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Crown Chrysler Jeep, Kia, & Eurocars - Mercedes Benz

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I am rejecting this response because: If you actually look over this whole car, you can see its been molested from front to backI asked about it from day one, and should have been more persistent at that time, I'll take the blame thereBUT.....How can it take years for an accident to be reported to Carfax? The Report says the accident was reported on 07/06/I don't know about the 9-29-info, or how it got there.But still cant take years to get to Carfax At this point it doesn't really matter, you got me on this car, but you will never sell me another car againI will chalk it up as "lesson learned" and take my business back to Nissan and GM, and do as I have for the last years and buy from them Regards, [redacted]

I no longer wish to pursue complaint ID [redacted] Thank you for your assistance

The consumer has not only registered a complaint with the but also has notified the local News agencies Crown has taken care of this customers major engine work expenses outside of the warranty since the vehicle reached 100,miles Currently with 151,miles Crown was still willing to discount the work and throw in a $cylinder head but this was not acceptable At this point, we do ask the consumer to visit another authorized Chrysler dealership in town for this repair as he believes this to be a factory workmanship issue but doesn't care who fixes the problem as long as someone else pays the full amountWe recommended that he trade or stop driving this vehicle 25,miles per year as his reconditioning costs are going to increase exponentially as he nears the 200,mile mark and again, will blame Crown / Chrysler for all subsequent repairs as he's been doing thus far

We were told by the customer that the extended service contract company was covering the seat track as this is a stated coverred component within the contract - considering that we do not have possesion of the vehicle as it's at another dealership, we cannot submit the claim although it sounds as if the other dealership didThe extended service contract covers an incredible amount of components (including seat tracks) and the high dollar items such as the engine, transmission and almost every major system has coverage

We had a new $53,Jeep Grand Cherokee Sumit posted online that was sold on Friday, February 13th ....a glitch within the Chrysler Manufacturer's hosted website -, rather than removing the vehicle, posted the sale price for $(one hundred and sevety five dollars) Our sales manager apologized to Mr [redacted] via the telephone and explained that not only was the vehicle gone, the list price of $was incorrect

[redacted] We certainly apologize for the delay on receiving the Sprinter Van - Mercedes-Benz has also reached out to the consumer and has offered both a nice corporate discount as well as an extended service contract as there have been worldwide production delays on the Sprinter VansWe believe [redacted] has accepted this good faith offer from the manufacturer and will be kept posted as to the progress.Thank youMarc W***President & General ManagerCrown Automotive Group of [redacted]

I provided all documents, but follows Crown statements and not my as a consumerHere is the chronology what Crown didCrown broke my car Add Blue tank during my car maintenance and it was repaired by [redacted] and MBUSA have it registeredThis repair cost me near $ didn't react anyhow on the caseDuring the repair [redacted] Mercedes did find the transmission leakPlease take a look the [redacted] Mercedes invoiceIt is thereI went to Crown Mercedes to repair the transmission leak, but Crown did unrelated repair and charge me $The transmission leak didn't stopOn March I went to Crown Mercedes again and I insisted to fix the transmission leak as it was pointed by [redacted] MercedesDave K***r saw the [redacted] Mercedes statementCrown charge me again for the same second repair, but I noticed the engine oil leak which I never had before Crown Mercedes broke my car again and they ask $for the repair After being serviced by Crown Eurocars, is your vehicle in working order? No Do you agree that the services that you’ve been charged for have been performed on your vehicle? No, how did I get the engine oil leak? The engine oil was not replaced Do you feel you were billed for a service not provided? Yes If so, what do you feel you've been charged for? It was done unrelated repair to fix the transmission oil leakIn addition Crown charge me for the Add Blue liquid which was not filled has the evidence

