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Chula Vista Resort & Waterpark

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At the time of the stay, the guests it appears did not notify a guest services agent of the mentioned incidentBelow are the notes in the file. In good faith we would refund $to the account. Entered By: KIMC - 1/26/12:PM*_*_*_* THIS IS PRE
REG *_*_*_*_*_ *_*_*_* KEYS ARE @HFD *_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_ PLEASE SEND GUEST TO HFD *_*_*_*_ Entered By: MDOH - 1/25/5:PMCHECKED Entered By: LIALEE - 1/16/2:PM*** CLUB PREVIEW*** (Club Preview Notes)FIRST & LAST NAMES: *** *** * *** *** Regards, *** ***
*** ***General ManagerChula Vista ResortRiver RoadPO Box 30Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965Direct Line [email protected]

This guest was booked on a special promo rate and did not meet the requirements to keep the promotional rateIt was explained to the guest that they would be receiving a special rate (upgrade to a bedroom condo) for participating in our promo. Guest also received food vouchers and
other resort credits at the time of check in on this promotion When guest failed to uphold their end of the promotion they were charged for the difference in all the gifts that they received including the difference in room rate for the bedroom condo. This was explained to the guest when they booked the reservation as well as when they showed up to the resort

In response to the above ID , the response below is from Mr*** Director of the ClubThe guest *** * *** has been contacted and we are awaiting return materials to finalize the issue. *** ***
Yes this matter has been resolved with the member I talked to her twice
last weekAnd we are coordinating the release of her contract as she doesn't think that getting a discount off of what she calls an inflated price is right for her family and is just like paying prices. We are currently waiting to receive back all of her club materials and will proceed with canceling her membership Let me know if you need anything else

A release letter has been sent. The letter outlines the terms and conditions of the release from the membership and potential refund.Thank you,*** ***
Guest ServicesChula Vista Resort

We have reached out to *** and are currently in the process of helping her. She was not "Double Charged" but rather has been billed for the Annual Dues that are stated and agreed to in her contract as well as being billed for her monthly payments that she pays on a monthly basis
which is to pay back the loan that was used to purchase the product. The Annual Dues are $per year plus tax. The Annual Dues were not paid on their due date in December so therefore were delinquentThe two charges in one month will happen once a year until the loan is paid off in fullThen after the loan is repaid Raquel would only have the yearly charge associated with her membership
Should *** need further clarification we encourage her to continue to work with our member services department as she has currently been doing to get further explanation on any questions that she might have. We will continue to help and assist her any way possible as we value her business and thank her for being a member

we reached out to the member and started the cancellation process last week. we received everything yesterday day and she did not follow instructions and sign the proper documents as instructed We have reached back out to her and left a voice mail asking
her to contact our offices. Which I am assuming she will do today So the process has been started now we just have to have her complete it

In response to ID *** *** ***. Ms*** had posted on social media for a manager to call her regarding her stay, at this request the Director of Operations did make contact with Ms*** and listened to her concerns and reviewed the incidents caused by other
individuals that eveningWe are sorry for any inconvenience caused to our guests due to the poor decisions made by others. Regards, *** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.Just because the hotel allegedly claims they were not at fault, I still believe we should compensated for the inconvenience this cause to my family regardless who is responsible for alarms to sound for over an HOUR! I don't understand why management would not be willing to take care of their guestsWe are not asking for the entire stay to be refunded only Saturday night. This was more then just a alarm! This was the alarm going off at 11:30pm for an hour with no fire department anywhere to be found for over 45mins. Something does not make sense. I believe we deserve more then being brushed off by every single person we have talked to thus far about the fire alarm incidentWe are still asking for that night stay to be adjustedWe were guests a total of nightsI believe one night free is more then fair
*** ***

We will send a one night certificate, but as previously stated we do not have record or an address for Ms*** once received we will send and consider this mater closed. Thank you. *** ***

Our new front office manager has been in contact with [redacted] and has offered her a free night stay in the future and and a refund of one night of her last stay.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.We were compensates with q breakfast 1 morning. The maintenance guy stated that he couldn't look at it that night but would have to come back and never did or bring a DVD player liked we were told we would get. We told them we wanted to have them come once we were inside the room but of course we did not speak to anyone again. We told them about all of the issues but never said we were happy about the service we were happy that a manger finally spoke to us after waiting a entire day and then standing at the front desk for 30 mins with our children for a manger to speak with us. We kept getting different info from different people. Nothing was done to compensate us for having a snack size refrigerator,  no heat the entire first night besides having to use a stove, a fire place that made loud noise the entire time , no dvd player that was advertised then told we should have one and we shouldn't by someone else and then told people still them so they took them put of rooms but still have them advertised, no signs up showing where the correct villa was and I called the front desk atleast 4xs and the bus driver even stated this, no remote batteries that we had to keep asking for. So to say that we were satisfied was a lie and we continue to call them throughout the stay. You could rarely get a hold to a manger and he was the only one we talked to. My husband wanted them on the room while we were there to make sure it was done correctly. No cable or internet the whole stay and we brought dvd and tablets to be connected.  I feel of we paid for something being advertised and they were having issues that's not our fault because we paid for certain services. A breakfast 1 morning doesn't equal what we had to deal with.  Not acceptable under any circumstances. 

guest has been refunded the $200 charge. Typically a refund can take up to 2-7 business days to reappear on the credit card.

