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I am as frustrated with the same issues as the others who left very negative reviews .Same problem of reordering sensors and new transmitter since mine has expired .I am now without a means of using continuous glucose monitoring for how long anybody knows .I have bought into the technology that other competitors do not have .As a retired physician ,I also agree that their poor service and customer care is impacting our care and is dangerous! My "so called" local rep refuses to return phone calls or reply to text message.Most of them probably do not have Diabetes and therefore do not understand how important this is to our daily care which is not easy . I can not give a rating as it would be dishonest on my part to even give one star.If you truly read tese reviews you would at least improve the reordering process ASAP. James C. Kelly MD

I've been a Dexcom customer for about 2 years. As others have mentioned the product is top shelf. It has helped me control my DM and lower my HgbA1c considerably.

However, the customer service department is full of crap. They lie, omit facts and downright do not do their work. I called on 19 March that I was down to my final sensor (G5) and my auto supply had not been fulfilled. I was told that my insurance (Maryland BC/BC) was supposed to have been verified in Jan 2019 and a shipment of sensors was to have been shipped then but had been overlooked. That also affected my March shipment of sensors. I was told that they would expedite my insurance approval and get the sensors out to me within "a couple of days".
Monday 25 March comes and no sensors and I insert the last one I have and call again, still working on insurance approval, will have them "in a few days". 29 March I called and I'm pissed... still no insurance approval, "it has been assigned to your rep" but I can't talk to that person nor will they allow me to talk to a supervisor. I can't find a number for corporate. Finally I speak with a reasonable person in Tech Support (don't ask how I was transferred there). He says the company is having "growing pains" and will send out a sensor overnight and it will be delivered on Monday, 1 April 2019. It was delivered, actually, two packages were delivered, a G5 sensor which is what I use and a G6.
My sensor has completed its life cycle on Tuesday, 2 April and I insert the G5 sensor, FAIL! Was this an April Fools hoax!
I call again on Friday, April 5 and am told that my order is in "Quality Check" and it will go out FEDEX overnight that day and I'd receive it on Saturday 6. Saturday NO DELIVERY, I called and spoke with the rudest rep yet arguing with me that my order was only placed on 4 April. I tried to explain the details but she would not listen and talked over me! She said the FEDEX order would go out on Monday 8 April for next day delivery. So, I'm expecting my sensors on Tuesday, 9 April. That will put me a week without sensors because the incompetence of this company.
Is there an alternative solution to using Dexcom products?

Absolutely love this product ! Has helped me lower my A1C since started using G6 CGM.

ABSOLUTELY AWFUL back office. My wife and I tried to re-order supplies via DexCom website on March 17, 2019. Kept getting error messages and we needed to call their 888 number. First it was because we live in Rhode Island and our Insurance (BCBS of RI) had changed some coding that we now needed to have our Dr send a new prescription request.

Then 3 days later still no order and my Dr. had faxed back the form DexCom had sent them...for Medicare authorization...which neither of us are on.

2 Days later DexCom had received all the necessary paperwork and were waiting for us to confirm that we needed to re-order our sensors...which we did again on the phone with Customer Service Reps.

2 Days later still NO tracking number as we were "PROMISED" by a customer service rep and still NO PENDING ORDERS on the website under our log on info.

As of today, April 4, 2019, I have no sensors left, and my wife is down to her last 1.

AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL with no escalation process and nothing buy mis-information by outsourced customer service reps.

Mr. Sayer, if you or someone on your "staff" reads these ratings - WE are your customers who NEED your product...HELP US HELP YOU or you will see a mass exodus going to other CGM companies or just more bad press which I'm sure DexCom doesn't want.

If I could give you a NEGATIVE STAR...I WOULD

I placed a reorder for sensors and a replacement for my expired transmitter on 2/26/19 and as of 3/21 I have still not received my order. I have experienced noting but excuses and a story that continues to change every time I call them. First the problem was reported to be with their order review department being slow in approving the order. Then the customer service rep said the order was delayed because of product backorder issues. Then the delay was reported to be because then needed a new "Certificate of Medical Necessity" from my Dr. and the Dr. had not responded. Of course the Dr never received the "request" so I got them to send one anyway. Next I was told they were waiting to receive authorization from my insurance company. I requested Dexcom resend the request. Four days later the insurance carrier still has not received any request. I have now been waiting for a call back from a supervisor. This company either has the most inept order process department in existence or, more likely, they are so overloaded with new orders they are simply overwhelmed and refuse to admit it to their customers. If/when Medicare finally approves another CGM supplier, I will immediately move away from this company.

The product is extremely helpful in controlling my diabetes. There have been a few failures and the occasional need for help. That said the company itself has the worst customer service department on the planet. I don't fault the folks in the Philippines who try their best to help, I put the fault at the feet of the Dexcom corporation themselves. There is no effective handshake between the company and the outsourced call center. No method of escalating complaints to anyone here in the U.S. who can actually do something. I have resorted to complaining to my provider about the lack of competent assistance, the inability to speak to a supervisor or escalate a complaint. I have asked my provider to put me in touch with someone who can actually do something to remedy this problem. Failing that I will look for an alternative product or go back to finger sticking 6 - 8 times a day. The rise in blood pressure is not worth the aggravation.

Horrible customer service. Every month is the same excuse, something wrong with the order. I just read reviews and they are horrible. Someone needs to oversee management and quit making promises that cannot be honored. This company cannot possibly stay in business for long at this rate. To give one star is to much.

