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Consumer Cellular

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Consumer Cellular Reviews (1291) [redacted] Dear,Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respondWe havebeen in contact with [redacted] We advised him that if he paid $which is for the invoice dates of11/22/– 12/21/2016, we would waive the remaining invoices.This account was not cancelled until 1/22/and the estate is responsible to pay through the date ofthat cancellationAs a courtesy we have made the agreement for the estate to pay the one invoice andwe would waive the restThere was usage on that invoice.Sincerely,TINA G [redacted] CORPORATE EXECUTIVE RESOLUTION SPECIALISTT F [email protected] have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to meSincerely, [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:Dear and Consumer Cellular: My reply to you I read the plan, I was not notified until I received a text message of the overage I would like to drop, the text message portion in order to continue using my phone, please note, I will not be able to afford both texting in the future, to apply the next category immediately to the plan, I don't believe I've used that many minutes Sincerely [redacted] Sincerely, [redacted]

May 18, Complaint ID [redacted] (Customer # [redacted] ) Dear, Mr [redacted] account was opened 11/18/and suspended for non-payment on 2/25/We spoke to Mr [redacted] on 3/3/and changed the account from suspended to cancelledThe billing for service had already stopped on the date of suspensionAn accounting of the charges for this account is belowThe first invoice reflected a credit balance because $in promotional credits were applied to this account when it was openedBill Cycle Dates Past Due Current Total Due Due Date Date and amount paid 11/18/2015-12/17/N/A ($8.70) $1/8/N/A 12/18/2015-1/17/$$$2/8/N/A 1/18/2016-2/17/$$$3/10/$on 3/3/2/18/2016-2/25/$$$4/22/N/A Late Fee added 5/3/$$$5/22/$on 5/17/Consumer Cellular is not a prepaid service and a customer needs to contact us to cancel serviceOnce cancelled, a final bill always generates for service through the cancellation dateThe invoices for this account have been paid as of 5/17/and nothing further will be dueThank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respondSincerely, JESSICA H [redacted] CORPORATE EXECUTIVE RESOLUTION SPECIALIST T F [email protected]

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: I may be mistaken about owing payment; however billing me for an additional "final invoice" for $28.42? What is that??? Also, I had alot of problems with this phone initially & you told me I had been sold a remanufactured phoneI believe this is illegalAfter some fighting with Consumer Cell, was issued a 2nd phone finally I would agree to pay one final payment of $57.34, but no more than thatThat would finalize my obligation Sincerely, [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:What consumer cellular did not put in their message, is that when I called in October and spoke to the customer service agent, I was told I had a zero balance at that time, and that the late fees they were applying to my account were in error The rep told me in October that I owed nothing and that my account was closed, she never mentioned that I owed any money, and on the contrary stated that Consumer Cellular was in error, which is why I was shocked to receive another statement Obviously one hand does not know what the other hand is doing at this company, and they can't even own up to making an error, which obviously happened at some point The amount I paid, is small, but that is not the point, this company caters to [redacted] members, which may be easy targets for nickel and diming on the bills, like they did to me If they had any integrity they would apologize, own their error, and refund the small amount of money that they said first I did not owe, and then said I did owe Sincerely, [redacted] ***

Dear, Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respondThis account has been suspended since 9/17/due to non-paymentA total of $is currently owedOnce the customer brings the account current we can reinstate the account and release the phone number to another providerIn regards to unlocking the iPhones, we will be able to do that once the account is paid offSincerely, TINA G [redacted] [redacted] - [redacted] Dear FCC,Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respondMs[redacted] - [redacted] is being billed at the best possible rate based on the minutes that were usedI canwaive the late fee if the remainder is paid but o other credits will be provided.Sincerely,TINA G [redacted] CORPORATE EXECUTIVE RESOLUTION SPECIALISTT F [email protected]

