redacted] 's subscription and ad budget paid for the fifth month of service and discontinued billingWe've also found that Mr [redacted] has posted numerous negative posts on various sites making accusationsWe are a family-owned business that cares deeply about our clients, and we strive to provide the best software and service possibleWe ask that Mr [redacted] remove these posts, as they are unnecessary, inaccurate and unprofessionalWe apologize for any misunderstandings and are sorry that we were unable to reach Mr [redacted] to sort this outPlease see the attached executed 6-month contract Mr [redacted] signed with us.Feel free to contact me with any questions

• Dec 18, 2020

This is your great service? Your sales person misrepresents information. Your support department always blames the costumer. Pls see attached text from your concierge to the lead. This almost cost me my license last month.

11/9/ [redacted] & [redacted] (clients) signed a 6-month contract with Boldleads (BL) for online marketing to generate leadsClient statement: we would provide leads from “motivated sellers” is incorrect We explained to every new client that we are advertising to homeowners in the early stages of the home selling processThis allows our clients to be the first agent they speak to Our product is a pipeline building tool that helps them cultivate relationships overtimeAlthough many of our clients do get immediate business it is never presented that way to any new clients As stated in our terms of service BL makes no promise or guarantee of lead volume, quality, or lead conversion rates.Client statement: continuous phone calls,email and textOur system send emails and texts automatically The only thing required of our clients is to call leadsClient statement regarding BL placing blame on them that we were not doing something right It is not BL practice to place blame on our clients BL empowers our clients to find success by offering multiple webinars, lead conversion sessions, and coaching sessions, all complimentary.Client statement on additional coaching calls: Coaching calls are client initiated and scheduled by the clients we have multiple coaches available to helpClient states that they reached out on 1/31/and only received an email response2/1/BL support reached out to client and to discuss concerns,accommodated customization were made 2/9/Client scheduled a support call but was not available when BL reached out.2/13/Clients credit card goes into decline2/14/Client states they are still waiting for a call even though they received a call on 2/1/and were not avail for the second scheduled call on 2/9/18.Boldleads has made every effort to help this client be successful and accommodate his requests

The client [redacted] entered into a 12-month agreement with our companyThe client's file indicates she had a clear understanding of her online marketing campaign and that it would generate unqualified leads in the early stages of the home selling process She was also made aware that it would take time to cultivate the relationship with these leadsAfter only months, the client requested to cancel, stating the reason as "not enough prospects wanting to sell now" We reached out to the client to review expectationsWe discussed follstrategies and acknowledged she was doing many things right We advised her to be consistent in her efforts as that would yield the best resultsShe stated that she did not have time to wait and did not want to spend money on leads that weren't ready to convert nowIn addition, she also requested a refund of her recent paymentAt that time we reminded her of the agreement she signed that states, "I am responsible for paying for the remainder of the contract termNo exceptions made for early terminations and no refunds" (please see attached) She then stated that the contract should be void because we did not provide her leads that were ready to sell now At that time we reminded her of our initial expectation conversation about different lead types and stages, which is also outlined in our terms of service (please see attached)At that time, she told us if we did not cancel her contract and refund her she would file a complaint with the We made every attempt to as assist the client, however, she was not willing to invest the time needed to find success

At first, it was overwhelming how many leads were coming in and I had no idea how to handle the leadsAfter a few months, I began attempting to make contact with the leadsFrom March to May, I have listed homes, and one is currently under contractI’ve earned over $39,in months! This is the best lead system out there!!

Total trash - nothing but out of area leads because FB has changed everything. All you have to do to get out of the agreement is threaten them with bad online reviews and they fold with no penalites. So glad I was able to get out when I did - otherwise I was on the hook for 9 more months. Zillow hotter leads are worth the money, BoldLeads is NOT.

• Dec 15, 2020

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