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Consumer Cellular

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• Jan 12, 2022

Not so good
Singned up with Consumler Celluar on Sat. was told shipment would be on Monday, Wed. no shipment, called and go now where with thier rep. Said I need a code but no one geve me one and no acct had been set up. ames Rsss

Don't bother!
Awful service through and through, From the cell signal to the CS. Never, ever consider adding their SIM to your smartphone. Hope they have an awful year with sales.

Worst customer service of all cell phone providers.
I had service only portions of a 24 hr period, since January of 2020.
Experienced lost calls that cost me financially. Called off and on for 9 months, only a recorded message about COVID causing delays in customer service.
They are on the phone, so that is an excuse for the worst customer service I’ve ever had.
Took over 3 months to get a human on phone to cancel my service.
Instead of offering a small credit for 3 months of Non-service CC charged my for the current month, even though they knew my iPhone was obsolete and could not handle cell service anymore.
CC sent me the email stating I would not be able to receive or make calls.

June 12, Complaint ID [redacted] [redacted] (Customer # [redacted] ) Dear, Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respondMs [redacted] ’s service was interrupted on 4/27/due to a past due balanceThere are no charges for service after that dateConsumer Cellular bills in arrears for monthly service and usage, much like a utility companyThis means that when you receive a bill, it is for service already usedAny time service is interrupted there is no billing for that period of timeMs [redacted] ’s account was opened 3/1/and suspended for past due balance on 4/27/No payments have ever been made on this accountThe balance of $Ms [redacted] disputes is for the service that was active through 3/31/There is also a balance of $for the service from 4/1/through 4/27/The total balance due on the account is $Service dates can be verified on page two of each invoiceThis billing is valid and adjustments will not be madeWe recommend Ms [redacted] contact us to make payment arrangements in order to prevent late feesWe can split the balance due into multiple payments if neededSincerely, JESSICA H [redacted] CORPORATE EXECUTIVE RESOLUTION SPECIALIST T F [email protected] [redacted] Dear,Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respondMs.***’s account was started on 8/17/and suspended due to non-payment on 10/8/On10/10/we were notified by the United States Postal Service that the customer’s address hadchanged and we updated it accordinglyWe did hear from the customer at that time as well, via email,however the customer never contacted us to change her addressWe responded to the customer’semail asking if she wanted us to send another SIM card and reactivate the account but we didn’t hearback from herOn 11/10/Ms [redacted] contacted us by phoneWe advised that the original SIM wasdelivered to the address she had provided when she signed up for service initally and that we didrespond to her email she had sent.Per our end user agreement the customer is responsible to notify us if they don’t receive equipment, ifthere are service or equipment issues, or I they wish to cancel their servicesWe did not hear from thecustomer until after we suspended the service, even though she states in her phone call to us that shewas receiving the invoices.As a courtesy, I have waived the invoicesIf the customer wishes to reactivate her service she will needto call us, verify that her account information is correct and order a new SIM cardMs [redacted] will alsohave to provide a valid credit or debit card to be on the account because she is autopay requiredThismeans that a valid card must be on the account at all times and we will take payments from that cardIfa valid card is not on the account we will suspend services.Sincerely,TINA G [redacted] CORPORATE EXECUTIVE RESOLUTION SPECIALISTT F [redacted]

Dear, Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respondI apologize, Mr [redacted] is correctHe was on the 3GB plan at the beginning of the monthI am still correct in saying that the system upgraded him to the 4GB plan correctlyIf a customer exceeds their data plan we will upgrade them to the next plan upThis is covered in our end user agreementCan Consumer Cellular Change My Service Terms And Rate? Can I Change My Service Terms And Rate? We may change any terms, conditions, rates, fees, expenses, or charges regarding your Services at any timeWe will provide you with notice of material changes (other than changes to governmental fees, proportional charges for governmental mandates, roaming rates or administrative charges) either in your monthly bill or separatelyYou must pay any additional charges from the date of our modification, even though you may have paid for the Service in advanceYou understand and agree that state and federal Universal Service Fees and other governmentally imposed fees, whether or not assessed directly upon you, may be increased based upon the government’s or our calculationsIf you lose your eligibility for a particular rate plan, we may change your rate plan to one for which you qualifyIf you would like to make changes to your Service, please contact a Consumer Cellular representativeSome changes may be subject to limitations and/or additional chargesYou must pay any additional charges from the date of your requested modification, even though you may have paid for the Service in advanceYou may terminate this Agreement at any time, but you will be responsible for all charges incurred through termination

