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Connecticut Natural Gas Corporation

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Review: I switched over from oil to gas about 3 yesrs ago -- everything with CNG went excellent and I am very happy I switched. One year down the line I asked to be put on the budget plan (I knew I had to wait one year). CNG did not do this. I called and talked with the billing people many many umpteenth times only to be put on hold for 25 minutes and then click click disconnected. I then called [redacted] a Manager and asked that he look into this. About 1 1/2 week later a lady called and said, yes, I will be on the budget plan (now this is about 2 1/2 years later) and that my bill would be $80 per month which, by my averages, seems correct. I received a bill for $80 the first month and, here we go again, a bill for $161 and some cents the second month. I called billing only to have the 20-25 minute hold and then the infamous click click disconnect. I also never received a bill for the .February 2014 billing cycle which comes out in March. I paid the $80 budget amount (I believe) on 3/14 and asked for a copy of the bill (fourth request). As of 4/4/, the check has not been cashed nor has the bill been sent to me.I called a Manager, [redacted] 4 times, yes 4 times, starting late March to please look into this and get back to me (left a voice msg cause he is never there to answer the phone). HE HAS NOT GOTTEN BACK TO ME. I cannot view the bill on the system cause I sent an inquiry that the system was not accepting my info several months ago and to please get back to me but, as usual, no response.So I am really stuck here. The Customer Service people really do not know what they are doing and the Managers do not respond, I cannot view anything on line so here I am. And my total exasperation has shown when talking to these people. Totally unacceptable and unbelievable.Customers should never be treated this way, totally ignored, disconnected and put on hold for 20-25 minutes only to be click clicked and disconnected again. Thus my reason for not wanting to call them/going to Sup.Desired Settlement: I would like a copy of the Feb bill which comes out in March which I have ever so asked for 4 times and I would like a response as to why my $80 I am told budget amount check was not cashed and why MANAGERS DO NOT GET BACK TO CUSTOMERS. Also answer my 4 month old email re: logonAt this point, I would prefer they email me at [email protected] Need bill mentioned above, why $80 3/24 check is not cashed and verification of budget amount. And also ask for proof that this has been handled.

Review: I received a bill from CNG with a statement date of 9/16/2013 for billing cycle: 8/13/13 - 9/12/13 with a total due amount of $272.29 (this included a service contract for $171.00). I called CNG and had my service contract removed on 10/2/2013. $272.29 - $171.00 = 101.29. I paid this balance in full therefore making my account current and at $0. I then asked the representative to put me on a budget bill, we agreed to $77.00. I then received another bill with a statement date of 10/2/13 for billing cycle: 8/13/13 - 9/12/13 for $36.66 (it was a budget bill charge of $77.00 - a $40.34 credit). I then received another bill on 10/15/13 for billing cycle 9/13/13 - 10/11/13 for $113.66 (a total of the budget bill of $77 + my intermediate charge of $36.66).I called a 1st time and waiting 50 mins to speak with someone to be told the representative who started the budget plan did so in the same month rather than the following so I was double charged and a Supervisor would review and call me back. I received no response. I called again, 11/6 waiting 30 mins tand was told a supervior would call me back. I finally called a third time today waiting 30 mins and was finally put through to a supervisor names [redacted] who reviewed my bill. Called me back and was absolutely the rudest person I have ever dealt with. She claimed I still owed the $36.66 because thats based on the start of the budget plan. Even though she agreed my balance was a zero and the budget plan was started the same month instead of the following, she would only repeat she could not speak for the actions of the representative. She offered no solution to my problem just insisted I owed this extra bill when it was clear I received 2 bills in 1 month. Her solution was another supervisor call me back and my account would be on hold for 30 days.Desired Settlement: I was double billed within the same billing cycle of 8/13/13 9/12/13. I want the second 10/2/13 bill of $36.66 to be deleted as it was a duplicate and the budget billing started within the same month rather than the following month. Billing cycle 9/13/13-10/11/13 should reflect the start of my budget plan of $77.00 NOT $113.66 which is a past due balance of $36.66 + the budget bill of $77.00. I want to be treated fairly and not be forced to pay money that is not owed to CNG.

