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Capital City Online Auctions

6600 Don Eisele Rd Ste 1, Columbus, Ohio, United States, 43217-1317

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BEWARE! I feel scammed, I bought a "New in box Magic Chef Cooktop" for our kitchen. Drove three hours to get it along with a few other items that we had excitedly won, we just moved in our house and are trying our best to get what we need at fair prices. I understand the notes on items to check before you leave the warehouse but being during COVID I did not want to handle the boxes until I could have disinfectant. I was not worried about the product since the box said what the product was, and was not damaged in any way, the guys at the auction put it all in the bed of my truck for me which was very nice. I opened the product the following day only to find that the box had an old dusty subwoofer in it and a piece of plywood to make it feel like it was a flat cooktop. I was so SHOCKED, I spent over $100 on this item, took time off of work to drive down as they only have a 4p-7p window for pick up, and was completely fooled. I reached out to the auction house immediately letting them know what had happened and asked them for a refund or even just a credit as I would love to do business there. I offered to drive back down and return the falsely advertised item to them as well in order to receive credit. Their response was quick and an absolute no, that it was my fault I did not check. I do understand I should have checked, and under different circumstances, I would have. I'm so dismayed at their lack of loyalty to customers, I was very excited to continue doing business there. It all ended up feeling so much worse when we got on the and saw that this happens to SO MANY people that give their hard-earned money to Capital City Auctions.

Capital City Online Auctions Response time Apr 29, 2020

If the item was listed as new and not we would have gladly refunded your money. We sell tens of thousands of items a month and are not able to check inside every box which is why we have the terms in place in which you agreed to. Under the circumstances we would have probably worked with you, but not by taking your complaint here.

Would have been 5 stars but the parking was ridiculous. Vehicles actually lined up and stopped on the road waiting to get into lot. Other than that the employees I talked to were polite, item was as described and a good deal.

I Central Ohio Online Auction company is company who makes up their own rules as you go and have no customer service other than hit the highway. I was banned from their auctions because I would not drag a crated vanity top that I found broken to an area 200 feet away. I had paid for item and when I went to look at it was standing upright 60" marble vanity top with sinks. I inspected and found it to be cracked in half and I never moved it from where it was in aisle only. I tore a small piece of cardboard off to find it cracked. They said nothing to me at time and I got a refund. I found out when I tried to bid on items a few days later and my number would not work. I called them and was rudely told I left trash behind and would need to pay a $25 fine to be reinstated to bid. I also was told that their where signs all over indicating their policy. If you have been to their place at *** in Columbus you know that you cannot hardly get through because aisles do not exist and you trip over stuff. My feelings are this company just wants money no matter how they get it and most of their employees are rude and could careless they just do as instructed even apologize for their management.

Capital City Online Auctions Response time Feb 08, 2020

About 99% of this "review" is not true. This person is upset because he is not allowed to bid. he is not allowed to bid because he left trash in or around our building which has nothing to do with a vanity. We spend over $3000.00 a month on trash and we DO NOT ALLOW people to open boxes and leave trash behind. You can not walk into a retail store and open something and leave the trash. This became such a problem that we had to start fining people. As for how rude we are and customer service and all that we have meetings almost daily and I spend most of my time trying to make this a better experience all the way around. As for aisles we are in peak season with a lot coming in, this lasts about a month it is a great time for our customers to get really good deals and yeah the place is a little messy for a few weeks our employees work over time and double time in some cases to try and remedy that. This person seems to be the one who is rude bashing us at every turn therefor this review will get you a lifetime ban keep your $25 and next time you go to HD or somewhere like that open up everything and leave your trash and see what they do.

We bought a 6.5hp mini bike on dec 27 picked it up on dec 28 we live 2 hours away got home and it was a 3.0 hp mini bike Sherman had it all wrote up wrong and we would had not went that high on that bike. We contacted him and he said there was nothing he could do. That was false advertising on that bike. He should not be a salesman and he should fired. He said it was our fault and we should had checked it. He should had it on there right We would not had bid that high for a 3.0 bike

Capital City Online Auctions Response time Jan 01, 2020

If the item was listed incorrectly it should have been inspected before leaving with the item and refunded at the point of sale. That is our policy as posted on the website, on each individual listing and with signs allover the building. These are the terms you have to agree to when you E-Sign to place a bid. Nothing is ever intentionally listed incorrectly. You can contact the GM Steve at or

I think the problem with capital city is they have lost any and all quality control! My bidder number is less than 10,000 so I’ve been dealing with them almost from there start! I’ve talked to Steve about the problems I’ve encountered and no real satisfaction . After last night , bought a “new” gooseneck hitch, only to find out the ball was missing ( imagine that). I think I’m going to fast track from now on, they definitely can’t be any worse! Buyer beware!