Dear,Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respondIn our end user agreement the customer is advised that there are charges for international roaming and callingI will include that information below.In regards to the dispute, the customer filed a dispute with their card company, not through usIn other words, he disputed the charge with the card company instead of disputing the usage with usWhen a customer files a dispute, we are required to refund the money to the card, regardless of whether or not the charges are validWe put that back onto the account as being owed and a late fee of $Is assessedThe charges are validIf the customer would like us to waive the $late fee, he will need to drop the dispute with the card companyInternational Services Certain eligibility restrictions apply which may be based on service tenure, payment history and/or creditRates are subject to changeInternational Roaming Consumer Cellular’s Service is intended for use within the United States, Puerto Rico and U.SVirgin IslandsGenerally, your Service will not work when outside of these areasHowever, there may be times when the Service does work internationallyIf the Service works when roaming internationally, you will be charged international roaming airtime rates including when incoming calls are routed to voicemail, even if no message is leftTaxes are additionalInternational Long Distance International rates apply for calls made and messages sent from the U.S., Puerto Rico and U.SVirgin Islands to another countryCalling or messaging to some countries may not be availableCalls to wireless numbers and numbers for special services, such as Premium Rated Services, may cost more than calls to wireline numbersIf a customer calls an overseas wireline number and the call is forwarded to a wireless number, the customer will be charged for a call terminated to a wireless numberInternational Long Distance calling rates are charged per minute and apply throughout the same footprint in which the customer’s airtime package minutes applyYou may view International Long Distance Calling Rates at, Picture & Video Messaging Additional charges may apply for messages sent to an international phone number, premium messages and contentCruise Ship Roaming Cruise ship roaming rates apply for calls placed or data used while on the shipInternational Miscellaneous Export Restrictions You are solely responsible for complying with U.SExport Control laws and regulations, and the import laws and regulations of foreign countries when traveling internationally with your DeviceInternational Data: International data rates apply to alldata usage outside the U.S., Puerto Rico and U.SV.I., including accessing cloud-based services to upload/download/stream contentMany Devices transmit and receive data messages without user intervention and can generate unexpected charges when powered “on” outside the United States, Puerto Rico and U.S.V.ITo prevent these charges, you should disable cellular data when traveling

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: I received a call from Consumer Cellular last week after they were informed of my complaint to the They said they wanted to send me a new phone and I specifically told them that I did NOT want a replacement phone, that I wanted my money back After being without a phone for several weeks at the beginning of this process, I had already taken my business elsewhere and do not have an account with them at this point! I received a package from them yesterday and it was a new phone with a return postage bag to send back my corrupt phone There were instructions enclosed that told me to send in my phone and keep the new one Once they received it back, they would inspect it and if they found it to be damaged by me, they would charge my account the $plus taxes to my credit card ($236.93) This is NOT acceptable! I don't want their phone or their service They had already told me that my account had closed when I took my business elsewhere (which I did after they would not help me) I have never in all of my years experienced a business run so corruptly and not stand behind their products Again, the only solution to this problem is to refund me my money for a phone that I purchased from them that was still under warranty and stopped working I will return the corrupt phone once a refund has been agreed upon Sincerely, [redacted] [redacted] Dear,Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respondOn3/26/someone added a connect plan via the customer’s web portal, which turned data onOn5/8/it was turned back offThere was continued data usage after the connect plan was removed.Specifically 7.274MB of data.Due to the continued data, despite the connect plan being off the account, I have applied a credit of$to Mr [redacted] ’s current invoiceThis lowers the invoice from $to $40.23.Sincerely,TINA G [redacted] CORPORATE EXECUTIVE RESOLUTION SPECIALISTT F [email protected]

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:Yes the device did come as I statedI have witnesses that seen itAlso I changed carriers in June because they imported my CC number so it wasn't in use for the months CC said it wasI still want my phone unlocked and all charges dropped Sincerely, [redacted]

