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Review: We had solar panels installed on our home in March 2015. The system was inspected by an outside electrical company on April 2, 2015. We were told by Delmarva Power and Flexera, the solar panel company, that Delmarva Power would install a two-way meter within 30 days. I have left many voicemail messages for the past three weeks and no one has contacted me.

At this point Delmarva Power is costing us money by delaying the installation of the meter.

It has been 8 weeks, 56 days since the system was inspected which is well beyond the 30 thirty day requirement.Desired Settlement: We want the meter installed as soon as possible so that the solar system will generate our electricity. We also want to be credited the amount of electricity that we would billed after the 30 day deadline set by Delmarva Power which is from May 3, 2015 until the date that the meter is installed.



Delmarva Power has completed the appropraite meter installatino on May 27, 2015. Permission to operate was communicated via electronic mail to the Solar Contractro and customer on June 2, 2015. We extend our apologies for the delay in providing a timely meter installation and response to this matter. Attached is a copy of the permission to operate for your records. Sincerely, [redacted]
Customer Relations Lead Analyst
Regulatory and Executive Customer Relations

Consumer Response:

[redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve all issues of my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

Delmarva Power did install the two-way meter on May 27, 2015 and we had permission to operate on June 2, 2015. Delmarva Power states that they will install the two way meter within 30 days. The thirty days was on May 2, 2015. Delmarva Power still owes me reimbursement for electricity charges from May 3 through June 2, 2015.

I want my bill from Delmarva Power credited for the electricity from the dates listed above

Business Response:

The initial application was received by Delmarva Power on February 19, 2015. The approval to install was provided on March 12, 2015. Part Two of the application process was received on April 13, 2015. The order to exchange the meter was completed on May 28, 2015 and the permission to operate the system was completed on June 2, 2015. There is no regulation surrounding the length of time a meter is to be installed from the completed application process. Delmarva Power completes these in the order that they are received. Ms. [redacted] was advised in error by her contractor that the process would be completed within 30 days. She was not advised of this information by Delmarva Power. No refund is warranted on the account.

Review: I recently received a refund check for a security deposit that was made to Delmarva which initially I could not locate. I called the company and spoke to a customer service rep to inquire about the check, which at that point I clearly indicated that I would call back the following day if I could not locate the check. I located the check and deposited it on 5/23/14 and did not call back to authorize a stop payment. Delmarva however did authorized another check to be issued on 5/27/14 and put stop payment on the first check causing my bank to withdraw the funds that were already deposited plus charge me a $15 returned deposit fee.

Again, I called Delmarva and spoke to another rep that informed me that I would be reimbursed the $15 after providing a copy of my bank statement which I faxed on 6/3/2014. Today (6/24/14) I still hadn't received a check for the $15 and was told by a manager that I was not going to be reimbursed for the charge. Apparently Delamarva automatically puts a stop payment on the check and reissues another one when these problems occur unless the customer calls back immediately but I was unaware of this procedure. Also, none of the customer service reps I spoke with mentioned this at anytime and don't seem to be knowledgeable about this protocol. The manager confirmed that the notes did state that I would call back the next day in the event that I was unable to locate the check. I did not place a call after therefore indicating no action should have been taken. The notes in their system should have been reviewed before issuing a stop payment.Desired Settlement: Refund check in the amount of $15

Business Response:

[redacted] called on 5/22/14 stating she had not received the deposit refund check of $149.24 and said she would call back on 5/23/14. Unfortunately, [redacted] did not call back and our process is to stop a check once a customer reports it was not received. A stop was issued on 5/23/14. [redacted] did not call DPL again until 6/3/14 when she incurred the $15 charge by her bank. Although we followed our normal procedure, as a one-time courtesy I have credited [redacted]'s account with a $15.00 customer service credit.

Consumer Response:

Review: I am requesting a refund of $1975 I paid to Delmarva to extend a gas main to my residence because shortly afterwards, Delmarva extended the gas main at no cost to all the residents on my street.

When I first contacted Delmarva about gas service in the spring of 2012, they estimated it would cost about $2000 to extend the main to my house. At that time, I solicited all the residents on my street to see if anyone else was interested in gas. I send them the names and addressed of seven additional houses interested in gas. They said that for all eight houses to get gas service it would cost about $4600 per house, since the main would have to run the entire length of the street, past many houses that didn’t want gas. Given the high cost, the rest of the residents declined service, and I paid the original $2000 to have my house connected.

Less than six months later, in December 2012, another resident on my street contacted Delmarva about gas service. She was quoted a cost of about $4500 for the main to be extended to her house alone. She also made inquiries of the rest of the residents on the street and found that 10 additional residents were interested. Delmarva then extended the main to the rest of the street for free.

How is it that Delmarva wanted $4600 each for eight houses when I inquired in July 2012, and then in January 2012 they connected eleven houses for free? The length of the gas main extension for both situations was the same, the length of the entire street.

I believe a refund is in order since only seven months elapsed between my paying $1975 for gas service and Delmarva hooking up the entire street for free.Desired Settlement: Refund of $1975

Business Response:

Prior complaints have been received for this customer through the Delaware Public Service Commission. The information below is an excerpt from a letter sent to the customer on August 22nd and explains DPL's position.

This letter responds to your request for a refund of the amount paid for the installation of gas service at your property on July 10, 2012. You paid $1,975.90 for the extension of the gas main to provide service to your property (152 feet 2 inches) in accordance with the provisions of Delmarva Power’s Delaware Gas Tariff.

Review: Payed off a balance of my electric/Gas bill and they told me that it was payed off completely. Recieved my bill for the month of June saying I owed 0.00. But for the month of July they mailed us a bill that said we owed them $650.00 for the gas bill. They said that this was because of the meter being miss read for an entire 2 years.Desired Settlement: Want Delmarva to admit they made a mistake an not charge us for the billing adjustment.

Business Response:

[redacted] account was part of a meter mix up that included [redacted] The meter she was being billed on ([redacted] actually was servicing [redacted] The meter that was being billed to [redacted] was actually servicing [redacted] Delmarva confirmed the meter mix up through an investigation at this complex. The meters were corrected in our system to reflect the actual premise they service in the field. In addition, each customer's prior gas usage was adjusted and rebilled based on the correct meter servicing their home. This correction resulsted in a debit adjustment to [redacted] account of $426.76 representing 9 months of corrected winter usage (Dec 2011-Apr 2012 & Jan 2013-Apr 2013). A letter and statement detailing the adjustment were mailed to [redacted] in June. [redacted] total balance is currently $720.73 ($55.35-electric & $665.38-gas). A 24-month arrangement on her gas balance was set for [redacted] on 7/16/13. The arrangement requires her to pay 24 installments of $28.00 in addition to her monthly gas bill starting as of her July bill.

Review: I have had this electric service since October 2008. I was just informed that there is a $350 security deposit on my account and was told it was because they had to send me a disconnection notice... I am on budget billing and pay the same amount every month... I am not required to pay the full amount... the whole purpose of budget billing and then at the end of the term, I pay the settlement amount. Very rude customer service representatives and was just told that I have no choice but to have their services because they supply my area.. I refuse to pay a $350 security deposit for them to send out an imaginary disconnection notice.Desired Settlement: I would like the security deposit removed from my account.

Business Response:

The additional depsoit of $175.00 billed to customer on 09/01/2015 was waived on 09/04/2015. She had excellent credit worthiness.

Consumer Response:

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

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