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• Nov 26, 2021

Dexcom 6 - no problems at all
Ive been using the Dexcom 6 for a little more than 2 months. I had read all the reviews (most dated 2 or more yrs ago) with all the complaints about how "bad" the Dexcom is. I was concerned I had made an error. 2 months later? I have not a single complaint. My sensors have worked for 9+ to 10+ days as expected. The readings can be different than my meter, by about 10 - 30 points. Suggestion to all who complain about that. READ THE DEXCOM BROCHURES! They tell you all about the delayed reaction since the Dexcom is in your superficial skin zone, NOT IN YOUR BLOODSTREAM. A finger stick will ALWAYS be closer to exact because it is drawing ACTUAL blood, not the blood sugar as it slowly moves into your skin to be detected there by the Dexcom. I love the Dexcom! My readings with the Dexcom are often within 10 points of my meter reading. The only times there is a big difference is when my BG is raising or dropping quickly due to eating or taking insulin. Again, see my earlier point about bloodstream sample versus skin sample. I love my Dexcom 6! So glad I take the step to use it. Fantastic! Thank you Dexcom! As for cost? Check with your insurance. My prescriptions for Dexcom (3 - sensor and transmitter and receiver) each cost me $45 per month. I need 3 sensors per month ($45/month) 1 transmitter every 3 months ($15/month) and 1 receiver per year ($4/month). That makes my avg monthly Rx = less than $65.00. If you have no insurance, look to one of the coupon Rx sites for their help. They can save you 10-30% on the cost of your Rx. The best thing about the Dexcom 6? It is CONTINUOUS! You wake in the morn and see how your BG was overnight. With the Libre? You wake up to see... nothing for 7+ hours. If you want to see something? You gotta wave the device over the sensor. Try that on a crowded bus, train or plane. If I need to know my BG with my Dexcom 6? I pull the receiver out of the holster on my belt, press the button and see where I am. No arm swipe and I can see as far back as I care to view, up to about 48 hrs. Awesome! Thank you Dexcom!

• Nov 23, 2021

G6 Is a absolute waste of money
I have tried the G6 for 3-4 months now and its been the worst mistake I've ever made. I am changing back to the FreeStyle Libre 2. Never had a failure. The Dexcom 6 works about 10 % of the time so do NOT waste your time or money. It also bruises and makes you bleed. When they get the bugs worked out and redesign the applicator it may be worth it. Good in theory but it just does not not work!

• Oct 11, 2021

Concur with unreliability of sensor
I have had increasing reliability problems with the sensors lasting a few to several days, but usually not for 10 days. This makes me have to order more frequently and my insurance coverage does not reimburse their part for sensors that don't last 10 days. Sometimes I can get a sensor started again by pushing hard on it. Some times that works at least for another day or two. From a reliability standpoint this is not a solution ready for the market. If only I didn't hate sticking my finger. Also, someone else mentioned that insurance will not cover test strips even though you require calibration and a back-up method for when the sensors stop working. I have attached a couple of screen shots of the meter - one for a couple of hours and one for about 12 hours. You can tell from display there is something wrong. And this last time I got an alarm showing 50, so I stoked up on coke and sugar tablets, when I really was not having a low reading.

• Sep 18, 2021

Sensor fails!!!
My daughter has had her pump and CGM for two years now. The past 3 months, the sensors have been an absolute fail! We literally just went through three sensors in one week because of fails. Dexcom/Tandem have done nothing but replace the product. Their advice was to suggest the sensor be placed on her abdomen. Umm, that's exactly where it has been each time of the fail. Very frustrating. She doesn't want to use the product anymore and would rather go back to finger p[censored]. Tandem needs to do something about this. I can't keep my 15-year-old healthy if their product continues to fail.

• Aug 21, 2021

Product quality sucks
Over the last couple of years, Dexcom quality has been very bad, sometimes having to go through 3 sensors to get one to work. I would rather go back to pking my finger instead of fighting with this issue anymore and honestly Dexcom does not appear to be doing anything about it.

