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D M C Sidecars

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Satisfied customer.
I have not bought a complete sidecar package from DMC but have bought components for several different applications over the years. Initially I bought a mounting kit for a 40 year old California Side Car and the kit was a blessing. Very complete and took less than 4 hours from unpacking to driving away. Second DMC order was a plea for tubing for a leaner set up last year. This order was also done quickly and completed the car attachment. Mark me a happy customer. I know what I have. I know what I need, and DMC has never failed to provide everything requested!

The customer ordered a sidecar for a Iron head FLH Harley. We took the order on 9-26-and mailed him copies of every thing the same day as well as emailing him copies which he was asked to double check that every thing was correct. We custom built the sidecar and shipped it
4-22-Once the sidecar arrived the customer then and only then told us his bike was a Sportster so at our cost despite his mistake we built and shipped him Sportster mountsWe have been building these mounts in this same precision jig since and have built hundreds and have built many since we built his mountsThey have always workedWe have offered to make him another set of mounts but as I have pointed out they would be made in the same jig and as such would be the same. His bike is a year old bike, We suspect that some time in the last nearly decades since the bike was built that it may have been in an accidentIt does not take much to make mounts off a bit, his mounts would not take much reworking at all to make fit his bike as there is some thing different about his bike then the hundreds of similar bikes we have made these mounts forHis claim that the bike has never been in an accident unless he is the original owner is a bit absurd as he did not even know that he has an FX not an FLH the FLH being the large touring bike Harley builds and the FX being the small Sportster bikeThere is little we can do long distance when working with a bike that is not 100% stock and straightWe can make him custom one off mounts for HIS bike rather then a bike like his bike but only with the bike in our shop as any thing else would be guess work at bestThe other option is he could change bikes in which case as long as we make mounts for the bike he choses to go with we will be glad to exchange these mountsKeep in mind, he did not order the sidecar to go onto a Sportster but rather an FLH which is what we built the sidecar and the mounts forMost people with a nearly three decades old bike would understand that their bike may be the issue, all that would need to be done to make these mounts work is cut off the parts that are not fitting, bolt the individual parts onto the bike then weld them up as every thing is very close to fittingNow these parts that are close to fitting would fit HIS bike and would not fit the tens of thousands of very similar Harley Sportsters madeWhen we build parts with out the bike there is no way we can know that some thing is not entirely stock about the bike and most people understand that after years any number of things could have happened.So to some up where we are we have at our expense made him a set of mounts for a bike other then what he ordered originallyWe are willing to make him another set of identical mounts to confirm that what we build him is not some how defective or damaged in shippingAnd we are willing to exchange the mounts for mounts for a different bike. We have gone out of our way to work with this customer, there is little else we can do. If he were to bring us the bike and sidecar at his expense we will be willing to make him custom mounts and even go as far as installing the sidecar for him some thing we normally charge $to doJay G*** DMC sidecars ***

Complaint: ***I am rejecting this response because:The solutions presented by DMC Sidecars are not "reasonable"No reasonable person would expect the consumer to pay out of pocket to correct the shortcomings of the businessFurthermore, it is only reasonable to expect that when a consumer receives a defective product that the consumer would be entitled to a refund.An unreasonable solution is one which requires me to spend more money to correct their failure after I spent nearly $8,for them to get it right. At this point, DMC Sidecars has made it clear that they have no intention of being accountable for their failuresI am just out $8,with nothing usable to show for it. Sincerely,*** ***


Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because:There are a number of claims made within this this response which are simplynot true. I will address them one by one.1) DMC Sidecars claims that I ordered a sidecar for a Harley Davidson FLH. I donot own an FLH. Furthermore, original email correspondence is attached (1.pdf)which illustrates that from the beginning, I have disclosed my motorcycle to bea 1986 Harley Davidson Sportster 1100. The origin of this error where theythought I had an FLH is entirely of their own making.2) DMC Sidecars claims that I was asked to double check that everything wascorrect on the invoice. In actuality, I was asked to ensure my contactinformation was correct only. Furthermore, I didn't know what an FLH was. Asshown in correspondence predating the invoice, I told them I had a 1986 HarleyDavidson Sportster 1100. Clearly, they created this error on their own.3) DMC Sidecars claims, "We have been building these mounts in this sameprecision jig since 1998 and have built hundreds and have built many since webuilt his mounts. They have always worked." While it may be possible thattheir jig is not as accurate as they claim, even if this were the case, it isnot an excuse for failing to provide a mount that fits my bike. I paid to havea mount that fits my bike. They still failed.4) DMC Sidecars states: "We suspect that some time in the last nearly 3decades since the bike was built that it may have been in an accident."This claim is nothing more than an inaccurate assumption. This bike waspurchased by my father in June 1994 (the title which my father used to transferthis bike into my name is included as evidence to this fact (the titleregistration date is printed on the title.) (2.pdf) Prior to my father owningthis bike, my uncle owned the bike. This bike has been in my family.Furthermore, while the bike was in my father's ownership, the frame wasreplaced by [redacted] (an official Harley Davidson dealer andservice station in Fargo, ND). An invoice from this service has been includedand you will notice that my father's name is on the invoice. (3.pdf) Clearly,this motorcycle has been in my family since before this frame was installed.Therefore, my claim that this frame has never been in an accident is valid.5) DMC Sidecars states: "he [myself] did not even know that he has an FXnot an FLH the FLH being the large touring bike Harley builds and the FX beingthe small Sportster bike." Truly, DMC Sidecars does not even know thedesignation of my Sportster. The manual says this bike is an XLH, not an FX asDMC Sidecars claims. They fault me for not catching their mistake in labelingmy bike an FLH, yet they cannot even see that my bike is an XLH. I told themfrom the beginning that my bike is a 1986 Sportster 1100. Because DMC Sidecarsdoesn't realize that my bike is an XLH, not an FX, I wonder if perhaps theysent me a mount for an FX and maybe that is the reason why it doesn't fit mybike.6) DMC Sidecars claims that very little work would be needed to make the mountfit--only a little cutting and welding and such. I do not have the equipment orexpertise to attempt this. Furthermore, these are supposed to be bolt onbrackets. There is not supposed to be any cutting or welding needed. Cuttingand welding is beyond the scope of what I paid for.Furthermore, aside from these many issues with their response, there is no realsolution to the problem. They say that they can make me a new bracket for thesame model to ensure that this is not the problem. I would like for this tohappen but if the new one doesn't fit, the this has gotten me nowhere. (DMCSidecars has stated that it would be completely identical to the first one.)Also, they say that they could have me come into their shop. The problem is, Ilive in Florida and paid thousands extra to have the sidecar sent to me. If Itake my motorcycle to DMC Sidecars, I would have to travel with both the bikeand sidecar on a trailer to Washington state. I would then have wasted theextra money I paid to have the sidecar sent to me only to waste more to send itback while missing out on income from my job while making such a trip. It isfinancially unpractical for me to do this. I would spend much more whilewasting what was already spent. This is why I would like for DMC Sidecars topay for me to have this bracket professionally installed by a shop here inFlorida.The bottom line is that I spent nearly $8,000.00 on a deal with DMC Sidecarswhich just doesn't work. I feel like this has already been a waste of $8,000.00Sincerely,[redacted]SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS REDACTED BY[redacted]


My last response is exactly what I’m willing to do. I’ve given plenty of reasonable solutions and am not willing to refund his money.

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