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Great product but that doesn’t matter when the customer service and support are beyond abysmal. Same experience as others, tight control, need for hypoglycemic unawareness and cannot get reorders of supplies without jumping through hoops, talking to a new person each time, being lied to, and having to have my DR. Call and threaten legal action. Company will not sustain if this continues. Seriously looking into medtronic.

Some lots of G6 sensors are less accurate than qualitative means of monitoring glucoses. When one gets a bad lot and the values on CGM are way afield from reality, you've got junk. The itic ad that promotes no more fingersticks should cause class action suit development soon. When one pairs a legitimate glucose meter with the G6 and the discrepancies are >50 mg/dl when have not eaten or other dramatic change, it REQUIRES legitimate people to check far more frequently to be safe! When one gets "Sensor failure" after 2 days of 90% "Sensor error", since one has to do multiple finger sticks to have any idea of what is going on, why use it?
There are some lots that work, quite well. They are a rarity if one gets supplies from a supply distributor. The defects become much greater as the transmitter battery gets weak. NO, you cannot go by the foolishness of the expected battery life. When the errors abound, the transmitter battery needs checking.

I am appalled at the horrid customer service this company provides to patients that so desperately need the life enhancing properties this medical device offers. My husband is a Type 1 Diabetic with the additional diagnosis of ADHD. Every time he needs supplies, he has to jump through hoops with multiple customer service representatives until at last they promise the needed supplies is on its way. It does not arrive. He then jumps through more hoops and there is always another hurdle to overcome before he gets his much needed supplies. If this only happened one time, I would consider it one of life’s occasional obstacles; however, it is EVERYTIME that he needs supplies. Shame on you! A company that I can rest assured profits tremendously from all their customers. Shame on you! No one should have to work so hard to get the physician ordered medical supplies that they need and your company is being paid well for.

Although Dexcom is a great GCM Dealing with Dexcom is a nightmare. If you are going to go this route I suggest that you get the supplies from a supplier such as CCS Medical. It took me six months to get set up with Dexcom due to the case manager. A year later it starts again with getting the reauthorization. You will find after a year that you become dependent on the CGM. Now I am waiting for authorization and have no sensors. With an A1C of 5.5 I fully expect to have a run or die before I get my supplies.

This device is good for getting readings and high or low alerts but I can't see how it can help me manage my diabetes. I am a very finicky eater and therefore I only eat what I enjoy eating and because of that I quite often get high readings. How is your device supposed to help in this situation? I don't think it can. No I don't eat a lot of sweets.

I have just been switched to Dexcom G5 from a G5. It has been a nightmare. I have received two shipments and all of them have failed within 48 hours. Trying to get to Customer Service is time consuming and exasperating. I am totally bombed by this awful experience
Does anyone know if FreeStyle Libre is any better?

Complaint ID: [redacted] Date sent to 09/16/2017Name: [redacted] ***Status: ResolvedDexcom response: Customer notified Dexcom the product has signal lossDexcom replaced two components and the system continued to have signal lossThere could be additional causes for signal loos, however the customer requested to return for a full refundThe return was processed and refund was generated to the customer.?

Our sales person, [redacted] , spoke with Mr [redacted] insurance company and confirmed with them the coverage? What Mr [redacted] conveyed to Mr [redacted] was what Mr [redacted] insurance company provided to Dexcom? Our review of the recorded call confirms that Mr [redacted] noted twice that the amount quoted was an estimate? Unfortunately, Mr [redacted] insurance company did not pay what they told us they would cover? While we accurately conveyed the information provided to us, we are very sorry for the difficulty for Mr***? We have written off the balance? Mr [redacted] can contact our customer support if he needs anything further, and we hope that Mr [redacted] sees that we work hard to address the concerns of our customers

I've been trying to upgrade to a G6 since November of 2018, My diabetes educator has tried to deal with Dexcom also. I go to a satellite location of Joslin Diabetes Center. They are incredible. I can't say the same for Dexcom. I have been told several different reasons since November 2018 why they couldn't. The last call I spoke with Naomi she is my person who is suppose take care of my account, I should point out she is my newest one. She gave me several reasons why it has taken so long but assured me she is on it. She promised to call me back on the 12/26/2019, it is now 12/31/2019 and I called Dexcom. The person I got in touch with wouldn't or as he put it couldn't help me only Naomi. He did not offer to put me through to her, he said she would call me back after the Holidays! I'm not sure which holidays he's referring to but I'm not counting on anything soon. This company can't survive with the customer service they provide no matter how good their product is. I will never recommend Dexcom to any other , which unfortunate I have in the past. I have reviewed the? response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me.? I will wait? for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved Regards, [redacted]

