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Connecticut Cane & Reed

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Review: Ordered online on 2/28/2015 [redacted] for chair seating, paid in full via credit card. Have not received product, have made phone calls and tried emailing, email doesn't go through, no answer on phone. Total amount ordered was $98.87, received confirmation on order as soon as it was sent.Desired Settlement: I would prefer to receive the product I ordered or have a complete refund.

Review: On 3/20/13, I purchased online a cane kit for canoe seats for $42.01. I have not received the prouct; my phone calls are not returned.

On 3/20/13, I purchased online from www.[redacted].com, product code #: 12PWKC; prewoven cane kit for 2 canoe seats. My Visa has been charged $42.01; $25.92 for the product and $16.05 shipping. By the first week in April, I had not received my order so began calling the number listed on the website: X-XXX-XXX-XXXX. I left a message and did not receive a return call. When I tried to call again on 4/8/13, I could not leave a message because the number stated that "the mailbox was full". On 4/12/13, I called again but was not able to leave a message. I sent an e-mail on the same day. On/13/13, I left another message. No return phone call. On the following days, I left messages; all were unreturned: 4/15/13, 4/16/13, 4/22/13. I called again on 4/23-25/13, but was unable to leave a message because "the mailbox is full". I also have sent text messages to X-XXX-XXX-XXXX; all have been unanswered. I also tried to reach them via e-mail on 4/14/13, at the following address: [redacted].com but my e-mail was returned to me with a mail delivery failure message. Desired Settlement: I would like www.[redacted].com/Conneticut Cane & Reed, to please either send me the canoe seats I ordered or refund my Visa account immediately. I would like someone to please contact me in person with how they will resolve this issue.



Consumer Response /* (-5, 10, 2013/05/16) */

Received product as ordered. Thank you!

Review: I ordered product online. The product was not delivered!!!

I ordered a product online from this company and failed to receive it. The company then charged my CC five days after the order was placed. I have yet to receive the product a cane chair seat. I called numerous times leaving a message on their answering machine!!! Desired Settlement: Looking at the website for this company. The number of complainants in the last 12 months is rather large! I'm just wondering how many people just forget about the loss and get reimbursed from their credit card company. This bussiness should be shut down!!!!



Consumer Response /* (-5, 8, 2013/05/10) */

The product finally arrived in the mail.

Review: I ordered woven cane for 5 chair seats from the business web site. Prior to ordering, I tried 20+ times to call the phone number wanting to be sure my order was correct, and I always got a voice message. I placed the order online, using my bank card on 2/24/2004. I printed the order sheet, which listed the Order #[redacted] Ground ($17.84) is listed as the delivery method. I asked that the product be shipped after March 6, 2014 because I would be gone for a week. I did not receive a tracking number.My bank account was debited on 2/27/2014. The local [redacted] store told me that East Coast packages take 5 working days for delivery. I continued to call and text, but have not spoken with anyone.I contacted the because my efforts to obtain my package did not bring results.Desired Settlement: I want the material that I ordered ASAP.I also ask for better communication and a tracking number be placed on orders.

Review: I placed an order with Connecticut Cane & Reed Co on March 13, 2014 (8 wks. ago) through their website. I have tried repeatedly to contact them through text, email and phone. I have failed to receive any form of communication with them. Their phone goes to their voice mail box, which is full so you can't leave a message. I have yet to receive my order, but they have taken their payment from my credit card within a week of placing my order. Their website seems so customer friendly, but they are far from friendly. I would have appreciated some form of contact just to know when to expect my order. With no communication and no order I felt I had to do something, that is why I contacted the Settlement: I would like a full refund. I have no confidence in this company and therefore I don't trust that they have a quality product either.

Review: I placed an order on line for 1 order of superfine cane. I received an order confirmation (#[redacted]) product #[redacted] on 3/13/14. My [redacted] was charged 32.00 for the product and shipping charges.I have been trying everyday since 4/1/14 to contact the company via phone calls and e-mails to no avail.Phone calls are met with " messages full". E-mail response is "not properly installed. I would appreciate any help you can offer with immediate delivery of product or reimbursement of payment to my cc,which they wasted no time in charging.Desired Settlement: Either ship product asap,or credit my cc account.



From: [redacted]

Sent: Tuesday, May 27, 2014 7:52 PM

To: [redacted]

Subject: Re: You have a New Message from Serving Connecticut Regarding Complaint #[redacted]

thank you for your help with this situation.Happily the company finally shipped the product I ordered.

Review: Materials ordered have not been delivered. Credit card has been charged including 3 day shipping. This order was for $108.86. Order was made on 4/8/2014 and card was charged on 4/11/2014.Business does not answer the phone and does not respond to e-mails. Order was actually made with CSW [redacted] but I believe this Cane & Reed is the same company based on info on their web sites and they are located near each other. Also I have seen reviews on the web stating similar problems with this company.They've been in business for some time - since they do not respond I don't know if they intend to fill the order, if the shipment has been lost or if they are actually a scam. They have not given any tracking info for the shipment so I can not pursue that possibility.Looking forward to your help.Thank YouDesired Settlement: I would like the ordered materials delivered promptly or have my credit card refunded.



