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Casanova Remodeling Company

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I purchased an offer from this company through [redacted] on March 4th 2016. The Deal was for gutter cleaning and roof inspection. It included "inspection of shingles and flashing condition to evaluate potential issues and give an estimated life expectancy". Before appointing a time, I wrote the company (twice) to ask if they would give me a certificate of life expectancy. They never responded to my question, and before we could appoint a date for the work, on march 7 they told me they already cleaned the gutters, and that the roof was about 35 years old, in very bad condition and needed immediate replacement that would cost about 12000$.
Casanova Remodeling supposedly came to my house without an appointment and without my consent when nobody was home, and supposedly cleaned the gutters and inspected the roof. I say supposedly, because I went up the roof to inspect the roof and the gutters myself. I could not see any damaged spots in the roof. Regarding the gutters, we have gutter covers, so they are not really dirty, but I could see in a spot were the cover was off, there were some old leaves from the fall in the gutters.
And my roof is not even close to 35 years old, but 16 years old, and as stated in May 2015 by a licensed inspector who did not know the age of the roof: “This roof is estimated at approximately 15 years of age. The roofing material is in satisfactory condition overall”. And 3 other experienced contractors have also stated that the roof is in good condition, including the professional from [redacted] that went up to the roof to inspect it.
The company said they mailed the estimate of the roof twice but I never received it.
I talked several times to the owner, and at some point he agreed to send someone to redo the work, but they only could do it the 11th of April (surpassing the 30 days for the [redacted] money back guarantee). They cancelled this second visit because of the rain and when I asked about the roof inspection they told me they will only do the gutters. I did not reschedule to redo the gutters because my main concern was about the roof life expectancy.
I called the owner of Casanova remodeling about the roof. He said there were lots of damaged shingles, and that he saw pictures of my house with remains of shingles in the gutters, and he said that was the reason for the gutters to be clogged. I replied that my gutters were not clogged, they were covered, and there were not badly damaged shingles. I argued that they might not been in my home but somewhere else. After that, he agreed to send the next day (April 19th) one of his employees to inspect the roof. The employee that came was not a certified roofer, and he keep telling me my roof was 35 years old and was in bad shape and needed replacement. When I asked him to point to me what particular spot was damaged he could not do it, and after some discussion he agreed the roof was fine and did not need replacement. I asked for my money back, and he called his boss, John C[redacted] and after the call he insisted they will not give me an estimate of the remaining life of the roof and he added that no roofer would do it. When I said the Angie's list voucher promised that, he could not give a satisfactory explanation and referred me to the owner of the company for further discussion.
I called the owner (April 19) but he did not answer. I left a message to call me back but he never did.
As Casanova Remodeling Company was not responding, I contacted another licensed roofer that provide a statement that the roof is in good condition and is good for another 5 years, so my insurance company renewed my policy.
I filled a complaint through [redacted] requesting my money back since Casanova Remodeling failed to provide any of the promised services, but Casanova Remodeling said the work was done and [redacted] policy is not to fight with companies, just leave the bad reviews online.
I made a complaint through providing all the evidence how they lied about the roof, and how they did not do the gutter job, while Casanova did not provide any evidence of the work being done or when it was done. However did not accept the complaint as the service was purchased through [redacted]t.
Bottom line: Casanova Remodeling did not do the job, they lied repeatedly and did not refund me. Avoid this company.


Review: After several attempts for installation for gutter for are home. They did final contact my wife after the fact they did not show in GOOD FAITH from the original agreement installation date on September 29 2016.My wife said they be happy to install gutters last weekend Saturday or Sunday. They also did not honor that verbal agreement. I lost total faith in there management. I did call the office and explained the issues I suffered when they did not call the night before to confirm appointment or notify me if they were coming in the morning or afternoon on the original agreement for the installation. That day Sept 29 the scheduled installation date I had to call several times before they finally contacted me late morning. The job remains undone all I am requesting is my 400.00 refund so we can part ways. I lost to much personal time on this matter. Thank You [redacted]Desired Settlement: I have contact them several times with all my concerns. The way they handled the scheduled date of installation was very unprofessional the person I talked to at Casanova on Sept 29 agreed it was not fair or good business on there part. Please refund my down payment 400.00 I am still waiting .Thank You [redacted]



