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Review: Purchased a 1994 Cadillac sedan deville. One week later I went to rotate tires and pep boys informed me that they would not rotate tires with a separating tread. So I waited a week and bought two tires and alignment as well as shocks with conversion kits. $1100. Then three weeks after purchase and being reassured two days after purchase by [redacted] that the ac was just overcharged I broke down half way home from work at 0300 and had to tow it. It is my mechanics opinion that cj rewired and bypassed the ac clutch to hide the electrical nightmare which ensued. @1150.00 later my now $5700.00 1994 Cadillac is finally right. To think that these thieves were referred to me by a co-worker is appalling but he is now aware of how they really do business. After many pleas to make a financial iadjustment I want the to know that I was laughed at,disrespected and dismissed by [redacted] who is the biggest double talker I ever known. [redacted] has no conscience and claimed he sleeps well. I have no idea how a man can shake your hand,sell you a car that he knows is sub par and unsafe.I understand that car dealers are a business and want make money. But really [redacted]??? Of course he thinks it's no big deal. He made his money. Bottom line is their only concern. Customer safety, satisfaction, reputation, and doing what is right never enter [redacted]'s being. I know that what goes around comes around and I sure wouldn't want to be [redacted] in any way. I have control of my emotion and being. But some day he will sell a vehicle to sombody who doesn't. Oh well. Good luck with that [redacted].Desired Settlement: What would be a satisfactory resolution to this issue? At least a split of the repairs to the vehicle I was sold. That would be at least $1100.00 I'm sure they wish me to believe that was no underhanded actions on their part. Hmmmm. I have receipts if there is any doubt that all of my statements are true. But then again truth has no value to [redacted].



Thanks for the correspondence. Very sad to hear about the problems with your Cadillac I really wish vehicles would last a million miles without a problem of any kind, and require no maintenance. But the reality is that all machinery has a risk of breaking. With that being said, the vehicle your purchased is 21 YEARS OLD----------------------------------------[redacted] came by the dealership looking for a large sedan, and settled on the 1994 Cadillac that was priced at $2995. [redacted] test drove the vehicle and liked it but wasn't quite ready to purchase at this time. A week or so later [redacted] came back and took it on a long test drive was satisfied with the vehicle, [redacted] and his wife [redacted] then purchase the vehicle. In addition, they were offered a warranty and declined, and thus purchase the vehicle AS-IS NO WARRANTY.-----------------------------------------[redacted] did come by a few days later stating that the message center was reporting that the A/C fluid was low. I asked [redacted] if the A/C was still blowing cold, and he said YES. [redacted] acknowledge that he purchased the vehicle AS-IS NO WARRANTY but asked it I could assist. I told him that I have A/C guages here and could take a look. When I check the system, the A/C system was at a normal reading on both the low and high pressure sides and the A/C was working perfectly. I told him it appears there is a disconnect between what the system is actually doing and the display on the message center inside the vehicle. He acknowledge this disconnect.-----------------------------------------------------Now this is the last I heard of anything regarding the vehicle until approximately 5-6 weeks after the purchase.-----------------------------------------------------5-6 weeks later [redacted] calls me and stated that the A/C clutch on the compressor went out, the vehicle stopped running due to a blown fuse, and that they put on two tires and replace four shocks, AT NO TIME did [redacted] or [redacted] ask for assistance prior to them authorizing money to be spent on their vehicle. The maintenance and repair of an automobile is the responsibility of the owner. Now after authorizing money to be spent on their vehicle [redacted] wants CJ Auto Sales to pay her bills. [redacted] feels that since she only had the vehicle for a short time that she is entitled to assistance. From a business perspective it appears that the [redacted] would like the benifits of a warranty without paying for one. This is not fair to those customers that do purchase a warranty. The warranty customers are going to ask, "Why do we have to pay for a warranty when you give it free to others." That would be an unfair business practice.----------------------------------------------------------Facts:#1 A tire seperated after taking possession of the vehicle.#2 [redacted] and [redacted] decided to purchase shocks and struts. #3 A fuse blew and the vehicle stopped running. The [redacted]'s repaired the issue and replaced the fuse.#4 The maintenance and repair of an automobile is the responsibility of the owner.#5 No electrical work was done on the vehicle while in CJ Auto Sales possesson, nor was there any issues.#6 [redacted] claims she made many pleas for financial adjustment. She made 1, and that was pay for EVERYTHING! (INCLUDING EXTRAS!) #7 The [redacted]s authorized work to be done without ever asking CJ Auto Sales for assistance.-------------------------------------------------------------Since there was no signs of these issue prior to the sale, or even shortly after the sale, CJ Auto Sales if not offering any assistance.

Review: We bought a truck on June.6,2015 and I noticed that the gas gadge wasn't working and I asked [redacted] about it and he said it's not going to cost much. When I drove home I noticed that the truck was running kinda rough. I was off for a few days and on June. 11 I went to work and the truck was still driving funny and on my way home I went to drive it and it died. I went over to Cj auto sales on friday and saturday and no one was there. So I went on Monday and I had to borrow someones trailer to have the truck towed and I talked to [redacted] and he plugged in this code reader, which it wasn't plugged in right at all. He said it showed nothing wrong at all. So I took it to a mechanic and had them keep the truck for 4 days to see if they could do a diagnostic on the truck and see if it would do the same things it kept doing to me. I went to [redacted] and he refused to pay for the repairs saying it's to expensive for the parts& labor. I also asked about the smog information and he had none. After talking with the DMV investigation Department I found out that this truck was an out of state truck. [redacted] contacted us and told us that the truck needed to be taken to a scale to be weighted. I told him that he needs to get a trailor to have it towed over there because the truck will not drive. He still hasn't contacted us to get the weighing issue done and DMV said the truck won't go in our name til it's done and we have a truck we can't drive which we are making a payment on.Desired Settlement: Have the part's for the repair paid for so that way we can get the truck fixed



We need a total of $1093 for the total repair. We put down $500. For a few parts and not the labor,but we fill he's responsible for the total amount of repairs.



