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Dear, Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respondMs[redacted] started service with Consumer Cellular on 02/22/16, and transferred her existing number to ourserviceThe number transfer was completed on 02/29/Upon request, we adjusted the start date to2/29/and issued credit for the five days before her number was fully transferred to our serviceMs[redacted] was using a phone from another provider (T-Mobile) so we sent her a Consumer Cellular SIM cardthat used the T-Mobile network Ms [redacted] contacted us and reported dropped calls on 07/22/16; troubleshooting was done and weasked her to call back in hours if the issue was not resolvedWe next heard from Ms [redacted] on 10/04regarding a problem with cellular dataWe updated the data settings in her phone but the issuecontinued, so we sent her a Consumer Cellular AT&T SIM card on 10/04/to try to improve signal anddata coverageMs [redacted] was asked to call when she received the new SIM card to activate it andprovision the new data settings Ms [redacted] called back on 10/14/and asked for the unlock code for her phoneSince we didn’t sell thephone, we would be unable to unlock it and referred her to T-Mobile for assistanceMs [redacted] called on10/17/and asked if minutes were used when she called us, we confirmed that calls to customerservice are complimentaryDuring this call we also activated the new SIM card, however, Ms [redacted] ’sphone displayed "no SIM." So she was going to Target for assistance since this usually indicates the SIMcard is installed incorrectlyWe then received a port out request on 10/18, released the phone numberand canceled the accountOn 10/Ms [redacted] called to ask why her final invoice was higherDue to herusage the plan had been upgraded to avoid overage charges On 11/01/Ms [redacted] called in and requested a Supervisor and asked for credit for last day of service.At that time the Supervisor advised her the charges were valid and no credit would be issuedSincethere was no usage on the 18th, I will apply the $credit to the accountThis makes the final invoicefor service through the 10/$instead of $To prevent late fees and further collectionefforts, we ask Ms [redacted] to make the payment by the due date of 11/12/ Sincerely, JESSICA H [redacted] CORPORATE EXECUTIVE RESOLUTION SPECIALISTT F [email protected] have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to meI appreciate Consumer Cellular's willingness to accept the Motorola Moto LTE phone and to process the "external memory card rejection problem" as a warranty issueThis was always the main problem with this phone and it precluded me from being able to use an external SD card to supplement the phone's limited GB internal memoryIt is my understanding that Consumer Cellular will send me a "return envelope" which I will use to return the original phone, after which time Consumer Cellular will credit my account for the $charge associated with my replacement phone Thank you for helping to resolve this complaint.Sincerely, [redacted]