At this point, Mr [redacted] , has accused Crown of repairing leaks that were not there even though his complaint was the vehicle was leaking? Accused us that we are not an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealership? Will not acknowledge that he did sign the attached RO's authorizing us to replace the glow plugs (see attached) Will not acknowledge that we did refill his adblue and gave him a full $detail for freeI believe he is trying to state that even though Crown remedied the leaks he complained about in both instances, somehow we decided to replace the less expensive intake tubes and then the transmission Cooler lines (that was leaking transmission fluid) which in both instances did stop what was leaking, he wants someone to pay for the larger repair that he needs today? If he believes there is a problem with the way the vehicle is designed or built, he can contact MBUSA directly or the dealership where he purchased the vehicle All the issues he has had are not uncommon but items that need to be maintained just like any other vehicleI'm sure he will 'reject' our answer although: We are an authorized dealer with one of the highest customer satisfaction indexes in the country, have his signatures on the estimate/paperwork on the work we performed - nobody enjoys to pay for repairs / maintenance on a vehicle - Mr [redacted] has taken this to the next level.1) [redacted] line A: Check engine light concern: replaced Glow plug Module $+ tax (line B was for engine oil leaking, repair: replace intake tube $+ tax) 2) [redacted] Transmission Cooler lines leaking transmission oil, replaced on March $(oil Cooler assembly replacement recommended due to leaking engine oil Mr [redacted] elected to only repair the transmission oil leak) RO and estimate attached Signatures and timestamps on all Ro’s and final invoices

It looks as though the folks at [redacted] did not attempt to submit these claims through the extended service contract was easier for the service advisor to just say that it's not coverred and just take a check from the customerThe seat track for example is spelled out within the 'stated coverage' and amazingly due to the customers persistence they were able to get this paid for...our service department called the insurance company and asked about the same type repair and had an immediate approval We are now determining what the other repair is...its a very comprehensive warranty which covers hundreds of repairs including the expensive ones like engine, transmission, A/Cbrakes, suspensionetc

We are not sure how to respond - customer vehicle is years old and out of warranty...he orderred a key from another dealer which includes the cost of programing but refuses to have the other dealer do it - unlike a garage door remote, it does not program in a few was also explained that any daignostic charges are included in the repair cost once the repair is completed....we otherwise would charge for diagnostics Not sure what he wants at this point?

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to address our customer’s complaint There appears to be a misinterpretation by the customer regarding two separate and unrelated fluid leaks, one being oil, the other transmission fluid; both repairs were approved by Mr [redacted] The first repair replaced a cracked air intake tube which was the cause of the oil leak and the other approximately months later, where the transmission cooler lines were replaced as transmission fluid was leaking The vehicle service history after he purchased the vehicle in Colorado is as follows:Vehicle was at Crown for an ‘A’ Service on 2/15/with 10,miles, then for a ‘B’ Service on 12/15/with 20,miles, then on 1/25/with 29,miles for another Service After this service, there was a question about the addition of the AdBlue fluid whereas either the fluid was not added or enough was not added as the ‘low value’ light was illuminated sometime during the next months – for this, Crown did refill the fluid and gave the customer a free detail ($value) on 12/13/(months later).The customer then visited the other Mercedes-Benz Store in town for his next two services ( [redacted] ) on 1/21/with 36,miles and again on 1/17/with 43,miles He then visited Crown again on 8/11/with 48,miles with an oil leak complaint Crown found that an air Intake tube was cracked and oil due to ‘blow by’ was leaking out of this broken tube This is a ‘known’ condition with this particular diesel engine – the charge was $plus tax (not $1333) to replace the broken intake tube and clean the engine Because oil had leaked downwards over top two other areas whereas oil can leak ( the engine oil cooler and the rear main seal), the engine was cleaned the air intake tube was definitely broken -oil was observed leaking out down onto the rest of the engine.The next visit to Crown on 3/02/2016, with 52,miles was for again, a leak – we replaced the transmission cooler lines for $which were leaking transmission fluid, not oil The customer does have an engine oil cooler leak as well – which he declined Crown to repair.Crown also did do an oil change and added new oilWhen the oil is drained, there is still a small percentage of the ‘old’ oil that does remain coating the internal engine walls/components and after running, especially in a high compression diesel, will discolor the new oil although the viscosity benefits remainCrown could have initially ‘assumed’ that not only the air intake tube was cracked causing the leak, but that the engine oil cooler lines and rear main seal were leaking as well and replaced everything as oil had coated all these areas Crown certainly would have benefited financially if we had taken this route rather than repair the least expensive cause that we could actually observe was leaking oilThat is not the way Crown does businessThese are the facts and events that transpired regarding the servicing of this customers vehicle, Crown is not responsible for the initial air intake tube that malfunctioned we simply replaced it with a new one which remedied the problem

