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• Sep 16, 2023

Worst customer service ever!
My gas meter broke, they replaced it, then I got a $15,000 bill for one month of gas. They deducted this from my checking account without my knowledge. When I noticed it I called immediately. I was told that I would receive a check in the mail within 3 to 7 days. Day seven came and no check. I called back again and was told that it actually takes 10-15 business days. On the 15th business day I still didn’t receive a check. I called back again and was told that it would be a direct deposit on 9/15. Well 9/15 came and no deposit. I called back again and was told that they had no record of this being taken out of my account. Then someone said that I need to send a copy of my checking account statement. This is the first time that this was requested. They gave me a fax number and an email address. Neither one would work. They then gave me a second fax number and it didn’t work. Finally, I got someone that said I could fax it to them and they would get it where it needed to go. I was then told it would take an additional 7-10 days for the refund. It just amazes me that they have so many incompetent people working in their call center. If all goes well I will hopefully get my refund after two months of anxiety.

Horrible customer service
I had a mix up between two accounts and a charge was placed under the wrong account. I asked for it to be transferred to the correct one, this was in January. I had to call each month because I was still being charged on the incorrect account, even after the other account was paid and closed. I started emailing them to help me because I can't spend an hour on the phone and be placed on 20 'brief holds' every month. I have to explain the situation every time I call, and it's really frustrating when I get disconnected (which happens often) and have to call back again. After going back and forth in emails with 3 different employees in billing, I received an unprofessional email response that they've been trying to contact me multiple times with no response so I need to call customer care. I received one call/message. Just calling the main customer cr takes so long to finally get through to someone (plus the connection is horrible and you can't understand the person on the other end due to their headsets.) after being disconnected twice, the third call finally got me to supervisor (a 2 hour phone call) . This is the 5th supervisor I've talked to over a 6 month period, each of whom gave me different answers. After speaking with this supervisor, she realized the amount was transferred twice to my current account and it needed to be adjusted. I should not have had to spend 6 months of phone calls and emails trying to prove that they were overcharging me.
I will say, everyone I spoke with when I called was courteous and helpful, just not helpful enough to figure out the problem. The women in billing I was in contact with through email, not so much. It's unfortunate a company like this treats their customers so poorly.

ZERO STARS for Greed Rude Customer Service and DP&L's ignorant buisness practices
I know of three elderly customers (ON TIME bill payers for over 30 years with excellent credit scores) hard working assets to their communities and their families. Through no fault of their own they endured serious financial problems. One a single female who lost her spouse along with the burden of living and partially supporting an adult son with mental and emotional problems. the other is a couple who had serious family problems they'd prefer not to disclose here but in my mind what they sacrificed and for whom makes them heroes. Only after a few years both had lost their retirements maxed out credit cards, refinanced their homes sold off assets and gave up many things they held dear. That's just a little background so its not assumed these people were the types to not pay their bills. One day I was asked to look over their $1000.00+electric bills (both lived in similar sized homes with similar heat/AC systems) and explain, if I could, why they were excessively high. I was sickened and shocked to find out its perfectly legal! Delmarva Power and Light and their geniuses in charge decided that these long time excellent customers should now pay them a DEPOSIT of $500! these are customers that are already struggling, living on a FIXED INCOME which is barely over poverty level and in no way at age 80 & 75 with extensive medical problems are they able to come up with any additional income by working! These vulnerable seniors will be disconnected If they don't come up with DP&L's added EXCESSIVE DEPOSIT that has NOTHING TO DO WITH SERVICES Rendered OR PRODUCTS received PLUS the money they owe for REAL SERVICES Rendered including late fees, other ridiculous charges passed on by the company and the disgusting $1.95 fee for using their OWN home phones to pay this unbelievably greedy company what they are Demanding! If they don't cough up DP&L's cash before the deadline they will then have a RECONNECT FEE, Pay DEPOSIT UP FRONT, all the above mentioned charges and even more if its after hours. Oh yea DP&L will gladly arrange for these seniors to be on a ONCE A YEAR ONLY budget plan which CANNOT be a minute past the due date or once again the always looming threat of disconnection! Use their so called budget "HELP" carefully and pay DP&L BEFORE DEADLINE doesn't matter if you need to buy food or medicine or lifesaving medical services DP&L COMES FIRST! Just ask them.

Security deposit
I've been existing customer for 22 yrs. Why would Delmarva charge existing customers charge $372.00 security deposit? Especially, if you just moved from an old address w/ no payment due. Since, it's paid in full & moved into a new home? I can see if it were to be unpaid balance carried over to the new bill. This doesn't make sense. Has anyone of y'all experienced this or know someone who has?


The total balance on the account is currently $ The account was assessed a security deposit of $on 12/30/due to delinquency Attached, please find the billing history reflecting the account was delinquent and not paid in full by the due date multiple times I have also attached copies of the disconnection notices sent on the account as well Per the DE Tariff, Delmarva Power can assess any new or existing customer a security deposit until satisfactory payment rating has been achieved Once the account is paid in full and is paid in full and by the due date for consecutive months the deposit will be refunded

Better Business Bureau: I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Regards,

spoke to Mr [redacted] and advised, a reread on 11/confirmed customers November's reading was over read by kwh , advised his revised bill has been sent as of 11/Applied SLG credit [redacted] ***

A new customer called for service but provided an incorrect addressThis resulted in the party that was currently there to have their account endedThe correct party called Delmarva Power and the problem was corrected

Mr***'s information has been forwarded to the contractor that installs the the thermostats for DPL's Energy Wise Program, someone will be reaching out to him to provide the information he needs regarding the operation of his thermostat, as well as his inquiry about the additional energy increase he is believes occurred[redacted]