-----Original Message-----

From: [redacted]

Sent: Monday, May 05, 2014 8:08 PM

To: [redacted]

Subject: Complaint #[redacted]

I'd like to inform you that complaint #[redacted] has been resolved. The materials ordered from the Connecticut Cane and Reed Co. arrived at our home today 5/5/2014. They were shipped on 5/2/2014. Our card was charged on 4/11/2014 a full 3 weeks before they shipped the merchandise.

I feel that general accepted policy is not to charge until the day of shipment. Further it appears that this company purposely keeps their phone blocked by a full voice mail inbox and they do not respond to e-mails. I do not recommend anyone to do business with this company.

Review: Ordered material never delivered

Order placed on 1/26/13 and confirmed by email, order #[redacted] (6/32 inch kraft brown fiber rush kit #CSWK632K). Credit card was charged on 2/7/13. Attempts to contact were unsuccessful (2 emails unanswered; 1 phone call went directly to unidentified voice mail and no reply received).Desired Settlement: Either delivery of the product ordered or a refund

Review: I was billed TWICE for $99.78 for chair seats I ordered on 3/14/14, once under "Cane and Reed Manchester CT" and a second billing under "[redacted]." I e-mailed Cane & Reed on 4/23/14 and [redacted] responded "That is my fault. I will credit you back one of them tomorrow."I have NOT received the credit for $99.78 and I have followed up numerous times via both e-mail and telephone with no response.Anything you can do to help me get the credit for the second billing would be appreciated.P.S. I got the seats OK, so this is strictly a billing issue.Desired Settlement: Refund of $99.78 duplicate billing.

Review: On March 31, 2014, I submitted an order on the Connecticut Cane & Reed Company's website [redacted] for a prewoven cane kit with 1/2" open cane (product code [redacted]). The total amount of the purchase was $53.79, including $19.40 for shipping. I received a confirmation email of my order number [redacted]. On April 11, 2014 my [redacted] credit card was charged for the full amount of $53.79. As of May 20, 2014, I have yet to receive the product that I ordered. I have sent multiple emails and text messages to the company and have also attempted to call several times, leaving voicemail messages more than once. I have had no response at all to any of my contacts and have been unable to reach anyone by phone to resolve this issue.Desired Settlement: I would like to receive a full refund of $53.79 to the credit card that I used to make the purchase, since I have not received the product that I ordered.

Review: Placed an order on Cane & Reed's website over 3 weeks ago. Per info on website, orders usually ship in about 2 business days. Credit card was charged next day after order was placed, but still have not received order. Have left several phone messages & email requests for order info or tracking info, but no responses. Their phone number is answered by a machine. If there is an issue with the order, I need to know. If it's a shipping issue, I need to know that. (Supposed to be UPS ground, usually about 2 days from CT to MI.) I need the materials to complete a job for a customer.

Product_Or_Service: cane and caning supplies

Order_Number: [redacted]

Desired Settlement: Send my order or send me shipping tracking info if the order has been sent already.

Review: I had placed an order with Connecticut Cane and Reed in Speptember 2013. I did not hear from them for the shipping information. I needed this order as soon as possible as I had a customer waiting for his finished product. I tried calling, left voice messages, text messaging, and emailing them to find out a delivery date. I received no answer what so ever. Now it was late and I needed to get the supplies to meet the customers demand. I tried to cancel the order, again no feedback from the company. I reordered my supplies from another supplier and received them within three days. I called, texted and emailed everyday to CT Cane & Reed - still no response. They charged my credit card but still no answer from them. 6 weeks later, I receive 2 out of 3 of the items I ordered but they still will not return my messages. They have not sent me my entire order but have taken all my money and after all attempts to contact them (almost everyday) and messages left; they have not gotten a hold of me. This is by far the worst company I have every dealt with. I will never recommend them and will use word of mouth advertising to condem them. Stay away from this business.Desired Settlement: Refund of my money.

Review: We ordered cane chair repair kit and received confirmation of order 10\28\13. Our credit card has been charged and as of this date 11\14\13 we have not received our order. We have made several attempts to contact this company via phone, text and email for two weeks now and have received no response. After seeing the many complaints posted we are no longer interested in doing business with this company. We would like a refund made to our credit card.Desired Settlement: We would like a refund to our credit card

Review: On April 16th, 2013 I placed an online order for chair cane and binding cane. The charge showed on my VISA on 4/19/13 in the amount of $80.46. I have not received the product and after repeated messages left on their answering machine have not heard back from them. I would like my caning supplies or a refund to my VISA.