Review: Dear Sir and/or Madam,

This is [redacted], writing on behalf of my parents, [redacted] and [redacted]. My parents are elderly retirees, who own a triple decker in Hartford. They reside on the first floor, and have tenants that rent second and third floors separately. There are 3 separate heaters in the basement, one for each floor.

In 2014, dad sent to CNG three checks, 180 dollars each, for the service contracts for the 3 heaters. Bills for unpaid service started to arrive in 2015. At first, CNG could not tell my dad what happened to the checks, even though these were cashed months before. CNG asked my dad to get the information regarding these checks from his bank. I then faxed the information, and called CNG, and finally was told that the checks were erroneously applied to pay the regular gas usage bills of the tenants. When I spoke via phone with CNG agent in the summer of 2015, I made it clear that my parents could not afford to issue additional checks for the second and third floor to insure the heaters, and were only insuring their heater for the first floor. I was told all was taken care of. By the end of 2015, additional bills started coming. In January 2016 I spoke with Mr. Clark [redacted], Contract Manager, to try to resolve this matter. He told me that $410.69 that my parents "owed " CNG were two years of unpaid service contract for the second floor heater. During this phone conversation, Mr. [redacted] waved one year's worth of payment, so parents are left with over 200 dollars for contract they didn't want. He wasn't too gracious, and acted as if my parents signed a contract with CNG into perpetuity. My parents did no such thing.

In addition, my dad keeps receiving incompletely filled bills for regular gas usage payments for his tenants. These bills don't have meter numbers and aren't my parents to pay.

My parents are elderly, retirees. My dad is almost 83, and dealing with heart failure, and this entire situation has been very stressful for him, and for my mom. My parents cannot afford to pay the bill CNG insists on, and they feel it would be wrong to do so. It seems like coercion to pay for insurance they didn't want, and I expressed it in my phone calls to the company in 2015. CNG does not have an office where people can come and try to resolve billing issues in person.

Thank you for your help in this matter.Desired Settlement: Payments for past due, unwanted and unrequested "service plan insurance" for [redacted], should be removed. .

No double billing, as in sending to my parents incomplete gas usage bills of their tenants, for 1[redacted] floors.



Good morning,I apologize for the delay as I had to work with several departments to investigate this dispute.Here is what I have determined. There were three floors that had service


My services were interrupted on 12/4/14. I received a bill with a payment due date 12/12/14. I called Cust Svc Rep 12/5/14 (Friday) @ 8:15am and was informed that another bill was mailed to me regarding the shut-off for 12/2/14 (which I never received). I explained that I was enrolled in the Energy Assistance Program but was told I had to reapply every year. Being a fairly new resident of CT 2yrs, I wasn't aware of that and immediately paid the minimum amount that was required in order to have service restored. At 1:16pm I received a voicemail (from a private number) stating the tech was in route to my address. I then removed restriction from my phone so that I could answer the next time he called, then opened and stood by my front door. Appox. 20 mins. later I saw the CNG van approaching but the driver didn't come into the parking lot/drive way. So I thought maybe he was going to go to the back. As quick as that thought entered my mind, I watched the driver make a U-turn and leave. He did not attempt to even come towards my door or he would have seen me standing there waiting. I understand that I am late paying my bill but not only am going through hardships, there was a miscommunication as I received 2 separate bills. I called CNG to check the service order and it said, "completed" (but it wasn't). I waited to speak with a cust svc rep again to let them know what happened and that I was home; was told that the tech is not required to knock on the door or ring the bell if he doesn't make a connection with someone at the service address over the phone. I explained that he left a message saying he was in route, but never called back, and didn't even come to my door because I watched him come and go. Why would he even come to my address if he was not planning to attempt to restore service. This is a very cold month in December and I have an infant in my care right now, my home is freezing. I apologize that I am late paying my bill, but why would the technician come all the way to my address, just to turn around and not even attempt to turn the gas back on (in spite?). It is 9:30pm and I have not moved from my house. I have not eaten because I can't cook anything, nor can I leave to by anything quick to throw in my stomach in fear that I will be without heat for the entire weekend. Am I being punished because of my hardships? With all due respect, the driver coming to the drive-way to make a U-turn seem very unprofessional and uncaring to me as a customer, regardless of my billing/financial status. I am a single mother and still have to pick my daughter up from school in Storrs, but can't because I am still waiting. I called CNG once more to inquire about the latest time my services would be restored and was told they have 24 hours to restore it. This is mind blowing to me as it seems to be a pleasure and such an easy task to discontinue/shut-off services, but restoring services for the customer is no big deal and requires the customer to be cold, hungry and a 24 hour lockdown (or suffer the consequences of waiting another 24 hours or the entire weekend). Plus, the employees have the choice of being inconvenient in the middle of the winter. I even have to stay up incase the tech comes early in the a.m. because they have a bracket of 24 hours. This should be "absolutely unacceptable" (especially in the cold month of December. Speaking with an employee of CNG (as a friend of a relative), their employees have the option to be as helpful as they'd like, without supervision. He said, if I'm waiting like that to have my service restored, it's the customer service rep that put the order in and the driver; that I shouldn't still be waiting if I called 8am this morning. There were no emergencies right now... If it were the state I just moved from, this would not have been able to happen. For one, techs have a shorter turn-around time from the time the order is put in, they aren't allowed to decide when to complete and order as long as it's within 24 hours. Its now 13 1/2 hours of freezing and counting... Please explain why this is company's policy is acceptable(no contact with one attempt/don't go to customer to restore service). Why would this be allowed to happen?

