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Coast Processing

1351 Calle Avanzado Ste 2, San Clemente, California, United States, 92673-6363

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• May 11, 2021

Very helpful
We have been with Coast Processing for over a year and are pleased. They return our communication with them as soon as possible. Our credit scores have gone up and canceled all CC's, still working on one. They have stopped all harassing calls. Very good people!

• May 06, 2021

Will Someone please call or email me!!!!! !!!!!!!!
I’ve sent email after email to Coast Processing and I get nothing more then Received, Thank you I very scared now since I’ve been reading some frightening reviews about this company. Going to do some more researching to see what the heck is going on.

• May 02, 2021

After a year of paying them my credit is worse than ever. When u call to get updates its a joke. Same story every time. It takes time for the credit to improve they say. It never did. Multiple callers per day from creditors.
ALL the money I paid them lost.
RUN RUN 🏃‍♂️

• Apr 27, 2021

Signed up with Coast Processing, just before half the payment plan I saw reviews of Coast Processing. I called, and sought out legal advice from a lawyer. They told me they can try to prove that you’re not liable for the validity of the account, but the creditors could still come after you, and “make your life a living hell.” Now I’m looking into filing for bankruptcy. When I called to cancel, I asked for a refund since nothing was done since I signed up with them. I was told we don’t offer refunds. Which I interpreted as bye have a nice day. Stay away from these people. Best advice of you’re having credit issues I believe all Bankruptcy Lawyers offer free consultation. See what they suggest, and go from there. If you’re going lawyer rout, check with the BBB, or with times being like they are if you know someone who had/has to file ask about their lawyer.

• Mar 29, 2021

I am absolutely disgusted with the fact that I have gotten no where. My credit is completely shot and I want my money back. I asked them to terminate and issue a refund. We will see

• Mar 29, 2021

Big Rip Off
I have been paying this company $908 a month for about six months now and nothing! They told me not to pay my credit card bills so I quit paying now I am deeper in debt than I have ever been and my credit is completely in the toilet! I have tried to call numerous times and no one ever calls you back in fact the last time I called some female chomping on her lunch answered and said my call would be answered in the order in which it was received? Really? that was 1 week ago! I am stopping the payments to this fraudulent place and hopefully I can repair some of the damage done with my creditors. I have no hope of recovering any of the money I've lost to this place but it is one experience I will never fall for again.

• Jan 04, 2021

Big Waste of Time
I enrolled in this program a year ago - paying $450.00 and nothing has been done but my credit score has dropped significantly (I was aware of). I would have been doing this program for another year if I wouldn’t have applied for a mortgage loan with my fiancé and the bank said that it doesn’t look like anyone has done anything with my situation-debt. They changed their number and now have someone fielding all your calls and you either do not get called back or you don’t get a call back for several days- or until you call them again. I am not being forced to file for bankruptcy because my situation has gotten worse since being in this program- and thinking I was taking control of my debt situation by joining this program. I would like a refund from this program and I have reached out trying to obtain all of or some of the money that I have forked out for no reason. This is a scam and they do not do anything for you but take your money.

• Jan 04, 2021

Horrible Do not enroll
I enrolled in this program a year ago this month absolutely nothing has been done except phone calls from creditors every day of my life and my credit score has decreased more than 150 points I will never be able to get this fixed absolutely the worse mess I am in no one ever returns your call they are actually screened by someone who says they will call you back that’s not happening let me tell you I can’t even begin to explain how this has ruined my life !
I’m demanding a refund which no one has responded to me yet about !
Do not fall into this trap !’

• Dec 31, 2020

Almost $4,000 Gone
I enrolled with Coast Processing almost a year ago and in that time they’ve taken almost $4,000 in payments from me. After reading some of the comments from Coast Processing in which they say they informed all clients/customers that they are not a debt settlement company and rather just collect money to pay people to dispute debts for you and that’s states in your agreement, well, all I can say is okay.

I went into the almost year long agreement with them under the assumption they were a debt management company of some sort. I mean that’s what their ads on Facebook led me to believe and that’s what the rep on the phone led me to believe when the conversation went along the lines of “yeah, we can do better than that (meaning Freedom Debt Relief or National Debt Relief). We can take care of your debts for way less, do it in half the time and at half the cost”. While that sounded very questionable to me and more like a hard and fast sales tactic, I didn’t have much choice as debt collectors were threatening to sue me, and I was broke and deeply in debt so my options on what I could afford were limited.