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: I feel that they are aware that old IPhones do not work, I had two different representatives tell me that they would take care of the problem, all the while charging youCouldn't send or receive text messagesCould only make calls, but not use anything elseWhy should I pay for data when I wasn't able to use itThat's why I cancelled it right away This is company has advertisingI would never recommend them to anyoneI will certainly be sure to let everyone know how they do businessSincerely, [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: The response from Consumer Cellular is inaccurate I have in fact received three phones from Consumer Cellular, but none of them work Moreover, I have had no cell phone service from Consumer Cellular since December But none of that has anything to do with this complaint This complaint is based upon the following simple facts: I paid for a new smartphone yet Consumer Cellular shipped me a used, damaged, defective smartphone, I notified Consumer Cellular of that fact, Consumer Cellular sent me a prepaid shipping envelope in which to return the used, damaged, defective smartphone, I returned the used, damaged, defective smartphone to Consumer Cellular on January 4, and, Consumer Cellular returned the phone to me on January 11, with a letter (copy attached) to let me know that the used, damaged, defective smartphone was not returnable because it was used, damaged, and defective If that isn't enough to frost any consumer, Consumer Cellular thought it would be a good idea to charge me for that used, damaged, defective smartphone for a second time How's that for a Catch-22?Sincerely, [redacted]

February 12, 2016 BBB [redacted] [redacted] Dear BBB, Mr. [redacted] had service with us from 10/4/2015 until he cancelled on 1/30/2016. During the first billing cycle there were 89 voice minutes and 769.51 MB of data used. Mr. [redacted] was on a 500 MB plan and... the additional data that exceeded the 250 MB plan was billed as overages. The original cost of this invoice was $94.21. As a courtesy we did a rerate on the invoice to reflect as if he was on a plan that would have better suited his usage and it was reduced to $39.70. For the next invoice, the customer raised his data plan to our 1.5 GB plan. The increase in the data plan is what caused the increase in that invoice and it was $41.93. He then lowered his plan for the third and fourth invoices. Currently the invoices that are owed are as follows: 12/4/2015 – 1/3/2016 in the amount of $30.81 1/4/2016 – to the date of cancellation 1/30/2016 in the amount of $17.83 Total amount owed is currently $48.64. There was usage up to the date of cancellation and these invoices are valid. In regards to the cell phone that was purchased; it was bought at a retail location. Mr. [redacted] would need to return it to the store from which he purchased it in order to get a refund, however with how long ago it was purchased I doubt that it would be accepted. We’re sorry to hear that Mr. [redacted] felt that our service was not right for him. At this time late fees have not been added. I have set a payment arrangement to avoid the account going through further collections efforts. The account will need to be paid off prior to 3/24/2016 to avoid falling back into collections. Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respond. Sincerely, TINA G [redacted] CORPORATE EXECUTIVE RESOLUTION SPECIALIST [redacted]

Dear, Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respondI’m sorryto hear that Ms [redacted] ’ messages are being delayedI don’t show that she has called us to reportthis issueShe may call us at 1-800-686-and we can perform troubleshooting to see if we canaddress the issue I do show that Ms [redacted] has called us about wanting her iPhone unlockedWe require that ourcustomers wait days before we will unlock their iPhoneIn some instances we are able to unlockthem prior to that for a fee of $120.00, however Ms [redacted] does not meet those requirements Ms [redacted] may return the phone for a refund if the phone is in like-new condition(No drops,scratches, liquid damage, other physical damage) If she would like to do that I will need a response nolater than 9/2/as the phone is outside of the return periodI would be extending the return periodfor her to be able to do thatI will also send this response directly to her email as well to ensure that shesees it in time Sincerely, TINA G [redacted] CORPORATE EXECUTIVE RESOLUTION SPECIALISTT F [email protected]

Dear, Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and I apologize for the delay in our responseWhile processing the return of the defective Moto E LTE on this account, a medical alert device was added to the account in errorThe equipment was not shipped to Mrand Ms [redacted] because the line of service was added in error on our partThis was addressed and the charge was creditedThis was an unfortunate mistake that has been internally addressedThe phones Mr [redacted] has are not eligible for a return as they were purchased from a retail store, not directly from Consumer CellularIt would be up to the store’s return policiesHowever, since one of the devices was purchased about six months ago and since replaced under warranty I expect the store will not accept it for refundWe have applied an additional courtesy credit of $for the frustration and inconvenienceThe full credit balance now on the account is $23.12, which will be deducted from the next invoiceIf the customers remain unsatisfied and would like to cancel their service they may do so at any timeIf they intend to transfer their phone numbers to another service the new service would initiate the request