Review: Over the past few years I have moved three times. Each apartment I had CNG as my supplier. At no time did they lose touch with me, as I updated them for each move and paid all bills when I received notice online. As a matter of fact, I overpaid them so much money one year, due to my inattention to their billing statements and the inconsistencies with their online system, that I had a credit for most of my second year on [redacted])- home from 2/11 - 2/13. When I moved to [redacted] (Feb 2013), I still had some credit, but it was getting low, so I expected to be billed for a portion of the gas used on [redacted], but they tacked on a "previous charge" for $89.99, which they said was unpaid. They had me convinced that this money was due when I spoke to them over the phone, so I gave in and sent a check for a total of $264.20 (previous plus current bill) rather than going online to pay. With my check I included a breakdown of how much money was to go to each account and listed the account numbers separately (because they give you a new account number each time you move, and I didn't want any more errors). When I moved just recently to ([redacted]), I contacted CNG to inform them of the change and was told that my "old" account was delinquent again - this time by $54.76. They refused to turn my gas on until paid, so I paid it online. Then, they told me that I'd have to pay another $28.53 for the gas bill (leaving [redacted], I assume) and I told them to bill me direct as I did not want to use their online system any longer. Then, they informed me that I now would have to pay an additional 145 as a security deposit because they consider me a risk. They even made an entry on my credit report for the $28.53 - very unjustified! Yesterday I received yet another bill for the - you guessed it - the original $89.99! I feel I may never get out of this trap. I have been suffering from a cognitive disorder and it has been very hard to resolve. I need your help.Desired Settlement: I have requested twice, and have yet to receive, all billing statements from 3/2011 through today in order to verify that every dollar I've paid out has been requested from me for services rendered, and not just a way to scam people out of more money. No response has come from the company. I would also like them to eliminate the unfair request of giving them $145 additional to hold as security until I move. I would like them to rescind the information sent to the credit agencies.

Review: The gas company has reported me to the credit bureau due to the fact they claim I never paid, They had the wrong address. They had me as [redacted] and not my actual address which is [redacted]. They have also over charged me. They have negatively affected my credit.Desired Settlement: I want the credit reporting removed and the amount owed erased. This could have been handled over a year ago, If I knew I had this problem.



#[redacted]. [redacted]. 5/26/2015- The manager of Collections had determined that the final invoice was mailed to an incorrect address therefore Ms. [redacted] would not have received it. In light of this, the negative credit reporting was removed. At the time, Ms. [redacted] was also advised that since it was a final invoice, she would not receive any new ones and would need to track her payments and balance. Her account is paid in full.