I am rejecting this response because Crown Mercedes still has made no effort whatsoever to right any of their wrongsThey need to understand that it's not okay to manipulate, bully and deceive their customersThere are similar reports about Crown Mercedes on various internet discussion forums and automobile dealership review websitesSomeone has to take a stand against this lowly dealership

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response If you wish, you may update it before sending it.] I reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find the resolution is satisfactory to me.Mercedes Benz Corporation representative Scott H [redacted] contacted me via phone and offered a factory year extended warranty and $discount on the purchase price Craig B [redacted] of CrownEurocars has sent me a updated Retail Buyers Order reflecting the year extended warranty (175,miles) The $discount is not shown on the revised document I am requesting an updated Retail Buyers Order form including the $discount This document update will confirm the verbal agreements made with the Mercedes Benz representatives.I hope the van arrives soon, allowing fulfillment of purchase agreements The original delivery date of June has since pastIt is now December 3rd, and the Sprinter van is not here Crown representatives are indicating a January delivery Kind Regards, [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:It is not accurate. I have agreed to accept the original offer made by Crown listed on the BBC response by the dealer of $1638 paying for the camshaft and lifters while the engine head is covered by the dealership. However, after posting the offer it was rescinded by the dealership within a single business day. I did send an inquiry to the local consumer media for assistance, of which nothing has been posted, broadcast nor impaced the dealership in any way.I still am prepared to accept the offer posted on the BBC website specific to the case number.However Crown Chrysler at this time has informed us no future business is desired and severing all ties is their preference including the previously offered resolution. Regards, [redacted]

The vehicle was sold, and yes, it did not sell for $- it sold for over $52,000....there was a glitch in the system that did not delete the vehicle, leaving a $balanaceWe certainly apologize if this gentleman truly believes we posted this price purposefully

Crown Mercedes invoice # [redacted] has $for the intake replacementIf Crown says that I paid it means something else was repaired also without my permissionI didn't ask to replace the intake and something else in addition, because Mercedes [redacted] documented that I have a problem with the transmission fluid leak, but David K***r told me that nothing wrong with the oil cooler linesHe replaced the "cracked air intake"On the recent repair of March 02, I insisted to replace the oil cooler lines by showing the [redacted] Mercedes documentThe Crown replacement cost was $more than pointed by [redacted] TechniciansAs a result Crown Mercedes did my engine oil leak which I never had beforeOne year before Crown Mercedes broke my AdBlue tank heating element, due to improper engine start in a very cold weatherThey asked $for the repair, but [redacted] Mercedes repaired the Crown mistake in $1300.The AdBlue liquid was not filled up because it was ended in $miles, which was registered by another Mercedes serviceI was told that my AdBlue tank was empty after four weeks of maintenance time and I have it documented alsoCrown Mercedes suppose to have trusted advisers, but they are not

Every vehicle that is for sale from any of our dealerships come with a free CarFax report - they are posted on our websites, Autotrader, or any ther site where our vehicles are posted for saleThey are also available at any time from CarFax for a small fee but of course free from Crown Mr [redacted] is accurate that MrH [redacted] , the salesperson or years did leave the dealership although the entire management team was / is available at any time This is the first that we are being notified that there is an issue.Reviewing the CarFax, one can see that some 'damage' was reported in June of It must have been minor as the vehicle was then manufacturer certified by [redacted] a couple of years later A vehicle cannot be Certified if there are signs of previous serious damage - the technicians must investigate any issues pertaining to 'damage', accidents, frame or unibody damage' The CarFax does not indicate 'frame or unibody damage' which would exclude the vehicle from being factory certified.Mr [redacted] can certainly trade this vehicle for another - the value would not be same as it was in although the value has gone down like any other vehicle since i.e the depreciation would be the same regardless of the CarFax depending on the mileage Mr [redacted] has driven

Thanks a lotI reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find the resolution is satisfactory to me

The mistake on the price was not intentional. It was an obvious error with the website. The vehicle sold for over $52,

We had a new $53,Jeep Grand Cherokee Sumit posted online that was sold on Friday, February 13th ....a glitch within the Chrysler Manufacturer's hosted website -, rather than removing the vehicle, posted the sale price for $(one hundred and sevety five
dollars). Our sales manager apologized to Mr*** via the telephone and explained that not only was the vehicle gone, the list price of $was incorrect

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