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Today I had a very helpful, respectful customer service agent. Brianna is a real person that is u understanding and will treat you like a human being. Unfortunately yesterday I didnt have such a good experience. The rep I spoke with was extremely rude, threatening in her tone, and just didnt give a damn for anyone's feelings. I wish I could recall her name, it begins with an M. She needs to go as she does not represent the Company in any fashion of a positive nature!

They have the worse customer service personnel. They are rude and obnoxious. They are also relentless and threatening if you are a little late. Several voicemails, texts, emails and calls to references a day. You are told it’s “not good enough” when you tell them you will make a payment by the due date. I was warned by the dealer I bought my car from that they prefer to steer clear of this lender. Never again!

Wont recommend this company at all

Carvant financial worst company ever, even if you are 100 dollar past due they call even my grandma thats dead wtf the last thing they did to me.
Was that they track the car where my husband was parked next to his job and they called that company so the guy from that company went to my husbands job and ask who was the owner of that car , that carvant financial called them and said for my husband to call them you know what an embarrassment that was, im taking actions over this they cant just give peoples information like that this is ridiculous. Never again ever ever

• Oct 19, 2019

Carvant Financial is aware of this matter and has been diligently trying to resolve the situation prior to receiving this complaint.We now believe the situation to be completely resolved to the customer's satisfaction and expect the customer to retract the complaint. If you have... any further concerns in this matter, please contact me at ###-###-#### [redacted] ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me and the matter has been resolved
*** ***
I have reviewed the response made
by the business in reference to complaint ID# ***, and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:
I was told that the deal was finalized however WHEN I asked about an interest rate I was then declined and was told I could not speak with anyone due to the fact that I requested to speak with someone who was willing to explain the process of the business professionally and not lie to me and push the blame on to othersTheir reasoning for pulling out of the deal had nothing to do with my approval but all to do with the fact that I questioned a portion of the contract
In order for the to appropriately process your response, you MUST answer the question above
*** ***

I delt with benny who does nothing but lie I paid a car off july was promised my title by july here it is aug still no title and I got a email from benny aug with a copy of lien release dated aug nobody has a clue of whats going on there there always on the phone or on vacation I will never do business with this company they are the worst

The situation is now resolved. Coincidentally, we received the PA title today and spoke with the customer today and are sending out today. The reason for the delay is that the customer lived in Pennsylvania and PA is an electronic titling state, we needed to apply for the paper
title. The situation was confused because the customer moved to Virginia and was able to reregister the vehicle there - so we were not able to access and apply for the paper title in PA.Following are notes from our title clerk.*** - regarding *** *** paper title for the 2004Chevy VIN# ***
On 02/**/ I requested a VA Paper title. Weseem to be having several issues with receiving VA paper titles, they have beentaking days to receive There are other titles we are having issueswith that are more than days. One that I need and one that ***is looking for, apparently they sent the titles to the wrong address. Getting in touch with them is very difficult - they answer saying the wait islonger than min and to call back another time and hang up on you. OnThursday 3/**/at 8:am I called the VA DMV to check on the other titlesand also asked them to look into this title. They told me they neverreceived a request for a paper title - I told them I had the receipt from ***dated on 02/**/15. They said I needed to talk to ***. I called ***and spoke with ***. He explained that although the customer was able togo to VA without the PA title in hand and register the vehicle that VA DMVwon't release the paper title without the previous PA paper title being handedin to them. I could not do so, because *** had already changed the filingto VA and I had no access to the PA title anymore. So *** said he neededto put in a request to PA DMV to send a link to request the PA title, that itwould take a week or so, and *** would call me when that was available. On 3/**/*** called me and let me know the link was available, and I wentonline to *** and requested the paper PA title, in which I am waiting forIspoke with ** *** to I explained this to ** *** today. She askedthat since she is no longer in VA and now back in PA if I could just send thePA title to her. I told her I would, but she needs to check with VA DMVif she needs to cancel that title. I asked for her to send her newaddress via email to make sure I had the address correct

Carvant Financial is the greatest they help me out with my Financial Problem. I may say this I will use there service again. The Customer Service took care of my problem help me out a lot. I may say people please stop putting things out here making them look bad. I apologized if you had a terrible Customer Service. I went through several customer service they all was great.

