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• Jun 28, 2023

Company Thrives on Scamming Customers
I purchased a Dorel Home Furnishings Murphy Bed through Wayfair on June 9th, 2023 in the color Espresso for $1,040. The wrong color (Gray Oak) was delivered to me on June 21st, 2023. When I purchased the product on June 9th, the Espresso was $200 more expensive than the Gray Oak that I incorrectly received. I discovered the issue when I unpacked the boxes on June 23rd, 2023, and I contacted Wayfair for support. Wayfair directed me to Dorel Home Furnishings to resolve the issue. Dorel Home Furnishings did not respond to my email, so Wayfair took it upon themselves to process my refund. Dorel Home Furnishings has still not responded to my email, but they shipped a new box to me. Because I needed my product before July 1st, 2023, I decided to keep the wrong color product. Dorel Home Furnishings would have learned this if they had responded to my initial email. I am writing this complaint because I feel it is a scam that Dorel Home Furnishings is selling a product for $200 more than the product they ultimately ship to the buyer then fail to respond to the customer. I am now told Dorel Home Furnishings will not process my refund until I take time off work to wait at home for delivery of a product I no longer want or need. Fortunately, Wayfair is stepping up to address my issue and process a refund on their end. Unfortunately, Dorel Home Furnishings is still able to continue to get away with bad business practices.
Company Thrives on Scamming Customers
Company Thrives on Scamming Customers

Take your money and don’t care
I purchased a set of chairs, I have a receipt but it’s not from one of “there” stores. Whatever that means. Everything brand new in box. They accidentally put in an extra piece and shorted me another piece. They refuse to help or send anything. They didn’t even give me an option to pay for anything. So crappy customer service, crappier company. They should not be in business.

The worst customer service
I wish I could give negative stars, they don't even deserve 1. I received a damaged item and they refuse to help or do anything about it. This is the absolute worst customer services I have ever experienced in my life. NEVER waste your money with these people they are pathetic!

I just need to buy a replacement part for a bed and can't seen to get anybody to help me
Two of the canopy pieces had bad welds but I didn't think much of it well they broke and I just need to purchase new ones ... No one has helped me. I wish it was easier buying replacement parts from the company so I could have this issue fixed sooner instead of later

The headboard looks great, was very easy to assemble, came with the tools and even extra hardware (that was not needed). For the price, I was not expecting such a nice piece of furniture. Five stars for sure!

I absolutely live my grey linen loveseat! I purchased on Walmart online for $178 plus tax best deal ever for the most comfortable loveseat ever and easy to assemble! Don't listen to any bad reviews if u want affordable comfortable furniture DHP is the way to go! I plan on being a customer for life!

DHP horrible customer service
I bought a loft bed it came with two of the same leg no ladder and missing a shelf almost like a box of parts wasn’t put in I called showed them everything still in box gave them copies of the stickers they wanted one which showed bed was manufactured with in the 1 year warranty this was a house warming gift and receipt was lost they were rude and unapologetic want $75 just for a leg ! I didn’t even ask about ladder or shelf. The paper work states do not return or contact store contact DHP what a joke ! Do not recommend I’m still fighting with them ! They wouldn’t even get one star but had to to review them


Horrible customer service.
The bed I got came without hardware. I called and I had to purchase the hardware because I lost receipt in our move. I did, waited 3 weeks and then asked why I didn't receive it. They told me to call UPS because it was not their issue anymore. I asked to speak to a manager and he didn't respond. I asked for a refund and he refused, saying I needed to send back the kit which I have yet to receive in the first place. The person I talked to was unapologetic, and completely unwilling to help. I called costumer service to complain about him and their service, and they still were unapologetic and after complete frustration refused to do anything to help saying it was not there fault. And to top it off they laughed at me as I hung up. Never have I ever recieved such rude and disrespectful custumer service before in my life! If I could give zero stars I would! I wish I read these reviews before buying!


My grandson recieved one of their foutons as a birthday gift. The cushion cover reguired to keep the cushions from seperating was not included in the original packaging and neither were the assembly instructions.
We printed the 27 page insructions off line.
After contacting the company several times attempting to aquire the part that someone was too incompetent to pack I was told I would need to purchase it seperatly for nearly $40.
If I had been the purchaser and had seen all the other crappy reviews for this company I would not have purchased from them and urge others to purchase else where!

