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Review: On September 24th 2013 I pulled into Circle K off of National Turnpike and purchased some lottery tickets when I left at 10:30 a.m. there was a car pared to close to me on the left so I saw to the right of me there is a drive through are with an arrow on the drive through letting me know I can drive out that way. When I got around the building there were three cars parked there blocking off the exit so I went inside and the employee told me that they park there and they can not move their vehicles I then asked her to get her manager and her manager told me that she would move the vehicles in 20 minutes because they were doing an audit. I told her I would wait and she came out in 30 minutes and left in her truck with me still stuck there after an hour of waiting I went into Circle k and told them that I was still stuck and they told me that the manager had left to go to a meeting and she had instructed the employees not to move their vehicles until the end of their shift at 2:00 p.m. I would like to point out the fact that parking your car in a driving lane is illegal I feel this is a hazard that needs to be addressed.Desired Settlement: I would like for someone to look into this matter and let the business know that she is very unreasonable and breaking the law.

Review: I purchased two (2) [redacted] Gift Cards at $25.00 each. The cards were not loaded with the money. I gave those two cards to my boss for Christmas, along with the receipt. My boss threw the receipt away and went to [redacted] with his family and the balance was zero. The card numbers are: It would not let me put them in this complaint box. I am requested reimbursement for these two cards. I have followed every phone number I could find and spoke with at least 15 people at both [redacted], who say it is not their issue and Circle K, who say also nothing can be done. Someone has the $50.00 cash it was purchased with.Desired Settlement: I would like either reimbursement or verified replacement cards.The card numbers are : Still it won't let me enter card numbers in this online box

Review: I went to Circle K to get some coffee because I have a coffee card that Circle K was giving out when you brought coffee.If you buy four cup of coffee, cappuccino, tea or iced coffee you get your 5th one free.I went on Monday 24, 2014 around 9;30 am with my card that does not have a expiration date on.There are no sign in the store stating that they are no longer accepting the card. The manager refuse to accept my card and I was told that I had to pay for my coffee. I try call the Regional manager [redacted] several time but never received a call back. I email the company and never received and respone. I feel if you going to advertise free coffee and give out card for this you should honor thecard.Desired Settlement: They need to honor my card that I given,show some customer service and refund me my $1.49 back that I had to spend on 02/24/2014



Our location used to be branded Circle K. We left that Franchise in March of 2013 and no longer had the Circle K brand on the building. We destroyed all coffee cards remaining in stock and did not distribute any cards with the Logo per our agreement with Circle K. We accepted all coffee cards with the Circle K logo until September of 2013.We will be more than willing to accept this customer's coffee card if she would like to return to the site. Thank you.



Our location used to be branded Circle K. We left that Franchise in March of 2013 and no longer had the Circle K brand on the building. We destroyed all coffee cards remaining in stock and did not distribute any cards with the Logo per our agreement with Circle K. We accepted all coffee cards with the Circle K logo until September of 2013.We will be more than willing to accept this customer's coffee card if she would like to return to the site. Thank you.



I am rejecting this response because:

Review: On or about June 12, 2013 I filled my gas tank at this location. I drive a 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan w/ a fuel tank rated for 19-20 gallons. When I began fueling my tank was apx. 1/4 full. I filled the tank. The sale registered 19.66 gallons. I have filled my tank on empty (when the indicator light is on) and it only takes about 18.5 gallons to fill (topped off).I reported this to the clerk on duty who told me he would have the manager call me. When I arrived home I made a report online w/ [redacted] also. I have never heard back from [redacted]. After waiting about a week w/o hearing from the manager, I returned & was told that he'd been out of town for training & had just returned, but wasn't in that day. Today I went in once again and spoke w/ the mgr. who said unless there was some proof that there was a problem w/ their machines there was nothing he could do, but he was going to have someone out soon & if there was a problem, he'd get me a refund. In addition, I checked the sticker on the pumps which show that the last time their weights & measures were checked was June 2010, but the mgr. told me their done every year.Desired Settlement: Since my vehicle had about 1/4 tank fuel when I began fueling...that's about 5 gallons & I the pump registered 1.1 gallons more than what my tank takes when it's on empty, I figure they owe me for apx. 6.1 gallons of fuel a minimum. I think that due to the inconvenience of having to return to the location twice to make contact w/ the manager that never called me back, it would not be unreasonable to request a full tank of fuel at the cost of the store.

