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Review: Picked my purchase up in December 2014 for my son as a christmas present. We purchased a 2014 Can-AM ATV for around $3,400. I wanted to buy local so the Dealer is Mosites Motor Sports. This complaint is for the manufacturer which is Can-AM. I have had communications with both dealer and can-am since March 2015. Within the first 3 months with only prob 4-5 times of riding (we live in pgh so weather not appropriate for daily riding) there were many issues. Chain consistently falling off, wouldn't stay on after adjusted. Oil was administered but just kept burning it over and over, the bolts to the sprocket eventually broke and oil continuing to leak out on the manifest.

Reached out to dealer from March 2015- May 2015 by phone, but wanted to charge for pick up. We do not have a truck to bring at dealer at this time. They would not work on that with us at that time. May2015 was taken into service due to the fact I had my dad take it there in his pickup. Service called and said there is no oil in this. (Well, yes because it was not staying in there and just burning out/off). Dealer drove around parking lot and said seems fine. But if you want us to correct some things it will be around $800. Well, I wasn't pay that for something that was only ridden a few times and it wasn't due to lack of maintenance on our part. So, I had my dad bring it back home. Months passed because of my unhappy pouting son who refused to ride it. Days go by and that isn't the only thing on my plate at the time.

Now a in January 2015, I attempted to reach out again after still calls after the service visit in May, but the service mgr refused to speak with my husband saying he doesn't know what he is doing. We have Polaris and Honda brand recreational vehicles and we are very familiar with the process.

Both the dealer and CAN-AM refuse to pay for repairs stating it was due to lack of maintenance. Hence, picked up DEc. 2013. Called from March 2014 on. I think it was merely a lemon or a bad one off the line. That many things shouldn't go wrong to a brand new ATV DS-90 within 3 months of probably riding 2 times in that time period. With the dealer providing a dip stick with no oil, doesn't mean we didn't put any in. It simply means it's burning oil.

This is alot of money for this type of outcome.Desired Settlement: Would prefer a refund or an equal trade of a different make.



In reading Ms. [redacted] complaint, we noted there were several mistakes in the dates. However, with the knowledge that we have of her ATV, we were able to make sense of it. BRP’s staff was contacted back in May 2014 and again this past January about this 2014 Can-Am DS. In May, it was noted that the vehicle had very little oil in the motor and that was the cause for the engine running poorly. In January, poor running and a loose chain were reported. Mosites Motorsports, the servicing dealer, found the ATV had a bent tie rod and the rear sprocket bolts were coming out because of improper chain adjustments. There was oil in the engine. We have photos on file from both dates. From them, it appears that the ATV has been ridden, which differs from the customer’s statement to the In January, BRP did not offer any repair assistance because there was no defect in the tie rod, chain or the bolts. These repairs are non-warranty repairs and maintenance related services for which the consumer is responsible. Also in January, Mosites Motorsports picked up the ATV, inspected it and prepared an estimate for repairs all at no charge to the customer. They also offered to take care of a few small items that were needed at no charge to the consumer. The Shaffer’s declined their offer. No warranty claims were submitted during the warranty period. The ATV is now out of warranty and still no defect has occurred. BRP responded to each question presented to us. No new developments have occurred since the last time we had a file open. We find no basis to consider a refund or a trade. We understand this is not the response Ms. [redacted] was hoping for, but it is the only one that can be made given the facts.

Review: On September 21, 2013, we purchased a 2013 Can Am Commander 1000XT with 140 miles on it from Paducah Power Sports, Paducah, KY. On Sept 22 I had traveled approximately 1 mile on a flat gravel road from our home as I started to round a corner under harder acceleration, I heard a loud pop from the rear end of the machine. The drive belt was in perfect condition when inspected. We found a closer Can Am dealer (Midwest Performance and Power, Keokuk, IA) who was willing to perform the warranty work. Upon arrival at the dealership, we learned that they had 3 other 2013 Can Ams with low miles on them with the same issue. The dealership contacted BRP Technical Team on two different occasions to state our case. We also contacted BRP Customer Service on four occasions before a Sr Customer Service Technician contacted us with their end decision to Case# [redacted]. Their decision was that the machine would not be covered due to abrupt weight transfer causing the gears to bust off. The dealership provided pictures of the breakage which we provided to a local heat treat specialist. It was apparent to him that the parts were not treated properly. We purchased the machine due to the 3 year warranty boasted by the manufacturer. It seems that this warranty doesn't seem to cover much of anything. I am a 45 yr old operator. I am far beyond the point of abuse (or even a riding challenge) in my riding career.Desired Settlement: We expect BRP to stand behind their "warranty" and refund us for the cost of this repair as no abuse occurred.