Thanks for the correspondence. It was sad to see the truck show up on a trailer. This is a 12 year old truck with approximately 171,000 miles on it. CJ Auto Sales used the truck for a couple weeks putting on approximately 50 miles with zero problems. The only issue was a gas guage that would sometimes read correctly and sometimes read zero. This was disclosed to [redacted] prior to purchasing the vehicle. In addition, [redacted] had an opportunity to purchase a warranty for the vehicle, but declined and thus purchased the vehicle AS-IS NO WARRANTY. ( See your enclosed paperwork)---------------------A week or two after the purchase of the vehicle DMV stated that the vehicle needed a weight certificate. I called [redacted] to let him know that I needed to get a weight certificate, and only at this time did I find out he had a problem with the truck. But the problem he described was poor running and noise like no oil pressure. He had the vehicle for a approximately a couple weeks and stated he put a little over 150 miles on the vehicle. Since he brought the vehicle on a trailer to the lot, I went out and scanned the vehicle for any errors and there was none. In addition the vehicle was running perfectly. I contacted a couple of mechanics to help diagnose the problem over the phone and [redacted] left with some ideas. HE KNEW HE PURCHASED THE VEHICLE AS-IS NO WARRANTY.-------------------------According to [redacted] his mechanic found the fuel pump to be failing randomely. [redacted] brought me a bill for approximately $1000.00 and asked if I would pay half. I told him NO that he purchased the vehicle AS-IS NO WARRANTY, but that I might be able to assist by getting the job done for less. I found a shop willing to fix the fuel pump for approximately $300.00, 70% off his price. BUT he only wants it done by his mechanic. So I let him know that it's his choice.----------------------Other than the assistance offered by CJ Auto Sales there really isn't anyting left to do. It appears that since [redacted] only had the vehicle for a short time, he feels he should have some type warranty, even though he knows he purchased the vehicle AS-IS NO WARRANTY. From a business perspective it appears that the [redacted] would like the benifits of a warranty without paying for one. This is not fair to those customers that do purchase a warranty. The warranty customers are going to ask, "Why do we have to pay for a warranty when you give it free to others." That would be an unfair business practice. FACT: CJ Auto Sales is open 7 daya a week 10AM to 7PM.FACT: Smog certificate is on file with DMV and was electronically transmitted and [redacted] saw the reciept.FACT: CJ Auto Sales had a tow truck take the vehicle to the scales with [redacted]s permission and has been completed.

Review: To start with I wasn't going to be the one purchasing the vehicle I was the one that put down the deposit never did [redacted] let me know that by putting a hold on vehicle and if purchased didn't go through that I wasn't getting back deposit their wasn't not contract sign or even had tested drove vehicle it stayed at dealer ship the whole time when returned the next day to get deposit [redacted] then said "I don't need to give deposit back you put a hold on the vehicle and preventend me to make a sale so the should be consequence" then I told him there was no contract sign or no where does it said no refund their was no purchase so "[redacted] then said we made a verbal agreement and that he recorded everything" so then I told him what he is doing is Not legal the recipient that I was giving said One week hold but he said I don't have to return deposit but am going to return it in the period of 3weeks those three weeks Will be 500 or sooner if He sell it before the time, the recipient only said One week so my thought is this is wrong how can he do this.Desired Settlement: I just want my deposit back,is not fair what he is doing people need to know and [redacted] needs to explain better before customer makes deposit.



Consumer states that she has received her deposit back in the form of post-dated checks. Those checks were received four or five days after complaint was filed. Consumer is very dissatisfied with the way the business handled the situation and is in total disagreement of their deposit-hold policy.



[redacted] came to the dealership as I was completing a test drive in a SuperCrew Pickup. As I returned to the office, [redacted] explained to me that she is the Matriarch of her family and that the family is looking for a vehicle. The family and [redacted] looked around and settled on a couple vehicles. [redacted] wasn't happy with vehicles her family picked and decided on the SuperCrew Pickup on her own. [redacted] filled out the application for a loan, but since all of her income was from government aid and at an insufficient amount to secure a loan; she was DECLINED. She then stated that her dad had better credit and more income and would apply for the loan. The Father's income and credit was sufficient to secure the loan. At this time I let [redacted] and her father know the amount down that was needed and the required stipulation from the bank. She didn't have the required funds on hand or all the stipulations and was going to leave and come back the next day. All was fine, but since there was another person looking at the vehicle [redacted] asked if she could put money down to hold this vehicle. I told her that I don't like doing holds on vehicles, but if she would like to..., this is how it works: [redacted]The hold money prevents the dealership from selling the vehicle. BUT if you change your mind, your hold money is held until the dealership sells that specific vehicle. This means that your hold money could be held for weeks to months. NOTE: This system puts a restriction on the dealership from selling the vehicle to another customer with funds NOW; as well as a restriction on the availability of funds being returned to the customer should they change their mind.[redacted] ((((BTW, this system of HOLD came about from a state supreme court case where a wealthy individual put down deposits on 57 rare vehicles preventing all of them from being sold until he had a chance to pick and choose the one he wanted.)))) [redacted] said repeatedly that she was buying this vehicle and agreed to this HOLD policy. Now she didn't have the funds at this time, and left and came back with the funds for the HOLD within an hour or so. I took the funds and gave [redacted] a HOLD receipt. She said she would be back the next day before we closed with all the stipulations. [redacted] came back a few hours later saying she had all the stipulation and was ready to go. Paperwork was started, but she was actually missing a few stipulations. We worked for a couple hours and got all but a few personal references. We worked for another hour or so, and her family started to complain and said they were tired and wanted to go home. [redacted]' family said they were leaving and as it was late, I told them ALL we can finish this in the morning as they have a hold on the vehicle. The next day, [redacted] came to the car lot and said the family was overriding her and will not purchase the vehicle now. She asked if she could get her money back, and I went over the agreement we had. She then told me that some of the money was borrowed and that she needed the money to pay them back. I told her we had an agreement and she left. She came back within a few minutes with a family member ( I believe the one she borrowed money from ) asking what was going on. I explained and now [redacted] stated she never made this agreement. This family member stated that $500.00 of the money was hers. Since [redacted] was almost crying I told her that she is breaking our agreement, but what I will do is send her a check for $500.00 within a week. I said that I would follow up each week with another check for $500.00 until all money is returned. Now the funds were sent, and fortunately the vehicle sold, so by the time I got this message all funds were already returned! NOTE-1: [redacted] came back the next day and stated that she was sorry for saying she did not agreed to the terms, as she had to SAVE FACE in her family. THIS MEANS THAT THIS WHOLE COMPLAINT IS FALSE. CJ AUTO SALES KEPT ITS AGREEMENT. NOTE-2: In additions, another member of her family came and purchased a vehicle from me, saying that [redacted] referred them to me. AGAIN THIS IS OBVIOUSLY A NON-ISSUE.