• Jul 11, 2021

Sensor error
Been on Dexcom 2 years , after suffering though glue change that has burnt my skin Horribly and sensor error codes I’m done! It is so transparent what this company is doing!I think it is Criminal and I hope someone will start a class action law suit against how they have intentionally systematically been hurting people and defrauding insurance company’s and Medicare selling defective products!

• May 03, 2021

Dexcom is NO good!! Adhesive gives you a rash/burn!
I am have used Dexcom for 4 weeks now. Every damn time I take the sensor off the adhesive has given me a bad rash/burn. Each time the rash/burn has gotten worse. It itches and it burns! It is awful. Dexcom is supposed to be sending me overlay patches which I have been trying to get for a couple of weeks now. I keep getting an e-mail that they are on their way but when I check the tracking number, no such number exists. Dexcom is a waste. The pictures below if they came out do NOT give the actual rash and burns I received any justice!
Dexcom is NO good!!  Adhesive gives you a rash/burn!
Dexcom is NO good!!  Adhesive gives you a rash/burn!
Dexcom is NO good!!  Adhesive gives you a rash/burn!
Dexcom is NO good!!  Adhesive gives you a rash/burn!

• Apr 30, 2021

Dexcom 6 was inserted last week
Dexcom G6 worked great during insertion @ Dr’s office on wife’s Apple 7. Bought a new google pixel 5, 5G- Spent hours attempting to download working dexcom 6 app- no luck

• Mar 20, 2021

Wonderful service
My Son recently lost his dexcom transmitter and when insurance wouldn't let us order a new one I called dexcom and they sent one within 2 day. We always order from Dexcom until we switch insurance and now we have to order from oak park medical. I wish we could still order from Dexcom because they have always been so great. Oak park is an awful company to order from. Thank you Dexcom!

• Feb 26, 2021

Poor workmanship
Been diabetic for 68 years. Have problems with low blood sugar unawareness. Dr. prescribed the Dexcom system in 2017, saying this system would be a godsend for me.
Well, it's not! Sensors do not last the time they are supposed to. Sensor errors, not working when I need it to. They may work, maybe 2 days, maybe 6 days, maybe 8 days tops. Medicare will not cover blood glucose test strips because I'm on the Dexcom G6. My Dr. prescribes test strips, at 5 a day, since I'm on the Dexcom G6. When the system is not working, I have to do manual tests. Today, while at the pharmacy, trying to get answers about my test strip prescription not being filled, I showed the pharmacist and technician, that my Dexcom was not working, and only said "sensor error". It hadn't worked in over 3 hours! How am I to know, where my blood sugar is, if it doesn't work, and Medicare won't cover test strips needed. Dexcom is not dependable, so I'm ending it's use. It's hard to even give it a 1.

• Feb 22, 2021

Tech Support Department RUDE customer service.
I have been on dexcom 6 for 1 year. I LOVE IT! I have called customer service in past and got excellent service. But my receiver quit working for a week but was able to use my app on my phone. I called 2 times that week but no one was able to fix it. The last phone call I made was to someone who shouldn't be allowed to speak with patients. I am older and he was so condescending and just plain rude. Yes he fixed my receiver and I am grateful for that but he treated me like I was stupid then told me he was one of the supervisors. I couldn't believe it! I have had diabetes for 40 years and the dexcom is the best thing that has come along. Also I am older sometimes a little confused but I have had a wonderful career as a RN for 38 years and would never speak to one of my patients the way I was spoken to! I needed to say something and hope and pray that they improve their Tech Support department because I am afraid they will lose customers and I can't recommend this product to anyone.