Awful quality and awful customer service
The futon we bought was missing the allens keys to be built. We had to use our own tools. It took us so long to build the futon just to end up with a left cushion that was broken and deformed. (Spring pierced through foam which made the left side of the couch super uncomfortable.) We got in touch with customer service but they refused to help stating it was our responsability to take it down, wrap it back up, go buy a new one and build it again in the hope of getting one in good condition this time. (Even though it was the way the couch was manufactured the problem). CUSTOMER SERVICE IS USELESS AND COULD NOT CARE LESS. AWFUL. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND. Stay away from this company who does not care for its customer. :(


We received a modern canopy bed as a gift for our daughter. When we opened the box to put it together, the very first post for the headboard was labeled the wrong post! It lacks the holes needed to connect it to the headboard. They sent us 3 footboard posts and 1 headboard post which will not allow us to move past the VERY FIRST STEP! I called multiple times requesting the replacement post and was told to submit additional information. I did not want to have to call our friends and ask them for these details, but I explained the situation and they gave me the info asked for incl. company they bought it through, the date and order #. When I reached back out DHP, they said that was not enough and now I need to provide a picture of the receipt including the total amount paid with tax! So even after providing pictures of the manuals, the IM #, order #, company info, purchase date and picture proof of the mislabeled parts still wrapped in plastic, they are refusing to send the part! I am disgusted with this company that would now force me to ask my friends to provide a picture of how much money they spent on my daughter's gift. Not to mention, they stated if I'd like to purchase the missing part I would have to wait around 2 months because they are not currently sending out any parts made in China! So while my daughter sleeps on her new mattress on the floor next to a pile of worthless metal scraps, this company is literally trying in every way to inconvenience my family for their mistake. It's despicable.


Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2016/01/11) */ Contact Name and Title: [redacted] CS manager Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX Contact Email: [redacted] Customer contacted us on 12/requesting a replacement part that was on back orderThe part was sent to him on 1/and tracking was sent to him via email the same day

Customer complained that their mattress sagged within the year warranty period of the productThe customer had used the product up to the last week prior the warranty expiration dateUpon further investigation the issue respected the sagging criteria after extended usePlease refer to below.The Signature Sleep Year Limited Warranty is not valid and does NOT cover items such as, but not limited toDamage caused by factors other than defective workmanship or materialsTransportation chargesComfort preferenceIf the mattress is in an unsanitary condition caused by soiling, blood stains, fabric stains, bodily fluids, infestation or other abuseDamage from liquid penetration, cleaning fluids or use of a washing machinewear and tearBody impressions less than 1/inchSagging in the mattress less than 1/inchStructural damage from using an improper bed frame or inappropriate foundationDamage of the mattress due to misuse or physical abuse; damaged, burned, cut or tornMemory Foam Mattresses: change/increase in softness of the memory foam material or a decrease in the slow recovery feature (elasticity)These do not affect the pressure relieving qualities of these mattresses.We initially offered a partial refund to the customer based on these criterion However, as a GOODWILL gesture, DOREL has offered a full Refund to the customer and has been acceptedWe value the quality of our products and customer satisfaction”

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 15, 2015/11/02) */ Good morning, there was a mix up in email addresses and your initial attempts to contact our company on 9/and 10/were sent to someone who no longer works for our companyThe first I saw this complaint was 10/On 10/we contacted the customer and are working on a resolutionPlease re open this case and give us a few days to resolve the issue Initial Consumer Rebuttal / [redacted] (3000, 18, 2015/11/02) */ This matter has been resolved with D H P FurnitureThank you for the follow up

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 15, 2015/11/02) */ Good morning, there was a mix up in email addresses and your initial attempts to contact our company on 9/and 10/were sent to someone who no longer works for our companyThe first I saw this complaint was 10/On 10/we contacted the customer and are working on a resolutionPlease re open this case and give us a few days to resolve the issue Initial Consumer Rebuttal / [redacted] (3000, 18, 2015/11/02) */ Yes they have contacted me and my issue has been resolvedThank you so much for all your helpI can't believe contacting actually workedThat's fantasticThank you!