Review: My husband and I purchased a f 150 on the 18 of June has been in the does dealership since the 20th of June and not working no help from the dealer

My husband and I purchased a ford f150 on June 18, 1013 as of today July 25,2013 the truck is still in the shop the day we purchased the truck it lost power on the way home from the dealer we had the truck taken to the ford dealer in Oakdale the amount of issues at this time is fuel lines had holes in them their was gas in the oil the fuel filter was done and had to be replaced the four catalytic converters were all need to be replaced the lights all stay on check engine all dummy lights and oil pressure would decline greatly when accelerating total cost 1418.00 on top of ball joints for 360.00 spoke with [redacted] the owner and was told to bad we have only had the truck in ate position for a day and a half for over a month in the shop Desired Settlement: We would like and deserve repair cost of this truck



Business' Initial Response

Thanks for the correspondence. I' m always saddened to hear of a customer having a problem with a vehicle. I would personally like to sell vehicles that will go a million miles without a problem of any kind, that require no maintenance. But the reality is that all machinery has a risk of breaking. It's unfortunate that you had a failure shortly after you took possession of the vehicle. The 1997 Ford F-150 that you purchased was driven by several of our staff and showed no signs of any power loss issues. I personally took the vehicle on three test drives in the weeks prior to you purchasing, and never had an issues with loss of power. With that being said, the vehicle is 16 years old and has 200,000 + miles on it.

Mr.& Mrs. [redacted] came to the dealership and checked out the car for approximately 15 to 20 minutes prior to going on a test drive. At the end of the test drive both Mr. and Mrs. [redacted] decided to purchase the vehicle and had no complaints. The [redacted] decided to purchased the vehcile AS-IS NO WARRANTY even though they were offered a service contracts/warranty..... (the as-is contract is signed and enclosed in your paperwork)

[redacted] did call me at a later date. I'm not sure exactly what day it was, but by the conversation the vehicle was already at the Ford dealership per her statement. She stated that she took the vehicle to a tire store for some type of vehicle inspection, and that they recommended to replace the ball joints. She said she was fine with replacing the ball joints as the vehicle is older. She then stated that shortly after leaving the tire store that the vehicle lost power, and started to die, and was hard to keep running. She stated that she took it to the Ford dealer afterwards. She vaguely mentioned somthing about fuel, but I really can't remember the exact statement. She also mentioned something about dash lights, but nothing specific.

She stated that the Ford dealer still hadn't repaired the underlying problem. The Ford dealership said it might be burnt valves inside the engine which would require a whole new engine. She said that due to the short time frame from purchase to problem that we CJ Auto Sales should pay for the repairs which was in the $1400.00+ range at this point and climbing; in addition, the $1400.00 has been spent on work that has not resolved the underlying problem. I said by your description it doesn't sound like the Ford dealer knows what is wrong with the vehicle. I stated that the description that she gave me isn't consistant with the description of the recommended repairs. She stated that she would have the Ford dealership call me with what they found. I recieved no call from the Ford dealership or [redacted].

NOW TO CURRENT... The new diagnostic from the Ford dealer is a bad fuel filter, holes in the fuel lines, and bad catalytic convertors. If the fuel lines had multiple holes the fuel would be leaking all over as the fuel pressure runs in the 40 to 60 PSI range. Bad convertors rarely would cause a vehicle to die, or ALL lights on the dash to come on, AND the vehicle is still not running correctly. Certainly sounds like the Ford dealership still doesn't have a handle on the problem. From a business perspective it appears that the [redacted] would like the benifits of a warranty without paying for one. This is not fair to those customers that do purchase a warranty. That would be an unfair business practice.

That aside, [redacted] never asked me if I could assist prior to authorizing repairs/costs to the vehicle. A more normal process would be to call us and ask for some assistance or if we could take a look prior to incuring costs. That would allow us to evaluate the vehicle and see if we could assist in the repair. At this time the vehicle has been to two repair facilities, one to work on ball joints and another to work on the running issue. CJ Auto Sales doesn't have a repair facility, although we do work with several local repair shops where we trust their diagnostics. (Most of the time for free, and repair costs are minimal.) In this case there were no signs of a pre-existing condition prior to purchase. Without seeing the vehicle prior to another repair shop CJ Auto Sales is not offering any assistance.