Capital City Online Auctions Response time Dec 23, 2019

Anything advertised as "new" that ends up being not "new" or incomplete is refunded. We are working on cleaning out the building for the New Year and enforcing our policies that bidders have taken advantage of in order to get things under control again. Fast Track sells only returns so if that is the merchandise that you want go for it.
Thank you

Ed "Security Guy" at Green Pointe, Groveport Pick Up:
Was a jerk to me when I was parking, then when I was picking up my Paid items he asked for an ID when my invoice was taped in a way he couldn't even see the name, and he said "have a nice day", I just walked away because he was so rude to me when I walked in. He then proceeded to tell me to "don't ever come back if I can't say thanks" when I said "you're talking to the wrong person like that and that I have spent over $10,000 in the last 3 months with you guys" he replied "get the f* out of here, I have made more today then you will in a whole year" in front of other customers.

***This is not the first time I have seen him cuss out a customer, just was the first time it was directed at me***

How professional. Any other line of work and you'd be fired for this. But hey, your just another bidder to Capital City.

Capital City Online Auctions Response time May 30, 2019

It is necessary that we request to see ID on late pick up items as we do not know every single bidder by name and we have had dishonest people come in and steal other peoples items in the past. If what you are saying is true it is not OK for Ed or any other employee to treat bidders in this way and he will be dealt with. I will say this account is quite shocking though because I have known Ed for years, he is a Christian and I have never heard him cuss at all much less drop the *** bomb. Lastly we do not have anyone registered in our data base with the name ***. Thank you

You can get great deals here. I’m not too sympathetic to people complaining about quality if you failed to preview the item you bought. The only reason I don’t give them 5 stars is the “security” guy at the *** location is ridiculous. I don’t know his name but he is fairly short and always wears a tank top, even in January. He is extremely rude and acts as if he is doing customers a favor. Any job where customer contact is involved is not for this guy. The taller security guy is always pleasant and welcoming. Never had a bad experience at Greenpoint location either.

Capital City Online Auctions Response time Mar 21, 2019

Thank you for your review. We had to prosecute a thief we caught stealing from one of our locations which is why we added security and why they are so thorough. I apologize if he did something to offend you. We will be sure and address this. Thanks again.

If zero stars would be an option, that's what they would get! One of the auctioneers, Casey, clearly stated a shed was BRAND NEW in his auction. I won the bid, traveled from Lancaster to find it had crushed boxes and a big note saying DO NOT RESALE MISSING PARTS! I dont know about his definition of NEW but it definitely doesn't follow the average consumers definition of BRAND NEW.

Capital City Online Auctions Response time Dec 27, 2018

I`m sorry this was a mistake and I`m sure you were refunded in full. This is a little unnecessary you must be having a bad day!

Capital City Online Auctions Response time Dec 27, 2018

Administrative notes indicate that this persons bidding privileges were revoked for non-payment. The item she is complaining about was never even picked up.

Customer Response time Dec 27, 2018

Wouldn't you have a bad day if someone lures you into a business to buy something advertised as brand new only to find they should be warning you that the product is damaged and missing parts! Absolutely, I had a bad day. I found the shed before purchasing and noticed the SIGN- DO NOT RESALE, MISSING PARTS!!! Therefore, refused to buy the item. It's completely okay that you stopped me from bidding after this incident, because I for one will never try and win broken, MISSING parts, defective items that you pass off as NEW from you ever again.

Capital City Online Auctions Response time Dec 28, 2018

If you need further assistance please contact Steve the General Manager at or

I always had a great experience until today. It was pouring down rain so my wife pulled my truck over to the side so I could load a bed frame that my sister-in-law won into the bed of my truck. We were off to the side and in no way impeding anybody from coming or going. The parking was terrible and they had trucks with trailers blocking traffic. Some guy, who was checking receipts as people left, proceeded to come out and tell my wife that he is revoking our bidding privileges because we didn't follow "protocol." He demanded to have her bidder number. My wife refused and got in the truck. I got out and asked him what the problem was. He said that we weren't following protocol and that he was turning my license plate in. I told him that we were just stopping to load and that there was no sign that said we couldn't park there. He then proceeds to take pictures of my truck and my license plate while saying that I needed to "move my *** truck." I told him we were leaving but that I didn't appreciate pictures of my license plate being taken. He said he didn't care and began walking back inside. I asked him his name, but he refused to give it to me. I will avoid this location from here on out.

Capital City Online Auctions Response time Dec 18, 2018

I have no idea how to answer this complaint or what security personnel`s side of the story is. If this happened at my facility it should have been addressed with the warehouse manager and it would have been dealt with, not here.

I love buying products from this Acution Site, but not sure what happened, they bloked ny Account, and I have written multiple time requesting to unblock my account, but they never replied.
I placed a bid, but never got any update of me winning the Auction, as mentioned, and my friends who are also bidders on this site told me they will block the id if I have won the bid but donot pickup, but in first place I donot have any confirmation of winning the bid.
Going forward I will manage my own biddings, but unfortunately, they are not responding to unlock my account.

Capital City Online Auctions Response time Dec 04, 2018

I looked into this a bit and it appears you have signed up for more then 1 bidder number. We only allow 1 number if you were turned off for non-payment please contact Steve at or s*** and he can help you he is the general manger. I don`t think this warrants a bad review we can not allow bidders to bid and not pick up and then sign up for new bidder numbers and bid again. I`m sure you understand.

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