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We are sorry for the confusion.  An application fee is a standard fee collected by property management companies.  The manager did not agree to let you move in, but simply accepted applications from you to have your background ran.
DEA Investments

We do not appreciate this slander due to your own misunderstanding of common rental practices.  It is not our company's responsibility to ensure that you fully read and understand the rental contract or state laws regarding such contracts.We did not wish to speak to you further regarding this matter over the phone due to your foul language and furious outbursts.We are willing to remove half of the "waived move-in fee" that was charged back to you when you did not fulfill your Rental Contract, although we are not required to do so.This brings the total owed from $763.00 to $568.00.If accepted, a check in the amount of $195.00 will be sent to the cosigner on the account, as he is the individual who paid your debt.Thank you,DEA Investments

Mr. [redacted],
You were on a month to month contract, there was no lease.  
You were evicted because you did not pay the rent.  
Our manager was not using drugs.  
Your unit was re-rented 4 months after you vacated, although this does not affect you or your outstanding...

balance with us.
We are not a corrupt company, and we do not appreciate being told that.  We stick out our necks to provide housing to people who otherwise would not be able to find housing due to credit issues or rental history.  Yes, we are required to evict people from time to time when they do not pay rent.
You were given multiple warnings month after month to pay the rent on time.  This went on for at least 6 months prior to your eviction.
The condition that you left the unit in was terrible.  We keep very accurate records and pictures of every unit that we have ever rented.
Our best advise it to pay the collection, we will not adjust or remove the amount.
If suit is brought against us we will make our best efforts to obtain a judgment for the full amount owed.
A copy of this response will be forwarded to Accounts Receivable Inc.
DEA Investments

Dear Mr. & Mrs. [redacted],We have reviewed your account and discovered the following;You were on a month to month rental contract, there was no lease period.You paid a non-refundable security fee for the unit.You resided in the unit for approximately 9 months.The contract states that if you...

reside in the unit for 12 months or longer the non-refundable security fee turns into a refundable deposit.Prior to move in all important items were discussed with you with emphasis on the non-refundable security fee.It seems that you are under the impression that a portion of your non-refundable security fee should be refundable to cover your cleaning, carpet shampoo, blind repair, painting, and fees owed.  Had the unit been resided in for 12 months or longer, all charges would have been covered and you would have received a substantial refund.  We apologize, but we are unable to apply a non-refundable security fee to your charges.Sincerely,DEA Investments

Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because:This company needs to be investigated...slumlordsSincerely,[redacted]

Utility bills are posted on the door of each resident and mailed every 3 months.  All of the other residents at the complex have received and paid their bills. 
On the contract that you signed:
     15. UTILITIES:  If Unit is a single family residence (house,...

mobile, etc.) or is in a Property that has five (5) units or less Tenant shall, in addition to the rent, pay for all public utilities (water, sewer, electric and garbage) charged against the Unit.  If the water/sewer and/or the electric bill is shared with another unit(s), the Landlord will break out the bill and send an invoice to the Tenant (who will pay the invoice immediately) OTHERWISE all public utilities are paid for by the Landlord (any excess usage of water, by Tenant, will be the responsibility of the Tenant).
     1. RENT:    ...... "Any payments received will be applied to reimbursable charges (first, security fees (second), miscellaneous fees (third) and rent (last).  Reimbursable charges include utilities, damages, etc.
Your complex has 4 town homes, therefor you are responsible, per the contract that you signed, to pay for all public utilities, as you were informed when you moved in.
Due to there being a misunderstanding or lost mail, we will be able to work with you on the payment.   Full payment will not be required immediately.  
What type of monthly payment will be possible for you?
Thank you,
DEA Investments

We will drop the $75.00 charge.
DEA Investments

We collect a $50 fee for each application.  This fee is to cover the labor and cost of screening the application. 
It is also our policy to continue to collect applications and show units until the security fee is collected on a specific unit. 
If an applicant backs out the...

application fee is not refunded.
We are sorry for the confusion regarding this matter.

I would never again rent from DEA Investments. Within two days of moving in, the outlets in half of the apartment blew: no breakers, nothing. They came to fix it and told me it was my fault for having three computers plugged in (each in a different room). There are multiple water leaks throughout the complex, which they refuse to fix. When they do fix things, they then raise the rent the next month, and claim it is unrelated. They use something called a one-way lease, which means the tenants obligation to rent is 12 months, but their obligation is month-to-month, meaning they can terminate tenancy at any time for no reason. They prey upon low income families, taking their deposits and fees, and then turning around and kicking them out, banking (literally) on the likelihood that they will not have the time, knowledge, or resources to fight them for their deposits. The two reviews above describing DEA Investment's gross negligence as landlords, as well as their failure to return rightful deposits are classic examples, and the rule rather than the exception, when it comes to DEA investment's business practices.