CJ Auto Sales


Consumer's Final Response

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

First note I did speak with [redacted] on the truck and he was going to call me back with the details from his driver that drove the vehicle and never did he also told me that the ford dealers service dept did not know what they were doing. ** the sales person at cj auto was unable to even get into the truck for the test drive I had my son look up the title and found their was 4 recalls that needed to be done on the truck when my husband asked About the warranty we were told their was none never offered. Extended warranty. At this point we have a book on all the repairs done and still have to do the catlitic converters I am not surprised that cj auto sales will not help every conservation my husband and I had with [redacted] became he knows more then Anyone else I am disappointed that they take advantage of their coustomers in this way

Business' Final Response

[redacted] First note I did speak with [redacted] on the truck and he was going to call me back with the details from his driver that drove the vehicle and never did

I told her that there was no driver report of any power loss issue on the vehicle. I also told her that in the test drives I was on, there was no power loss issue. I told [redacted] that I would check with the driver that picked up the car verbaly to see if he noticed anything and that if he did I would get back to her. ONLY if he noticed something! Driver reports are required only if the driver notices something wrong with the vehicle. If all is good no driver report is needed or filed.

[redacted] he also told me that the ford dealers service dept did not know what they were doing.

I think this one is self explanitory, as the [redacted]'s have athorized 1400 dollars to be spent on the vehicle and still the problem persists.

[redacted] the sales person at cj auto was unable to even get into the truck for the test drive I had my son look up the title and found their was 4 recalls that needed to be done on the truck when my husband asked About the warranty we were told their was none never offered.

All vehicle are sold AS-IS NO WARRANTY, but you can purchase an extended service contracts/warranty which was offered to the Hemingways. The [redacted] decline to purchase an extended service contract/warranty. (The as-is contract is signed and enclosed in your paperwork)

[redacted] At this point we have a book on all the repairs done and still have to do the catlitic converters.

The repairs being done and costs associate with them were authorized by the [redacted]'s, not CJ Auto Sales. A more normal process would be to call us and ask for some assistance or if we could take a look prior to incuring costs. That would allow us to evaluate the vehicle and see if we could assist in the repair at our expense. [redacted] never asked me if I could assist prior to authorizing repairs/costs to the vehicle. She stated that I needed to pay the cost of repairs after she authorized the Ford dealership to proceed with repairs.

[redacted] I am not surprised that cj auto sales will not help every conservation my husband and I had with [redacted] became he knows more then Anyone else

First, I haven't talked to Mr. [redacted] on this issue at all. I certainly don't know more than anyone else, but I do know basic diagnotic principles.

#1) The vehicle left the lot working just fine, NO PROBLEMS. ( No fuel leaks, No power loss issue, No dash lights on )

#2) The next day after leaving a tire shop, all the lights on the dash came on, and the vehicle lost power and was hard to keep running. ( NOTE: all this happened at the same time)

#3) The [redacted]'s took the vehicle to the dealership and authorized $1,400.00 dollars to repair the issues without first talking to CJ Auto sales.

#4) The problem still isn't fixed. Meaning I'm sure she will want more money down the road as the Ford dealership works towards problem resolution.

#5) The [redacted] want CJ Auto Sales to pay the Ford dealership repair bill... The repair bill that hasn't fixed the problem.

In order for the diagnostic to be accurate we have to believe that all the items went bad at once! And even if it were true this wouldn't resolve the issue of all the dash lights being on. Certainly sounds like the Ford Dealership doesn't have a good grasp of the problem.

[redacted] I am disappointed that they take advantage of their coustomers in this way

I'm disapointed that the customer didn't ask for assistance prior to authrizing costs.

I'm disapointed that the [redacted]'s didn't purchase a service contract to protect them from repair costs. (IT WAS OFFERED)

I'm disappointed that the [redacted] want the benifits of a service contract now without paying for one. (This is not fair to those customers that do purchase a service contract and would be an unfair business practice.)

Sorry to say...but I feel that the [redacted]'s are trying to take advantage of us...

In this case there were no signs of a pre-existing condition prior to purchase.

There was no assistance asked for prior to taking the vehicle to the Ford Dealership. A Choice the [redacted]'s made.

The repairs that the [redacted]'s want payed for haven't fixed the issues.

IF... CJ Auto Sales were to reimburse the [redacted]'s authorized repairs to the Ford dealership, CJ Auto Sales would be implying that there was a warranty on the vehicle. This vehicle was sold to the [redacted]'s "AS-IS NO WARRANTY" as per California law. There were no warranties implied or expressed at the time of sale. So CJ Auto Sales is unable to pay for or make any repairs after the sale under these circumstances.

Review: On 07/23/2014 I purchased a 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe and in good faith provided the dealership with a down payment which included $900 cash the dealership decided to unlawfully repossess the vehicle as they had no legal right to the vehicle which the lien holder [redacted] has provided me proof that they had no knowledge nor gave permission for anyone to take possession of the vehicle. After several discussions with Westlake Financial's upper management we agreed it was in the best interest to sell the contract back to CJ Auto Sales, who requested to buy the vehicle back and at no point was obligated to do so, and referred me to a more reputable dealer where I was able to get into a vehicle without having to endure shady sales tactics. I have in every effort tried to cooperate with The owner of CJ's Auto Sales but he ignores phone calls, emails and faxes. I am entitled to a refund as stated in our contract and any reputable business would fulfill their contractural obligations which so far CJs Auto has failed to do.Desired Settlement: $900



The [redacted]'s did purchase a vehicle from CJ Auto Sales. BUT MANY DETAILS ARE LEFT OUT!

The down payment for the vehicle was $2040.00 of which 900 was cash the rest was by check, which was not honored. The [redacted]'s stated by phone and Email that they would have the funds for the bad check to us on Monday Aug 4th. That's a full 13 days later.

Here is the Email:

Aug 1

Hi [redacted],

This is [redacted] and I wanted to touch basis with you in regards to the down payment issue which I just learned about yesterday afternoon. The money is in the account however they have frozen my funds and cannot tell me when this issue will be resolved, so if you can give me until Monday to come up with the money I would greatly appreciate it. Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

Of course the [redacted]'s never brought in the funds which caused the vehicle to go into repossession. We did wait over another week for the funds to show up and attempted calls, but none were returned.

