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• Apr 23, 2020

Elementary School Students are the Editors at Christian Faith Publishing
I love the staff at Christian Faith Publishing but their "Editors," are BEYOND UNINTELLIGENT and Extremely Incompetent. My book required "ten rounds" of editing. A lot of times they wouldn't make the proper corrections, so I had to pay more money or they would take 4 weeks to make 10 corrections. Please, if you are going to publish with this company be prepared to spend an "extra" $1500.00 for a professional editing service. I read a book published by CFP titled: Through the Fire to be on fire. That book had thousands of grammatical errors and spelling errors (I counted 1, 092 errors). If I was the Author of that book, I would sue Christian Faith Publishing for millions of dollars for pain, suffering and public embarrassment.

• Mar 25, 2020

How long did it take for the eBook Production stage to complete?
I’ve been waiting for months and my rep won’t even give me a ballpark based on all the other books they publish. Very frustrating!

Christian Faith Publishing is a fantastic publishing company They operate with integrity and communicate effectively The entire publishing process with them was truly wonderful and I am extremely happy with my bookMy publication specialist was magnificentShe kept me informed throughout the process and I truly appreciate thatI truly recommend Christian Faith Publishing to other authors

• Jan 22, 2020

I was seeking more than just a publisher who would publish ANYTHINGCFP EXCEEDED with that! I love and appreciate their being selective and choosing only quality books! CFP was personal and professional, they also did a GREAT JOB in the layout of my book! My favorite part of the process was BEING SELECTED and not just being a "paid customer.: That was crucial to my selection! The communication between me and my Publication Specialist was beyond excellent! She was fantastic and really cared about the process!

• Jan 17, 2020

“I did some on-line investigation into publication, self and companiesI also attended a men\'s meeting where an author, [redacted] , spoke promoting his new book, [redacted] ***I don\'t want to sound more spiritual than I am, but at that point I told the Lord that if the book was for more than just my grand children, He would have to bring me a publisherOne day driving home from a job, I heard Christian Faith Publishing's (CFP) advertisement on a Christian radio broadcastWhen I had finished my first edit of my manuscript, I e-mailed CFP and CFP respondedI would say that the favorite part of the process was receiving the cover designI really appreciate how complete the CFP process or publication package seems to beA lot of the things that would have caused me a lot of time and research to accomplish were taken care of in CFP's packageAll communications, during the publication process have been by e-mail, which is quite acceptable to me since my handy man business leaves my in places no conducive to good communication during business hours (phone contact was available)I would say that CFP has exceeded the over all expectations that were derived from some research and conversations that I have hadAnd, I have recommended CFP's service to othersI have done this because I feel that your contract price and terms are very fair and the CFP package is complete

• Jan 16, 2020

When looking for a publisher it was very important to me to receive a fair and honest dealIt was also important to me that my ideas would be taken seriouslyI feel CFP was a God send.  After speaking with them on the phone, I had a sense of peace come over me, I knew by this wonderful peace CFP was right for meCFP delivered on every aspect of their promise to meMy favorite part of the process was the book trailerI wanted to use a song I had recorded and written to go along with my book.  They let me use my song, which added so much to the trailer.  Also, I appreciate the hard work the illustrators put into designing my charactersI felt if they could capture the expressions and actions of the characters, this would add so much to the story and they captured this perfectlyI also appreciate the fact CFP took care of all the publicity and the mailing out of the books purchased.  This saved me a lot of timeNicole, my Publication Specialist, was wonderful! Every time I wanted a correction made she made sure it was doneI would highly recommend CFP in the future and I have already given my recommendation to other authors

• Jan 16, 2020

I greatly enjoyed publishing through CFP! Sarah and Leslie were a dynamic duo that made the entire experience nothing short of amazingI'm grateful for the consistent communication, feedback, wisdom, and friendshipCFP is something special!

• Jan 15, 2020

Hello [redacted] ,It was great to talk with you todayHere is my release toward Christian Faith Publishing that includes no other actions will be taken against them, after they return my amount of $The author will mention nothing about the Christian Faith Publishing business from this date forward.God bless you, [redacted]