Dear,Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respondDue to the way that credits were applied I can understand how this is confusingMr [redacted] had a Motorola phone he paid $for but he returned to usHe purchased an iPhone for a total of $A credit was applied to the total cost of the phone at that time in the amount of $This bring the remaining cost of the iPhone to $(payments of $25.00)There are also regular invoices involved here as well.Mr [redacted] did not pay anything at the time when he ordered his phoneThe first installment payment was due on 12/01/Prior to that date we received the Motorola phone back and a credit of $was applied to his accountWith this credit plus the one he received at the time he purchased the iPhone, his total credits were then $107.38; the initial cost of the MotorolaThis still left the remaining $for the iPhone being owedMr [redacted] also made a payment for his invoice in the amount of $46.05, which included the first installmentThe credit of $was still on the account.The next invoice with installment payment of generated for a total of $His account credit of $was used to pay for that and left a credit balance of $Mr [redacted] also made a payment of $He then had a credit balance of $58.08.The next invoice for payment of generated in the amount of $The credit balance was applied to this, leaving a remaining credit of $Mr [redacted] made a payment of $45.04, bringing the credit balance up to $58.08.The following invoice with payment of has generated in the amount of $We have used the credit balance on the account for this invoiceThe remaining credit on the account is $Mr [redacted] does not need to pay this invoice as it’s already taken care of by the credits on the account.There will be one more invoice to generate with an installment payment of The current credit will be applied towards that invoice as well so that Mr [redacted] only needs to pay whatever the remaining amount is.I hope that this helps clear up any confusion there may be about the installment payments.Sincerely,TINA G [redacted] CORPORATE EXECUTIVE RESOLUTION SPECIALIST T F [email protected]

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:What the responded stated is not true or addressing the issue I have lowered the phone usage and increased the data, I have lowered the data and increased the phone portion and the bill does not change If my phone has changed from $to $and my data changes from$to $that does not constitute an increase As stated before the $is not shown on the bill but $is shown on the bill and the same for the phone so instead of taking the 5% from $it is taken from the higher amount at the end of the billSo if the higher amount is used then all of the taxes etcare calculated at a higher rate, that is why there is not really a discount If I decrease one then they say I went over my minuets or my data, it does not matter what I doAs I stated to several Consumer Cellular employee's I have a land line and I DO NOT use my cell phone in the house I DO NOT play games on my cell phone, I have a tablet, laptop and desktop for playing games I use my cell very little other than texting which I am paying for unlimited My husband has a very old flip phone and very seldom uses it I have a newer phone but use basically for texting You are over charging me and you can say what you like but it's WRONG Also, I know for a fact that there are other customer's of yours complaining about the same issue.Sincerely, [redacted] *** [redacted] Dear,Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respond.Consumer Cellular does not advertise their phones as being unlocked and our end user agreement doesgo over our unlocking policyThe phone will be eligible to unlock on 2/4/or Ms [redacted] may pay afee of $to have the phone unlocked prior to thatI have included our terms of service at the endof this response.In regards to the cost of Ms [redacted] ’s plan, she chose a 4,minute plan with 500MB data and 5,000textOn 8/11/she exceeded the data portion of her plan and we automatically upgraded her to thenext level to help her avoid the high cost of overagesIn total she used 1,038MB of data during thatcycleHad we not upgraded her, she would have paid $per MB for the overages which would havebeen an additional $By doing the automatic upgrade, we saved her $plus tax.I do see that on the following invoice Ms [redacted] used less data but since she didn’t move her plandown, she was charged for more than was necessaryI have applied a courtesy rerate to that invoicewhich has lowered it from $to $The invoice is validWHAT TERMS RELATE TO MY DEVICE AND CONTENT? My DeviceYou are responsible forall phones and other devices containing a SIM assigned to your DeviceYour Device must becompatible with, and not interfere with, our Services and must comply with all applicable laws,rules, and regulationsWe may periodically program your Device remotely with system settingsfor roaming service, to direct your Device to use network services most appropriate for yourtypical usage, and other features that cannot be changed manuallyIf you bought a Device fromConsumer Cellular, it may have been programmed with a SIM lock which will prevent it fromoperating with other compatible wireless telephone carriers’ servicesIf you wish to use thisDevice with the service of another wireless telephone carrier, you must enter an Unlock Code.Consumer Cellular will provide the Unlock Code upon request, provided that you meet certaincriteria including, but not limited to the following: (a) you have paid for your Device in full; (b)the equipment has been active on Consumer Cellular’s service for at least six months and theaccount is in good standing (i.eit has no past due amount or unpaid balance owed ConsumerCellular); (c) your Device has not been reported lost or stolen; and (d) Consumer Cellular hasthe Unlock Code or can reasonably obtain it from the manufacturerConsumer Cellular mayallow you to pay a fee in lieu of the above criteriaThe fee will be set by Consumer Cellular intheir sole discretionFor further details on eligibility requirements and for assistance on obtaining the Unlock Code for your handset, please call (800) 686-Devices purchasedfor use on Consumer Cellular’s system are designed for use exclusively on Consumer Cellular’ssystem and EquipmentYou agree that you will not make any modifications to the Equipmentor programming to enable the Equipment to operate on any other systemConsumer Cellularmay, at its sole and absolute discretion, modify the programming to enable the operation of theEquipment on other systemsYou are solely responsible for complying with U.SExport Controllaws and regulations and the import laws and regulations of foreign countries when travelinginternationally with your Equipment.Sincerely,TINA G [redacted] CORPORATE EXECUTIVE RESOLUTION SPECIALISTT F [email protected]

