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Clear Flow Septic

820 W Landstreet Rd, Orlando, Florida, United States, 32824

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I'm so disappointed in the way we were treated and the lack of professionalism on the part of Clear Flow. We hired this company 3 years ago ... first to do a pump out and diagnose why we had backflow into the house. They diagnosed (in writing) that our septic system's drain field failed due to being compromised by sm and solids which clogged the drain field. The fix would be a new drain field, and of course, install the effluent filter on the flow to the drain field. Unfortunately, 3 years later, as we are calling them for help, they are too busy. We called another company to come give us a diagnosis and pump out, and we are laughed at as we ask him to service our filter, and he says "what filter? you need one!" we contact Clear Flow again, and explain what's happened. Clear Flow came out to our home around Dec 4th to as what happened... the guy who came out was shocked there was no filter and said we need one (he was not exactly easy to talk with and was cursing the who time). The receptionist (Amber) was kind up front and agreed with us and even offered to give us another pump out if needed before the issues are resolved ... and then it went to radio silence. They've contacted the state of Florida and claim there is no recourse so nothing they can do and we are outside our 1 year warranty... but my issue is, they never fixed the problem they originally diagnosed, so what is the warranty for? A system they knew would fail in 3-5 years and have the customer coming back to pay more money? Only offer a 1 year warranty because you know it will last at least that long... They claim our county doesnt require the effluent filter so they weren't required to install it. When we try to talk about what they gave us (in writing) as a diagnosis, they now won't admit any wrongdoing, and won't negotiate. We don't want anything for free... we've offered to split the difference but we were told to never call them again. We entrusted these people with our home... and this is the thanks we get for paying them thousands of dollars to replace a system which should have lasted 15+ years. BEWARE! Stay away from this company... choose ANYONE else. They will be nice up front but turn nasty if it means they have to compromise on price when they're in the wrong.

Clear Flow Septic Response • Jan 27, 2020

We are sad to hear that the A family is not satisfied with the service provided 3 years ago. It's been working properly for 3 years. Their property was overdue for regular maintenance which is normally what causes the drain field issues. The complaint is that we did not install a filter, but they never paid for a filter nor is there a filter on the contract or the permit from the county. The drain field is failing again because of water usage at the home which has nothing to do with a filter. The system was permitted through the county, passed a final inspection and it was working good for the past 3 years. Amber explained this to Victor A offering the solution of installing a bigger system to accommodate their family water usage. They agreed to us installing another system for them. When we sent the repair cost he stated we installed the 1st so he shouldn't have to pay again and threatened a lawsuit. They also called the county who also explained that we passed the inspection so we are not responsible for the septic system after use. We would like to fix the system for the A family but can not offer a free system to do it.

Victor and Nichole A
12/23/2016 Drain Field 300sqft drain field install $2,050.00 (Normally $2700 for a 300sqft drain field)
12/23/2016 Permit Fee OCHD fee $450.00

Customer Response • Jan 28, 2020

REMOVE MY PERSONAL INFORMATION IMMEDIATELY! You are not to publish my personal contact information. You all are wrong, my husband's name is not Victor. Additionally, you plummed my system for an effluent filter. There is NO line item on your invoice for one, but you wrote that the issue was we needed the effluent filter. Of course, in Contracting you for the new system, we expected, asked for, and were PLUMBED for a filter. Why would you complete the work for a filter if you weren't going to place one in the pipe you installed? I have pictures. I am in contact with an attorney.

I was charged $234 and they did no work other than to say I needed to pay for new $6300 system, yet turned out nothing was wrong with it.
Clear Flow came to inspect and pump out a septic system, after 5 minutes the tech said the system needed to be replaced for $6300, then charged me $230 and said they would refund the $230 when I paid he $6300.
I got a quote from another company and was told nothing was wrong and was charged $275 to pump out and check the system. That report along with a certification is attached.
Clear Flow then said they would refund the money but after two weeks and no refund, I sent an email
stating I was going to file a complaint and this was the response I got from the owner no less.
--------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Clear Flow Environmental
Date: Thu, Aug 8, 2019 at 10:24 PM
Subject: Re: refund
To: Gary ***

Yes, please proceed. I will fully refund you but, don't call us ever again you ***!

still no refund though, and I believe it is spelled Schmuck.

The sad thing is, I have used these people before, as a Realtor we always need a good septic company, I wish I never would have used them before, because I probably got ripped off then as well. My clients have paid them over $4,000.

