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DaBella Exteriors

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• Nov 16, 2023

they are so expensive you can't afford them all quotes were around $5,000 to $9500 for my roof then Dabella gave me a quote for $19,000 what a joke dont even bother to call them it will shock you and the underlayment paper they use doesn't take the heat that's coming, the rubber sticky underlayment is better. it's up to you, If you want to waste money then use Dabella If you want to save money and still get a good job dont call Dabella in Pueblo Call Valley Exteriors or Ex con Solar and exterior. good luck to you just FYI

First Impressions and a great presentation
Sonny and Ethan proved to be power packed presenters and educators in enlightening us on industry standard roofing materials, practices and costs. They were professional, on time and knowledgeable about quality roofing versus tail light roofing practices and warranties of which we discovered the hard way.
We love the quality roofing materials and the GAF standard of quality materials used by DaBella. We were impressed with their presentation and how well they represented their company. Great job and team work guys you are a wonderful template for how initial industry sales presentations should be conducted. Thank you guys for providing the deserving experience we had today.

• Nov 16, 2023

you still haven't used them see everyone gives a good pitch it all comes down to the cost they are so expensive it is ridiculous 15 squares for $20,000 what a joke

Salesmen promised windows would look new inside and out but are unfinished inside
We paid 13,000 for 10 windows and they are find outside but the inside is completely unfinished. The salesmen promised they would look new when I pointed out the inside sill has bad water damage from age and weather. The installers tore out the frames and trim and left it raw (unfinished). The project manager said someone from the Debella would call us, but have not. After looking at these reviews we are sorry we used Debella.


Run from this company
I am updating this as things do not happen.

Looking at other reviews they only respond to good reviews.
Trying to communicate with these people is fruitless. They will answer your calls until there is a problem. When you do talk to someone it goes in one ear and out the other. I have had supplies in my RV parking for a month now. I am paying to store my trailer elsewhere. No communication no callbacks no emails nothing. I need to decide what I am going to do. I suppose I can have someone else install the stuff in my driveway.

Asked to cancel contract and get reimbursed for trailer storage. I was told again that people would be here yesterday and no communication and no people. Called Cassie and let it ring and ring no voice mail. Called the salesman and got voice mail. Called the main number and all they would do is send an email. Called customer service and Danielle would not give me a phone number to talk to someone else at the SLC/Draper office she wanted to email or transfer me to Kathy's phone that I had already called twice. It appears to me that they do not want to talk to people. I am getting a no soliciting sign for my house. I was fooled once by an Insurance salesman that lied and cost me money that was doing door to door. Now I was fooled again by a siding salesman that came door to door.
Shame on me.


Update #2
I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I called the customer service line and got to the HR department. I talked to Ryan Kostin he said he would have someone contact me. If I was holding my breath I could have told him to ask for Mr. Blue.
Once again lack of communication seems to be systemic when there is a problem.

Update #3 27jun21
I finally had some contact with Dabella in SLC. They said they will let me out of the contract if I take down this post It had been about a week without any communication. I got a text from from the salesman Ty Lopez asking if I had been contacted by anyone. I texted him back no. I am not sure why this company cannot communicate. Lots of finger pointing when I do hear from someone. It is blamed on the office person Cassie. Anyway the saga goes on and on and on.

• Nov 16, 2023


• Nov 16, 2023


Buyer Beware!
We needed a shower replacement due to the fact that the Bathfitter insert that was put in by the previous owner had come loose at the tub and water was seeping over the side into the flooring each time we showered. I contacted several companies to get bids and all were at least 10 weeks out to get the project done but the Dabella rep promised the job could be done within a month. Since we needed this project done sooner rather than later, despite the fact Dabella was considerably more expensive than the other contractors, we decided to go with them. We are now three weeks past the date given for the install. The only contact we have been able to get from Dabella was initiated by myself and that took moving heaven and earth since they do not answer their phones and many messages are just ignored. I finally got a response from someone who said the reason for the delay was there is a nationwide shortage of supplies. This shortage has been going on for a year now so it was known about when the sales rep made the promise of the install date which means she lied just to get the sale. Of course, the language of the contract is such that we have no recourse, since there is no way we can cancel this contract without losing our down payment even if they don’t do the install for the next ten years. The only people who can cancel the contract now are Dabella and of course they won’t do that. Be extremely wary of Dabella; their reps will lie and say anything just to make the sale, read all the fine print in the contract carefully before signing it as once your in it and the three day cancellation period has passed you are stuck, and don’t expect any customer service from these people, and I now worry about the so called “life-time” warranty and how service will be for that if I ever need it since so far the customer service has been so extremely subpar. Customer BEWARE! There are other contractors out there who’s reps will not lie to make sales. There are other contractors out there who actually believe in customer service. If those are things you care about, then don’t do business with this company.

• Nov 16, 2023


For the past two days we've had guys from DaBella Roofing Company coming around and trying to talk my husband into a new roof. We told them a few times that we do NOT plan on getting a new roof till next year. Then they brought shingle samples and that's when I had to get real assertive with them and tell them that they're wasting our time and theirs and to not come around anymore. I told my sister about it and she asked what the name of the company was and I told her "DaBella." She said that was the company that they got a bid from last month when they re-shingled their roof. The bid was $48,000! When they got three other bids that ranged from $17,000 to $19,000. DaBella was $30,000 OVER the average price of the other bids!