SPECIAL NOTES: According to Ms. [redacted]'s employer she used to work there over a year ago, BUT DOESN'T IN FACT WORK THERE NOW. I confirmed that with the Director of HR at the company she claims to work with. It appears that Ms. [redacted] actually modified old paycheck stubs from when she did work there with new dates. (FRAUD). Two paycheck stubs even have the same date, but different information.

Funds at this stage will follow the State of California repossession laws. Of course paying for the vehicle would alleviate all the issues.

Review: I purchased 1st vehicle on May 31 2014 and the vehicle broke down the next day, 2006 Altima Nissan, VIN [redacted]. He requested to fix-it. Took him about a whole month. Dealership had want to, but did so. The Altima Nissan 2006, brakes down on me again. I requested again my refund & dealership refused to return my money unless I get another vehcile from his car-lot. I didn't want to but he left me no choice. I purchased 2nd vehicle on July-7-14, 2004 Chrysler Pacifica, VIN #[redacted]. The 2nd vehicle had the same problems. Dealership stated that he unplugs the batteries from the vehicles to turn-off "check service Engine light." I inform dealership he can't do that without fixing the problems otherwise he is selling false vehicles. Dealership asked me to bring in vehicle so he can take a look @ vehicle & to give him a couple of days. I called dealership & he was refusing to return my vehicle because dealership wanted for me to get insurance & contact the bank so they can cut the check & pay him. I purchased Insurance & called the bank. The bank question me & asked me if I had possession of the vehicle. I told the bank, the truth & said "NO". Bank stated that dealership knows their procedure & that I needed to have possession of the vehicle. I took a copy of proof of insurance to the vehicle back until I called the bank, again, and lie to them that I had possession of the vehicle because dealership wanted to get paid. I told dealership, again, that I will not lie to the bank @ all. Dealership @ first stated once I put insurance that he would return vehicle back to me. Today is August 7 2014 and I still don't have possession of the vehicle nor do I have my money back. All because dealership wanted for me to lie to the bank because dealership kept on saying, "He wants to get paid First". I have all documents to proof this matter. Desired Settlement: To refund my money back. $2,241.03 plus the money I put into the 1st vehicle; $46.89 for the oil change and $133.38 for the Transmission service a total of $2,2421.30


Response: Case# [redacted]

CJ Auto Sales

3832 Atchison Street

Riverbank, CA 95367


________________________________________________________________________________... />
Maricela [redacted],

Thanks for the correspondence. I' m always sad when a customer has a problem with a vehicle. I would personally like to sell vehicles that will go a million miles without a problem of any kind, that require no maintenance. But the reality is that all machinery has a risk of breaking. It's unfortunate that you had a failure shortly after you took possession of the vehicle. The 2006 Nissan Altima you purchased was driven around town from time to time prior to being put up for sale, and showed no signs of any issue. The test drive with you also showed no signs of any issues; but with that being said, the vehicle is 8 years old and has 124,000 + miles on it.

Ms. [redacted] came to the dealership and checked out several cars including a test drive and ultimately picked the Nissan for her purchase. Ms. [redacted] decided to purchase the vehicle AS-IS NO WARRANTY even though she was offered a service contract/warranty.

Ms. [redacted] came back the next day stating that the vehicle had overheated. It was Sunday, and there was no repair facility open, so a CJ Auto Sales staff member asked her to call back on Monday, but not to drive the car in the mean time.

Ms. [redacted] called on Monday and I asked her take it to one of the local auto repair shops that will diagnose problems for free. Since it happened shortly after delivery, CJ Auto Sales agreed to take care of the costs associated with the repair of the overheat issue.

The repair shop found a bad thermostat and replaced the thermostat with a new one. The vehicle was returned to the customer, and CJ Auto Sales paid for the repairs.

Approximately a week later Ms. [redacted] called and stated the car would not start. I told her the car was purchased AS-IS NO WARRANTY, but if she wanted to take it to the same shop, she could get the diagnosis for free. The cost for the repair would NOT be covered unless it was related to the overheat issue.

She took the car to the repair shop, but the mechanic was unable to reproduce the issue. He called me and said the spark plugs in the vehicle were old and asked if I would OK their replacement. I said yes.

The car was returned again to the customer, and CJ Auto Sales paid for the repairs.

She called back a couple days later with the hardstart issue again. Again I told her if the issue is related to the overheating, CJ Auto Sales would cover the costs; if anything else was found wrong it was her responsibility for the repair. The vehicle went back to the repair shop, where the mechanic was able to reproduce the hard start condition, and found the head gasket to be leaking into the combustion chamber.

I informed Ms. [redacted], and told her that we would fix the issue at our expense. I also told her that the car had to be scheduled into the shop as the repair takes a long time, approximately 2 weeks. Ms. [redacted] agreed, and the vehicle was scheduled for repair. Ms. [redacted] and I talked and she asked if I would check out the vehicle once the repairs were completed. I agreed to give the car a good long test drive once repairs were complete.

The vehicle was repaired with a freshly resurfaced and pressure checked cylinder head, new thermostats, new water pump, new radiator, and new serpentine belt. I took the car on two long drives on two different days and the vehicle performed perfectly. No overheating issues and no hard start conditions.

The car was returned again to the customer, and CJ Auto Sales paid for the repairs.

All was OK for a few days. Then Ms. [redacted] called and said it was hard to start again, but not overheating. The car went back to the mechanic shop and was diagnosed with the head gasket leaking again. Since the repair was just completed, it was covered under the repair shop's warranty.

NOTE: This took place over 44 days and 1500 miles!

