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Budget Transmission Center

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Budget Transmission Center Reviews (24)

Review: Customer service was very poor I asked for certain request on my vehicle they followed none.. very rude and combative when speaking on phone or in person very unprofessional. always changed price..never followed up on answersDesired Settlement: let other consumers know to beware of this comopany



I would like to be able to reply to this. This customers car was a rusted old [redacted] falling apart rust everywhere. Customer tried to put cheap primer that didn't stick. He wanted us to keep it inside the shop for the duration of the repairs and we could not do that since we have 87 other cars to work on. He brought over a tarp to cover the car. To top it off the transmission case was broken and someone else tried to silicon the aluminum case we advised customer he needed a new case (outside shell of transmission) but he said he didn't have the money. I discounted the bill to accommodate his BUDGET and so he can buy better primer and yet we are looked at as bad. We bent over backwards to work on this car that is far from a classic.

in my opinion this place is not the place to get your work done. I left there with more problems than I came in with. I am currently seeking legal action.

Review: I had a transmission issue on my vehicle and was told they will test it call me with results and fix within a week. They picked up my vehicle had it for a couple of days and didnt even call me to give me test results. Then when I called they lost my paperwork and didnt even know they had my vehicle. When tested still no call and when I called they gave me a solution and price. They stated it would take about a week to complete job. Its been three weeks now and they have been giving me same reason why truck isn't done for two weeks straight. Still no call. I would call every day if not every other and same excuse was giving and phone call was promised but still no phone call was given. Finally three weeks later they say it should be ready today and I simply asked for a discount for my troubles of finding transportation for three weeks. Im a single dad who commutes 45min daily for work each way. Ive had to call out for a couple of day do to transportation and also late. This has been the worst place when it come to comminication and giving accurate time frames when job should be done. Finally asked for manager to call me to work a deal. I feel a transmission job should take a week maximum and a phone call is a definate way to let me know whats going on. Still no phine call and I hope when I call back before they close they say I can pick it up in the morning. Same representative recieved most of my phone calls and clearly promised a phone call or stated that it should be done today. Everyday I called I heard the same answer and still no one called me back. Some type of reimbursement should be made for the 3 week wait so far. I hope I can pick it up tomorrow.Desired Settlement: Get $300 knocked off priced given for waiting three weeks so far snd waiting for a phone call to pick up my truck.



This customer came from another garage (shop) the other garage did not communicate with him we are not in any way shape or form aloud or obligated to communicate with there customer because he is not our customer a the other shop/ garage sent them here which was a wholesaler we are sorry that it took this long the car needed additional parts that we did not charge this customer for at all, it did take longer than expected to complete his car which was not expected we would like to complete all cars within the week time but unfortunately this vehicle needed additional parts beyond our control we did not charge the customer for these additional parts that were over $200- on behalf of the other garage and ours we do apologize for this customers inconvenience and lack of communication and time it took to complete. We did not want to give the customer back the car if it was not 100% fixed and now it is thank you very much for your time

Review: This business has absolutely no credibility. Its unfortunate for CT and the consumers that businesses and business owners like this exist, who are just in business to rip people off. The owner of budget transmission did an oil change and engine **ush on my car, and ever since then all I have had is continuous problems (this is the experience of many people, as this is how they keep making you come back and charging you). Every time I go in there Im charged for the service and a few days later, another problem brings my back. At this point Im not even sure that all of my cars original parts are still in it or not. A previous employee of Budget Transmission tells me that the owner takes parts out of cars and sells them and puts garbage parts in from the junk cars in the back of his lot (you will notice a ton of cars in the parking lot of the business). When he claims that he changed the engine on your car, all he does is just paint it and put the same one back in (as I have been told by many sources, both internal and external). Budget Transmissions normal business practice is that they will quote you a low price to lure you in and then hand you an invoice thats 3x as much. They did the same to me and I refused to pay. I also had another car of mine that I had gotten the engine fixed on a couple of years ago. They came to my house and towed that car to see why it had stopped working (should a rebuilt engine go bad in 2 years? I dont think so) according to a police report that I have, It was clearly stated by the dishonest business owner that the car was being taken for warranty repairs. Few days later I received a phone call from the owner informing me that I now owe $1,500 for the repairwithout ever providing me with an estimate or getting authorization from me to perform the work. I was also told by the owner that he has a signed invoice from me (yes, fraudulently forging signatures is a crime!). Im sure the owner will deny all of this, which is ok because I have proof (police report) that he cannot deny. I think we need to shed light on these corrupt practices.Desired Settlement: I want a refund for all of the services that I have paid for.



Wow clearly this customer continues to try to get away with paying there bill. Good thing is that I have 16 HD video cameras in my office and all around the shop were they were giving permission to do the work and clearly stating when they were both here that they would pay for repairs, all prior to doing any work and her son was here on HD video giving us permission to proceed.

We never do any work without permission as this customer is claiming and furthur more we had an agreement with a signed estimate and signed paperwork to do the work. We wouln't sign someones name just so we can now do the work which we already had permission to do thats why we were picking up the van in [redacted]. That tow was free but of course they are now saying that they repairs should be what free too no way I have all the payperwork in order. The issue is that none of the family members talk to each other all they do is point the finger on the next person who they say is going to pay the bill. We were told that the son [redacted] was in [redacted] and that mom only had $1000.00 to pay us now and when [redacted] came from ** he would pay the balace including the repairs to the van that we have an estimate for, we said yes because we have been doing bussiness with these customers for years so we had no reason to doubt that he would paythe bills when he got back.

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Description: Transmissions - Automobile, Auto Diagnostic Service, Auto Repair & Service, Brake Service, Mufflers & Exhaust Systems

Address: 950 Boston Post Rd, West Haven, Connecticut, United States, 06516


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