NOTICE TO CONSUMERBy signing below, you consent to receipt of the included contract and Truth-in-Lendingdisclosures in an electronic formYou have a right to withdraw this consent and to receive thisdocument in a non-electronic formTo withdraw consent and request this document in a non-electronic form, send a written request including your name, address and contact phone numberto Consumer Cellular, Incorporated at SW 69th Avenue, Portland, OR 97223-Yourconsent only applies to the included contract and Truth-in-Lending disclosuresTo update theinformation needed to contact you electronically, contact Consumer Cellular, Incorporated atSW 69th Avenue, Portland, OR 97223-8517, call 800-686-or manage your accountonline at 1/25/2017BUYER'S SIGNATURE: [redacted] *** (Please type your name in the box above to electronically sign this document)RETAIL INSTALLMENT CONTRACTDate: 1/25/2017Seller/Creditor: Buyer:Consumer Cellular [redacted] *** [redacted] ANNUAL % RATE FINANCE CHARGE Amount Total of Total SaleThe cost of your credit The dollar amount the Financed Payments Priceas a yearly ratecredit will cost youThe amount of The amount (The total cost0% $credit provided you will have of yourto you or on paid after you purchase onyour behalfhave made all credit,payments as including yourscheduleddown paymentof $170.00)$$$770.00Your Payment Schedule will be:SKU Number Number of Amount of When Final PaymentPayments Payments Payments are DueDuePhone - $Monthly, 3/6/2019beginning on3/6/2017See your Wireless Customer Agreement for any additional information about nonpayment,default, any required repayment in full before the scheduled date, and prepayment refunds andpenalties.Itemization of the Amount Financed of $600.00Cash Price $770.00Sales Tax $78.92Total Cash Price plus Sales Tax $848.92Cash Down payment $170.00Sales Tax paid at time of sale $78.92Unpaid Balance of Cash Price/Unpaid Balance $600.00Prepaid FINANCE CHARGE $0.00Amount Financed $600.00Agreement to Purchase and Make Payments: The Buyer ("you" or "Buyer") agrees topurchase from the Seller ("we", "us", "our", or "Seller") the items described above on the termsset forth in this contractYou agree to make payments according to the payment scheduleaboveThe Federal Truth-in-Lending Disclosures above are part of this contractItems payableunder this contract will appear on the monthly billing statements for your planPayments will firstbe applied to any past due balances and then, in order, to any deposit due, payments dueunder this contract, current service charges for your plan and then to any other charges foryour service planPartial payments may result in the suspension or cancellation of your planservice and in equipment not operating on our networkYou may prepay this contract in full ormake additional payments in increments of $at any time.Consumer Cellular, Incorporated Wireless Customer Agreement ("WCA"): You havebeen provided with a copy of the WCAThe WCA also applies to this transaction, but if the WCAis inconsistent with anything stated in this contract, this contract will prevailProvisions of theWCA that are prohibited by law will not applyManufacturer warranty information, if any, isprovided with the items sold.Default: Except where prohibited by law, if you commit any substantial default under thiscontract, we may declare the remaining unpaid balance of the contract immediately due andpayableYou agree to maintain Service for any phone device purchased under this contract, andany termination of that Service will be a substantial default under this contract.NOTICEANY HOLDER OF THIS CONSUMER CREDIT CONTRACT IS SUBJECT TO ALL CLAIMSAND DEFENSES WHICH THE DEBTOR COULD ASSERT AGAINST THE SELLER OFGOODS OR SERVICES OBTAINED PURSUANT HERETO OR WITH THE PROCEEDSHEREOFRECOVERY HEREUNDER BY THE DEBTOR SHALL NOT EXCEED AMOUNTSPAID BY THE DEBTOR HEREUNDER.Notice to the BuyerDo not sign this contract before you read it or if it contains any blank spacesYou are entitled to an exact copy of the contract you signUnder the law you have the right, among others, to pay in advance the full amountdue and to obtain under certain conditions a partial refund of the finance charge.You acknowledge receipt of the Consumer Cellular, Incorporated WCAYou alsoacknowledge receipt of a completely filled in copy of this contract when you signedit.RETAIL INSTALLMENT CONTRACTBUYER'S SIGNATURE: [redacted] *** (Please type your name in the box above to electronically sign this document)SELLER'S SIGNATURE: CONSUMER CELLULAR, INCORPORATED have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactoryThank you for your helpHopefully, the company will investigate why their customer service calls via on their phones are showing up on customer bills as being from/to another cell phone companyThe roaming charge explanation is not credible, as the company advertises no roaming charges for all calls in the domestic U.SThank you, again.Sincerely, [redacted] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Sincerely, [redacted] ***

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:I have received a letter from you that was forwarded from ConsumerCellular (CC)I called Tina G [redacted] but the phone number listed was CC's regular customerservice numberThe person I talked to did email Tina but she responded by telling someone else to call meIn her letter to you she made the point that there are tons of apps that I can be down-load and the assumption being that there should be some replacement app I coulduseIs she can find me a replacement app for E-Trade, Options House or Kroger, shewill solve my problem and I will no longer have a complaintRespectfully, [redacted] P.SAs a reminder, my complaint with Consumer Cellular is that the operating on my month old phone can not be upgraded and therefore I can not down- load or upgrade the above mentioned appsI paid $for my phone and there solution is for me to buy a new phone but to prevent the same problem from happening they suggest I buy a certain brand/model and I might not like that brand or modelThe person I talked with admitted that on some cheaper phones the operating system are not upgrade-able and therefore admitted that they are to some degree at fault for the problem I am having(I don't consider $to be cheap.)

January 19, Sarah Thornhill Dear, Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respondIt is Consumer Cellular’s policy that if a household has an account that has defaulted, there can’t be any other active accounts until the balance is settledDue to the details of Ms [redacted] situation, we can allow her to have the service reinstated but will need to speak with her firstWe attempted to contact MsThornill on 1/18/but we were not able to reach herIf she would like her service reinstated she may email me at [email protected] and we will reach out to ther

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: I'm angry that they did not know the voicemail was down and continued to blame me for the system being down They did not offer to send me a sim card for to days then I have to wait another to days to get other service is incredibly non responsive It should be sent in one day over night I'm not using my phone because no one can get voicemail if I'm not anwering I am a new customer paying $per month for service and 1/of my service is down for week I want credit for months This is unacceptable and I can not believe that they are so very lax They can send me a sim cardWe'll see if I'm going to stay with them This is unacceptable service Sincerely, [redacted]