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 15, 2015/11/25) */ Customer called us directly and we offered her 30% refund as a good will gesture and she acceptedThe check was mailed to her on 7/27/

Wayfair sent me a full size metal bed, it looks like the box was opened before because the box packaged with abnormal tape and plastic bag. I took some pictures of packaging. When I opened the box I found some parts of the metal bed are damaged and bonded. I found a letter on the box that said "If some parts of this goods are damaged or missing don't return it, you need only call us" at first I got happy, I took some picture of damaged parts and then call DHP customer service. She requested more picture and I did she said need more and I did she said you need to sign a letter and I signed and she said it need to sign by another witness I did ... after that she said we decided to resend another one to you instead of send damaged parts and she said we have it on our stock and we send it to your address tomorrow.
After a week I had not received any tracking number so, I call DHP customer service again. She said "I am sorry I forgot to tell you this process take 7-10 business days"! ( I wonder why customer service did not know the process time) After more than 2 weeks (actually more than 12 business days) I had not received tracking number and I call her again and told her if you can not send it on next week I would like to return it and DHP have to get my money back. She said " I am waiting for tracking number from our ware house in Savanna and I will let you know when the goods transported from our warehouse, and also we can not return your money back because it is on the process"!.
It's been over five weeks and I have not received anything yet.
1) do not trust letter that said "don't need to return just call us".
2) do not trust the DHP Customer service.
One star is too much for review rating of DHP customer service.


Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 15, 2015/11/25) */ Customer called us directly and we sent the parts she needed out on 6/25/

Awful, abysmal, stay away! I relocated to another state with my daughter and ordered her a new bed. It was delayed in arriving, when I picked it up the box was beat all to hell, and surprise surprise NO HARDWARE was included. I called customer service to send me the hardware package and was advised it would take a week - are you kidding a freaking week?! We are now 2 weeks into her not having a bed. On the delivery date nothing - then I checked the tracking number and it said the package was damaged and there was no further update. Are you fking kidding me?! I called again and was advised I could go to a hardware store and buy the hardware and then be reimbursed (because I know exactly which pieces I need - NOT) or they would ship it again. I opted to ship it again and surprise I am 3 days in and it hasn't even shipped. I asked for a refund but since they have the hardware in stock I am not eligible for a refund. We are now 20 days in and my 7 year old is bed-less. Absolutely awful company with zero accountability. Will NEVER do business with them and major retailers should also discontinue carrying their products on their websites.

Amazon sent me this bed, and from the very beginning it was a disaster. The box was beat to crap, and several pieces were missing. I had to call DHP FURNITURE and endure their awful customer support, so they could send me the right parts. Then After the 1st attempt at putting it together, we noticed it was missing several (and I mean S E V E R A L) of the parts on the Hardware Package. Actually there was NO hardware package, it was all in a plastic bag! .. Again, now thinking I must've done something in another lifetime, shot Lincoln or something like that to warrant another phone call to DHP and their inept customer support team, only to be on hold for them to put the hardware package in the old school Pony Express mail, so I could get...Drumroll please... The WRONG Goddamned hardware package!
Yes you read that right, they sent me the hardware package for a completely different bed, I mean they were not even in the same region of space. It was as if you bought a TV on Best Buy, wen to return it and they gave you a toaster.. So at this point Im seriously considering the James Bond ball buster torture or to have to call DHP and speak to their people again.. Believe it or not, it was not an easy decision but I AGAIN called DHP who gave me the run around asking for pictures of the harvard package ( I swear to god, I have the emails to prove it), and then took nearly 5 days to just MAIL the thing.. Not priority, nothing.. Old school... Kevin Costner on a Horse, slow as Mail.
On a separate note.. Not even a "sorry our bad" so far.. But moving on.. Its not over yet..
Meanwhile my daughter still doesn't have a bed, and its been a month.. and we finally get the perfect combo! All the parts plus all the correct hardware package.
I sit to finally put this together, but no.. There is a curse on that goddamned bed that would make Annabelle cry in fear, and that Curse is DHP FURNITURE.. Step 1.. STEP MF 1.. in their instruction manual (That I had to download and print because its was not included) the pieces don't FIT ! There is a huge discrepancy and at the pieces don't match... I notice a Serial number in one of the bed posts and google that just to figure out..

IT WAS FOR A DIFFERENT PRODUCT! I swear I couldn't make this up if it was a movie plot, but the pieces of the bed are all jumbled and are for different products..

So I consider nailing my testicles to a sidewalk in the middle of the street, or call the accursed DHP furniture again.. I was halfway into taking my pants off when my wife dragged me inside and put a phone in my hand.. I called the inept service, was given the standard "I don't know what Im doing, I don't know who I am, I can't make any decisions, please don't ask me questions" routine.. and ... Nothing.. Complete and utter radio silence.. 30 plus days, my daughter has no bed, I have a pile of metal tubes that I can either toss or work on building a makeshift Organ, because It will definitely not be a bed.. Oh and no contact from DHP Furniture or anyone in their "support" department..

Needless to say I asked for a refund.. And will never.. ever.. EVER... get anything that is even related to DHP FURNITURE ever again..

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