After receiving your letter, we reviewed the previous contacts related to the rear pinion gear damage that [redacted] described in his letter to you.

We learned this damage occurred shortly after he purchased the side-by-side vehicle. Because of that and because the vehicle was still within the limited warranty period, he expected the cost of the repairs to be covered by BRP.

The BRP OEM drive system parts are covered against manufacturing defects. But the repair in this case was not covered. I'll explain the reason. In 2012, BRP published a Drive System Warranty Guideline chart to assist its Can-Am dealers in determining whether or not certain failures would be covered by the warranty. I've attached a copy of the bulletin with this email. On Page 2, the gear teeth photos depict the type of damage on [redacted] vehicle. The bulletin further states this is not considered a warranty repair.

We will be unable to change our position in this case. We understand this is not the answer [redacted] was hoping to receive. His request was previously evaluated by both our technical support and consumer services groups. If a different outcome could have been reached, one of these groups would have made that decision.

Nancy Larsen


Review: I contacted Can Am Offroad a few months ago (Part of BRP) and told them about my problem. The problem is that my ATV which is a 2013 Can Am Outlander 1000 XMR is having problems with the air compressor for the air suspension. It has stopped working all together and does no longer fill the shocks with air. This is a huge issue as the suspension is stuck on setting 1 and it is very easy to bottom out the shocks and damage the shocks themselves! I contacted Can Am regarding this problem and they said it is no longer covered under warranty and that I should contact my dealer to get it priced and fixed. I am well aware of Can Am's warranty and that it is only a 1 year warranty. The compressor started to malfunction right after the warranty was up, just my luck! However I did some research and found the following.

Many people have been having this problem with the same machine as well as any other machine that Can Am makes equipped with the air suspension system!! Here is a link with several people stating similar problems with this system. I also found that the later models along with any other models that Can Am originally equipped with air suspension is no longer. You cannot purchase a brand new Can Am ATV equipped with air suspension as I am sure they know they have a problem with it so the decided to scrap it all together.

I proceeded to contact Can Am a second time via EMail and they did not respond. This I find pathetic and highly insulting as I have been a Can Am and BRP customer for quite a while now and would expect better customer service and action taken on my specific situation. It is not fair for everyone who purchased this year of ATV to suffer with this faulty air suspension system and I believe Can Am/BRP should step up to the plate and fix this major issue!Desired Settlement: I believe that Can Am/BRP should either replace the compressor on my Can Am Outlander 1000 XMR or replace the shocks on the ATV with a non air suspension alternative, which ever I will have less problems with which I am leaning towards the second option. This I find to be a suitable settlement considering the price I paid for this unit, also considering the size and stature of Can Am/BRP I don't think this should be such an issue for them!



Review: On 2-7-14 I took an CV Joint that was damaged (under normal driving patterns) back to my dealership for repair or replacement. The machine is an 2013 Can Am Commander X with 256 miles on it. I have the extended B.E.S.T warranty that covers parts of the machine after the 6 month factory warranty goes off. My machine is covered per warranty contract until 2016! CV joints are stated in the warranty contract under "covered items", however after my dealership getting back to me I was informed that BRP would not cover the said item. I called to ask why and the lady first off told me yes it would be covered. She told me to hold on that she had to speak with someone, upon coming back to the phone she said we are sorry but the item won't be covered because they didn't consider it a manufacture defect. I told her there are no grey areas in their B.E.S.T warranty brochure that says "items won't be covered if we consider them to be no defective"! I feel regardless of what item I may have an issue with that they are always going to say it is driver misuse or abuse to get out of standing behind their warranty. BRP cannot and should not make claims to fix damage items covered under the warranty, then deny fixing them. Luckily I was on a trail with a Polaris side by side that towed me 3 miles back to my truck or I still might be stuck in the woods!Desired Settlement: I want BRP to refund the entire amount of money I paid for the additional extended warranty, as I don't want to fight with them covering items that they say they will fix in the warranty. I will make my own repairs, as I've found out they do everyone like this. For future purchases I will know to stay clear of their products!



BRP learned of the damage to Mr. [redacted] 2013 Can-Am Commander earlier this month.

He is correct in that he has the B.E.S.T. Protection Plan on his vehicle. This plan provides repair coverage after the limited warranty has expired. While it covers many components, it is not as comprehensive as the limited warranty.

