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D-Patrick, Inc.

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I was charged a part for my car that was never done, car rims were damaged
My mkx was dropped off on 13th Sep for a certain problem on my carthis problem was never fixed after weeks of them having itWarranty covered ALL parts and part of laborI was charged for a part that was never put on my car and verified with warranty the claim that was put in, never matched my paper workI was overcharged $I have contacted D-patrick and ***, *** wanted to refund me the amount nor did they want to go over my paper work with meMy car received damage to my rimsthis was brought up to *** who didn't want to fix themI have tried contacting D-patrick to get these problems resolved to no avail

I bought some parts for my truck and did not need all of them took them back for a refund and they told me they could not give me a refund
on JanI purchased some parts from d Patrick ford *** *** Street *** IN XXXXX for my ford ranger took it to have them put on but I did not need of them so on 2/1/I took them back to d Patrick ford to get a refund for them and was told they could not refund my money for those parts but if I had not needed the third part that I got they could give me a refund for it

on7/22/we traded a f for a super duty, gave them the true payoff they said they over payed by
are going to keep title tell they get the over paymenti have the pay off in writing with my fiance.papersthey tell us to take the truck home and fiance thru *** , week later ,we half to go and get refianced for higher rate, I feel like they are scamimg us *** was the sales kid 7/22/when we resigned againreal bad business

I brought my vehicle in for oil changeI also asked them to check out a fuel gauge issue I was having (giving readings) I was called and informed that the error was a "Fuel Consumption" error and it would require a soft ware update, of which my cost would be $I authorized the repair over the phone and shortly was called to note that the vehicle was repaired and ready for pick-upTuesday, after New Years, I went to pick up my carThe documentation reflected a complete repair with a total exceeding $( oil change included) It was noted that the "vehicle functions as designed" after the software update was completedI paid for the repair and went to get in my car and drive home the check engine light was off fuel gauge, still faulty
I went back into the store to confirm this error is work, frustrated by a misaligned expectation givenI was then given back a loaner and assured that they would figure out the issue and fix it
The following day I received a phone call, stating the "real" issue was a faulty fuel tank that needed to be replaced totaling over $2,It is important to note that I was already informed that the vehicle was "functioning as designed" however, they had the audacity to ask me to pay this without acknowledgment of their error in work at all
I declined the offer to donate $2,to their cause for a repair that had previously been "fixed" of which I then asked for a refund of the $of which I was unjustly charged for a repair that had not been completed
I was informed that I would have been charged that either way but was informed that they would be happy to fill my tank and delivery my vehicle to me for my inconvenience See, the issue is not the $2,charge it was the lack of validation of the original repair and the documented error that D-Patrick refused to to take ownership ofI do not believe that the customer is always right, but I do believe that a business should treat the customer with integrity, ethics and values befitting a sustainable trusting relationshipIt doesn't matter what I can afford or what I can'tthe value I place is in truth and respectIt was unfortunate to say the least

Boonville Ford delays appointment times and then refuses to provide service due to the issue not occurring currently
I purchased a used Ford Ffrom this business, along with an extended warranty plan that covers most items bumper to bumper The truck has already required numerous repairs, but more concerning, is the same issue occurring multiple times The backup camera was replaced in March of It is now going out again When I called for an appointment, I was told they cannot do anything, including order the part, until they can "review" what the problem is And they cannot review the problem for another month I then asked if I could bring it in to show them the problem, but they said they do not have any time available for that I asked if I could take it to another Ford dealer and they said they could not take another mechanic's word for it So I said I wanted to go ahead and make the appointment and would leave it there as long as they provided me with some

I was told warranty on my vehicle had expired when in fact it had notSeeking reimbursement for work done
On 11-27-my VW GTI started leaking coolantCalled D-Patrick and was told the car was no longer covered under warrantyI was told they could do the work on it but it would be to weeks before the car would be fixedI took my car to another garage for repair
On 11-28-mechanic contacted me and told me the water pump that failed flags a recall when he looks up the partI contacted D-Patrick about a possible recall and was told there was no recallI then contacted the Volkswagen recall center to get some clarificationI was told by the recall center that there was no recall on my vehicle but the failed water pump would be covered under the powertrain warrantyI was told that warranty was still good until 12-11-
On 11-29-I contacted D-Patrick about the powertrain warranty and was told since I had non VW certified garage work on the car they would not hon

