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• Mar 09, 2021

deliver, installation and service
Shane and Enon were both courteous, efficient, knowledgable, timely, pleasant and effected their job in a manner to be commended and applauded!

Kudos for Bray and Scarf to recognize them!
3/08/2021 Arlington, VA. 22202

• Dec 08, 2020

Taking my business elsewhere - poor customer service
August 2nd, I ordered all new kitchen appliances. Was told due to the pandemic, it would probably be the end of September before they would be in. Fine, I was in no hurry. September comes and goes, no phone call saying it's still on backorder, no nothing! So I have to keep calling them to find out what the status is because they "as a Company have made the decision not to call customers with bad news" as I was told by the Store Manager, Jason Turner. He and I have a conversation about customer service as I am also a Store Manager that has had to deliver bad news to my customers but I always try to figure out a way to make some kind of accommodation, I try to come up with an alternative way, offer something else, ANYTHING to let them know that I WANT their business. Jason did none of this. I asked for a refund hoping he might try to keep my business, but nope, I got nothing. I even suggested he could ask me to come by so that he could show me options that I would be able to get sooner than what I originally ordered, which probably would've resulted in more money, but no, no offer just told me that since I asked about a refund, he was going to refund my money. And then to make matters worse, he then asks me if I want him to come pick up the washer and dryer that I already received?!?!? Are you serious? So in the middle of a pandemic when stores are having to close every day, people losing their jobs, Bray & Scarff obviously has plenty of money that they could care less about this customer!

I could've originally when to any home improvement store and bought my appliances but CHOOSE Bray & Scarff to avoid issues just like this. Guess I'm headed to the home improvement store today!

Good afternoon, The service call was completed and the unit was repaired on June 28th Our Service Manager Glenn S [redacted] spoke with the customer yesterday (June 29) to confirm the repair was completed to her satisfactionThe customer was given direct contact numbers if the need arises in the future We consider the complaint to be resolved.Regards, Wayne P***

Two years ago, my spouse and I renovated our kitchen and replaced all appliances These appliances were purchased through Bray & Scarff Within the first year, the refrigerator fan was very loud It took the Bray & Scaff repair department several trips and six months to repair the fan In June of this year, the refrigerator quit Bray & Scarff came to look at the refrigerator and advised it needed a mother board The service man was given a deposit of $for the board This was on a Thursday On Tuesday, the following week, we received a phone call asking if we authorized the charge It took the board two weeks to be received The repair service was scheduled only to be told that the wrong board was sent It took another two weeks for the correct board to arrive The board was replaced only to have the refrigerator quit four days later When I called the Bray & Scarff repair deptthat Monday, I was told that they would call me back which they never did On Saturday, my spouse and I went to the Bray & Scarff store in Sterling requesting assistance On Monday, I received a phone call from the repair dept and was told that there was another board needed It took another two weeks for the board to come in The repair was scheduled only to have the serviceman arrive with the wrong part My spouse and I again went to the store and asked for assistance I was never able to get the refrigerator repaired After all of this, we bought a new refrigerator since we could not get ours repaired I will never purchase any appliance from Bray and Scarff Not only were they not helpful but the repair department isn't knowledgeable of their products and appears to not have any parts available Our emails to senior mgmt went unanswered There was no customer service nor any concern about getting the product repaired

Good afternoon, A refund of $has been approved and will be processed no later then Dec Brenda from the repair department spoke to [redacted] on Dec If there are any additional questions or concerns [redacted] should contact Brenda at [redacted] or [redacted] ***Fyi Wayne P

Good afternoon, The unit was repaired this week by our service tech Larry and the customer seemed satisfiedIf [redacted] has any additional questions or concerns he should feel free to contact Holly S [redacted] directly @ [redacted] Best Regards, Wayne P,

Good afternoon, Ms [redacted] was contacted by her sales person Curtis on April 3, Curtis offer to cover 50% of the estimated $cost to address Ms [redacted] 's concernsMs [redacted] declined his offer explaining she would have her handyman address these issues If Ms [redacted] has any additional questions or concerns she should feel free to contact Curtis directly at the Columbia Retail location or call him at ###-###-####Best Regards, Wayne P

my in laws bought a fridge from there and bought the warranty a year warrantyafter months of use the fridge has had different problems , or diagonsed with three different problemstry calling the company is like calling the embassy, good luck getting an answeri was told that because it had been a year that the warranty is not valid and it goes to " a contract", so I called the "contract" company and spent minutes on hold with no answer in sitei called the next day, and spent another minutes on the phonetwo weeks no fridge we had to go out and buy a mini fridgeone of three things needed to happen , is what I told the people I talked to , either our money back, a new fridge or fix it nowwwwwwwgood luck with this company , what a joke

