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Carmack Moving & Storage, Inc

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I purchased *** *** coffee which was on saleThe corner shelf said $but the can was ounces which seemed large (I did not have ad had written grocery list from ad)I checked the coffee area and there were a variety of *** *** coffees same large 30+ ounce size with big signs under $- rang up $Customer service clerk very rude - I gave her the coffee she gave me $and some change (She did not refund $plus change) I have too often been cheated on wrong item by advertised sale sign at this store I don't think it is a repeated mistake, I think it is deliberate

August 31, Wednesday between 9-10:A.M, I felt in the Jewel-Osco parking lot ( S Lake St, Mundelein, IL 60060) due to uneven surface around the manhole, the one closest from the left front door I guess they've never fixed it after the winter snow I tried to save myself from falling, but I ended up face and left shoulder down.,I had pretty bad scrapes on my palms and knees
I walked to the customer service and asked for help I can't remember her name, but a kind blonde lady with glasses provided me alcohol wipes and large bandages to cover my palms She called I am assuming a store manager to report what just had happened to me He took my number and told me he'll contact the management company to request a repair(I walked him out to parking lot to show exact spot)
I can deal with bruises because it will go away in time, but I'm feeling a pretty bad pain in my left shoulder I'm writing this complaints at 4:in the morning because I couldn't sleep with throbbing pain of my shoulderIt has been like this for days and I am finally realizing I need some sort of medical treatment I can't lift my left arm all the way up and left shoulder is in a constant throbbing pain
The store manager has never called me to see if I was okay I don't know why he asked me my number, was it a show?

I'm specifically complaining about one store located at *** *** *** in Hoffman Estates, IllinoisAfter several in-store complaints voiced with management, I feel there is still a lack of customer service being applied by staff which is causing animosity, anxiety and overall feeling of disrespect to the customerMy experiences include having food smashed by being improperly packed into both bags and into the cartFood missing though paid forOverhearing improper conversations about cashiers partying and overall complaints of having to work while tired due to partyingBeing asked inappropriate conversations about whom I'm feeding, what I'm eating and my plans for the dayBeing called "Brah" and not miss or mamWatching others being called inappropriate names and carelessness of packing and not paying attention to whose food belongs to whomOther complaints are of watching management staff yell at other staff in front of customers, a lack of assistance in finding food, and lack of customer service at the actual customer service deskThe list can go on however it seems to be this store as other stores in the surrounding areas are not like this store and have a high regard for customer services

I placed an order with Jewel Osco Delivery using their online service
My order number #: ***-***
This order was executed on 10/02/for delivery between the hours of 12:PM and 4:PM on 10/03/
The total of the order was $and was charged against my credit card
No order was delivered
I cannot reach their customer service to resolve this in a timely manner (under minutes)
I have attempted to contact them two times via their customer service email: [email protected]
I have received no reply from them at any time
I placed an order with Jewel Osco delivery The order was funded and scheduled to be delivered
No delivery was made and no attempt has been made to contact me
My credit card has been charged
I cannot contact them by phone or by email
Resolve: Refund of money as no product was delivered I simply want a refund No product, no payment That is not an unreasonable

On March 9th we contacted *** *** about
the damage and a fan remote control that was found in the debris he had us
removeHe was grateful that we found the fan remote and asked if we could send
itWe sent him the remote and letter via email and regular
mail on the March 9th
with instructions on how to fill it outIn the forms sent it also explained
how it could take up to days for him to receive an answerOn March 18th
we received a call from *** *** that he hadn't received the claim form
We resent him his claim form and he replied to that email on March 19th
The customer is claiming that he downloaded the forms via
our websiteThese forms aren't available via our websiteThe forms he filled
out were the ones that were sent to him via emailI've attached the email that
was sent to him twiceHe sent us the claim forms and we processed them by
April 3rd, We sent him the results of his claim via mailIf
you have any further questions please contact us at ###-###-####
Thank you,
Robert C***

This is about the store at *** *** *** in ChicagoWe have shopped here for years and never had any problems Get along very well with all of the cashiers and other employees But recently there is an asstmanager (?) named Chaka who has taken to being incredibly rude to the point of almost harassing my wife whenever she shops thereWe talked to the manager Barry and instead of helping, he has decided to be rude as well No one in management seems to care at all about the terrible customer service, nor does anyone at the corporate hq which we have contacted on multiple occasionsNo one has ever contacted us We talked to the director and he didn't care, just told us to write a report, so here we areThis store used to be awesome under the previous managers, but the service from the managers is just abysmal Moving on to *** and whatever store eventually replaces this one

The operations manager went to *** *** home and repaired the the broken peg to the door of the chest on 4/13/Customer was satisfied with repair.
Thank you,
Carmack Moving & Storage, Inc

I arranged for grocery pick up at 2pm on 12/ At 2:50, I had not received email telling me to pick up so I called number provided to inquire/cancel I spent minutes on hold and gave up - had to get groceries elsewhere At 4:I received notice that order was ready I told them I didn't want it They claim I picked it up and charged my card I told them I did not pick up, they didn't meet their obligation of 2pm and I attempted to contact them I have had no response and they have not reversed the charged on my card