Review: Back in 2014 I have gone onto a payment plan due to high charges of over 500.00 in one month I could not afford the whole bill. Since then I had 1 late payment but I noticed on my credit report the gas company is putting late payments on my credit report even though I have paid faithfully towards the payment arrangement I have with them. I called them up and a woman named [redacted] told me that they started showing up on the credit reports because there are people who pay on time so they want that to show in good standing on their report BUT I was never told this was going to make a negative impact on my credit report let alone show up on my credit report at all. By being on a payment arrangement and me paying on time shouldn't be showing late payments and it is.Desired Settlement: I would like this to come off of my credit report as late payments. I did have one....and the one I had late can stay back in Jan. but the rest should come off.



Complaint # [redacted]- This has been sent to CNG management to look into her concerns and try to find a resolution.

Review: We have had issues with billing, and service since the first month that we signed up with the company. They have done nothing to resolve these issues. I have not had a sign online payment go through correctly, and they keep charging us late payment charges when the real issue is their recurring payment system. We have a valid payment account, and information we have chosen to pay the full amount on each bill when the bill is released. We have sent emails with no response, and I called multiple times having to wait hours just for a customer service rep to discuss it. Once when I finally got ahold of one they told me they didn't have the authority to remove the late payment charges, and would have their manager call back tomorrow. I never heard again from them, and it was never removed. I asked to have emails sent to me when the bill was released, and before and after the due date to remind me when it was due. I never got one. This has been the worst company I have by far worked with. I have many recurring bills that worked the first time, and I have never been late. This company is a joke, and are doing nothing to improve their process. They website lacks functionality, and they do nothing to notify customers when their billing does not go through or when they are late on their payments to rectify the situation.Desired Settlement: I would like a refund of my late payment charges since I started my service with them, and some explanation of why this is happening. I would like an actual call back by a manager so I can just pay my bill on time without having to wait hours on the phone.

Review: CNG Charge me for a service I never ask for. They said that automatically the service will renew every year, and they never told me that. They are charging me 154.27 for something I did not ask for. The service is for [redacted]. I never used their service this year. They told me if I don't paid they will put me on Collection.Desired Settlement: I want my money back for the service I did not ask or used this year.

Review: I have called numerous times and have been trying to resolve this issue since January 2013 with very little cooperation from CNG. I felt I was over charged back in January from a December bill.December.The bill had increased from 4 to 6 CCF per day although the heat was turned off for ten days during the billing period. Apparently the meter was replaced but I have absolutely no response from CNG. I have been charged late fees which I refuse to pay. I would like to resolve the disputed amount of $215.87 as soon as possible. Thank You.

Product_Or_Service: Natural Gas

Order_Number: XXXXXXXXX

Account_Number: XXX-XXXXXXX-XXXX

Desired Settlement: Bill adjustment

Review: I was consistently over billed by CNG. I would pay my bill, yet they would show that I still owed money. Upon closing my account in December of 2014, a audit showed they owed me aprox. 860 dollars due to over-payment. I have contacted them over 5 times. Spending now at least 3 hours on the phone with them trying to get the payment sent to me. The company will constantly send me to voice-mails that do not return calls or say they will send a email to another department trying to resolve the issue. The claim to have sent the check out twice, yet that is the ONLY piece of mail it seems that is never delivered to my new address. I have given CNG my new address over 6 times, starting with the day I canceled service. Their practice of not refunding and avoidance of resolving the issue is unacceptable. If I owed them money since December, I would have collectors pounding down my door and my credit score would be greatly damaged. Furthermore, I have just completed my 5th call with the company and was told I have only called once prior. It is insulting to be told that because for one, it is them calling me a liar and secondly, it negates the numerous calls and time I have committed to this issue already.Desired Settlement: My desire is that their company practices are investigated to ensure that this is not a wide spread issue that is practiced through out.



Complaints# [redacted]- Will have someone from CNG reach out to this customer to determine if he received the refund or what the Company will do to resolve.