I want to make sure all 10,000 Realtors in Central Florida are made away of ClearFlow and to stay clear.

Desired Outcome

The $230 I fronted for the owner of the home in question who is 86 years old and on oxygen 24 hours a day, he offered to reimburse me but I told him no, if I don't get it from these crooks I told him not to worry about it.

Clear Flow Septic Response • Sep 06, 2019

We apologize you feel like this towards our company. I have pictures of the jobsite showing that we pumped the tank, we also have proof disposal from Orange county disposal site and the signed invoice. The inspection cost is $525 which is not what you were charged for. You were only charged for the disposal... The technician explained to you the problems with the system and why it wouldn't pass inspection. He did you a favor and said we would only charge you for the septic pump out which is what we did and gave you a quote to replace the drain field because there are trees on top of the system. At that point you paid another company to do minor repairs which will not last because of the trees just to pass an inspection instead of replacing the system the correct way.

I called Clear flow to come & pump out my septic. They did come out & pumped it out. My septic has a brush type filter in a pipe that I have to clean out every 6 mos. The last time I did it was January so it was due again in July. Checked it a few days ago & couldn't find it. After looking for it I found it, off to the side at a slant, not straight up & down like its always been. Called them about it & was told "they don't guarantee their pump outs". So I'm stuck now with a problem with my filter that was fine before they came out & pumped out my septic. I'm guessing they don't guarantee their other work they do. I'll NEVER call them again for nothing.
Now I have to find someone to fix it, don't even know where to start.

Clear Flow Septic Response • Jul 09, 2019

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We absolutely guarantee our septic and drain field installations. We can not guarantee a septic pump out because it's maintenance and if the system is not working properly it will cause you to pump and clean the filter more often until the problem is fixed. Also, 6 months ago in January we only did a septic pump out we did not clean the filter which is a different service. So again we apologize for the misunderstanding. If you would like to repair the system we do offer a warranty on our work.

Customer Response • Jul 12, 2019

Yes you did the pump out only, I'm cleaning the filter every 6 mos, but the person I talked to didn't even offer to come & see what the problem was & to see if poss the pump out hose hit the pvc pipe that holds the filter. All they told me is that it was a few months ago so they can't say if it was something they did. So I had to call another company to come out & see what can be done.

Navigating buying a house is stressful enough, and then being introduced to septic system care is another concern. They did a great job of cleaning, inspecting, and informing me about the specifics of the system to give me peace of mind moving forward. Thanks, and I will call clear flow for any future service needs.

When I talked with Clear Flow on the phone, the lady in the office told me it would be around $200 to have my drain field jetted. Once the technician showed up, they totally bait and switched me and said I needed a complete drain field restoration. What they ended up doing to my septic system was not worth the $1,350 they charged me. I was charged $1,350 for two hours worth of work ($675 hour) for what Clear Flow called a "drain field rejuvenation" which was nothing more than the technician sticking a pressure washer hose in my drain pipes for an hour. The other hour was spent talking with me, finding the lids, D box, etc. and pumping some of the tank down. I wasn't expecting what they did when I agreed to the service. They described it as an all day event which would be very involved and require hours of work to flush my drain field lines. It ended up being 1 hour of actual labor.

When I talked with the owner a few days later to explain I felt I was taken advantage of, he said he understood why I felt that way but offered no refund and only for some of the amount to be applied to a drain field if needed which would cost over $6,000. A complete racket. So I basically paid $675/hour for their services.
Product_Or_Service: Septic Drain Field Restoration

Desired Outcome

Refund Charge me what was originally quoted, not some insane amount of money for a so called "drain field restoration."

Clear Flow Septic Response • Jun 27, 2018

Mr *** called our company because he was having septic issues. We fixed the problem at his property and gave him a warranty. Mr *** has called our office multiple times cursing at our staff saying that the work was done to fast for us to charge the amount he paid(It was over 2 days about 4 hours total. Keep in mind our business is dealing with poop/septic systems which is a dirty industry with additional insurance needed to deal with waste. He has slandered us online and now through His complaint is we get paid to much, this industry is expensive because again we are dealing his poop. Also, he told us that his system is working properly and we've given him a discount already. At this point he is wanting the service for free. It costs us to run the truck, pay the driver and the equipment used for his job.

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Address: 820 W Landstreet Rd, Orlando, Florida, United States, 32824


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