Product_Or_Service: hand caning and binder cane

Order_Number: XXXXX

Desired Settlement: I would like the caning supplies or a refund on my credit card.

Review: On 11/25/2013 I placed an online order with Within 3 days my credit card was charged $53.36. I have yet to receive my order. I have called this company repeatedly trying to find out where my order is. No one will pick up the phone and after repeated emails to customer service asking for an update to my order there is still no reply. Now when I call them it is stating that the mailbox is full. I would either like a complete refund of my $53.36 or send me my order. It's not that difficult!!Desired Settlement: It's pretty simple really, I placed an order fulfill your obligations!! Send me my order or provide a refund.



From DC [redacted]:

I just wanted to pass on information about case # 12/23/2013 12:41:11 PM against Connecticut Cane & Reed Company. Your complaint was assigned ID [redacted]. A complete refund was given after repeated phone calls. I am happy with the outcome. Thank you for your help.

Review: I placed an online order with this company over three months ago. After two weeks of no response from the company, I left a message on the lady's voicemail to cancel the order and not to charge my card. Today, I checked my account and she processed the transaction today! I have never been able to speak with her because she never answers her phone. I totally forgot about this order because I placed my order with another company and my project was completed over two months ago. I guess she thinks that people do not check their bank accounts daily!Desired Settlement: 81.00

Review: I placed an order August 30, 2013 for chair weaving cane and did indeed receive an order. However the material that was shipped was the incorrect size and would not work on the project I was repairing. I have called their phone number numerous (more than 8) and left messages with no call back response. I also sent a letter to them stating the problem on October 10th, with no response.They did indeed charge my [redacted] card $38.36, which by the way was the incorrect amount for the material ordered and shipped.In the need to complete the repair for my customer I was forced to order the correct material from another source.It is very unfortunate that Cane and Reed has had so many complaints issued against them and I for one have been reluctant to have to do the same. My past dealings with them had always been totally fine.In the meantime I am out $38.36 with no response from Cane and Reed. I have delt with them in the past and this is the first time there has been a problem, but rest assured it will be the LAST.Desired Settlement: At this time the only agreeable resolution is for Cane and Reed to refund $38.36 to my [redacted] account which includes their shipping and miss handling of this order. If they wish to have the material returned I am willing to do that---but at their expense.



From: [redacted]

Sent: Wednesday, January 08, 2014 10:41 PM

To: [redacted]

Subject: Complaint regarding Cane and Reed

Atten: Connecticut ref. file [redacted] January 8, 2014

This is a follow up regarding the problem I had with Cane and Reed. When your contacted C & R and received no response you emailed me stating that you basically closed the file.

I then contacted my credit card company, gave them all the details, they researched the claim and then refunded the charges to my credit card account from C & R.

Would you believe, several days later I received the material I originally ordered from C & R. C & R, to date, has not charged me again for the material.

Thank you for your help in attempting to resolve me problem.

Review: I ordered a canoe set cane kit on 4/3/2014 order number [redacted]. I received a confermation of the order on 4/4/2014. It is now 4/24/2014 and I have not received my kit. My credit card was charged on 4/11/2014. Have sent three texts, four emails and tried to call numerious times over the past 4 days with no response. I just sent a email to cancel my order. Please help me get my money back.Desired Settlement: refund Credit Card ASAP

Review: On 4/20/14 I ordered products from this website. In three days they charged my credit card and took my money. I have not received any product nor any correspondence. I have texted (to a number their website provides), emailed, and called and left a message and have not received any response or product. I want my money back if they cannot provide the product.Desired Settlement: I want a full refund via money order.

Review: I ordered a fiber rush kit and an extra coil of fiber rush on 11/25/2013 for a grand total of $52.36. I didn't hear anything for over two weeks, so I tried calling and emailing the company. I never received a response, and my account had not been billed. After reading some of the complaints, I finally sent a voice message and an email instructing the company to cancel the order on 12/11/13. Astonishingly, $52.36 was subtracted from my checking account balance the next day, and billing was completed on 12/16/2013. It is 1/7/2014, and I still have not received the products. I have tried to call the company 13 times since I placed my order. I have also submitted two emails. All of those efforts to communicate with the company have been ignored.The rush was meant to be a Christmas present for my mother, but that didn't work out. The lack of customer service is more infuriating than the actual delay in delivery (I'm calling it a delay, but I'm not sure that I will EVER receive the products).Before making a purchase, I called the company with a question about the product. The phone was answered almost immediately, so I am very suspicious about the lack of communication.Desired Settlement: I want my money back. At one point, I would have been satisfied with the money OR the order, but I don't want this company to have a single penny from me. I have located a reputable company that is actually dedicated to customer service.

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Description: Caning Supplies, Porcelain Enamel Repair & Refinish, Food Products, Antiques - Dealers

Address: 95 Hilliard St, Manchester, Connecticut, United States, 06042


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