I've been using Dexcom CGM devices for a long time. I don't know what has happened to the customer services but I would give it a zero for their help. I placed an order online, as I always do, on 12/3/19 for new sensors and transmitters. Due to a "balance due" that I had, they wouldn't fill my new order. That is fine, and makes sense; however, after I provided them copies of the canceled checks they had cashed and applied elsewhere (to another person's account?), they wouldn't help me fill my order. I spoke to at least 5 different people in billing and customer service, e-mailed several people directly, not a single person followed up, as promised to assist. The "Billing Specialists" with e-mails replies that said "please email me with any questions" who refused to reply back should be fired. Pathetic customer service. Great product though.

We have sent a check to the customer for the amount requested and we are sorry for the delay in our doing so We appreciate the customer's business [redacted] AGC

Five star product but 0 star customer service. Have used Dexcom BGM now for 8 months. Have never had a good experience with customer service trying to reorder sensors. ALWAYS there has been some reason they could not finish the order and ALWAYS it turned out with much effort on my part that their reasons were not real. Much time or multiple calls required to get the order confirmed. The real bad additional thing is their rule that an order cannot be entered before 30 days from the last SHIPMENT DATE which is always several days after when the order is made. So there is a creeping ship date which means there will be days without a sensor because a months sensors will be used up after 30 days. I am on Medicare. If one could always order on the same date that would not be a problem.

Same as everyone else, promise to "work with me" but can't complete the order until it has been "reviewed". Trying to reorder, am not a "new" patient and my condition which I've had for almost all my life has not miraculously improved. Same insurance, saem doctor, same everything, except that is a resupply of the life monitoring equipment I so desperately need!

This is one of the most frustrating company I have ever dealt with! There "customer service" is abysmal. I used a new sensor today and reached my reorder point. I can't reorder because today is Friday 11/29/2019 which is the day after Thanksgiving and I must wait until Monday for their "customer service" to open. Why?! They are not in the US and probably don't celebrate the holiday! I tried the on-line ordering system but it can't figure out the serial number of my present transmitter! Probably a BS excuse just to make you think they have on-line ordering! Much of the year that I have been using them I have been lied to about supply availability after spending many hours on their order line SPEAKING WITH PEOPLE I DON'T UNDERSTAND! I can't wait until another company produces a comparable product so I can jump off the Dexcom ship!

If we could give zero stars, we would. Like you, we are a captive market for companies of this type, and they take full advantage of that.

Dexcom G6 hardware & software are not great - poor connectivity & other issues - but there seems to be no better on the market. No choice but to use this CGM system.

Customer support is abysmal. Supplies are consistently late. Call center service is not only useless - no follow-up, no common sense scripts, no issue resolution - but purposely puts you on long holds to discourage you from calling.

We have had no alternative but to purchase additional sensors and transmitters out-of-pocket to bridge gaps.

Despite relaying the above to their managers multiple times in the past year, they have done nothing to improve.

It is unbelievable how bad customer service is at this company. I am in month 6 and again, I am having my G5 transmitter timing out because they did not ship it on time as promised. Each time they ask the same BS questions and you can't get them to say, has anything changed? It is only a little better getting sensors, but still a pain.

I love the Dexcom, it has helped me titrate my insulin and lower my A1c a lot. But it is so painful trying to get supplies that I am thinking of droppin off the program. Are there any other GCMs as good?

What is even more painful is that you can not get anyone to answer your complains. And it sound like all the Customer Service help is call centered in India. I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved Regards, [redacted]

We are very sorry for Mr [redacted] experience? His rebate request was approved? We contracted with a third party to process rebates, and is taking longer than we would like to complete its processing? We have asked them to expedite Mr [redacted] rebate? It should be received soon? We appreciate Mr [redacted] use of our product, and we are glad we could help with this matter

Complaint ID: [redacted] Date sent to 06/13/2017Name: [redacted] Status: ResolvedDexcom response: Dexcom verified $rebate was issued and receivedCustomer confirmed they are satisfied with the outcome

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