Bought pork rib todayThe price should be per lb according to their adsOn the label,they print"8.3x lb, $3.99per lb, total is $33.48" But on the receipt ,it's said"13.4lb, $per lb,total is $33.48"Frankly speaking, I never pay attention to what it's said on the receipts and labels when I shop thereFortunately, one of my friends bought the same staff and she called me that something's wrongI already cooked one forth and I weight the restIt's around 5lb9ozSo the total weight should be 8.3lbI should pay 8.3*2.49=$But they play with the numbers and charged me almost 50% more!
The point is I spend more than $ a year in this store and never check the priceI don't think they only cheat this timeSo I paid $for grocerie only worth $5000? That is really bad!
Just can't believe Jewel Osco will do the such stupid and cheap thing!

I actually just moved to oak forestI was so happy to have moved really close to jewel osco because where I lived before I was close to one as wellFirst grocery store I go to since moving to oak forest was jewel osco on 159thI had experienced THE WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE there out all the jewe osco I have been toFirst I was waiting more than 15-minutes for someone to help me unlock the container just so that I can receive baby formulaThis lady tell me that I have to go check out at express because that's where she's going to walk up the formulaThey only had lines open besides the express lanes and there WERE TONS OF PEOPLE AND HUGE LINES! You'd think they'd open more lanesNOPE! Express lanes were even LONGER! I was waiting at least 20-minute due to how BUSY AND LONG THE LINES WEREWhen I had finally gone up to the cashier WHOM WAS NAMED JASON ! He saw that I was purchasing formula with *** , (the lady who got me the formula was the one that told me to go to express lanes to check out) he than proceeded to tell me " OH NO THIS IS EXPRESS, I'm not going to do *** at express you have to go to the other lanes" I explained what the lady told me when handing me the formula and how I've had been waiting for a while to check out and he still told me he was not willing to check me out because " this is an express line and I'm holding up his line" he was just arguing with me and didn't even let me slide for the first timeHe than said to me " so you know next time do not come to express with ***" until I started getting angry someone else pulled me to the side and checked me out I did not catch his name but thank you to the one person that helped me and well to JASON if you DONT WANT TO HELP CUSTOMERS AND TRY TO UNDERSTAND THEM YOU SHOULDNT BE WORKING THERE! Communicate more with your peers! This was such a horrible experience for me at this jewel and although it is VERY NEAR TO MY NEW HOME I WILL NOT BE GOING BACK AND WILL BE SHARING MY EXPERIENCE WITH EVERYONE! Jason was very rude and ignorant and had ruined the good day that I was having!

Very disappointed experience with Jewel-Osco
I purchased some dairy products on May 3, However I found out the product I purchased was expired and badly spoiledThe product should be used before Aug16, Can you believe that! Such a big-chain supermarket sold products that are expired and spoiledDo they value their customers? I doubt

I recently visited the Jewel Osco store at the 95th and Stony Island in Chicago On this day, was a one day sale on Doritos chips with a limit of two I picked up because my sister asked me to get some for her household also Once I made it to checkout, the cashier informed me again that limit was I said okay and said I'll purchase the other two in a separate transaction She went on to tell me that she cannot check me out for the other two because I already bought two I would have to walk out of the store and come back in as a new customer if I wanted to purchase two more The cashier then removed my chips off the belt and put it behind her I was on my lunch break and didn't have time to wait for a manager for two bags of chips Another cashier heard the issue and said she would check me out for the other two bags when she finally handed them back to me The cashier informed me that it is procedure and wanted to hand me he job description I never knew a company would turn down the chance to make money and have their customers walk outside the store and walk back in to get additional item If I had walked outside of that store I was not going back in with a cart of groceries, pick up two bags of chips and wait in line again No Extremely bad customer service

I went to Jewel Osco on west *** *** *** *** at 6:on 12/17/My husband and I were buying liquor and foodWhile we were waiting in line the woman in front of us was buying liquor alsoThe CSR was under so she would yell at least time the woman waited like min or a little longer for someone to comeA lady who was named Evelyn the rep said (she was carmel skinned with light brown/blond braids of some sort) came to scan the item from the Customer Service counter in the frontShe scanned the woman item with an attitude, snatched it scanned it and walked offI was trying to ask her if she could scan mine really quick bshe left because they were taking so long, but she ignored me and walked offWhen it became my turn secs later, the rep yells and evelyn just looks at us from the customer service counter in the front of the store and continues to laugh and talk to a customer who was clearly finishedThe rep kept calling evelyns phone and calling and she ignored it and would continue to look at us not saying anythingAll the reps in the front were under The woman in the liquor department came to assist after we waited several minutes although she had customersI just think that evelyn was very rude, uncaring, and trying not to assist us on purpose because she was in a bad mood and you could tellShe should leave her personal problems at homeThey also need a better system to check out customers who are buying liquor