Review: this gas station is over charging for gas, the sign said 4.239 for gas and on my reciept I was charged 4.249. 1 cent more than the advertised price. I asked the cashier and he said he dosent know anything, I asked for the managers phone # and he gave me a disconected number. I have a copy of my reciept and pictures of 2 signs with the price on them as proof. I think they should have to pay a fine for ripping people off.Thank-you,[redacted]Desired Settlement: Not only do I want my money back. but they should have to pay a fine.

Review: I went to this site to get a Car Wash for $7.00 this company charged my credit Card $49.00 and made me exceed my credit limit, now my credit report will get a hit and I,m out $41.00 , when I called the business the person on the phone said I would have to talk to my bank, My bank said they had nothing to do with it it was a charge from Circle KDesired Settlement: I would like not only the $41.00 credited but I would like the $7.00 refunded and a letter from this company I can send to the credit bureau to have this removed

Review: On Saturday June 29th, 2013 at about 6:45pm my husband and I stopped at the Circle K Gas Station at [redacted] to get gas. We got $15.00 in gas in gas cans that I paid cash for and then we got $30.01 in gas for my car. I went into the store while my husband pumped the gas. He put the gas in the cans, shut the pump off and the immediately started pumping the gas into my car. I paid for the gas in the cans with cash - $15.00 and then I told the clerk I wanted to pay for the $30.00 for my car with my debit card. She rang the sale up on her register and I swiped my card, entered my pin number and then she told me at that point the transaction couldn't be completed because we were already pumping gas. She told me the transaction was cancelled and I would have to wait until he was done getting gas to pay for it. She then waited on another customer and the other clerk rang my $30.01 gas purchase when my husband was done. I asked both cashiers to make sure I wouldn't be charged for the cancelled transaction and both assured me I wouldn't so we left. On Monday when I checked my bank balance I saw I was charged $30.01 for the gas I bought and $25.55 for something else that I have no idea what it was. I have called both the store and corporate multiple times and have not been able to resolve this issue - No one from corporate will call me back and the As. Manager at the gas station can't/won't do anything - [redacted] the As. manager told me this morning that I was charged $25.55 for cigarettes (that I DID NOT buy)and there is nothing he can do. We only bought $30.01 in gas for my car (debit card transaction, $15.00 gas (paid cash for) and $5.00 in scratch off lottery tickets (paid cash for)from this store. I contacted my bank and they can't help me as it was a debit card transaction using my pin - I explained the transaction was suppose to be cancelled and the bank said I needed to contact the store which I have tried to do several times without success.Desired Settlement: I would like the $25.55 refunded to me as soon as possible since this wasn't a transaction I made.

Review: On Monday April 14th I used my debit card to pay for $15 worth of gas at the pump. When I checked my account Monday night the gas station had taken $91 off my card. I was not aware that they were taking this kind of money from my account. I know sometimes there is a fee of a $1 at the pump but there was nothing indiacating that the station was going to hold $75 plus the $15. I still have not received my $75 back. I complained to the manager and she lied to me and told me that the station has nothing to do with the fee it was my bank that was charging me the fee. I called my bank "[redacted]" Paragon IN, they said that was not true that the gas station puts a hold on your account. If there was something on the pump telling me that their station can hold $75 I wouldn't have used my card. I feel they are holding my money without my authorization. How is this legal. They left me with .39 cents in the bank. I have a 1 year old child that I needed to by diapers and milk for and I couldn't because the Cirle K gas station was depriving me of my money that is rightfully mine that I work for to me this is theft!Thank you[redacted]Desired Settlement: I want my money back in my bank and I want the gas station to have to post that they hold $75 out of your account so that this don't happen to other consumers. This also happend to a co-worker of mine at a Cirle K gas station in Martinsville IN

Review: False advertisement, Sign advertised gas at $3.56 per gallon, the pump sold it to me at $3.57/gallon @1050 am on 8/31/2014. Issue was brought to the attention of the cashier on duty, she responded with a surly,insincere, careless, and sarcastic attitude. The cashier had no intentions of relief or the assistance there into.Desired Settlement: Refund of my purchase, and the removal of the cashier whom was on duty due to her attitude toward customer service, to keep my misfortune from happening to any other customers.