• Feb 10, 2021

New Phone...No, says Dexcom
Through many conversations with Dexcom technical and customer support I've gotten absolutely nowhere closer to being able to properly run the Dexcom G6 app on my Android device. Dexcom has a limited list of select devices that their software techs have received FDA approval for running their software that connects (via bluetooth) to the CGM sensor. The latest list is pathetic at best and it is irritating that Dexcom's system is set up this way. My Samsung phone needs to be replaced and of the 3 different Android models that I chose NONE are currently supported by Dexcom.
I've contacted Dexcom and the best information I was able to extract from customer support is that they will NEVER approve a Motorola phone and the latest LG and Samsung phones are "in the pipeline" (so what timeframe does this mean?)...
Being a diabetic sucks! Dexcom shouldn't rain on our efforts for happiness through dictating what phone we can or can't purchase! Hope you're listening Dexcom...
New Phone...No, says Dexcom

• Feb 18, 2021

On the Dexcom compatibility site, the Samsung A21 phone shows as being supported. My wife and I purchased two of them for that very reason, only to find out they don't work. I spent weeks on the phone with Dexcom to rectify, but it sounds like they're more interested in the shiny new object (G7) to deal with their current customers.

• Feb 08, 2021

Phone incompatibility...but Dexcom says it is!
I've been on the phone with Dexcom, Samsung, and my carrier for over TWO months trying to find out why my G6 will not work with my new (compatible) Samsung A21 phone. It "may" connect after nearly 45 minutes, but then, after about 5 minutes, says "signal lost" and it never connects again. My wife has the identical SM-A215U phone and hers does the same exact thing when installing the G6 app. Every time I call Dexcom with this issue, they go through the same troubleshooting and it is never resolved. They claim to escalate to engineering, but I never hear anything back. Dexcom is covered as far as any damages, as I have not been "hurt" by this device, and the best I can do is file a small claim to get any sort of compensation (cost of phone, etc). I've been using the Dexcom receiver since this started and see no resolution in sight. It would be really nice if I could carry only one device (phone) and know my A1C at a glance, but it appears as though Dexcom is ultra-focused on the new shiny object (G7) and I won't be feeling any joy anytime soon with the G6.

• Jan 05, 2021

If there was a lower rating, I would have chosen it. Although the product itself (G6) is not bad, accuracy is a pretty consistent problem (20-40 points lower than finger stick) especially when starting a new session. BUT DEXCOM'S CUSTOMER SERVICE IS ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE! In the 5 months since starting this CGM system, we have had 3 instances involving shipping of monthly supplies, receiving replacements for defective supplies, and missing supplies. Last rep told me they had "no connection to the shipping dept." & that they couldn't "give me a time frame for receipt due to backlog issues". Have an appt. w/ diabetes dr. in 8 days & will be exploring other options.


Dexcom's Customer Service will be the downfall of this company
I'll start with I think the device Dexcom G6 is amazing. Love it. But in the infinite wisdom of saving a buck, the Dexcom Management has determined that customer service should be outsourced and not paid much attention to. I've been trying to order new sensors for a month and a half and I get nice people who have no idea of how to get their product to the consumer. They don't follow up, it's like they don't need you. I've paid for my refill but still hasn't arrived. They said it was delivered yesterday (I work from home), it wasn't. This will be my last refill I will be switching to a company that isn't so cheap. I wonder if they are cheap with the construction of their product too?


G6 app does not work with almost all android phones
Got a rude awakening when I switched from Minimed (which I think is also crap) to Dexcomm + tandem pump. They tell you that you can pair the transmitter with your android phone. So I bought the whole system and when I went to set it up turns out they only support a few select Android phones. WTF? It is not like they have a list of the minimum amount of memory, OS level, and/or nand space. No, they just have a list of phones. I have an expensive high-end Motorola phone but they don't support ANY Motorola phones.

Check the list prior to buying.
I am really really pissed because now I have to buy a dedicated Dexcom device which is the size of a phone that I have to carry. DEXCOM get your act together and hire some competent android developers.