• Jan 11, 2020

***Author Feedback [redacted] “ [redacted] details the incredible abuse I was forced to endure at the hands of my father from age through age 18, when I left home to join the militaryIt's not your autobiography, but rather a series of notes detailing memories I brought to the attention of the mental health professionals on my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment TeamPublication of this book was made possible by Christian Faith Publishers and I am extremely grateful to everyone at CFP that assisted in getting this book to market, especially to Sarena G***, my Publication Specialist who has the patience of an angelFrom the time Steve K**, Literary Agent called to indicate my book had been accepted for publication, until Tara A [redacted] , Operations/Finance sent an e-mail outlining the details of my radio interview, it has been an honor to work with the CFP staffEveryone at CFP has done anything and everything humanely possible to ensure I was provided with the very best customer service possibleAll the staff at CFP is very kind, caring and will go out of their way to aid new authors, from the Author Support Department, to the book mailing department, to Joseph ** H***, Vice President of OperationsEach member of the CFP staff I dealt with is committed to providing as much help to the new author as he/she requiresAs a new author I had no idea what qualifications to look for in a publishing companyI liked what I saw on the CFP website and due to the fact, I live on a fixed income, I especially appreciated the fact payments could be spread out over an extended periodHow does someone gauge the favorite part of a process when it comes to publication of your first book? Is it when you’re notified the book has been accepted for publication? Yes! Is it when the editing process is finally completed? Absolutely! Is it when you first look at the incredible cover design prepared by the staff at CFP? Without a doubt! Is it when you receive the book in the mail for your approval and you open the package, see the name of your book, with your name as author with the beautiful cover? You had better believe it! Or, is it when you see the book trailer, when you hear your very first radio interview, or when you open the box of promotional material? It’s not possible for a new author to name a favorite part of the publishing process because all the events are exciting and have the potential to take your breath awayWhen everything is said and done there is one person that you will work with at CFP on a regular basis and that’s your Publication SpecialistAs I already mentioned, my Publication Specialist, Sarena G***, was as good as they getNo matter how uninformed my questions were, Sarena went out of her way to answer the questions as expeditiously and professionally as possibleIn the unlikely event she was unable to answer a question herself, she would immediately turn it over to the department or department head responsible, so they could respondFrom the beginning to the end, Sarena was there for me and I don’t think it would be possible to find a more dedicated Publication SpecialistI’m not sure what sort of expectations other new authors have for their books, but mine are perhaps a bit differentI don’t particularly care if my book makes the New York Times best seller list, or if a movie is made based on the contentsI want my book to be on every individuals desk that deals with children, or adults, so they are totally and completely aware of the horrors that befall youngsters, especially in rural communities, and can aid both children and adults in needI would recommend Christian Faith Publishing to other authors, so they can personally experience the thrill derived from seeing their book in printI am extremely proud of [redacted] and it would not have been at all possible without the Grace of God and Christian Faith Publishers” [redacted]

• Jan 11, 2020

Initially I had no idea where I would send my manuscript to for publishingBut I believed I would eventually receive divine directionNow that the publishing process has been completed, I believe I truly received divine direction by sending my manuscript to CFP, because the entire publishing process of my book has been a very pleasant experience for meBrian was extremely cooperative and helpfulI will send my other manuscripts to CFP; and I will recommend CFP to my family members and friends

• Jan 10, 2020

I'm so glad I chose Christian Faith Publishing to publish my children's book, [redacted] They walked me through every step of what was a totally foreign process and provided high quality, professional services such as editing, illustrators, video trailer production, and so much moreI would definitely recommend them to aspiring authors

• Jan 07, 2020

“When looking for a publisher, I wanted honesty, integrity, experience and professionalismBottom line, I was looking for someone I could trust and who would do a great jobIn CFP I found ALL of this! They could not have been any nicer, any more professional, and any more helpfulLiterally from the very first contact with Donna, then on to Seth, and with every phase of the process it was a pure delight! I am truly amazed at the job they didThe editors were incredibleThe cover design was exactly what I envisioned and even better! The trailer left me in tears of speechless joyThe speed at which everything was accomplished was exceptionalEvery question I had was answered, every need I had was metTruly, CFP far exceeded my expectations and I am truly, truly grateful to the Lord and to each and every one of them I would absolutely recommend CFP to anyone interested in publication.”

• Jan 05, 2020

My experience with Christian Faith Publishing was a very positive one They believed in the relevance of my son's story and believed it could have a positive impact on the world I am very thankful to them for all that they did for me I wanted the chance to honor my son's life and they gave me, and him, that I was very lucky to have had my book assigned to Barbara She was very patient and helpful She kept me apprised of the status of my book as it moved through the various stages of publishing

• Jan 05, 2020

Overall, the staff is amazing!! The people I have had the pleasure of working with were kind and encouragingMy time and experience with Christian Faith Publishing was invaluable The only reason I cannot give them stars is because of a few technical issues I had with final printing They did, in the end, correct all that was needed fairly It was the only real issue I had That did not take away from the amazing consultants who personally worked with me and supported me through the entire process I could definitely work with Christian Faith again!

• Jan 03, 2020

CFP did an outstanding job in working with me to get my work published; My publication specialist ,Leslie, was very kind, professional,and caring;The journey to the finished publication was made very rewarding ;If in the future I have another work to be published, I definitely will allow Christian Faith Publishing to be my publisher

• Jan 02, 2020

I was looking for a publishing company that had knowledge and understanding of scripture and CFP delivered on both aspectsMy favorite part by far was communicating with Shannon, my Publication Specialist She kept the excitement and thrill of publishing a book throughout the entire processThe communication between the Publication Specialist and myself was excellentShannon listened to every detail no matter how small or irrelevant it may have been and she guided me through every facetCFP exceeded my overall expectations and I would recommend them to other authorsCFP from the beginning presents a wealth of knowledge and experience in publishing and being particular in what they publish places an even greater value on their companyHowever, the finish product speaks for them, the finish product is their letter of recommendation