The CV joint is covered if there is a manufacturer's defect. The photographs submitted by Mr. [redacted] dealer show a failed CV joint cage. This type of failure is not considered a manufacture defect and, therefore, is not covered by either the limited warranty or B.E.S.T. We will not be able to change that decision.

As background, in February 2013, through an Administrative Bulletin, BRP issued a Drive System Warranty Guideline. This information is intended to assist BRP dealers in their diagnosis of drive system damage reports. I've attached the bulletin and photographs of the damage to this response. The photographs show the same type of damage as in the upper photograph on Page 4 of the bulletin, which again, is not covered by BRP.

In closing, Mr. [redacted] asked that we refund the purchase price of the B.E.S.T. Plan because he does not believe that it will cover anything. As I mentioned above, it covers many types of repairs. We will not be able to cancel the contract and are not be able to refund the purchase price.

If you have any further questions on this matter, do not hesitate to contact us.

Nancy Larsen




I will attempt to recoup the money I paid for the extended warranty through litigation. Like I said in the following claim, BRP reason for not covering an item is always going to be "user abuse". I paid to much for the machine and the extended warranty to always be told "NO".

Review: I recently purchased an Apache 360 LT kit for my 2013 Can-Am Commander. I called my local dealer (North Country Powersports in Augusta, ME) and purchased the kit through them as well as had them install them. I found the kit in the 2014 Riding Gear, Accessories, and Genuine parts catalog sent to me by the distributor. Along the top of page 134 where the tracks are advertised it says, and I quote "DPS MODULE ENSURES EASY STEERING AND ACCURATE SPEEDOMETER READOUTS." After the kit was installed I was told by my local dealer that the 2013 model does not have a DPS module. They contacted BRP/Can-Am to ask when the module for the 2013 would be available and they were told that because of the cost and difficulty of making such a module, they would not be making one.

The kit is also supposed to be an all-season track system that can be used in all 4 seasons. After we had a 14 inch snow storm I was using the side by side in my yard and climbed a small hill onto a trail in a small section of woods on my property. The side by side went about 3/4 of the way up the small hill (6-8 feet of elevation change) and stopped. I backed up and then proceeded to try to go up the hill again, this time successfully. When I got to the top of the hill I noticed that the side by side was not handling properly and the steering was not right. When I got out to inspect the vehicle I was horrified to see that my brand new track system had bent both tie-rods and a lower control arm. This is not what I expected out of a brand new track system. Especially one that is claimed to be an all season system that is "Able to tackle the toughest year round conditions" (page 135). I am not an engineer or a mechanic but looking at the tie-rods I would never imagine that they could handle this sort of job with the track system installed.Desired Settlement: I would like BRP to honor their advertising and provide me with a module that will correct my speedometer readouts as well as correct steering problems. I would also like them to upgrade my steering assembly (all steering components as well as both tie-rods and the control arms) so that it will be able to handle the track system that they make for their machines.



Mr. [redacted] owns a 2013 Can-Am Commander SSV (side-by-side vehicle). The issue he wrote to you about arose because the DPS (dynamic power steering) module portion of the Apache 360 LT track kit he purchased was for 2014 models with DPS only. His vehicle does not have DPS; and it is not possible to retrofit his 2013 model with DPS.

Based on the notes in our file, this matter is resolved. The issue was resolved by the Contact Center representative who spoke with Mr. [redacted] as follows. We offered him the opportunity to return the track, but he declined stating he wanted to keep it. We then offered and he accepted a $1000 parts, accessories and/or clothing credit at his local Can-Am dealer.

His other related concern was that when using the vehicle with the track kit installed, he could not get an accurate miles-per-hour (mph) reading. Without the added DPS module, this is true. It is possible, however, to calculate an approximate speed by multiplying the registered speed by .54. In other words it is slightly more than 50% of the mph reading shown on the instrument cluster. Knowing this, it is fairly simple to determine an approximate speed when the track kit is being used.

Lastly, he mentioned bent tie rods and a lower control arm after climbing a small hill. This concern was reviewed by a technical service representative and deemed accidental damage and not due to a manufacturing defect. We informed Mr. [redacted] that the cost to repair these components would be his responsibility.

Mr. [redacted] stated he was satisfied with the resolution of his case. Based on this information, we are closing our file. Should you have any questions not answered in this reply, do not hesitate to contact us.


This company accepted an oder through their website, sent confirmation of shipping, and then unilaterally cancelled the order two days after Christmas, and well past their confirmed delivery date. Their customer service numbers led to uninformed, incompetent staff with no ability or motivation to do anything but apologize. The customer service of this company is ridiculous and unresponsive. I would recommend that people find alternative companies with which to do business.