Review: Worst customer service I have ever had. The man in charge is [redacted]. Not only did he over-price me on everying, he broke several items of mine during the move and my big screen tv was COVERED in deep scratches on the screen and sides. He continued to make excuses on how he did absolutely none of the damage and how it was there before he touched any of my property and he didnt offer to reimburse me or try and work something out. Not even an apology. All he kept saying was that I agreed that any damage done during the process of the move would be on me and their company wasnt liable for it. Then he threatened multiple times that they would stop the move right in the middle of it all if I did not comply with him and stop talking to them about all the damage done. On top of all of this they left 1 good size hole in the wall at the top of the stairs and 2 HUGE gashes in the master bedroom. Which I am 100% wasn't there before they moved everything into my new home. They also were over 45 Minutes late and still made me pay for that hour because they claim in that time that was when they were getting the truck and equipment ready. The total number of hours for the move was 4 1/2 hours. It could have easily been done and should have been done in 2 1/2 MAX. thats not including the bogus 45 minutes they charged me for them being late. When it came time to the bill it got very interesting. when I originally talked to him he quoted me $75/ hour 2 hour minimum. When it came time to pay he changed it and said that it was always $95/hour 2 hour minimum and that he never quoted me that. The move took about 4 hours and 10 minutes, so I figured they would round it up to 4.5 hours which is reasonable. BUT NO, "Thats not how there policy works." They rounded it up to 5 hours, then added the 45 minutes of them being late, and some random "equipment and truck fee." And to end it all they put a 6% TAX on the total??? Everything about [redacted] and his company IC Movers is very shady and doesn't seem legal/Desired Settlement: I would like the state of Idaho or whoever is in charge of making sure business's run legitimately and follow all laws etc. Do a full investigation on This company. As you can tell what I went through and everything they did was and is NOT acceptable. Everything about the company does not add up and seems like just a couple of people trying to scam people out of money and their belongings and they're getting away with it. I want to make sure what happened to me doesnt happen to anyone else EVER'



Never got any kind of phone call about any damage. He called to say he wanted the move done in 2.5 hours for a 4 brdrm home w/ a basement....which is impossible, ask any mover. 45 minutes late to the job was on my guys...GPS took them to the wrong address initially...which they apologized for. We charged him $70 hourly I have the invoice for that. We never charged for the late time of 45 minutes. He was not ready to be moved. Open top boxes and and roped laundry totes with no lids. Stereo and tv equipment not boxed and still plugged in.When a mover comes into a move and the customer is gone and not at the location to instruct what goes and doesn't it takes more time. Also a full unpacked garage was to be moved full of rolling shelves with all opened containers and boxes. And to remind anyone this was not a short notice move...scheduled two weeks out. People expect movers to have things done professionally but don't want to pay for the time to do it profesionally. If your not ready it takes more time. Stairs and tight hallways and walking distance is also a factor. Don't want damage it takes time. As ar as damage here....never got any kind of phone call and my guys never stated anything other than he wasn't at the job for more than one hour the whole time.

First off I'm writing to inform you I live in Washington State (Kennewick, WA) and tried to send this letter to that region but was unable to due to the fact, the form does not exist to fill out. It gives you a link to a blank page.
I am deeply concerned about the cleanliness of the Circle K's that have taken over previous convenient stores here in Kennewick, WA. The previous stores were clean and organized. Since they have become Circle K's, they are now very dirty, disorganized, and hygienically unsound to say the least. The gas pump areas never have soapy water to wash your windows, no paper towels to clean the with, trashes overfilling the containers and garbage around the pump. The walkways into the store are filthy, pop covered, trash everywhere and unclean doors. Inside is the worst, the isles have garbage, pop on the floor, dirt, and dumpy looking. The fast food sections are sticky and gooey with pop, food and random garbage. The pop machines are the worst. They are covered in pop goo. The metal re-leaser that you put your cup up against have caked on pop. Who knows how long it has been on there. My concern is Coliform bacteria, Escherichia coli, and/or Chryseobacterium meningosepticum. Other opportunistic pathogenic microorganisms I am also concerned with included species of Klebsiella, Staphylococcus, Stenotrophomonas, Candida, and/or Serratia.
None of the issues were ever a concern with the prior company's.