Hello I’ve been working with Rick Ryan who’s handling my daughter acct and it’s defi been a pleasure I feel I know him personally he is a very caring concerned individual when times got hard for my daughter he worked her payments out to keep her with her automobile I can’t say I have had the same experience with other agents but Rick as exceeded customer service relations and is definitely a warm sweet funny man we only deal with him with making payments and discussing issues if some come up so hats off Rick Ryan thank you sincerely from the bottom of our hearts God Bless You

Carvant financial closed my account and since they don't deal with money order or check payments, they also refuse to answer my recent e-mails. Help. They only will accept phone calls from the phone I set account up with and I need to edit my phone and email information on the account I no longer have access to. Work fulltime and got into a bind.

I've been with carvant Financial I have a manager a nice manager named Lucille she been helping me with my back payments on my car she didn't know where I was going through at the time but at the time my granddaughter and my grandson got into a car accident my granddaughter died and my grandson is in a coma she never knew this but I was back on my car payments and she help me get it up to date I would like to I would like to thank Lucille for all that you have done for me and she is a blessing in disguise thank you very much Lucille from carvant Financial

They are terrible Alex and Vinny are the worst... They both need to take some coustmer service classes... Smh

I have been attempting to receive responses to my emails sent to [email protected] for the past 30 days. I have sent updated unemployment and new employer information but have not received any responses to my emails. Yet I have received an email that my car will be disabled. I have indicated on several emails that this is currently my only means of communication at the moment. I paid my car payment in advance for a couple of months anticipating the change in employment to be proactive. Last month I received several threating phone calls stating my balance was due when it was actually paid and current. I am well aware that I am late on my payment, but if a customer who is trying to be proactive has been reaching out to you in an email WHY ISNT YOUR COMPANY RESPONDING TO MY EMAILS? I would never recommend CARVANT TO ANYONE

Carvant Financial is a Loan Shark company who has changed it's policies 2 times in the past 6 months. I used to be able to call in a car payment over the phone but then they started charging the customer a fee for calling in. They told me to go on-line to avoid the fee. So two months later I go to make another payment and now they charge the same $6 fee to process my payment on-line. I called to make a complaint and they said "sorry, there's nothing we can do other than set you up on direct payments each month." Like I want this shady company having access to my bank account or credit card. Please avoid this company, you're better off taking a bus or calling a cab than do business with loan sharks.

Well as a first time car buyer let me tell you this was not what I expected. I went to a buy here pay here dealer in [redacted] that advertised that they had car fax service for their vehicles on the lot. First Lie! Then they advertise that your job is your credit! 2nd lie! They also say that they would fix any issues that I noticed on the vehicle and that was the 3rd lie. And with all of that I still purchased the vehicle because she was a beauty. It wasnt until the 3rd day driving that the check engine light came on, I noticed the catalytic converter was going bad also along with other things. now I know the finance company isnt fully responsible however they offered no mitigation for this issue. Knowing full well that there is a 30 day lemon law in NJ.

Whoever that Alex guy is he is so rude when he calls .. They really need to send him to school for customer service and teach him how to respect someone else’s business ...

[redacted] was conditionally approved for financing, but
was unable to satisfy the conditions of her approval.  As a result, we declined to finance the vehicle and returned the contract
package to the originating dealership.

Carvant’s policy is to contact references only if a customer is delinquent and our representatives have made multiple unsuccessful attempts to reach the customer.  Carvant’s policy is not to disclose any personal or account related information to any reference, but only to...

obtain updated better contact information and doesn’t believe it violated that policy.  This customer has not asked Carvant directly to discontinue contacting references, but will discontinue contacting this customer's references in the future.

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Address: 6901 Jericho Turnpike  P.O. Box 465, Syosset, New York, United States, 11791


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