Attempted to contact [redacted] several times at [redacted] no answer Total account balance $ According to ACE's records, customer has been enrolled in installment plans within the past twelve (12) months which have defaulted due to insufficient payment On June 2, 2017, a Final Notice of Service Termination was issued requesting the past due balance of $ to prevent the interruption of service on or after June 17, Service was disconnected 6/21/The minimum amount I can accept would be $to restore service The remaining balance can be placed on a month payment arrangement to pay approx$in addition to the monthly

Our records indicate that Ms [redacted] was set up on the EUSP budget on December 15, The balance on the account at that time was $ The budget start month was January The account was set for the budget amount of $ The budget amount was then reduced to $as of February and the EUSP payments of $were applied to the budget amount each month The only payments that were being applied to the account each month were the EUSP assistance payments of $ The first customer payment made on the account was in July A notice was sent to Ms [redacted] on October 2, advising that a payment of $would be required in order to bring the EUSP budget current and to remain on the program Ms [redacted] contacted DPL on October 8, and was provided the option to make payment to remain on the EUSP budget or she could be removed and set up on a month deferred payment arrangement An initial payment was accepted and the balance was placed on a month payment arrangement This arrangement is currently in good standings I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below I originally submitted this complaint on 4/in ref to Delmarva Power Sent all the documents to the company and verified with the respondent that he received themOn 4/I accepted his response that we would evaluate and send check including bank charge I have emailed him several times and I stillhave not received my check.Do I have to open up another complaint or what procedure do I need to go throughThis has been going on since end of Nov and it is not rightPlease advise...Thank you

I have reviewed Ms ***'s electric accountCustomer was billed a security deposit of $7/and DPL received the payment in full 9/A security deposit is refunded to the customer once they have established Good/Excellent credit by paying their bill in full and on time by the due dateDPL has been holding Ms***'s deposit since because she has not established Good/Excellent credit due to the delinquency of her account An increase of $was assessed to Ms***'s account (total deposit of $295) with her December Bill due to the delinquency of her account and customer has also received disconnect notices within monthsThe increase of the deposit is due to the increase in the customers consumption since the previous deposit was billed Customer was not billed an additional deposit of $295, if there is an existing deposit on the account the deposit will show that it was refunded and applied to the account and a new deposit is billed for the total new deposit amount The deposit is warranted and is not eligible to be waivedThe deposit can be refunded after customer has zero balance and the bill is paid in full by the due date for consecutive months

A security deposit of $was assessed on Ms [redacted] account on March Security Deposits are based on a customer's credit payment historyOur records currently reflects that Ms [redacted] has an excellent payment history at this timeAs long as she maintains an excellent payment history going forward, no new security deposits will be assessedCustomer currently has a credit balance of $on account.Tell us why here I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Regards, [redacted] ***

I spoke with the customerHe went on line to establish budget billing and the budget calculated at $per monthPer manual calculation the budget should have been $per monthUnfortunately, I am unable to tell him exactly what caused the error in the automated systemThe information will be forwarded to the proper area for reviewThe budget has been cancelled and currently he has a balance of $I advised him he is able to set up a budget in future if he would like to try the budget againThe customer is unsatisfied, however; the issue will have to be investigatedThere is no detailed information on the error at this time I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below Now based on information stated, my bill has averaged in the winter months $& in the summer less than $100, my bill was never adjusted in November the interest rateSo that is untrueIn addition my issue with them is their failure to disclose the full information in reference to the deposit and rules in reference to refunding depositNot to mention I've called in a total of 4x in reference to this as well as billing date changes and was never informed until I requested that it be refunded based upon the information I was provided by their agents on more than one occasionBased upon my payment being late out of months, I believe that to be true based upon the fact I had a roommate who never paid on time any of the billsSo instead of me paying the entire bill upfront I would pay my half & wait for him to give me his & then pay the remainderNow had I been informed that the all payments had to be made on time then I would have then paid the bill upfront & waited for his half to be redunded to meSo my issue was NEVER paying a deposit but the fact they didn't disclose policy as that is a violation of any companies protocol Regards, I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.I accept the refunding of the credit on my account and appreciate that it was done in a timely manner (only after I filed a claim with the, what I do not accept is that no one from Delmarva EVER contacted me about anything that's happenedEach manager I spoke with at Delmarva apologized for the mistakes of the previous supervisor and then proceeded to make the exact same mistakesI was expecting someone to at least contact me to apologize for the horrendous customer service provided by the companyAt this point it doesn't matter as I've received the credit on my account and it appears there's nothing more Delmarva can do to make up for the hardship and frustration I've encounteredI am currently looking into alternate energy providers because my experience with Delmarva have been so awful Regards,

Customer was assessed a deposit of $on 1/16/due to the delinquency of his account, customer has received disconnect notices since 7/Customer was assessed a deposit on 9/17/and it was waived as courtesy on 9/Customer has also had broken payment arrangements within the past months DPL's deposit policy is part of ourtariff which is approved by the Public Service CommissionDPL is willing to set the deposit on a month payment plan of $+ Current bill Customer's deposit is warranted and is not eligible to be waiveThe deposit can be refunded once he has reestablished his credit worthiness to excellent or good by paying his balance to a zero balance and pays his bill in full each month by the due date for consecutive months

[redacted] s balance s of her 2/18/payment date totaled $1,($1,564.22-electric balance & $226.21-deposit balance) This amount is reflected on page two of her January bill (see attached) The $1, figure represented her electric charges only and did not account for the outstanding deposit I have attached a statement detailing her payments and charges ad a copy of her January bill

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