We have taken care of this with the guest. in refunding their stay.

We have addressed the members concerns and will continue to
reach out to them to resolve their concerns.  We have left voice mails and
are currently awaiting a return call from the member.  They can contact
our member service office during business hours Friday-Tuesday between...

hours of 9am and 4pm central time.  Should they reach a voice recording
please leave us a message and we will return their call as soon as a member
services representative  is available during business hours. We will
continue to contact the member until this issue is resolved.    Thank you, [redacted]

We are currently working with this guest in getting everything resolved. They are in contact with our insurance company. We have had the health department come to our resort and has given us a clean bill of health on moving forward. We have always followed all policies when it comes to a situation...

like this.

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response.  If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. 

We apologize that Mrs. [redacted], received misinformation about services here at Chula Vista Resort for her Club presentation.  We have a full kids room with TV, videos, bean bag chairs for kids with things to do while their parents attend the presentation.  If Mrs. [redacted] would of informed...

us at the time that she was told that no kids are allowed we would of corrected her right away and invited her to bring her kids down to the kids room.  Other kids were there that day and it should of been brought up right away so it could have been fixed.  The kids area is free and has no charge. So there is no value there to compensate.   As far as a meal being included in the presentation this is simply not the case for those that attend a 2pm presentation.  Our records state that the only time, because of pageant  conflicts, that Mrs. [redacted] could take advantage of our promotion was at 2pm on the day of check out which does not include a meal.  Again we apologize for any confusion, However if Mrs. [redacted] would of address the situation with a manager or even brought it up during to her presentation that she thought she was supposed to receive breakfast we would of addressed it at that time.  Further training will continue to make sure that each guest that stays at Chula Vista Resort has a memorable Chula Vista experience.  We appreciate the feedback from Mrs. [redacted] and encourage her in the future that while at the resort if she has any issues or concerns to address them right away with resort staff so they can be addressed and/or corrected.

I have spoken to this guest. She has been upgraded to a 2 bedroom condo. The agent that was trying to assist her was trying to upgrade her to a 2 bedroom condo. However when she asked if she could put the guest on hold for a moment to speak to her manager about a proper upgrade fee she was furious...

and hung up on the agent. I personally called her back and s[poke to her husband and was able to provide everything for them.

I will be looking into the notes on this reservation and talking to our front office manager who is named in the complaint. She is on vacation this week so I wanted to at least tell you what I am doing at this point first.[redacted]
Director of OperationsChula Vista Resort

We encourage our members to contact member services during working hours of 9am to 4pm Friday - Tuesday for further assistance. 
There is some sort of miss communication going on with these members as there program offers 3 weeks of vacation at a set price of $199-799.   That is just one aspect they have access to. They also receive UNLIMITED access to hot weeks which are vacations that when booked 2 months in advance they receive an additional 25% off of the already deeply discounted price.  There are over 30 pages of resorts on our member website that are in this portion of the program.  Examples include Puerto Vallarta for $297, Hawaii $449, take an additional 25% off those prices not per night but for a 7 night 8 day stay.  That's  a whole entire week for less than $300 because of their membership.  Branson MO has a 3 bedroom penthouse that sleeps 8 people listed for $499 for the week.  They can give these to as many people as they want or use them for themselves. There is no restrictions on how many times our program can be used.    There is no limitations and no blackout dates. 
They also have access to leisure time passport though our program.  Which offers 2200 resorts in 75 different countries that they can travel to.  
They have 42 resorts in Orlando alone.  Members have UNLIMITED access to these weeks of vacation as well.  Prices start at $249 per week and increase just as explained during their sales presentation based in size season and location of each resort.  If we don't have a resort in everyplace they would like to travel we work with over 55,000 hoteliers that give them the lowest possible rate and most of them give additional discounts off the lowest rates for our members. 
So clearly something has not been communicated clearly because we don't understand where the members were told they only get one discounted week.  
We highly encourage the members to reach out to our member services dept.  We are willing to work with them to make sure they are happy Chula Vista guest but we can not do so if we can't talk to them.  
Member services reopens Friday morning at 9am and can be reached at 1-877-474-2582

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