Review: I attempted to purchase gasoline inside the store on Wednesday 2/6/13 around 4:45 p.m. at which time someone cut in line before me in the store. When it was my turn for service the clerk refused to serve me and instead began to serve the gentleman who entred the store after me. When I questioned the clerk I was rudely told that apparently I was not in line since I was talking on my cell phone. There were no signs posted in this establishment that stated that service would not be honored if customers were on the phone. In addition to the clerk waiting on someone in front of me, she then proceeded to tell me that she would NOT service me and that I needed to leave her store. Being in complete and utter shock, I asked the clerk if she was serious? At that point the clerk threatened to call the police on me and then proceeded to pick up the phone and call the police (I assume) at which time she told the person on the other end of the line that I was being unruly and refusing to leave her store. She also said there was someone outside the store yelling at screaming as well. I was at this store alone and therefore felt she was being untruthful and attempted to humilate me, which worked. I left the store and did not recieve service as I was told by the clerk "[redacted]" that I would not be served.Desired Settlement: Attention to treatment and service offered by employees of this establishment. I have never been "put out of an establishment" in my life nor have I ever been humilated, mistreated, and refused service. I would certainly not want any one else to be subjected to this kind of behavior.

Review: I purchased a 24 bottle case of Bud Light for the purpose of getting two sports tickets. I said this to Robert the clerk. It was approximately 4:00 pm on July 5th. When I reached home I realized that I didn't have the receipt for the purchase which I needed to get the tickets. I had also redeemed three scratcher lottery tickets (2 $2 tickets and 1 $7 ticket)and the $11 was deducted from the purchase of the beer. I went back to the store and asked Robert why he hadn't given me a receipt and he said that the cash register doesn't automatically print a receipt with cash purchases. I asked him to find the receipt on the cash register ahnd print it out for me. He appeared to be attempting to do so and then said the program was frozen and he couldn't do anything about it. I left my name and phone number with him. When I called back to the store later he answer the phone and then told me to hold which I did for 15 minutes, then I hung up.Desired Settlement: I want the proof of purchase for the beer I bought which I believe I am entitled to.

Review: On August 30, 2014, at 1:54:41 PM, I purchased some gasoline and some other items totaling $32.95. After purchasing the gas, I stopped to talk to a friend who happened to be in the parking lot. It took a few minutes. I went to pump the gas and the pump would not respond. I went back inside and notified the attendant that the pump was not responding. Amberly stated that after a period of time the pump will cut off. She said that I would need to run the credit card again. I was skeptical but I paid again as I was in need of gasoline. I requested a copy of both receipts in case there was any dispute. I am glad I have both receipts. The order number on the original receipt was [redacted]. The order number on the subsequent receipt was 1448947. She told me the original charge would drop off and be credited to my card. Later in the week of September 1, I audited our bank account and there had been no refund. At that time, I contacted the store and met with the night manager. He basically said that there was nothing he could do and that I could speak with the manager in the morning, a [redacted] (sp). I did speak with [redacted] and he said that due to the weekend coinciding with a holiday that it had been delayed. I told him that I would wait until this week and if I had not been refunded, I was going to file a formal complaint. I emailed the corporate office of Circle K, and have not had any response from their office. It is very troubling and I have zero desire to do business at this establishment again. I am in the process of contacting my bank to refuse payment if it is not too late. The lack of professionalism at this store is astonishing. I felt completely marginalized by the management as if this was my issue, and " I needed to deal with it." I recognize that we are talking about $30, but the fact is, it is my $30 and I would really appreciate receiving my money.