The supply back order for the dexcom continuous glucose monitor device is truly troublesome. My order was placed on/or about 2/11/19. The money has been withdrawn from my account, but I still do not see any 'open orders' in my dexcom online account. This indicates that my supplies have still not been shipped. What I also find troublesome, is the advertisement seen on this months issue of Diabetes Forecast. On the edition I received at my office, it appears that the cover of the magazine is all for the dexcom. While the product, for my has been life changing for me, the back order of sensors is a major problem; especially when this add is enticing more PWD to obtain the dexcom. When dexcom cannot keep up with the current customer orders. As a health care professional who teaches diabetes management, I am considering not recommending this product to any of PWD that I see. There are alternatives out there. So, to dexcom, please do something about this back order problem. And, to the American Diabetes Association, please get all the facts about a product, before you allow such an inviting, enticing advertisement on/in your magazine.

I have had a Dexcom G5 for about 5 months, I agree with everyone else about the lack of customer service. I call and order supplies on time but never receive them on time. I live alone and have trouble with my sugar bottoming out at night while I am sleeping. This is the reason my doctor suggested I get this device in the first place. If I go into a diabetic coma there is no one to check on me or call an ambulance if I need one. I explained this to the supervisor at Dexcom and was told they are very busy with orders for the new G6. but things would get better soon. Another lie issued. Maybe when someone dies because of their lack of concern and they get sued they will begin to care..
Thank you for letting me vent.
Sincerely, Joan Baseman

Dexcom service is beyond bad and actually dangerous to your health. They have a decent product but back office and customer service is beyond bad. I have been a customer for a year starting with the Dexcom 5 and now use the 6. I placed an order for sensors 3 weeks ago and the order was in the system then it was not. It needed a new insurance authorization which they got but the order was gone. I called and they said it would be shipped shortly. Another week and no sensors. Said the doctors prescription was now expired and they could not process until received. The Doctor responded immediately with a new prescription. Still no sensors. They are now on back order should get in 5-6 days. Don’t believe it . In mean time the last sensor I had failed due to adhesive. Called tech support who said they would expedite since I was now without the system working. Today at my house I got a package without a sensor but a return vial. So no sensor and waiting for a back order to fill on the original order. Dexcom stop taking new customers until you can service customers who are stuck waiting for back orders. Phone wait this afternoon was over an hour. Do not sign up with Dexcom.

I am extremely disappointed with the lack of customer service at Dexcom. There is no communication with the customer and they happily take your money up front even when they can't deliver the supplies on time. I ordered a transmitter at the end of January and still have not received it. I received an email from Dexcom on January 30 stating that the order is being processed and should be delivered by FedEx 3 day delivery. I called this morning and the representative said they are waiting on paperwork from insurance. Called again and a different representative said that they did have the paperwork, but it hasn't been processed. I was referred to someone in order processing who will not be back until January 18th. I have now been on hold for 40 minutes. Meanwhile my daughter is on her way to Las Vegas to play two collegiate lacrosse games with a transmitter that will probably expire. I also use Medtronic for my older son and I have had none of these problems. Their customer service is amazing and they don't charge you before you get the product. Very frustrated!
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved
*** ***

Complaint ID: ***Date sent to 09/16/2017Name: *** ***Status: ResolvedDexcom response: Customer notified Dexcom the product has signal lossDexcom replaced two components and the system continued to have signal lossThere could be additional causes for signal loos, however the
customer requested to return for a full refundThe return was processed and refund was generated to the customer.

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! I LOVE this product I HATE the inept "customer care" team
I am mindful to order new supplies on time and yet I get NO SUPPLIE! No phone calls or emails regarding my order or lack there of. My latest debacle I ordered supplies on the 10th now the month is OVER I find out my order was NEVER placed! I have been hospitalized due to having absolutely no blood testing supplies and having no way to procure more. Some of these items are time sensitive and have a limited service life the company could care less if the equipment they supply is replaced in even a somewhat timely manner leaving the consumer helpless!

The customer's rebate card was mailed on June and activated on June We are sorry that the process can take a long time We thank the customer for the support, and hope that the customer is benefiting from using a Dexcom CGM system *** ***Assistant General Counsel

The customer's rebate card was mailed on June and activated on June We are sorry that the process can take a long time We thank the customer for the support, and hope that the customer is benefiting from using a Dexcom CGM system *** ***Assistant General Counsel
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
*** *** ***
The response is nice but they have been saying it is in process for monthsIs soon another months?

Our sales person, *** ***, spoke with Mr*** insurance company and confirmed with them the coverage What Mr*** conveyed to Mr*** was what Mr*** insurance company provided to Dexcom Our review of the recorded call confirms that Mr*** noted twice that the
amount quoted was an estimate Unfortunately, Mr*** insurance company did not pay what they told us they would cover While we accurately conveyed the information provided to us, we are very sorry for the difficulty for Mr*** We have written off the balance Mr*** can contact our customer support if he needs anything further, and we hope that Mr*** sees that we work hard to address the concerns of our customers

I cannot get any service from Dexcom. Ordered a transmitter a month ago. Still can’t verify my insurance! Insurance hasn’t changed in years! Authorization from insurance issued weeks ago. Just told me to go buy a cheap one at Costco!

We are very sorry for Mr*** *** experience His rebate request was approved We contracted with a third party to process rebates, and is taking longer than we would like to complete its processing We have asked them to expedite Mr*** *** rebate It should
be received soon We appreciate Mr*** *** use of our product, and we are glad we could help with this matter

Dear, After discussing with the customer, we have successfully resolved this customer’s discrepancy. The customer is satisfied with the resolution at this time. Thank you, Dexcom

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