Glue change
I’ve been on Dexcom for about two years. 12 months g5 and 12 on G6. It is my personal opinion that dexcom has change the glue to keep people from restarting old sensor. This has been terrible for me. I went for 18 months with no allergic reaction until they said they changed the glue. It is hurting a lot senior people like my self on Medicare. I’ve had to change sensors within 4 to 5 days because of a burning rash that takes 3 weeks to go away.I would hope that they would take another look at how terrible this new glue is hurting seniors before they get in a lot of trouble!


Adhesive Has Changed
I have been using Dexcom G6 for a couple of years. Recently they changed the adhesive material on the sensor (they actually changed it in December 2019) Since the change I have been complaining about the horrible rash the adhesive causes on my skin. I am NOT allergic to anything. The rash continues to worsen and takes about 3 weeks to fully heal. Their customer service lied to me from January until this September, saying nothing has changed in their manufacturing process. Then I get a hold of a technical support person and was told they had changed the adhesive. I hope others who are experiencing this know that they are not alone. Dexcom refuses to help and tells me to contact my doctor. I am officially switching to the FreeStyle Libre 2 (with alarms!) and will be happy that I dont have to deal with the Dexcom customer service [censored] any more!


Dexcom Canada Technical Support ignorant of iOS compatibility and Loop app
I have been Looping with the Dexcom G6 and the Omnipod for just three weeks. It was going well I was advised to contact Dexcom Canada technical support, as there seemed to be something wrong with the Clarity setup on my iPhone.

Unfortunately, during the course of this telephone conversation I was advised to delete the Loop app from my iPhone, which I foolishly did. As a result, the Loop setup failed disastrously. Meanwhile my blood sugar readings ran high.

I call Dexcom Canada technical support the next morning and spoke with another Technical Support person, who could not fix the error but claimed it may be due to the latest iOS upgrade, although I told her that clearly this could not be the case as this OS was working before. I asked for a supervisor to contact me by email, which has not yet happened.

I believe that Dexcom Canada technical support should have been aware of what is required for Looping, and the first support person should not have told me to delete the Loop app from my iPhone. I also suggest that Dexcom Canada keep up with Apple iOS updates.

I'm also unhappy that I have not been contacted by a technical support Supervisor as promised.


Dexcom G6 User Disappointed
I have been using the G6 (upgraded from G5 last year) for around 14 months. Initially my experience was good, it worked as advertised. However beginning last fall the sensors have not worked the entire 10 days, none of them. They work for 8-9 days and during the 2 days prior they quit working for almost 30 minutes periodically during the day. I have contacted Dexcom about this and they blame me. I wear my receiver within 4 inches of the transmittor 99% of the time so that is not the problem. I suggested on one call to Dexcom that their quality control has gone downhill quickly and the person on the phone agreed they are having problems. I don't know about other CGMs but this one has problems.

• May 27, 2021

Same here! So far, only one sensor has lasted the full 10 days without a "sensor error", and these Dexcom i[censored] claim that the sensor has to fail for 3 continuous hours before they will consider it as having failed and replace it.
I believe 100% this failure rate is due to a change in the sensors. There used to be ways to actually extend the life of a sensor past 10 days, and they worked, but now, in their effort to maximize profit, they changed the way the sensor works so that it works for a MAX or 10 days.
And don't get me started on the lack of compatibility with cellphones. They even list a "compatible" Motorola cellphone that hasn't been available for years! The company is a fraud, the product is a fraud, and next time I got to my doctor, I'm going to get him to prescribe the Freestyle Libre 2. One reason I didn't want a Freestyle Libre initially was because it didn't provide the real time readings I need, but the Libre 2 does have such capability, so once I get that, it's goodbye Suxcom.
I wish a class action lawsuit could be started against this fraudulent company.

• Feb 16, 2021

My son has the SAME issue. The last 6 sensors have lasted 24 hrs to 8 days. We have tried EVERYTHING to trouble shoot the issues. I now feel it is a poor product and just failure.

I have the same problem I told my provider I was going back to sticking my fingers.

My sensors do the same thing!

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