As a result of poor customer service with the Jewel-Osco internet survey and rudeness from the Skokie Boulevard (Skokie) store Manager, Amanda *** *** promised to send me a $gift card During the ensuing days, *** repeatedly lied to me and others about sending my gift card She also engaged me in multiple protracted conversations to answer queries about customer service and sales Lastly, *** flirted with me on the telephone and offered to treat me to coffee at her new Chicago storeAfter I escalated this matter to the Jewel-Osco President, Doug *** ***, he referred it to his Loss-Prevention Director, Joe *** ***, who repeatedly called me with the intent to harass (i.e., conduct that serves no useful/legitimate purpose) Let me be clear: This was never a safety or security issue! Accordingly, there was no rational basis to involve Loss-Prevention *** involved Loss-Prevention to attempt to intimidate me by improperly making me the problem These so-called professionals' behavior is reprehensible; who do they think they are?!
The problem here is simple: I was promised a $gift card by *** and have been harassed by *** I have not received my moneyI now grocery shop at *** *** and *** all of them have significantly more reasonable prices than Jewel!
I no longer want anything to do with Jewel-Osco! I now want to be compensated for the initial customer service problem (i.e., survey problem & rudeness), ***'s repeated lying which wasted my time, ***'s multiple protracted conversations to answer queries about customer service/sales, and *** harassing telephone callsAccordingly, my demand is $2,________________________________________________________________________
*** (1:P.M.): Hey Kevin! I realize it's the pmI'm working on your tracking(Emphasis added.) Will talk to you soon!
Are you going to come checkout the new store?
*** (1:P.M.): As soon as you and I meet for coffee!
*** (1:P.M.): LolThere's a *** in the storeCome on down I'll buy you a cupThere's an amazing bar in the store too!
*** (1:P.M.): LOL! Can I get a beer at that bar?
***(1:P.M.): Absolutely
*** (1:P.M.): LOL! You've caused me a lot of grief! The least you could do at this point is send me your picture!

Hi guys I bought some ribs buy one get one free pack of ribs was bad so I took them back a lady was at the counter I told her what happen so she check them out and knew that the rib was bad so she told me that she can only pay me for one I told her no I just wanted rib so walk in the back I did't see any so I got buy one get one free links $5'for packs so I got I walk back to the counter she was gone so I had to stand in line to pay my stuff so I ask the guy that was checking me out were was lady that was there he said she punch out already so I walk over to customer service desk ask other guy he knock on the office door she came out I ask her what happen I told her I paid for my stuff and I wanted my money she told gift card I said no I wanted my money so I walked out call jewel customer Questions they gave me number (***) I don't trust jewel anymore last year at this store I discrimination because Im gay I did't file anything I was busy I did call and told jewel what they

JewelOsco weekly ads featured wild cod loins on sale for a limited time (12/1/- 12/3/17), at $per poundI went to the meat counter and requested codWhen I got home I noticed that it cost $per poundI called the meat department and was told that the sale price was for the frozen cod (which they were out of)Nowhere in the ad did the word "frozen" appearI think this ad was intentionally misleadingBy the way, the butcher said he was running out of the fresh cod - no wonder, people thought they were buying it at $per pound!

Jewel has an in store advertising price of cents / per pound for its Green Leaf LettuceIt however rings up at $per poundOn occasions in the last weeks, I have taken one or all of the following actions: brought to the attention of the cashier, customer service and called the Store DirectorThe issue remains unresolvedThis is advertising, misleading and ultimately, ripping off their customers
The Jewel Osco at *** ** *** also advertises as .99c / lb but charges the customer 1.99/1b
Thank you

On March 24th at I went the jewels on *** South *** Chicago, IL to purchased my mother two packs of *** ADA 10-ride passes, when I got home I discovered that the cashier named Caitlin only gave me oneI brought my receipt in, Fran who was that register this time claimed her inventory was even, the camera even shows at the time of Caitlin giving me a book she was playing around being unprofessional laughing with co-workers not paying attentionI even addressed Fran about that when I was up there she seemed to not care even after seeing it on cameraFor all I know she’s covering her tracks or the supposed extra given to me dropped during her playing around not being focused and someone else got it laterShe even temporarily lost my receipt as if she was hoping I’d go just away, so I waited until she found it which took about an extra hour of me being their

I went to Jewel-Osco store to buy *** for my kids, I also took *** juiceI already added this juice which is free online before going thereDuring the checkout process Cashier not able add that juice for free, She requested me show the same on my mobile and I am not able to find that coupon at all in the listI do requested to cancel the transaction and left the shopShe did not cancel the transaction, She took the free juice and cancelled all the other itemsIt is nothing but steeling as per my understandingShe is rude and very mean to the customerI am very upset with her behaviourStore DetailsDate & Time: 11/20/2:PM
eEuclid Ave., Mount prospect, Illinois Store code:
Register number: Transaction number: **SSN***SSN**

Jewel Osco, bought some fried chicken from their deli It was disgusting, stunk of old oil and I wonder how long it has been under the hot lights I looked at the whole roasted chickens I was ther around 4:p.m The time on the chickens was 6: Can it be possible those cooked chickens had been sitting there for more than hours? Jewel you are disgusting I am not shopping at your establishment

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