Ms. [redacted] stated that even if the vehicle was fixed that she wouldn't trust the car and asked if she could get a different vehcile. I told her probably not, but that I would talk if over with the staff at from CJ Auto Sales. The decision was made to allow her to switch to another car.

Ms. [redacted] test drove three different vehicles and settled on a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica. This time I insisted on a very long test drive of over an hour, to make sure she really likes the car, and that there are no issues prior to the sale. During the test drive Ms. [redacted] and her friend decided they had driven enough and came back sooner than was planned for a total drive time of about 45 minutes.

We went in and did the paperwork, and I strongly encourage her to add a Service Contract/Warranty to the vehicle, which would cover issues like what happened to her last vehicle, but she refused, and AGAIN purchased the vehicle AS-IS NO WARRANTY. In addition, I told her that this is a whole new loan, and that all the stipulations would have to be updated to be within the last 30 days as required by the finance company. She said ok, but didn't have all the stipulations with her. Ms. [redacted] was missing her pay stubs, insurance, proof of residence, and proof of phone. She stated that she would have all but the paycheck stubs completed by the next day, and the paycheck stubs by the end of the week as she was starting a new job the next day.


Ms. [redacted] did not bring in any of the required stipulations. After 4-5 days, the staff at CJ Auto Sales started calling Ms. [redacted] to see where the stipulations were, but got no response. After about 9 days a staff member talked to Ms. [redacted] and she states she will have all the stipulations in the next day.

The next day no stips, the following day, we recieve two of the stipulations, the proof of phone, and the proof of residence, but still no paycheck stub (Proof of Income) and no insurance. On day 12 I call her insurance company to get the proof of insurance directly rather than waiting for her, but found out she has none; not even insurance that will branch from one policy to another, but NONE.

Ms. [redacted] signed an agreement to keep full coverage insurance on the vehicle at all times until the loan is paid off. Since there was no response from Ms. [redacted], I called her mom, who stated that she was about to visit with her daughter and would let her known that CJ Auto Sales and the finance company needed the stipulations of insurance and paycheck stubs ASAP.

Again no response that day or the next. On the 14th day, I call her mom again, and she states that she gave her daughter the message. I told her mom to let her know that without proof of insurance today that her car would go into repossession. Ms. [redacted]'s mom assured me she would pass on the message. At the end of the 14th day Ms. [redacted] calls and I let her know that the insurance is needed NOW as the vehicle is at risk. I also let her know that if all the stipulation were not in that the finance company would turn down her loan and that it would revert back to CJ Auto Sales. She stated that she would get the insurance now and call me back.

Ms. [redacted] called back, but instead of getting insurance she stated that she saw a puddle of water under her car, and could I fix it. I told her that the repair and maintenance of the vehicle is her responsibility, and that she purchased the vehicle AS-IS NO WARRANTY. This started a long conversation that was basically she was not going to complete the stipulation until I took care of the car. I told her that CJ Auto Sales can get a diagnosis done for free, but that CJ Auto Sales would not pay for repairs. I also told her again that without insurance today that her car would be up for repossession. Ms. [redacted] kept going on and on, and I finally told her if she was unhappy with her vehicle, she could just turn the vehicle in and walk away. A volantary repossesion! This means no money returned and I wouldn't report this volantary repossesion to the credit bureau. Within an hour or so the vehicle was dropped off. At this point the deal was done, OR SO I THOUGHT...

NOTE: In all cases when work was done, Ms. [redacted] took the vehicle to an auto repair facility, not to CJ Auto Sales. When the car was turned in there was nothing in the vehicle and she returned the vehicle and keys to CJ Auto Sales!

Two days later she comes back and wants to know what has been done on her car. I told her nothing as it was a volantarty repossesion. She states she didn't think it was a repossession, but that I was going to fix the car. As you can imagine another long conversation. This ended with me converting her volantary repossession into a involantary repossession.

Volantary repossessions have no wait period, meaning that once you drop off the car, you can't change your mind and get it back. A regular repossession allows the consumer 15 days to fix the condition and recover the vehicle at a cost, plus a reverification of all application data. I told her I would wave the repossession costs if she got the stipulations to the bank in time and the loan got approved. If not CJ Auto Sales would pick up the contract and the regular repossession would stand including reverification of application data and fees.

I told Ms. [redacted] that to get the loan approved the insurance and paystubs need to be submitted and approved before 21 days pass from the day she took possesion of the vehicle, meaning that there is only 5 days left. THIS IS WHEN I FIND OUT THAT Ms. [redacted] DOESN'T HAVE A JOB. Even though she put on her application that she had a job and was starting the next day, the REALITY is that she was interviewing for a job which she didn't get.

IF I HAD KNOWN THAT SHE WASN'T EMPLOYED I WOULD OF HAD HER KEEP THE PREVIOUS VEHICLE and wait for the repairs to be completed, as the income verification was already completed. I called my representative at the finace company and explained the situation. He called back and said that his finance company could use her previous job verification. All she needed now was insurance and an interview.

The problem is Ms. [redacted] didn't get issurance until the the 22nd day, and it was already too late to get an approval from the finance company without a reverification of employment. The loan reverted back to CJ Auto Sales which needed to verify employment. Ms. [redacted] stated to me that she had two new part time jobs. So I told her all she needed for approval at CJ Auto Sales was verification of employment, Insurance in our name, and the repossession fee. She didn't come back with any of the information, so the repossession completed.

Resolution: At this point we are past the ability to rectify the situation as the vheicle has been repossessed.


Chris Howe

CJ Auto Sales





I received the corresponded of C&J Auto Sales and ...



I wish I had the time to respond to this letter line by line, but I don't. The previous reponse pretty much sums it up.

The 1st vehcile is a moot point as all funds were refunded. She purchase a 2nd vehicle AS-IS, NO WARRANTY, even thought she was offered one.