Review: I moved from [redacted] back to ** in April 2013. I called CNG to let them know, and let them know of my new address. I never received my final bill from them. I never heard a peep from them since that time. I just today got a notice on my credit report that they sent my bill to collections. This caused by credit store to go down by 100 POINTS!!!! I have always had a perfect credit record, and because of their incompetence and not reaching out to me sooner (mail? phone? email? all of which they have) I was never properly contacted about this balance which has now been outstanding for more than 6 months. This is completely unacceptable to me. I need this looked into ASAP.Desired Settlement: I need them to contact their collection agency, and the credit bureaus ([redacted]) and have them remove ALL negative information from my credit report. FYI, since I found out this today I paid them today.

Review: I sent the following email to CNG on June 28th and received an acknowledgement that they owed me $134.47 and that they would send me a check. I have not received this check and I have sent over 10 emails chasing it over the last few months. I keep receiving the response that they are looking into it but my check has not yet arrived. I have not received any response from them since mid October despite chasing them. I can forward all the correspondence if necessary. I have offered my bank details to make processing easier, but they have refused. Please can you help get the money they have agreed I am owed, refunded to me? Many thanks [redacted]Sent to CNGFirstName : [redacted] BillingComments : We have moved from this address and I see our final bill is -$134.47 ie I am owed money due to overpayment. Please confirm how you will be refunding me. I can provide a UK address - [redacted] for you to send me a cheque? Many thanks[redacted]This is the response I received on the 28th June from CNGGood afternoon,I have sent a notification to the representative that processes refunds. The process usually takes up to 2 weeks.Thank you[redacted]I have chased up over 10 times and had various replies but no check!Desired Settlement: I would like the money they owe me refunded please. They agree I have overpaid $134.47 and have not yet sent it.

Review: Calling CNG Corp. to start a service on a new location. On hold for 45 minutes before the CSR answers the phone. Make the story short, I had to repeat the address 3 times before the REP got it. It's understandable but then she didn't follow up asking if it's on 2nd or 3rd floor. Asked if I have existing account, I said yes at such and such address and then she puts me on hold. After 10 minutes she comes back saying she can't find my account. I replied that I am confident I have an account, so her response was in a form of a rude question "why do you need so many accounts?" At that point I was a little upset with the hold time and rude REP so I asked if It is important to know how many accounts I have, and at that point I heard NO and got hanged up upon which is very upsetting as I just spent whole hour on hold without any results.

Product_Or_Service: Starting natural gas at new address

Desired Settlement: An explanation why it is important on how many accounts do I have or if I am an owner. Why I was hanged up on and why it takes 50 minutes for someone to start the service while with CL&P it only took 10 minutes and the rep was very polite and professional.



Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2013/04/05) */

Connecticut Natural Gas is a public utility regulated by the Public Utility Regulatory Authority (PURA). The proper avenue for complaints or disputes is via PURA. Their contact number is 860.827.1553

Review: On July 14, 2015, I paid in full an outstanding gas bill. As of August 1, 2015, it was reported as not paid. Despite repeated attempts to have it fixed, it remains erroneously reported on my credit as of October 1st 2015 as $1 past due 120 days. This is adversely effecting my credit.Desired Settlement: I want my credit report modified to say paid in full as of July 14, 2015 and for the erroneous information to be removed.



A zero balance letter was mailed to the customer on 10-23-15 at the customer's request. A review of our records confirmed the payment in full. Credit reporting has been updated to reflect this. Patricia D[redacted]

Review: Since last August, because CNG changed their online payment system, I could not log in to my CNG account to pay my bill. I had not received a paper bill from CNG for years and therefore didn’t have an account number at hand and could not reset password. I called their customer service, but it was impossible to reach a person, I spent almost two hours calling and trying to reach somebody to get help. When I finally got a hold of somebody at “ new or disconnect service department” the person said they would send an email to me to reset password and a paper bill by mail. I have not received either.

The week after, because I have not yet received those things, I sent a message through the CNG webpage, to request same things. After several messages using this online system, no answers, no response; nothing has happened yet.

I only received an email bill stating how much I owe, and due date. Because I am so worried about a late fee I decided to just send a check by mail as soon as possible. So on Sep 9th or so, I sent my personal check to CNG customer service, the address which I found on the web page.

I also always have a problem to reaching customer service because they have my address registered incorrectly. My address is 9 [redacted].

When my husband I purchased this house, the address had been changed by the town.