Review: I purchased a 2012 Ski-Doo Skandic WT 550F from Moose Lake Implement in Moose Lake, MN on December 21, 2012 for approximately $8500. I purchased this with a 1 year warranty and had it serviced by Moose Lake Implement on September 13, 2013 when it had 158 miles on it. It was not test driven by Moose Lake Implement after this service due to lack of snow. I took the sled out on January 1, 2015. After going approximately 2 miles across a frozen lake, at less than half throttle, the machine suddenly lost power and quit. I was eventually able to start the machine and get it back to my trailer at which point I brought it back to Moose Lake Implement for service. On January 6, 2015 Jerome from Moose Lake Implement called informing me that they had discovered the issue to be a burn down on the PTO side and the repair estimate would be $1500. I asked what the cause of this might be and he did not know. He said initially they didn't see any obvious cause. I asked if there was anything they could do with cost, the machine only has 293 miles on it, and he indicated that being it was out of warranty the only thing I could do is call Ski Doo and see if they would work with me at all being that it wasn't under warranty. I subsequently called the number in my operator's manual and talked to [redacted] at Ski-Doo. [redacted] indicated that because it was out of warranty there is nothing they can do, though she later stated that I could file some sort of out of warranty request but that it would be a "waste of your time and mine." I told her I was surprised that there was nothing they could do, the machine only has 293 miles on it and isn't even through the break-in period. She said it didn't matter how many miles are on it and that she was sorry, there is nothing they can do. This machine only has 293 miles on it, was dealer serviced at 158 miles and experienced a burn down 135 miles later. I feel that saying "sorry, nothing can be done because it's out of warranty" is just hiding behind the warranty. I've only run 3 tanks of fuel through this machine.Desired Settlement: There isn't anything I can do with the machine in its current condition so I've authorized Moose Lake Implement to complete the repair. I feel that considering lack of mileage, never having been further than 158 miles without dealer maintenance and no identifiable misuse having caused the issue BRP should stand by its product and cover the cost of repair.



I spoke with Mr. [redacted] today. We discussed a couple of options. He is going to think about them over the weekend and call me back next week. I will follow-up with you after he and I speak again. [redacted] BRP US Inc. Telephone: [redacted]

Regarding 2009 Spyder SE5 with only 1500 miles: The clutch packs are burnt causing $1000 in repairs, and a internal retaining clip fall out causing damage to a $1000 Oil Cooler. Unit is out of warranty but with only 1500 miles the dealer tried to obtain some cost relief from BRP as apparent engineering / workmanship issues, but BRP refused, the technical group said it is not their decision but rather it is Customer Service; the Customer Service Senior Representative said it is the Technical Group's decision. What a run around. In meantime my bike was laid for 12 weeks for repair. The computer diagnoses shows the engine RPM was run within guidelines of the owner manual instructions, which BRP Technical group said were not properly written, and BRP Senior Customer representative admits the error in the owner manual was known by BRP and himself personally but was never corrected by BRP. Plus the next year there was a recall for too close of tolerances causing premature failure for the clutch packs, the recall was not extended back to 2009 units. So the Dealer and I are extremely disappointed in the Spyder poor engineering, workmanship, high cost of repair and run around by BRP.

Review: Hello,

I purchased a Ski-Doo BV2S Snowmobile Helmet Skidoo BRP helmet on Jan-7-2014. I was only able to use the helmet for a couple of rides last winter. The inner lens, when up, rides on the helmet. Looks like there was a problem with this lens from the factory, it is out of shape. The lens having contact with the helmet has caused scratching to the helmet an also the lens.

I called BRP and spoke to Luara, she would not give me her last name but was very unhelpful. I explained the problem I was having with the helmet and all she kept saying was that they do not offer refunds. I repeatedly told her I was not asking for a refund, I only wanted my helmet fixed so that it properly worked and did not cause a safety hazard, as you can not properly see out of the lens due to the scratches caused by the improper lens that BRP had installed on it before selling it to me.Desired Settlement: Since all I was originally looking for was to BRP to fix the helmet. I would like them to exchange with a new product, so I do not need to deal with the unreasonable [redacted] customer representative.



We received the letter regarding Mr. [redacted] concerns about the Ski-Doo helmet that he purchased. I contacted him this morning to ask for more information. He is going to send me photos of the problem area. However, since he is going out of town on business, I may not receive that information for a week or so. This will delay our final response to the

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