Hi, I contacted the homeowner to reschedule the job due to rain that day. We cannot do the job when it rains. We have made several unsuccessful attempts to try to reschedule but no phone calls back. [redacted] signed up for services one week prior and we explained that it was weather permitting. Well it rained that week. We called him that same day and he said he wanted to cancel cause we wouldn't do it in the rain. I said can u reconsider since we already ordered all your product and he said call me tomorrow. I did call the next day and talked to his wife. She said he was taking care of it. Since thing my operations manager, myself, and my marketing manager called over 10 tens with no callback.. Since then the customer disputed the charge on his credit card which I didn't respond to so he is gonna get his money back from the credit card company within 6-8 weeks. So I don't know what exactly he is looking for. If he called and wanted to cancel I would have gladly mailed a check out its a small job. But instead he is being very unreasonable with this complaint and other complaints followed. If he wont call back I don't know what to do. He disputed it so he has his money back . Thanks



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


Review: They installed a sliding glass door last Fall. There was a small round piece missing. They stuffed the whole with loose insulation.

I called to ask about this hole and was told the door was missing a small piece, they had ordered the piece and they would be out to install it once the piece arrived.

I have spoken to them a few times since then and been promised they would be out within "one or two weeks" etc...

They were in the area a few weeks ago for a home show and could have done it then.

The weather has been bad and I've been more than accommodating.

I covered the hole with masking tape to prevent water and snow from getting inside the door.Desired Settlement: I want them to install the tiny, little cover over this hole. It's paid for and the time to complete this project has been excessive and totally unacceptable.



ID[redacted] Hello, A member of the Casanova family came to my house yesterday and installed the missing piece, thereby completing the work. I also had the opportunity to speak to the owners and would like to apologize to the and ask that the complaint be rescinded. The full story, as explained by Casanova, is that the manufacturer forgot to complete the order and deliver the part to Casanova. I cannot confirm this independently, but I would like to mark the complaint, first, as complete and second, as possibly due to a miscommunication. It may have been the fault of the manufacturer, not the contractor. I will also ask Casanova to respond to the complaint to ensure it is closed properly. Thank you! [redacted]

Review: Was given estimate for roofing and siding job, total cost was grouped together. I was told roof was $7,700.00 and the remainder was for the siding. I gave them a check made out to cash for $10,500 as a deposit. It was asked that I give another check when the roof was completed for $4,000 and the remainder after siding was completed.Roof project started 3 days late and on day #2, there was no supervisor for the men. None of them spoke English. They did not cover my plants, back porch or gardens and when I told them they could not continue unless things were protected, they did not understand me. At no time during the roofing, did anyone from the company come by to check on the men or the job. When they were done, plants were damaged, cellar door was marked in many places where tar shingles hit it, and the garage was left a mess.I received a call from the manager the next day stating he wanted to come by for his check for $4000 and I told him I would not pay him until the yard, garage and cellar door were repaired.I was told in no uncertain terms by [redacted] that I owed the money, that was the agreement.The large dumpster was still in my driveway and they had no time frame as to when siding project would be started. After 2 more calls asking for check, I said there would be no money and I was considering canceling the siding job. I was told by [redacted] that 2 men would be here on Monday, 6/22 to clean garage. One gentleman showed up and again asked for check. I called [redacted] and he said do not worry about money and I will have [redacted] clean garage.So far, this has been a nightmare and I am so sorry I got involved with this company. They were at [redacted] at [redacted] in [redacted] and gave a good talk but the communication was unacceptable and everything they said was not true. It was one story after the other. I would never recommend them to anyone.Desired Settlement: Clean garage to our satisfaction, repair cellar door, replace plants destroyed and take dumpster out of the driveway if job will not be started this week. The neighbors are complaining because they cannot cut their hedges and I have a company coming this week to remove an old oil tank and they cannot get into driveway!!!!!!!!



Job is all set resolved customer is happy



From: [redacted] Sent: Tuesday, July 07, 2015 4:10 PM To: [redacted] Subject: complaint #[redacted] To Whom It May Concern: I was not able to find an area on your web site to follow-up on a complaint I made. It was not resolved before you closed it. The ID # is [redacted]. The issue was the clean-up after roof was replaced. The company sent a gentleman to clean up and it was done to my satisfaction. The same company, Casanova Remodeling, just completed siding my house and garage and did an excellent job. The men were polite, communicated and worked very hard to do a great job. I am sorry the roofers were not as good. I would highly recommend this company for siding a house. [redacted]

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