Ms. [redacted] told me she was employed and was starting the next day. She stated that all stipulation would be returned to me the next day, except for the paystubs as she would have to complete the week.

She signed the credit application with the line "I the undersigned, make the above representations, which are certified to be correct, for the purpose of securing credit" ------------

The vehicle was repossessed for lack of insuracne. SIMPLE. ---------------

The bank was willing to bypass the proof of income and use the one from the previous loan as long as all stipulation were to the bank within 21 days of purchase. In addition, I told Ms. [redacted] if she got all the stipulation into the bank before the deadline that CJ Auto Sales would pay the repossession fee. Her insurance stipulation didn't come until the 22nd day. Her insurance card shows the date. Since the stipulation was late, they would have to verify employment and... Well there isn't any.

Ms. [redacted] stated after that, that she indeed was emplyoyed at two part time jobs, but wasn't willing to tell me the new employers. I could of resubmitted the employment information and got the loan reinstated at the bank had this information been presented. She stated that for "Employment Verification" to use what she put on the credit application. Employment verification was sent out and came back as none.

So the repossession stood, and the loan reverted back to CJ Auto Sales. I told her I would carry the loan, but that the repossession fee would stand. So all she needed to do was change the lienholder statement on her vehcile to CJ Auto Sales, pay the repossession fee. But neither of these were done.

This vehicle has been repossed and CJ Auto Sales will follow the California repossession laws with regards to funds.

Review: He solid me a truck with a bed enjoin and I would like hem to fix it. I believe he knew it was bad.

rod started to knock, I took it to the car lots repair shop they said the enjon was no-good and needed rebuilt one. The car lot said that I bout as-is that it is my problem to fix it. The owner of the lot said he would pay for the motor and at it to the contract. I don't know if I did the right thing, but I left it there a the lot. The pick up was not driven all the time I had it. When I drove it form the lot I pick up my nefue We went about 4 miles, The truck quit running, so I then drove home and parked it. I check the oil with my nefue and we could not see entity oil on the dip stick. So I put en 2 qts. Then I rechecked the oil level it was over full. So I drained the exes oil. We could not see any oil on the dip stick ( it appeared not to have any oil at all! It was clear as water.) But when I put the oil in I could see a change in color, that is when I saw it had to much oil. The pick up is at the car lot. They are trying to blam me for every thing.

Whit can I do? Can you help me? I contacted a lawyer he said he could help, and he said he could wen a law suit but he ned a retainer. I am 67 and on SSD and no money.

Thank you for reading my compliant.

[redacted] Fe. St.

[redacted] Ca. 95367

[redacted]@msn.comDesired Settlement: To pay half of the repairers, add my part to the loan. I do not want to go where he has hes cars fixed.


Response: Case# [redacted]

CJ Auto Sales

3832 Atchison Street

Riverbank, CA 95367


Thanks for the correspondence. Very sad to hear about the problems with your truck. I really wish trucks would last a million miles without a problem of any kind, and require no maintenance. But the reality is that all machinery has a risk of breaking. With that being said, the vehicle is 19 years old and has 215,000 miles on it.


[redacted] came by the dealership multiple times looking at different vehicles. He said he had a motorcyle and was getting a job that required a car, and the he was going to commute to Stockton. I first showed him some commute cars, but he wanted an SUV or Truck. His funds where limited and he asked about the least expensive SUV and Pickup that we had. [redacted] picked the 1995 Chevrolet 1500, Extended Cab, 4x4 as the vehicle he wanted. He had listened to this truck run on several occasions in the past, and also took it on a 15 minute test drive with me. He checked out just about everything, 4WD, A/C, Power Windows, Power Locks, etc. After the test drive [redacted] stated that he wanted the vehicle. AT NO TIME DID THE VEHICLE MAKE ANY FUNNY SOUNDS. I personally have been on several test drives previously in this vehicle and each time it ran and drove fine.

I talked with [redacted] about getting a warranty/service contract and he turned it down, thus purchased the vehicle AS-IS NO WARRANTY. (enclosed in your paperwork)

[redacted] put down a deposit and came back a few days later with the required down payment for his loan, and purchased the vehicle. ** took care of [redacted]'s transaction as I was on vacation for the [redacted]tmas and New Year holiday.


[redacted] called back on the following day and talked to ** stating that the battery wasn't charging properly and that he had to rev the engine to about 3000 RPM's to get the guage to go past 1/2 way. Later that same day or the next day [redacted] called back and stated that he was looking at the oil guage and not the voltage/amp guage and that all was OK.

The following day or so he called back again this time stating that his nephew said he heard a ticking noise. [redacted] and his nephew checked the oil and found none. He told ** that he added 3-4 quarts of oil. After driving the vehicle he said things got worse and the engine started making bad sounds. ** called me at home, and I was able to get a hold of a mechanic at one of the local shops in Riverbank. He went by the dealership and took a look at the vehicle.

When the mechanic got to the vehicle he pulled the oil dip stick and found the oil level approximately 4" high on the dip stick which is about 3-4 quarts over full. Condidering that the engine holds four quarts of oil, and the filter one, this is approximately double the recommended oil level. [redacted] then started the vehicle for the machanic and it was making a bad sound. The machanic told him to shut it down. The machanic explained that overfilling an engine with oil can hurt it just like one being underfilled. He recommended that he remove the excess oil and see if the engine would return to normal. [redacted] told the machanic that it was his mistake on overfilling the oil.

Sometime in the next day or so [redacted] took the vehicle to an oil change place and had the excess oil removed. He also went by the machanic's shop to have him take another look stating that the noise was still there, and that the vehicle had no oil pressure. The machanic looked at the guage and it showed just a bit more than 20lbs at idle and 45-55lbs off idle. The machanic told [redacted] that the oil pressure was fine, but that to find the source of the noise problem would require more investigation.


Drastically overfilling an engine with oil sometimes has consequnces, and in this case is appears some damage was done...