Roofing, windows, gutters
Very stressful to work with this company! Leak of credential They are take on project, without capable to perform the task , cause leak of experiences , when there are problems instead of come with solution . the customer need to follow up and they try to run away . They told me as customer responsible to make it right!, they not follow up to solve problem in stead it is customer responsibly
Situation follow : the project was roofing , windows and gutter upgrade.
the bids started in October 2020.
-Roofing project was delayed so start not before beginning December 2020 of in stead of November as promised . It went slow, and there are problems underway but solved.
- Gutter System installed beginning of Dec 2020. Gutter system installed , but the downspout , per my requested want to keep as earlier, . using the chains as downspout . after installation look nice , but as raining so come problems that water not running follow the chains, but out side. I contacted to company to come with a solution , I wait and wait and follow up , but to March2021 still not solve. The latest answer from the sale person who gave me the bids . He told me that there are no 1 in the company had experience to work with chains! problem not solve and new problem with window come on top.
My request a bid for 5 windows upgrade, and the hand written bid were 5 windows , but on contract Oct 10/5-20, the sale rep only written 4. I cached the mistaken and contacted to the salerep . he came out 10/12-21 . He corrected it with small hand written on the side!
The surprise waiting for me her in March 1st 2021. I received only 4 windows! I contact to company they pursuit me to let them install the 4 windows and will find out the missing window.
then I spoked with the sale rep and the associate at main office they told me per contract was only 4 I pay only for 4 windows, but I firmly told hand written bid were 5 and I Had noticed the rep when I saw the mistaken . the sale rep told me, when in the future with upgrading rest of the window in the house . so they can provide me the missing windows for free . naturally I did not accept the solution the rep come with. because I don't dare to trust them for my future project. Records of the conversation regarding the missing window are still on text messages on my phone. they told me hand written bids are not legal. from 3/1- 21 to 3/8-21 Dabella still not come with a solution for problem. I have to follow up again!


Needs better customer service
I'd have to say that the Reno DaBella Exteriors office staff could use a little more emphasis on customer service. In the end, they came through and we got the roof we wanted.
The salesman, Adam lifter was a life saver. He was an excellent salesman. Since my husband and I were really inexperienced about replacing our roof, we really appreciated his insight. He was very patient in explaining the roof replacement process and what kinds of materials were used by DaBella. He helped us in picking the perfect color for our roof.
Because Adam was such an excellent salesman, we decided to go with DaBella.
Unfortunately we had a few bumps along the way when starting the roofing process. The main office in Las Vegas called to say that the roofers would be at our house on Monday (11/23/2020) at 8:00A.M. We were up at 8:00a.m. and waited all day for their arrival. We called the DaBella office to see what was wrong. The receptionist said that she would call us back. No one called us back. My husband got really angry. We went down to the office to find out what was going on. Shouldn't someone have called us? No one called us. The office door was locked when we got there. My husband banged on the door to let us in. What kind of customer service was this?
In the end, DaBella came through thanks to a call to our salesman Adam lifter. He took over and orchestrated a final rescue. Thank you Adam.
In the end, we ended up with a beautiful roof. DaBella came through and set us up with an excellent construction and roofing company. We are really happy with the final end result even though there were a few bumps along the way.

• Nov 16, 2023

the whole company is a joke

what a disaster
I should have known better than to reach out for help during a pandemic. I spent $20,000 on a new roof and a window. The roof looks beautiful but the workman ship is less than desirable. I have a holes and scraps on my siding. There are areas where the trim was not replaced and I will need to hire addition craftsman to come in and fix the problems. My porch now leaks which is now an additional expense. I also have new leak around a window. When I look at the other new roofs that where installed in my neighborhood for a much cheaper price and exploring the quality of workman ship, I feel as if I gotten taken advantage of. I have sent out 2 emails to different email addresses expressing my concerns and I have not heard back from the company...what a shame..I wish I have the capacity to load photos.

• Nov 16, 2023

BRAVO you tell them friend they tried to rip me off good luck to you

Poor Customer Service and don't Value the Customer accept they got you money
Bought $12,000 worth of 4 window. After the windows were installed, I had problems with one sash falling apart, cracked and two other complete window frames are warped and can lock or remove the sashes like they should. I have been waiting since first part of August 2020 and nothing has been done yet. They got their money already, but don't seem to take care of my problems. I wouldn't recommend DeBella in the Washington state area. Big Mistake. Just don't believe the cute recording which is a lie.
Poor Customer Service and don't Value the Customer accept they got you money
Poor Customer Service and don't Value the Customer accept they got you money
Poor Customer Service and don't Value the Customer accept they got you money
Poor Customer Service and don't Value the Customer accept they got you money
Poor Customer Service and don't Value the Customer accept they got you money


Talk about a knowledgeable and personable sales team! The best ever!
We met with Kevin and Kody today to get an estimate for our home and shop roof, thinking that we would like a metal roof - boy did they know their product, and we are so thankful that we are having DaBella put our roof on. This roof and the warranty behind it can't be beat and will protect us from the wind, snow, rain and extreme heat that we get in our area (not all at the same time!). Not only that, they can finance this roof also! We were amazed with their knowledge and professionalism, and we are looking forward to seeing their crew in the next few weeks!