I had our vehicle towed in to D Patrick on 06-29-because the car ran, but would not moveThe system was going haywire saying brake system failure, oil system failure, EPC, transmission failureDiagnosis was a water leak and broken wire and water in battery boxThey fix the wire, cleared sunroof drains stating that was the water leak, dried carpet all okayPicked the vehicle up 08-30-and drove home where we found out the console cover was broken, the right front fender well cover was ripped and still had a water leak on the driver and passenger side where I stated the passenger side did not leak, but was soaked nowWe took the vehicle back seven days after picking it up the first time and they said everything was covered under the day guaranteeThey gave me a loaner this time, free of charge 09-17-
I stated the vehicle was still leaking water onto the gas pedal, fender well cover ripped and console was broken and I drained gallons of water from the sub-frame before

Advertising incorrect amount of NEW Fords in stock, largest ford invin tri-state, no payment disclaimersRegulation Z or M
D-patrick downtown fords recent commercial published on you tube on May 12th has several issue that concern meThey claim to stock over new FordsTheir website lists the number of new Fords at including the Fords they have in stock at their Boonville Ford locationThey advertise a payment of $a month but it does not state if its a buy or lease and it does not have the required regulation Z or M disclaimers includedThey also claim on their website homepage to have the largest Ford inventory in Southern Indiana, Western Kentucky, and Southern IllinoisThey need to substantiate that claimHere is the commercial

When I purchased the vehicle, they had one key and told me that they would get me the second keyNow if I want a second key, I have to buy it myself
I am told that they didn't make enough money off of me and so if I want a second key, I will have to purchase it myself This of course, is after the purchase is complete and it is too late to withhold money

Damaged my vehicle during a warranty service visit and refused to repair the damage claiming that it must have occurred before vehicle was serviced
In early I brought my Audi Ain for warranty service which was completed with no errorUpon picking up my vehicle and leaving the parking lot from the dealership, the hood popped up causing me pull over and then immediately returning to the dealership to report the problem Upon arriving, the service technician looked at the car and tried to close the hood without successAnother service technician was called and that service technician slammed the hood down multiple times without success in attempt to get the hood to latchI was then told I would need to leave the car for repair The following day, I was informed that the hood latches failed and new latches would need to be ordered and installed This was a two week ordeal waiting for the service to be completed Upon picking up my car, the hood seemed to latch fine, but af

I was looking for a better car because of having to transport my grandkids and my autistic daughterI thought I would go through a dealer, hoping I would be done rightI test drop a vehicle and was sold on itWhen I went back to do the paper work the check engine light was on, wasn't beforeThey told me they'd look at it and fix the problemTurned out to be a spark plug that was badI bought the car and ended up staying in Evansville that nightThe next day when I got on the bypass above Something wasn't right, the transmission wasn't changing rightI called dpat right awayThey said they couldn't help me and that I would have to pay for any work they didThey had to of known the transmission was going out in the Jeep, now I have to spend 3000.00-for a new transmission on top of the I paid for the JeepI do believe I was a victim of trying to meet the month ends quotaHow could someone sell I car I'm pretty sure they knew was faultyI'm now stuck with the Jeep, the dealer made sure to remind me I bought it as isEven though it was the day after I bought the vehicle I contacted them on the issueThey were fine fixing the spark plug but for some reason want to charge me for any other work they have to doI won't do business with this company againI can't believe this is what kind of used cars they sellI still after spending on the Jeep and just to find out the problem, I still don't have a vehicle to driveThis is saddening and dishearting his is the kind of business they stay behindVery disappointed and I feel taken advantage of

Don't bother making an appointment to see a vehicle here, they will not honor it I made an appointment with Elliott E*** and after I loaded up my family to go down to the dealership, the vehicle was being shown when I got there This dealership is a waste of time No integrity