[redacted] asked for assistance with the vehicle, and ** relayed the request to me. [redacted] and I got along well on the test drive before the holidays and I knew that without the vehicle his job might be at stake. I was able to get approval for CJ Auto Sales to assist [redacted] on the fix for his vehicle and add the funding to the end of the loan.

I had ** relay this information to [redacted]. ** presented the idea to [redacted], but he didn't like the idea that he had to pay anything. Eventually this ended in [redacted] complaining loudly and throwing the turck keys on the desk with the intent of not paying for the vehicle. It even got to the point that ** had to ask him to leave.

Since [redacted] gave back the keys and was not going to pay for the vehicle, CJ Auto Sales repossessedd the vehicle. (This is the only legal way to gain possession of the vehicle under these circomstances.)


At this point I believe we are past the ability to easily remedy the situation as the paperwork has already been filed. If he would like to call me and talk, we might be able to work something out, but the additional costs will have to be paid.


CJ Auto Sales




Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:

I went to there car lot looking for a pickup truck. I started working for a security company and it was very cold on the motorcycle so I wen looking for a pickup truck. I asked the owner of the car lot how much was the pickup. He stated it was 2795.00. I said the price sounds good. We went into the office at that time. Then he said it would be a $1000.00 more for financing the pickup, so it would be 3799 the 2799 was the cash price. At do time did I start the pickup. I asked if this was in house financing, he said NO the lone will go through a bank. I sold my motorcycle a few days later wen back to the lot talked to the owner, he got the keys and we went for a test drive. The owner went with me we went to 1st street and back the owner would not let go any further. He said “I am the only one at the lot” so so I had to turn around and go back. The test drive was about 2 1/2 mi The engine was still cold and it had good oil pressure.The owner stated to me that all the test drives was about 15 mim and the vehicle did not make any funny sounds. He stated to me the pickups engine was good. When the pickup was cold it had good oil pressure when I went on the test drive. Then I placed a deposit on the truck. Two days later I came back with the rest of the deposit. As to the warranty, I had no conversation with [redacted] about the warranty. I did with Ed, As we were filling out all the paper work, when we got to the part of the warranty/service, he told me that it was inchase I wanted to bring the truck back. But I like the truck and it had a good engine I did not need to worry about braining it back. So I went and turned it down.

We went to start the pickup, it head a dead battery. When we started the motor an let it ide

I noticed that it was was not charging. Ed told me to take it to O Riley's and have the battery checked. I drove to my house 2 blocks away. I picked up my nephew [redacted] Mitchell and we were go to take a test drive to Modesto. On the way, when the motor got hot it started to have a knock. I pulled into O Riley’s, I got to check the oil, when I pulled out the dipstick I could not see any oil on it. Then I called [redacted] over and recheck the dipstick we could not see any thing. So I bout two quarts of oil. I thought there was no oil in the crank case, with very low oil pressure that was the cause of the knocking. After I put in the 2 qts I could see it was over full. I have never have seen oil that clear be for, I cleaned the dipstick with a pice of paper it did not fell oily. Only after I added the oil could see a light trace of the color of oil. [redacted] pointed out to me that I was looking at the wrong gage. I was looking at the oil pressure gage not the volt meter. What I thought it was not charging, it was really low oil pressure.

I went back to the car lot to talk to Ed and tell him what had happened. ** called the mechanic form the Pit Stop that does all there repair work.When he arrived I told him what had happened. And why I and how I over filled the oil. He explained that overfilling can hurt an ingine. He advised me to drain out some oil. I went to Jiffy Lub in Riverbank.

I told the manager what had happened he drained the oil. He listened to the knock, he thought it might a rod going out. I went back to the lot, talked to ** he said there is nothing he could do,scents the was Friday. He said to come back Monday.

This all happened all in four hours after I drove off the lot.

I kept the pickup over the week end and I did not drive it any where. Monday I went to talked to Ed again he said he talked to [redacted] and for me to take it to the Pit Stop for there mechanic to look at it a gain. The mechanic listen to the engine said the over filling the oil level caused the engine to knock and blamed me for it. The oil pressure was at 20 lbs at idle. I tyed to tell them, put on the bark and in to gear an if a a stop light the oil pressure goes to 0 lbs. One of the other guys that was there told me to go a change the oil pressure would come back up, and I could processibility of a plugged oil filter and that is why I have no oil pressure.


I feel like a victim. I bout the pickup on December 21,2013 Saturday mourning, after we got started, I got the oil pressure and the volt meter mixed up. So there was no oil pressure when I left the lot. Going down the road it showed 40 lbs.pressure at the stop light with the brake on and in gear it would be 0 lbs pressure. We heard a knock so we ( [redacted] and myself) thought we were low on oil. We went to ORily’s and checked the dipstick we could not see any thing on it. What ever it was it was not engine oil. When I put the oil in it changed color and then I can see it was over full. I had the oil drained that day. (3 hours after I put it in) This all happened four hours after I drove it off the lot.

When I went to the Pit Stop and talk to the mechanic all that he would talk about was the overfilling the oil. Not about the engin knock, lost all power go down the road, it died on me at a stop. He checked the scending unit for the oil pressure it read 20 lbs. And that is OK. I put the brack on and put is gear the oil pressure went to 0. He would not take a look at it. Sad it was fine. I felt they were just shinning me on.

On December 23,2013 I took the truck back to the lot. I talk to ED he stated that [redacted] said the him and the mechanic talk it over and the truck would need a short block, about $2,000. It is hard for me to belive that 2 qts over full less than 7 mi would do all the damage. I fell this is a scam. The pit stop was going to put the engin in, that is why I took the pickup back. I don’t trust the guys at Pit Stop. If [redacted] would have scent it to Engine Renew I would have took hem on his offer. For a 2799 pickup it would engine and all would have cost me 9,000


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