• Nov 16, 2023

your a foul they are overpriced and a joke I guess you didn't read any of these did you well you will learn from your mistakes

DaBella Phoenix roofing for Cottonwood Arizona
We just had our 25 year old roof retiled by DaBella. We are so pleased. They did a beautiful job. Have had lots of compliments. We would highly recommend DaBella.
Ray & Pat Cottonwood, Arizona.

Great Experience with DaBella
Projects were done fast and how they told me it would be completed.

Good company - excited for product
I loved the sales people. Took a bit longer than I thought, but they were entertaining enough! They showed me a roof that was typical to the market average, and now I'm two to four weeks away from getting this pesky roof off my home with a new DaBella roof!


Too long with too poor of a response
Last summer we hired Debella to replace our siding and windows. They subcontracted both jobs assuring us everything would be perfect. The siding was a great experience the windows not so much. They were not measured correctly by their experts, since the initial measurements were wrong the windows were not sized properly. The installer put them in anyway, using 2X4 to shim them in. This meant our casing and blinds did not fit. After much complaining they installed new casing, but did not stain, nor did they fix the walls where damage was made and exposed. They have not credited us for the wood blinds we have that will not fit as well. In fact they have not followed up with to see if we are satisfied.
Too long with too poor of a response


Great roof but it cost me $20K and a driveway
The roof seems to be good, though it has been less than a year. But while doing the tear-off the apron of my driveway was broken. When I addressed it with the salesman he was clear and said that DaBella would take care of it. Well it has been more than six months since the roof was installed, and the salesman is not a manager in Bend, Oregon. And DaBella sent a salesman to get me to buy windows now. When I advised the salesman I would listen to his pitch and think about windows but I wasn't going to buy anything until DaBella made good and got my driveway fixed. The salesman was polite and at the end of the pitch he called the manager. The salesman was dejected but told me the manager basically said I could go "F-- myself". Well I will not do any further business with DaBella and I will probably have to go through a law suit and money for a lawyer. So DaBella get's no more business from me and anyone I know will be advised of the "Quality" of DaBella Customer Service.
Great roof but it cost me $20K and a driveway


We had not heard about any issues with this customer until we received this complaintWe have reached out to the customer in an effort to resolve the situationWe have called and left messages requesting a call backWe have not heard from the customerWe were able to get more information from the installer and are interested in working toward a resolution


Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: Per the inspection, the vents installed were not GAF Please provide a COST Breakdown of the items installed on my roof I would like to know what brand of vents were actually used on my roof and how much they cost Per the inspector from GAF, the GAF vents are to be installed a specific way and are very costly I would like to know what exactly I have been charged for and how much, if not GAF Material Per the contract I signed with Reve, I'm supposed to have paid for GAF Venting Sincerely, [redacted] ***


The customer is correct - as a service to the customer, attempts had been made to go on site to address the GAF repair items on the flat roof area of the homeSince that time, DaBella Exteriors did have completed all absolute necessary repairs on the flat roof of the home for the GAF Liberty roofing material to function as intended, all the while exhausting repair efforts due to the nature of the flat roof portion of the roof replacement project on the [redacted] home falling outside of DaBella Exteriors’ scope of work.DaBella Exteriors stands by their previous response.DaBella Exteriors specializes in steep slope roofing, not flat roofing, and as a directive of the company President, DaBella Exteriors will NOT be performing any more work on the flat roof of the [redacted] home (which again is outside of its scope) and DaBella Exteriors will NOT be crediting the [redacted] s any more money associated with the flat roof of their home.Due to the fact that DaBella Exteriors was unable to complete the flat roof area to their satisfaction in the first place, (as indicated in the discount addendum signed in February), the customer received a $4,discount, and in turn, at their discretion, was free to hire a different contractor who specializes in flat roofing, to either install a new flat roof system or keep the GAF Liberty low slope roof materials and accessories they already have and have it completed to their satisfaction as DaBella was unable to do so.DaBella Exteriors sincerely apologizes for the mass confusion regarding flat roof repair, however it is unable to service the flat roof of the home any further, as they are a steep slope roofing contractor and all repair efforts on the flat roof have been exhaustedDaBella Exteriors does not agree to any further arbitration as it did the right thing in discounting the project by $4,so that the customer could in turn have the flat roof area completed to their satisfaction by another contractor.No further agreements will be made to carry out or credit toward repairs/completion of the flat roof area of the [redacted] home by DaBella Exteriors

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:I made the decision to again contact the company to attempt to get gutters before the rain starts Although I believe the right thing for Reve Exteriors to do is to re-install gutters at their cost, I have excepted a 50% discount for this company to install new gutters on my house.Thank you for you time, [redacted]

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