June 8, [redacted] [redacted] Dear, Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respondOn 4/17/we took a payment in the amount of $On 5/6/the customer had us update his card information to the new cardWe received the notice on 5/25/that the charge from 4/17/was being disputedWe returned the funds back to the card company however this charge was validWe put the amount onto the account as being owed and a $late fee was assessedThe customer has paid the disputed payment and the $late fee and his account is activeAs a onetime courtesy I will credit the $onto the customer’s accountThis is not something that we typically waive unless the customer drops the dispute with their card company and, should we receive other disputes, we will not provide this credit againSincerely, TINA G [redacted] CORPORATE EXECUTIVE RESOLUTION SPECIALIST T F [email protected] [redacted] RE: [redacted] Dear,Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respondWe willnot change the mailing address on the accountOnce a customer’s account is cancelled for beingdeceased, all information remains as is.We were able to apply a credit to the account based on usage which has lowered the final amount owedto $Ms [redacted] is not required to pay this as she is not the account holderUltimately it is theresponsibility of the estateThere was usage up until the date of cancellation.If the estate is unable or unwilling to pay the final invoice, it will eventually be sent to a collectionagency.Sincerely,TINA G [redacted] CORPORATE EXECUTIVE RESOLUTION SPECIALISTT F [email protected]

September 18, [redacted] [redacted] Dear, Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respondDuring the billing period for 8/10/– 9/9/2017, Mr [redacted] used 3.45GB of data between two phones We upgraded him to the 5GB plan so that he wouldn’t have to pay overagesThe next plan down onlky allows for 3GBHad Mr [redacted] been on the 3GB plan he would have been billed for 0.45GB of dataThere are 1,024MB in one GBEach MB of overage costs $per MB0.45GB = 460.8MBIf we had charged for the 460.8MB at $per MB, he would have had overages of $By moving him up a plan level he saved $in additional costIf Mr [redacted] would like to move his plan back down, not that the bill cycle has started over, he is welcome to do soSincerely, TINA G [redacted] CORPORATE EXECUTIVE RESOLUTION SPECIALIST T F [email protected] [redacted] Dear, Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respondI’m sorry for the frustration that this is causing the customerOur system is designed to check the customer’s coverage when they sign up and will not allow for service to be setup if the coverage isn’t high enough however the coverage maps reported back coverage when in actuality Mr [redacted] has little to no coverageI apologize for the mistakeWe don’t like to lose customers however we also want to be honest with themLooking at the coverage maps I don’t feel that Consumer Cellular is going to be a good company for Mr [redacted] He is welcome to stay with us if he would like, but I believe he’s going to be disappointed by coverage and the service that we can provide him at this time

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: There was only one complainant filed with my credit card company; which was in the amounts of $and the $How the dispute was presented to Consumer Cellular I'm not sure of I paid back the $ (plus $late fee) balance against the advise of my credit card company and did in fact ask them to close the dispute because I was satisfied at that point When Consumer Cellular sent the "Return Confirmation" on 8/24/15, I thought the whole issue was done Then I get a bill in the mail for the $350.00, and couldn't believe that they were requesting me to pay them the balance of the IPhone which had been returned to them I should not be paying for merchandise which has been returned and it is not my fault how, why or when my credit card company notified Consumer Cellular of my complaintI was protecting myself because the repsat Consumer Cellular were notSincerely, [redacted] ***

October 9, Complaint ID [redacted] (Customer # [redacted] ) Dear, Ms [redacted] voicemail is active, it was not disabledIf she is travelling, it’s possible that she is in a roaming area; if the phone is using partner towers, voicemail may function differently than it does when using our [redacted] towersIf Ms [redacted] is in an area with no data service, the visual voicemail may not function unless connected to Wi-Fi, but standard voicemail is still accessible through the voicemail menuVoicemail can also be accessed by calling the cell phone number from a different phone, press [redacted] (star key) when the voicemail picks up, then enter the voicemail passcodeIf she has not done so already, I recommend completely powering the iPhone off, then back on - press and hold the power button until “slide to power off” appears, slide the icon to power it offWait about seconds, then you can use the power button to turn the phone back onThis will allow the phone to reconnect to the towers and solves many common issuesWithout additional information, I hesitate to make additional assumptions about the cause of the problem she is experiencingIf she could provide a phone number other than her cell phone number, we can certainly give her a call to troubleshoot and resolve the issueI’m sincerely sorry for the hold times Ms [redacted] experiencedAt the time of this writing, our hold times are between to minutesWe’re aware of the issue and working diligently to train qualified representatives and get them ready to take callsThank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respondSincerely, JESSICA H [redacted]