Dear, Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respondI’m sorry to hear of Mr [redacted] frustration with his invoicingAfter researching the account we have applied credits for the additional line fee for every month that there wasn’t usageSome of those credits were done at the beginning of SeptemberWith the current credits, less the invoice that was owed on the account, there is now a credit balance of $I have requested that this be sent back to the customerIt may take up to weeks to receive the refundSincerely, TINA G [redacted]

Dear,Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respondMs***’ account was suspended due to a past due balance on 9/22/Ms***’ monthly billing cycle ran from the first of the month through the last day of each month, so when her service was interrupted on the 22nd of September this resulted in the billing for that period being proratedWe only charge customers for days service is activeIf monthly charges are prorated, so are the minutes or data included in their plansMs [redacted] was on a minutes and 200MB data planA total of minutes were used, but because of the proration it was less expensive for the plan to be auto-upgraded to the next rate planThe total cost for minutes per month is $plus taxAfter the upgrade to the unlimited plan, the charge was still prorated, so Ms [redacted] was charged $for the voice plan and $for the text and data planMs [redacted] was originally on the MB plan but used MB of data, so with or without the proration her usage was above her plan limits and the upgrade was needed.We will as a courtesy reduce the cost of the upgrades and apply an additional credit of $to the final invoiceThese final charges are the best plans for her usage level and the lowest possible feeThe prorated charges and service dates can be verified on page two of each invoice.Since 10/5/two $late fees accruedOne of the late fees was already waived when Ms [redacted] paid $on 10/11/17; a balance of $remainsIf a payment of $for the final invoice is made by 12/22/17, we will apply the courtesy credit and late fee credit I offeredIf the payment is not made, credits will be reversed and the balance will continue through the collections process.Sincerely,JESSICA H [redacted]

Please see attached.June 13, Complaint ID [redacted] (Customer # [redacted] )Dear,Our apologies; the invoice Ms [redacted] received was already in process when we handled her initialcomplaintThat balance was also waivedUnless service is reinstated, no further invoices shouldgenerateThank you for contacting us with this additional information and allowing the opportunity torespond.Sincerely, [redacted] CORPORATE EXECUTIVE RESOLUTION SPECIALISTT F [email protected]

see attached December 8, [redacted] [redacted] Dear, Kellys Island, Ohio is only a few miles away from the Canadian borderIt appears that the customer’s cell phone was picking up signal from one of their towersWhile we attempt to put a block our cell numbers to prevent this from happening, we cannot guarantee that it will block all international roaming towersWe also cannot guarantee that the phone will always show that the signal is coming from an international towerUnfortunately we have no control over towers in Canada and how they operateThe customer contacted on August 11th and we gave him a credit of $plus tax for international roaming callsI listened to that call and the customer explained to our agent that Kellys Island is close to the border and picks up signal from the Canadian towersThe customer went on to discuss how people will go up to the top of a hill to try to avoid the Canadian towersIt appears that the customer was well aware of the situation and that this could happenThe customer chose to use the phone again when on the island and received more international roaming chargesWe will not be crediting further for the roaming callsI recommend that the customer not use his cell phone, which means turning it off as some towers will charge even for incoming calls that aren’t answered, while on the island if he wishes to ensure that he does not receive further international roaming chargesThank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respondSincerely, TINA G [redacted] CORPORATE EXECUTIVE RESOLUTION SPECIALIST [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] [redacted]

Like the initial cost of service and ability to use own phone. Think this group should be investigated for fraud though. If you try to terminate contract before 180 days usage it is i,possible. No where is this mentioned in their ads. I only found out yesterday when trying to switch carriers. Also, 20 gig of data seems a lot but this disappears fast if watching a movie. No unlimited data plan available and what they have is very slow. Anxiously waiting for November so I can terminate their plan. It will be a celebration like a mortgage burning.

got a email with a bill for $20 over what I've been paying for over a year. Customer service person said I went over my data use. I said can't be. I've used it twice to get emails and that's it. She finally agreed and said she didn't understand what happened. I do not believe that this should go unnoticed and when an overbill occurs consumer cellular should be fined.

Dear,Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respondMr*** began service with us on 1/9/and ended service on 7/16/Here is an itemization of his billing and paymentsCredits were given on 10/19/and as a courtesy I have also
waived the two late fees which lowered the amount owed to $This amount is valid and must be paid by 10am PST on 11/3/or the account will fall back to the collections process

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