I didn’t feel right with their approach but told myself these people are professionals, just try to go with it. Basically, the strategy was to contest the validity of the debts I enrolled in their program and hope no creditor or debt collectors could prove they were mine. They spent almost a year doing this and they may have petitioned to remove credit inquires on my credit reports before they were scheduled to fall off.

They also made some decisions that I found questionable. Such as they decided to change their entire business plan it seemed - they went from helping consumers to helping business and when I asked about this I was brushed off and told they were still sending out validation packets (thanks for not answering my question). I should note that they fully updated their website to reflect these changes and didn’t inform me that they basically switched teams from helping consumers to helping businesses. Another questionable move they did was change their phone number - how many business change their phone numbers?

Here I am almost a year later and I found myself in a situation with growing financial concerns due to COVID, my pay having been cut at work and my hours slashed and I couldn’t afford to pay Coast Processing anymore when none of my debts had been paid or resolved. When I canceled my account they told me that I would not be getting any sort of refund since I opted out of their program; now had they kicked me out of their program maybe I could have gotten some money back. But here I am almost a year later, no closer to any help with my debts and every penny I paid into their program they kept.

• Dec 01, 2020

Nothing Accomplished
I’ve been with them for about a year now . They’ve called me twice maybe. Stating they are waiting debt validation from my creditors. Ok , well nothing has been accomplished. I’ve received two summons being sued by two of the creditors . I’ve called to cancel my program with these guys , and yet the lady on the phone said she couldn’t find anyone to assist me . I will be calling the BBB if I haven’t gotten my
Full refund of money I have put in this program by Friday .

Great company doing good by helping people get out of terrible debt situations. Highly recommend this company if you want to pay a lot less than the debt you owe. Their customer care team is knowledgable and I feel secure giving them my business.

Very knowledgeable staff, anyone I spoke with always answered any questions I had very thoroughly.

EXCELLENT customer service, extremely KNOWLEDGEABLE and HELPFUL staff members. They are AWESOME!!

They are honest, friendly, knowledgeable staff that gets things done!

I have been working with Coast on behalf of the law firm who is handling my BK case. Can't say enough about the positive experience I have had with them as I navigate through this difficult part of my life. They make it seem not as painful.

Coast Processing is the sweetest. They are always so nice and help me when I need them. I have been with them for 2 years and they have helped me with my ups and downs.

Coast Processing has "supposedly "started a debt consolidation for my husband and I. They have made many false statements saying they have reached out to our creditors with no contact letters. But the creditors have all established that is not true. I understand the process can take time but we have been put under much worse financial conditions while trusting them to help us. I have requested to cancel their service and to be refunded my money. Our credit scores have dropped over 100 points each and the representative I spoke to this evening slipped and said they were effecting our scores as well due to my payment to them being late due to me having to have surgery. I want my money back so I can get things straightened out with our creditors and hopefully get ahead of this terrible situation.

Coast Processing Response time Mar 17, 2020

Mary enrolled in our program knowing how the program worked and the length of time needed for the program to work. Mary opted to terminate her agreement, which we allowed her to do, and we further agreed to provide a full refund of all of her fees. That refund has been processed and should have been received by Mary. We are confirming with her that the refund was received as her complaint suggests it was not.

Have been paying them for over 6 months and they have accomplished absolutely nothing for me!

So far so good. I have been working with Coast and LPG to get myself out of a terrible situation after divorce and being left with a bunch of bills that were left to me....but not my responsibility. It has been a long journey to rebuild myself and it is nice to finally have some people on my side to get me out of this mess. I have been getting good advice with my complicated situation....and can finally see the light!

Coast Processing phone rep. told me that they would consolidate and pay off my credit cards in 36 months for $330 a month. After 7 months I found out that they were a debt resolution company not a consolidation company. I've been coresponding with them since Dec. 16, 2019. They told me they sent the emails out 3 times and I still haven't got them. So on Jan. 2,2020 I sent them an email asking them to cancel my account and send a refund along with any paper work they have on my account via *** along with a tracking number. I haven't heard back from them.

Coast Processing Response time Mar 17, 2020

believed that we were a debt settlement company and that we were going to collect payments and use those payments to resolve his debts. The contract he signed explicitly stated that we are NOT a debt settlement company and no payment to us would go toward the settlement of any debt with any creditor. Nevertheless, when *** opted to cancel, we agreed to the cancellation and issued a full refund of all fees paid into our program. That refund was issued prior to ***'s complaint to

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Address: 1351 Calle Avanzado Ste 2, San Clemente, California, United States, 92673-6363


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