• Dec 30, 2019

Like the previous two reviewers, my experience with CFP, from start to finish, has been mostly a negative oneRegardless of the PR comments posted after these negative reviews, in an attempt save face or protect their image, I can confirm that these negative reviewers are telling the truth, because I have experienced the same issues alsoI only wish these reviews were available at the time of my inquiry regarding CFPHere is a breakdown based upon facts: a) CommunicationRating: BThe CFP staff are very polite and professional; however, response times were often very slow, sometimes three or four days laterWhen I first inquired about their response time, I was told I could expect a response within hoursThis was not my experience many of the times b) Skill, knowledge, and expertiseRating: FFrom start to finish, I was left wondering if these people just started in the publishing businessIn fact, I told them how shocked I was that they had not received more negative reviews, but now I know whyMost of the reviewers here are first-time authors who don't know what they should expect or what they should be entitled toI had to keep telling them things they should have known all along c) Quality of workRating: CThe copy-editing they provide is so poor that I have to assume that it is being done electronically by a program and not a real editorThe interior formatting was a horror, with versions being submitted to me that violated clear industry standards (consistency, new chapter beginning on an odd page number, etc.)Often, you only discover these errors when you view a hardcopy proof, which they don't usually provideThey also basically use the same template for their interior formatting, but I fussed about it and demanded something unique, then I provided them with options for the styles I likedAs one reviewer pointed out, they are totally "cookie-cutter" in their approachCheck out their work online, the interior formatting, the book trailers, etc., and you will see that there is no arguing the factsThe press release was written so poorly, I was forced to do a complete rewrite, using my own time and resourcesWhen they did my eBook, they failed to include a Table of Contents (just like they have failed to do for many of their other clients alsoDon't believe me? Check out the CFP published eBooks online), and uploaded my unfinished eBook to the online vendors with someone else's author details and book descriptionDoes that sound professional to you? On top of that, the formatting was wrong on KindleIt still is, but they claim there is nothing they can do about it, which is a lie, as anybody who has any knowledge or experience in publishing will tell youI would explain the process here, but it would take up too much time and space d) Schedule and deadlinesRating CThey were usually late in getting anything done, even though I always responded with approvals, corrections, or adjustments within a day or two after they were first submitted, a week at most (for the copy-editing)I expected to receive my book within 4-months or sooner, based on a time-frame discussed during the inquiry periodIt took 8-months for them to complete at an "escalated" levelYou would think that the longer timeframe meant better quality, but the longer it took, the worst everything seemed to get I had really high hopes for this company, but what a disappointmentI was even willing to forego writing a negative review if they had been willing to work with me on correcting their mistakesBut all I kept getting is excusesMy only other recourse now is a legal oneDon't make the same mistake I didI believe that if the other positive reviewers (first-time authors) knew what they should have been getting, or were more experienced in the process, many would change their review

• Dec 30, 2019

Hi [redacted] , I was recently made aware of the heart-warming testimonial you submitted via our feedback form on our websiteIt truly made my day when I read the kinds word you wrote and I am so honored by the feedback: I was looking for a publisher who was anxious to get going on my bookI needed lots of guidance since this was my first bookI absolutely loved working with NicoleShe was so helpful and gave me great advice along the wayI loved the whole process it was very easy--ALL OF ITI recommend CFP to all my friends and familyLove the book trailer and the marketing adviceNicole was the best part of the whole experienceShe gave me great advice and encouragementWe talked in length on marketingShe was a wealth of information and always got right back to me and answered my questionsShe is a great asset to your companyCFP met my expectationsI submitted my manuscript to other publishers and was so glad I went with CFP Let me be the first to say what a pleasure it was working with you through this process and I cannot wait to work with you again on your next publication! Being a small part of your publication was one of the more enjoyable and rewarding projects that I’ve had the privilege to work onThank you very much! Having reviews like yours, in a more public forum, promotes our mission at CFP as well as my own personal mission to help as many authors as possible to get their messages to the world To submit your review to a trusted consumer advocate, please follow the link below [redacted] We don't solicit or require feedback from our authors, so this is completely optionalHowever, if you would like to share this so other potential authors can learn about your experience with us, we would very much appreciate it Warmest blessings, Nicole H [redacted] Publication Specialist [redacted] ***

• Dec 29, 2019

I have paid this company 3,dollars as they promised to work hard on proof reading, editing and grammar proficiency before publishing my bookthey have failed to do thisMy book is out now for sale an they have not proof-read my bookHowever, I kept returning it to them to fix it and my customer services lady told me if I return it again its another charge, well I would have to return it again if they did it the right way the first time so I had no other choice but to approve itThe flow of the book is not good, they did not work on the editing and proof reading like they promised in their contract by a professional, and they added double words in my book which was something I did not have in my manuscript they accidentally did that themselves, on page 142, there is a double "and" next to each otherI have had so many people ask me who proof read my book? I couldn't believe they didn't keep their promise on their end when it came to proof reading, editing and grammarAlso! The

• Dec 27, 2019

We looked on the Web for a Christian Publisher and found your name Checked and was satisfied with the results My experience with everyone there was excellent and also on a very friendly basis with my Publication Specialist This venture was a new and enjoyable experience for me

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