Review: My husband [redacted] and myself [redacted] moved into the [redacted] at [redacted] in Vancouver Washington on April 24,2014. After we moved into apartment [redacted] we had to endure fecal matter dripping on our heads for two and a half months then on the hottest day of the summer we were given an ultimatum to keep living in the [redacted] unit and complain no further of the conditions or have 48 hours to move to an upstairs unit and if this was not done in 48 hours we would owe rent for both units. We got this done in 48 meanwhile during this time [redacted] and [redacted] turned of the water for the entire complex with a fifteen minute warning. They REFUSED my companion animal prescription letter from my doctor for which I have had for eight years also. They threatened us and many other tenants with federal evictions if we were to talk to your neighbors, taking away one of our American rights, freedom of speech. Upon move out day I video taped the move out [redacted] the manager got up and almost hit me in the face the called the police on me because I was video taping the move out inspection for my protection and to prove the condition of the unit in which I had cleaned. 100% beautifully cleaned. We moved out May 16,2014. Then on June 06, 2014 we receive a check that is not cashable because they made it out to [redacted] and [redacted] at no time had I informed them of a name change because there had been none. So I wrote them a letter telling them the this check is uncashable and resend a new check with correct names and also for the full amount of my deposit of $1,100.00 because per Washington State law(RCW 59.18.280) they must refund your deposit within 14 days or they waive their right to any deposit. They also charged us for steam cleaning and painting the walls. They also charged us for cleaning which I have video tape of the condition of the unit upon move out and it was 100% cleaned. Finally on July 14,2014 which is sixty days after we moved out I receive a check for $590

Product_Or_Service: Apartment

Account_Number: 1100.XX XXX.00Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Refund

to receive a check in the amount of 1610.00 because they took sixty days to handle this $1100.00 was my original deposit. and in Washington the law gives me the right to request double my deposit because of this. Minus the 590.00 check sent on July 14,2014, which leaves a balance of $1610.00. I would also like an apology written in the[redacted] paper to me and my husband that would run a concurrent week for all the hardships we had to endure, in which they need to state their names and apt.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 6, 2014/07/25) */

We would like to resolve this matter, but the requests by the tenant cannot be made.

We, as a property management company, have complied to every time frame that the landlord tenant laws in Washington allow companies like ours to do business. The tenant received the original check on time. As soon as we received notification that the name on the check was in error, we disbursed a correct check promptly. Therefor the request for double the deposit to be refunded cannot be made as we were within our rights.

As for the leak in the bathroom. It was water, not fecal matter. Our maintenance worked diligently to resolve the leaking matter. Each time the leak was fixed, it would come back within a few weeks. Due to the recurrence of the leak, we offered the tenants a new unit to transfer to, and we transferred the security fee as well.

In regards to the cleaning charges and carpet cleaning. We have every right to return the unit to the condition at the commencement of the rental contract. Within landlord tenant law, we are allowed to deduct these amounts from the deposit. Although a tenant may believe that they have cleaned the unit 100%, there are often times much more cleaning to do, as was in this case. The carpet cleaning must be done after each tenant moves out.

And lastly, we will not be printing an apology letter in the newspaper, as we have done nothing wrong, and have abided to all landlord tenant laws.

We are not unfair however, and feel that we have not been unfair in this matter. We are willing to waive the painting charges as a kind gesture to resolve this matter. This would result in a further refund of $185.00. We hope that this is sufficient to settle this matter.

I have nothing to say but good about the people I've dealt with who are affiliated with DEA . They have been a major player getting my life back.

Review: they gave me a 20 day notice for no reason and when asked why they replied we want our property backDesired Settlement: a reason for the notice



Business' Initial Response /* (1000, 6, 2013/05/06) */

Dear Ms. [redacted],

In Vancouver, WA, landlords can evict month-to-month tenants without having or stating particular reason, as long as the eviction is not discriminatory or retaliatory (RCW 59.18.200).

To better serve you, we will inform you on some of the occurrences that had caused your 20-day notice to vacate: (1) illegal tenancy of people not on the lease, (2) multiple disturbances where police arrived at scene and (3) damaging the unit beyond wear and tear.


DEA Investments

Consumer's Final Response /* (2000, 8, 2013/05/09) */

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

I lived at Vista villa for almost 3 was my very first apartment so I didn't know what to expect.when I did my walk through I put every little nick and cranny on the paperwork the managers came back with a new one and said they would fix all that small stuff to just sign the next of course I did and thought nothing of it but I did keep my first one and put it in my folder just in was horrible anyways I was a very big clean freak I had two small children that were crawling on floor so I would shampoo my carpets every 3 to 6 months always paid rent on time so when it came time to move we ask the managers what we needed to clean and me and my fiance deep clean the apartment including pulling out the stove in the refrigerator we were smart enough to take pictures of everything we did when we moved out they told us we would be getting our deposit back of $800 however we waited months and months and never received anything they kept ignoring our calls then one day I got a letter in the mail from a collection agency stating I owed them 500 dollars so I immediately called them and asked what this was about and they said that DeA investments had sent in paperwork saying I owe them for cleaning the I ended up going down and filing and small claims court when we finally went to court in September I had won the case Brandon the owner's son had wrote me a check for almost $800 and I went well on my way however it has now been 3 months since the court date and I just decided to call the collection agency to make sure that DEA investments had called them and told them to take that $500 out of collections since I had won the case and I just found out that they never did so that $500 is still sitting in collections, and now I'm going to have to figure out how to take my court documents in there to get it taken care of this whole thing has just been a big headache and I would never ever rent from DEA investments!

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Address: 16420 SE McGillivray Blvd # 103, Vancouver, Washington, United States, 98683-3599


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