I had my dishwasher serviced under warranty It needed parts for a repair The parts were ordered by Bray & Scarff I received a call on 9/that the parts had come in and to call to schedule an appointment On 9/28, I called and scheduled an appointment for 10/ On the late afternoon of 10/4, I got a call from Bray & Scarff telling me my parts had come in (again) I said to the person that I had already scheduled an appointment for 10/ She said she had no record of that and couldn't have someone come out until 10/ I had already taken off work on 10/(and it was too late to cancel it), and now needed to take off work on 10/ All because they made a mistake on a product that was defective under warranty An unaccommodating employee, and her manager Debra, offered no help, sympathy or viable options and dismissed the idea the company erred (even thought I could provide info I would only know by having called back and scheduled my appointment) There is no way to resolve this issue, as I am writing this on 10/after having taken off, but the public should know that this company does not care about customers, does not own its mistakes and treats people in a very poor fashion Do yourself a favor and go to B [redacted] B [redacted] HH G [redacted] or another big box where at least you aren't paying extra to be treated poorly

Good morning, This unit was exchanged on 12/30/Customer seems satisfiedIf there are any additional questions or concerns they should feel free to contact John D [redacted] directly at ###-###-####Best Regards, Wayne P

Stay away and buyer beware!!!! I would rather pay twice as much and go elsewhere for an appliance then buy from Bray And Scarff RepairIf you ever need repair on an appliance ( and you will!) you will wait monthsThey are totally incompetent with service and scheduling is a minimum of two weeks out to have them come look at it, then another two weeks to order the part and get back on the schedule It should be illegal to run a business like they doI have been without an oven for almost months and they never get it rightYou have no other option then to deal with them, if you buy the extended warrantyYou're a glutton for punishment and have to wait on their scheduleThere will be no rushing or assisting the customerI cannot say it strongly enough this is a miserable experienceStay away!!!!

Good afternoon, [redacted] requested another service company to come out , as she did not feel our technician was qualified [redacted] NSI assigned the call to [redacted] on 2-20- They diagnosed the problem as a main control board [redacted] installed the part on 3-10-and was able to repair the unit We consider this complaint as resolved Thank you, [redacted]

Good afternoon,The unit has been exchanged and [redacted] has been contacted by Hollie S [redacted] She did agree to pay the $he was charged to clean the rug, but he declined because the unit was exchangedIf [redacted] has any additional questions or concerns he should feel free to contact Holley @ ###-###-####Best Regards, Wayne P

[redacted] was contacted by Sam Z [redacted] from our [redacted] locationHe offered to reduce the restocking fee to 10% and the sale of a new unit at a discounted price [redacted] accepted this offer so we are in the process of setting up the removal of the current unit and the delivery of a new one [redacted] seemed satisfied with the outcome and if he has any additional questions or concerns he should feel free to contact Sam directly @ ###-###-####Best Regards, Wayne P

[redacted] was contacted on Aug by Brenda from the Repair DeptDuring the conversation it was agreed upon to refund the amount of $to [redacted] The refund has been requested and will be issued to [redacted] in the form of a checkIf [redacted] has any additional questions or concerns she should feel free to contact Brenda @ ###-###-#### X***Best Regards, Wayne P

We are now going on months of trying to get an ice machine repairedIt takes 3-weeks to get a technician out The first visit back in September he said he had fixed it and was wrong After another long wait the technician comes back and says we need a new part But of course the part is on back order We wait another month and they call to schedule an appt which they then cancel Another two week wait He finally comes back and installs the part and says it is fixed Still doesn't work

Good Afternoon,Keith R [redacted] contacted [redacted] on June [redacted] has accepted a credit of $for the issues listed in the complaintShe stated she was happy with the credit and seemed satisfiedIf there are any additional questions or concerns **and [redacted] should feel free to contact Keith directly @ ###-###-####Best Regards Wayne P

Good afternoon, The unit was exchanged on Jan Everything seemed to go well and the customer seems happyIf Mr [redacted] has any additional questions or concerns he should feel free to contact John D [redacted] directly @ ###-###-####Fyi Wayne P

Good morning,John D***, the General Mgr has been in contact with the customerThe parts were order, received and the unit has been repaired, [redacted] seems satisfied If [redacted] does have any additional questions or concerns she should feel free to call John at *** [redacted] Best Regards, Wayne P

I will never buy a product from Bray & Scarff ever againI purchase a washer/dryer from them and in January called because the dryer makes a loud vibrating noiseOver the months they kept sending the same tech who told me "to live with the noise", nothing is wrong, etc, my units are stacked and they would send one tech and when he arrived I was told I can't do anything this job requires two techs and would leaveI would have no show appts, or the when I called to fine out why they would say it rained and traffic is bad can't make the windowIt is now almost May and the problem has finally been diagnosed but I still can't get them to show up to fix itThis is in addition to being told off when I call, being called out of the blue and asked for a serial number off the dryer and when I ask why being told "just give it to me" and being ignored as no one wants to deal with me anymoreMy warrantee is about to expire and I believe they are purposely pushing this to the end so they don't have to fix it

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