Thank you,

[redacted]Desired Settlement: I would appreciate a formal letter of apology; obviously a $30 credit to my card; and at least acknowledgement from the store management and corporate management that a mistake was made; The first mistake was in the double charge, but in my opinion the lack of response by anyone associated with Circle K is even worse.

Review: My friend and I went inside to purchase red bulls and I happened to notice the e-cigarettes my mom had been talking about and I proceeded to ask the sales clerk how much are they for the super pack and the little single cartridge one. He ignored me at first,I made a comment to my friend"he must of not heard me" she then said hes probably ignoring you. I asked a little louder again in a polite manner how much and he told me to figure it out myself. It was very rude of him to not help a customer. He had a very rude tone while speaking to meDesired Settlement: I personally felt offended,he was rude to the lady after me too asking for change. I would like something for the attitude from this man and the embarrassment I dealt with

Review: I pumped gas at this location on October 16 approx. 5 p.m. I stood outside the car while pumping with co-worker in the passenger side. There was also a lady on the other side of pump # 3 that witnessed the incident and said she used to work at that location.As I was standing there gas came gushing out of car (obviusly the automatic shut-off device was broken). There was gas everywhere and I had to manually grab it and stop it. Gas leaked out of my car for about 15 minutes and an employee of the location witnessed it also when I went in to complaint. He actually went to throw the gasoline soaked towels in a random garbage before we advised him that this was probably a health hazzard! I asked who the owner was because I felt like I was owed a refund I paid $81.17 with over $10 ending up on the ground, my body, my car, my clothes and my shoes. He said his name was Sumir but he was not around...I left my card.Desired Settlement: A check in the amount of $175$15 for the lost gas spilled everywhere$55 for the shoes$25 for the shirt$80 for the pantsI also attempted to complain via the AZ Circle K website and no one cares about the way I was treated, the health hazzard at the store or the fact that I am out of money!

Review: I went into your store last sunday june 02nd and purchased some coffee out of your machine. Upon taking a sip it scalded my inside bottom lip leaving a large blister. This made ot very difficult to eat or drink anything or even brush my teeth! I went back into the store when this happened and the clerk just stood there and looked at me. She finally said go ahead and take a cup for ice.

Product_Or_Service: hot coffee

Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: No settlement requested - for

I would like to see. Someone taking responsibility for checking the tempature on thier coffee. I would also like compensation for this burn.

Circle K gas stations will not take the Fry Food points off at the pumps. Have tried different circle K's also. This has been going on for over a month now. Don't know who is at fault, just want it fixed. Tucson, Az.

The owner of this mini mart is veay rude. Has prices posted for cigarettes and charges another. Its bait and switch, I had a coupon for 2 dollars off a pack of camel 99s the cashier rung them up for 5.49 then I gave her the coupon and then the owner came to the register and voided the sale and rerang them up at 5.99 I asked her why she changed the price and was told because I had a coupon. I told her se was wrong and she got very rude and told me to get out, and as ibwas walking out I could of sworn she called me a derogitive name in hate, yes I am [redacted] but for me tell you that you where wrong dose not give you the right to use the [redacted] word.

Review: I have contacted this company on two other occasions regarding the horrible customer service received by several of their cashiers and have not received any type of reply or acknowledgment of my complaint. They are consistently rude and racist. The first horrible interaction was with a cashier who threw my ID back at me and refused to serve me. The second interaction was with a cashier who simply refused to respond to my questions. The third interaction was this morning. There were two cashier's on duty with a long line practically to the back of the store and one of the cashiers closed her line, took some eggs out to her personal vehicle, came back into the store and proceeded to leisurely stroll through the store checking the shelves. I asked if she would reopen her line and she replied "in a minute." She continued to slowly check shelves and eventually made her way back behind the counter. There were at least 12 people in line. Please contact the ownership of this store and make them aware of these terrible employees! Thank you.

Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Other (requires explanation)

I would like at least some sort of acknowledgment from the ownership of this store of my complaint of their extremely rude counterstaff.

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Description: Convenience Store; Gas Station; Grocery Store

Address: 7510 E 22nd St, Tucson, Arizona, United States, 85710-6431


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