I purchased an as is used dodge neonI was under the impression that it had only two problems, a loose battery cable and a noise in the front end that was not seriousI was told that other than this and a sticky door handle it was a good reliable carAfter driving it off of the lot it started having electrical problems and both front doors leak when it rainsI have tried over times to get a hold of the dealership to get them to fix it but they won't ever answer or return my callsYesterday I finally got someone to answer and they said all they cld do was trade it for a car in the same price range but will not admit their wrongs or give me compensation otherwiseThe dealership is 1/2hrs away and I've told them I can't miss work to take the car back, and I just want them to pay for the cost of the repairs
Product_Or_Service: Used car

I found the car online, spoke with many people at the businessLooked at the car, looked good, drove good, I wasn't offered anything on the paperwork that I had signed, ie take the car to mechanic Ask for the car fax, they forgot.So I bought my ownBought car took it home, hit a bump and the entire front bumper grill everything was tied on, top and bottom with electric wires! The wheel wells are torn up, part of the bumper is broken off! I feel they hid this issue from me and hurried me to get it done! Their solution is that I got a good deal and because they didn't see it, of course that's not true, I get to fix it and they will pay half They misrepresented the car and I'm just stuck
Product_Or_Service: Automobile

Dpatrick Fords service center broke off a lug nut stud off my car and refused to pay for repairs I had to pay for what they did out of my own pocket

After purchase we discovered Sales person lied that the car was E-Financing lied Ford Credit not best dealCar issues
Vehicle purchase 10/28/Contacted dealer 10/29/via their website and multiple times sinceCar doesn't run right, lied to about vehicle features that will cost us thousands more, financing did not get us best deal costing us more, plates were left out which will cost us $to $that we did not plan on since every new car we have purchased had plates as part of everythingI had a set dollar amount we were willing to pay and this would have caused us to walkI have been trying to communicate via text or email because I would have concrete proof of what t hey say and told them I prefer texting but they seem to refuse
The day we went in I asked sales lady if the car was E-because our current car and previous one were E-and I wanted an E-vehicleShe told my wife and I that it wasWhen we went to fill up with E-for the first time we di

Took my vehicle in for a recall fix and after picking my vehicle up I noticed pinholes on the tint on the drivers window
Took my vehicle in for a recall fix on the airbag and noticed after picking it up that there were small pinholes in the widow tintReturned and informed them of it and was called a liar and said I was trying to scam them

I took my Audi to Dpatrick due to a recall by
takata air bag coWhile in their posession, they had car for daysThe car had interior dash scratch
scratches to dash interior dash trim where the takata air bag was to b e installedThe in between air rest was also broken by either the svc dept while in their shop or by driver who returned the cat to my home

unsubscribe from their email system
They have been emailing me for four years now and every email I respond to tell them to take me off their mailing list and then I get another email

On July 11, 2018, I dropped off my F-truck at D Patrick Ford in Boonville for a service concernThe truck was making an intermittent grinding noise from the front endFrom my own research, I suspected a leak in the IWE (wheel drive) system was causing the front hubs to attempt to engageBecause the issue is intermittent, D Patrick was unable to duplicate the issue, or find a problemUpon further research, I found many owners with the same problem, and their local dealers had fixed their problem, often with a $part, a new check valve in the IWE vacuum systemEven more disturbing, Ford had issued a Special Service Message (SSM 47329) instructing dealers to install a new check valve (#7A788) before completing any other diagnosis, as the check valve was most likely the problem
D Patrick Boonville to do anything without hearing the noise themselvesI am not at all a mechanic, but I removed the check valve, checked it and found it was indeed defectiveD Patricks refusal to repair this truck, under warranty, with something so simple as a $part, is just beyond comprehensionBecause of the valves failure, there is likely damage to the IWE's as they were grinding away, attempting to engageD Partrick Boonville Service is a total fail

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Description: Car Dealerships, Auto Repair Services, Auto Body Shops, Auto Part Suppliers, Used Car Dealerships

Address: 200 N. Green River Rd., Evansville, Indiana, United States, 47715


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