When a little after we moved in this house I noticed the wrong address and called CNG, but their answer was that I could not change the address because their record was according to the [redacted] address. If [redacted] did not change their records, the resident could not change the address. I enclosed the copy of the letter from the Town of [redacted] stating the address change along with my check.

On September 21st, I noticed my check to CNG was not cashed yet. Also I still did not hear from CNG about password or address or a paper bill.

I did my best to pay my bill on time and the late fee is ludicrous concerning CNG’s lack of adequate customer service. I need help communicating to CNG about these issues.Desired Settlement: My requests to CNG are following:

1, Send me a paper bill by mail regularly.

2, Correct my address [redacted].

3, Send me an email to reset password to log in to pay online.

4, Refund all late fee from August to current.



I have sent this to the supervisor at CNG to contact the customer to resolve his concerns. Thanks,Alison



Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:the response is too late and did not resolve the problem at all.Following is the copy of email I sent on last Tuesday to update my issue. I still wants to CNG

Review: I am from a lower income family and due to this I was able to qualify for energy assistance. I am very happy because without it I would be unable to afford to heat my home. However as of Thursday March 13,2013 I noticed that the temperature in my house started to drop. It wasn't until late Friday March 14,2013 that I realized my furnace was not working. All the pipes on the furnace were cold and the pilot light seemed to be out. I called CNG but since I am on the energy assistance program they said I did not qualify for emergency assistance. They said in order to have someone come out I would have to pay my bill in the full amount, which was about $1000. I am single mother of two children & a care taker for my elderly parents so I am not really in a position where I have that kind of money. Nor am I handy to try and fix the problem myself. I find it really sad that a company would basically punish a family for being in a lower bracket of income.Desired Settlement: I would appreciate if someone would fix my furnace. I also think that CNG should change their policy for the sake of all lower income families who are on energy assistance.

Review: On March 13th, 2014, I met with a CNG investigator to determine why my gas bill was so high, including 4 Delivery Rates & 2 SSC charges (not itemized separately). After He made several calls in attempt to find resolution, He restated what customer service told him: "Since CNG had 'wanted' to increase their rates 3-4 months ago, they decided to prorate customers", even though their rate did not go into effect until February 1st, 2014. This is Unfair!!! Utility companies should not be allowed to charge people prior to rate changes just because they 'want' to prorate bills. Customers, such as myself (whom is expected to pay more than 3x's my normal monthly bill) should be refunded the difference!In addition, after 1 year of complaining to customer service regarding the CNG website, it is still not completely user friendly. I've explained that I use my mobile to access their site & even when I have used a computer it's taken me 1/2-1 hour to access the info that I needed. Last month I swore I paid CNG on their website, yet, nothing shows up & now is late on my bill. All that money should make life easier for customers - not struggle & waste time !Desired Settlement: Check refund per acct# [redacted]

Review: Dear Sir/Madam,

I am [redacted], working as a professor at the University of [redacted]. I live in [redacted], [redacted] I had a very bad experience with CNG. Here is my story:

Last year in summer, when I was on abroad, we had our gas bill at exaclty $16, then the next month we got the same amount: $16. First I did not observe there was something wrong. We were not in the house, and we were not using gas, so it seemed reasonable. Then it kept coming at the same amount $16. After waiting for 5-6 months, I called Connecticut Natural Gas Company. They told me that the meter was not working so it had to be replaced. They made me wait all day in the house and finally someone came and replaced it. I called the company and asked how much I owed for those months and I was told it cost around $850. The lady on the phone asked me whether I wanted to pay all the amount or not. I said I wanted to pay all and asked a few times if that was the whole amount I needed to pay. She said yes. This happened last February. 5 months later, while I was again outside US, I received my monthly bill: $90. I was not expecting this because we were not in the house for at least two months. I did not call the company since I was not in US. And for the first time in my life, I was late to pay the bill for only one day. 5 days later, I received another bill with the amount : $605. I was shocked. I supposed the meter was not working properly. I called our landowner. He told us to call the company. Three days later, after I arrived US, I called the company. They told me that an agreement was made for us because we did not owe $850 but we owed $1455. However they did not tell us about this. Instead of sending a bill at amount $605, they wanted us to pay $90 each month. Since we were late in paying that amount, the agreement did not hold anymore, so they sent that bill ($605). I told them that I was not aware of that agreement. They did not even listen to me. Anyways I paid the amount. 2 days later, Friday (last Friday before the labor day), they cut our gas. I called the emergency and they told me that I was late to pay $90 for one day. But I told him that I had paid all $605 and asked him why I was being punished. The man did not seem reasonable, kept telling me that I had to wait until Tuesday. So for 4 days, I could not have warm shower, nor my two little kids. One infant, one toddler. (They were sick that weekend with high fever and the doctor told us to give them warm shower. CNG made me boil water and this is how I gave them warm shower). I waited until Tuesday and called the company. I asked why our heat was cut. The lady told me that I did not pay that $90 on time. I told her that I paid all amount I owed and 2 days later they cut my heat. The lady seemed nice but she told me that there was nothing she could do. She told me that I had to pay $70 for reconnection fee and $180 for deposit. I went crazy! They cut my gas and I had to pay all these amounts. To reconnect my gas, I waited from 8am to 7pm in my house. I work as a prof. at the university and had to cancel all my meetings that day. Anyways I called the company several times to talk to their supervisor. A few days later I received a voice mail saying that I did not need to pay the deposit ($180). I called them back and told them that I did not want to pay the reconnection fee. I believe that this company owed me! Yesterday I received my new gas bill. They of course make me pay $70. They even did not explain about the agreement that they made for us. Now I am very upset about CNG. They just ignore me, don't return my calls, etc. They even did not tell me why I had to pay $1455. (why $850 was changed to $1455.)

Thank you very much for your time.


[redacted]Desired Settlement: Explanation of $605

Emotional damages during those 4 days my children were sick

Loss of wages (making me wait all day in the house)



I received a complaint from The Public Utility Regulatory Authority on 9-25-15. To summarize, the complaint stated that the customer paid his bill in full but was put on a payment arrangement that he did not ask for and disconnected. On 9-30-15 I responded to PURA. · On 2-27-15 a letter was sent to the customer advising him that we had been unable to obtain meter reads for the past two months or more. · On 3-11-15 a letter was sent to the customer advising him a payment arrangement was in place. This arrangement was put in place to allow time to pay off the balance of the billing for the time we could not get meter reads ….7-18-14 through 2-12-15. When a customer is put on this type of arrangement, the arrangement is programmed to stay in place unless the customer requests it be canceled. · On 3-19-15 a payment of $853.49 was received which is the amount of the bill for the period in question. The Company was not requested to cancel the arrangement; therefore, the customer was billed monthly for the arrangement amount. · August 2015. A payment did not post by the August due date; therefore the balance of the arrangement, $489.49, became due, in addition to current charges. A shut off notice was in effect and the payment did not post by the shut off date. Therefore, the customer was disconnected. · The customer was reconnected and a corrected billing was issued, less the monthly arrangement amount. We had previously credited the $150 deposit request and have also credited the $110.60 reconnect fee on the customer’s account. · After the rebilling, the customer’s balance was $26.33 and that amount was paid and credited to the account on 10-7-15. Regards, Patricia D[redacted] Review Officer

Review: Connecticut Natural Gas Company made errors in my gas monthly bill starting September 2013.I've called the company's customer service a few times since 10/2013 to require corrections. Employees taking my call acknowledged the errors in my bills, and promised me that they will be corrected. However, my latest bill, received on 01/29/2014, is still wrong with a new error. They also told me from my last call that a manager will call me about my complaint, but nobody from the company has contacted me. They just ignored my request without taking an action. I recently found out the wrong balance in my gas bill has been present in my credit report, which means their mistakes and irresponsible handling my bill damaged my credit. Every time I called them, I had to wait more than one hour to get serviced. The way they treat their customers is not acceptable. I require they correct errors in my bill and stop damaging my credit immediately.Desired Settlement: Correct errors they made in my bill immediately. Contact [redacted] to reverse the damages they caused to my credit immediately. Issue an official apology in writing to me immediately.

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