Dear,Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respondMs [redacted] receives a 5% discount of the plan costHer plan currently costs $per monthWe provided a discount of $which is 5%The discount is correctThe original amount and the discount are shown on page one of every invoiceHere is what this looks like The increase to Ms [redacted] invoicing is the increase in her plan limitsShe had been on a lower data and text planThe system had upgraded her plan from 500MB to 1.5GB as she had exceeded the smaller planThis change was made on 7/18/Then someone went in, via the customer’s online account on 8/26/2016, and increased the plan againEach plan increase is in $increments so these two changes increase her monthly bill by $Ms [redacted] is welcome to change her plan back down if she no longer wants and needs the higher plan.It does cost $for every additional lineAdditional lines are not free and we don’t have a family plan where additional lines would be freeWhat we do have is free calls between any phone numbers on the account Sincerely,TINA G [redacted] CORPORATE EXECUTIVE RESOLUTION SPECIALIST T F [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: They state I cannot have lines to replace my SIM cards to update the area codes after a move This is strictly a company flaw that should be corrected, I dont need lines, just new area codes They could do as most carriers and send the cards, when they are activated by phone then the old ones are deactivated and the new ones replace them I have never had a major issue until now but have recent phones purchased through them It would cost to much to leave until my phones are older I will work through this the slow way phones at a time.Sincerely, [redacted] Complaint ID [redacted] (Customer # [redacted] )Dear,Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respond [redacted] purchased a Motorola Moto G phone on 9/22/for $All new phones from ConsumerCellular come with a one year manufacturer’s warranty against defectsWe reviewed [redacted] account history and reached out to him today to set up an override of the expired warranty on hisphone [redacted] replacement is being shipped today and will arrive with a prepaid label to sendthe defective phone backThe replacement phone will be of the same model and is sent at no chargepending return of the defective phone in good physical conditionSince the original phone waspurchased over two years ago, this warranty exchange is being offered only one timeThe phone we areshipping today is guaranteed against manufacturer’s defects for days but does not come with aseparate warranty of its own.To be accepted for a warranty, a defective phone must still be in good physical condition without anysigns of damage or water exposure [redacted] confirmed that his phone does not have any scratches,dents, cracks or other signs of physical damage and has not been exposed to liquid or heatOnce wereceive the phone back it will be inspected and processedAs long as the phone has no signs of damageit will be accepted for the warranty and there is no charge for the replacementWe will monitor theaccount to ensure that the defective phone is received and processed without further delay.Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.Sincerely,JESSICA H [redacted] CORPORATE EXECUTIVE RESOLUTION SPECIALISTT F [email protected]

Dear, Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respondI’m sorry that Mr [redacted] is experiencing issues with the voicemail and with our serviceIt appears that when the activation went through of the new phone, or around that time, the voicemail was also resetI apologize that this reset has caused the customer frustrationUnfortunately we don’t have a way to set up the voicemail remotelyThis must be done from the phone in question If Mr [redacted] calls to the voicemail, as if he was going to check messages, the setup should walk him through getting it back up and runningMr [redacted] may also call us from a phone other than the cell phone, but have the cell phone available, and we can walk him through the setup Sincerely,TINA G [redacted] CORPORATE EXECUTIVE RESOLUTION SPECIALIST T F [email protected] ***attachment redacted by*** [redacted] Dear,Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respondI’m sorrythat Mr [redacted] had such a difficult time in trying to get his issue resolvedI had one of my techniciansreach out to him and we have sent him a replacement phone.We are also looking at coaching and retraining in regards to our troubleshooting and warrantyprocessing.Sincerely,TINA G [redacted] CORPORATE EXECUTIVE RESOLUTION SPECIALISTT F [email protected]

February 22, [redacted] [redacted] Dear, Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respondMr [redacted] had service with us until 1/4/2018, when we cancelled his service due to non-paymentThe customer owes two invoices currently$for service dates 11/12/– 12/11/and $for service dates 12/12/– 1/4/There was usage through the date that we suspended the account and the invoices are validTo avoid late fees and further collection efforts, the customer will need to pay the remaining balance of $by 3/30/Sincerely, TINA [redacted] CORPORATE EXECUTIVE RESOLUTION SPECIALIST T F [email protected]

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