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:They are definetely lying about the usage, please ask them to send you a copy of the data usage and all my attempts to stop the serviceI'll not keep wasting more time with this peopleThey have blocked me from getting any usage records try to get them and send me a copy.Sincerely, [redacted] [redacted] Dear,Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respondThecustomer took her iPhone to Best Buy and they replaced her phoneThe phone she had is not locked toConsumer CellularIt is locked to US [redacted] Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands Activation Policy.Unfortunately there is nothing that we can do as we cannot unlock a phone that is locked from anotherprovider.Ms [redacted] will need to work with Best buy or [redacted] to get this phone unlocked or get itreplaced.Sincerely,TINA G [redacted] CORPORATE EXECUTIVE RESOLUTION SPECIALISTT F [email protected]

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: I am rejecting this response because: I understand that I am responsible for providing the information CC requested, which I told your customer service representative on 10/26, that I would provide it I did verify with the bank the check number, date, and that the transaction was made electronically by CCHe also called the customer service number with me on hold, after more than minutes, the representative said he does not have unlimited time to sit on hold with CC Having a bank representative call CC is the only way to provide proof of payment? Since CC suspended my phone service over a $dispute, I went on-line and paid the amount CC says is dueThe bank is willing to fax Proof of Payment on October I will continue to respond until this issue is resolved and the appropriate adjustment is made to my account Sincerely, [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:Invoice has already generated on 01/Moreover When I was given holiday promotion for each lines then no one mentioned that it can't be refunded or can only be adjusted against the invoicesRetail location has refused to accept the returns of the SIM card as they were already openedThey don't accept opened SIM card packagesI have cancelled my accounts after days trial periodAs a regular customer, if a consumer cancels an account then any credit balance on his account has to be refunded hence I am eligible to get that refund and it seems that consumer cellular was a wrong intention to not payback the customerI will be sharing my experience on all the forums & with my corporate HRI would also like to escalate it to next level & file a case with Wireless OmbudsmanThat is my hard earn money & I want my refundSincerely, [redacted]

Dear, Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respondConsumer Cellular bills in arrears, we are not a prepaid serviceWhen an account is cancelled, there is always a final invoice for service that was active prior to that date plus any unpaid balanceIf a customer’s account is cancelled or suspended for any reason, they are not billed for that time This account was suspended because the customer made partial payments towards their invoices and did not pay multiple invoices by the due dateFor several months partial payments were made and balances were rolling from month to monthAfter suspension, the account was never reinstated and was cancelled on 1/10/ Please see the second attachment for a full accounting of invoices and payments made on this accountAt this time, a balance of $is due for the service that was active from 11/22/through the suspension date of 12/18/Please contact Consumer Cellular to make payment arrangements or a payment can be made over the phone or by mail Sincerely,JESSICA H [redacted] CORPORATE EXECUTIVE RESOLUTION SPECIALIST T F [email protected]

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: I find it inappropriatePlease check your web site for usage alertsSincerely, [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:i will still have to call you, and then hang up and charge the phone, and then call you backI have told you over and over that the phone has been chargedIt’s STILL on the charger as a matter of factI feel like you guys think I’m lying when I callLike you guys think I’m an old senile ladyBased on the second guy I spoke to, I can’t see how you have customersHorrible customer serviceI will pay the past due, but I’m not sure I want to keep phone service with you guys for my fatherI just don’t need the headache of trying to get things resolved quicklyI have to sit on hold just to be told to hang up, charge the phone, and call back Sincerely, [redacted]

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Address: 7204 SW Durham Rd, Portland, Oregon, United States, 97224-7574


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