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On 04/30/2016 at 08:00 we had an appointment to have the tires replaced on my wife's 2011 Ford Edge. We dropped the car off at 08:00 and received a call about an hour later that the installation had been complete and we could come pick up the car. Once we arrived we paid our bill and left the building, once in the car and still in the parking lot my wife had noticed a low tire indicator light appear on her cluster panel, she then got out of the car and looked at the tires to see if any looked low on air, while she was inspecting the tires she noticed significantly large gouges in her wheels. She then went inside and explained the low indicator light and the damage to the wheels, the person working the counter went outside and turned off the low air pressure indicator and briefly looked at the wheels and stated that couldn't be from them and that it appeared to be what he referred to as "curb rash". My wife explained that was not the case that the wheels were flawless when the vehicle was dropped off. The person at the counter said he would submit a claim and an adjuster would contact us within 2 days. My wife also called the corporate number on the paperwork the same day as the service took place and left a message, which was never returned.

On 05/03/2016 my wife called the store and explained the situation again and asked for the claims department's phone number to follow up. My wife called the number provided on 05/03/2016 and left a message; no one returned her call once again. My wife then went to the Discount Tire store after work on that same day and spoke to the manager on duty (Orlando M[redacted]), she explained the situation to Orlando and he checked their system again, he stated no claim had been submitted. He then went outside and briefly looked over the wheels. After he came back into the store he said he doesn't believe that it was their fault but offered my wife a complete set of aftermarket wheels at no cost. My wife then proceeded to call me and explain to me the offer and needed me to come to the store as she has no experience buying wheels. When I arrived and was shown the wheels that were offered I explained that we did not want the aftermarket wheels (which were not the same size as the OEM wheels and could be a potential safety issue), Orlando then stated there was no other option and that he would file a claim.

I wish I could share the photos so you can see the damage. Gouges are coming from the inside out to the edge of the wheel, if this were "curb rash" wouldn't the grooves start at the edge and work their way to the center cap? In another photo you can clearly see where the edge of the wheel/rim is bent from the inside out, again if this were "curb rash" the wheel/rim should be pushed in towards the tire, it is not, it looks as if it were pried outward buy something about an inch, to an inch and a half wide. I believe it would be impossible for two wheels to have identical markings from striking a curb, I also believe it to be impossible for a wheel to be bent outward from striking anything, including a curb.

Three of the four are without a doubt in need of replacement now and Discount Tire will do nothing. I wont use them again and I will never recommend them to anyone. Stay away if you care about your car.

I sent my [redacted] letter to the home office: Discount Tire Corporate Headquarter, ATTN: Mr. [redacted], CEO, [redacted].
The actual work was done @ Discount Tire located @ 9440 Atlantic Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32225.
My complaint is that the home...

office in Scottsdale AZ did not respond to my [redacted] Next Day letter - Tracking [redacted].
Thank you for your help.

They have ruined rotors on 2 cars of mine. They over torque them which cause the rotors to warp. The car starts shaking when I stop. I have contacted corporate and asked someone in management there to contact me. They had the store manager contact me which is the yahoo I dealt with last week. He was trying to tell me where to take my car to have it checked out. I stated I will go to the dealer. He stated they will not pay for the inspection to see if it is from something they could have done. I ask for my tires to be hand torqued every time I go there because they ruined some rotors years ago and I swore I would never return....unfortunately, I did. Now I have the same issue. They lie and tell me they are hand torqued and they are NOT. They use a torque stick 50% and hand torque 50%. When I ask for them to be hand torqued.....that means 100% because I did NOT want them to ruin my rotors again! And my nightmare has started again. I will never use Discount Tire again....even if they are giving tires away.

In September of 2015 I bought a set of Four New Tires, I took my car into the Discount Tire shop in Carson City, Nevada on 02/05/2016, to have the tires rotated, I was informed that two tires need to be replaced due to wear, These tires are Guaranteed for 40,000 miles, NOT LESS THAN AT TIME I TOOK INTO SHOP AT CARSON CITY, NEVADA. 12,000 MILES, A Tire should last more than 12,000 miles and little more 6 Months. I was told I would have to pay for 2 new tires!!!! WHY??? There less than 6 Months Old + Only 12,000 Miles on the tires that are on the Car.Product_Or_Service: New TiresDesired SettlementI would like Either 4 New Tires or at least 2 New tires to replace the Bad Tires!!!!!!

I bought 4 tires from discount tire about 5 months ago. I spent nearly 1000.00 to get the 50k mile treadlife warranty and their certificate of refund, repair, or replacement for all 4 tires. My wife had the tread peel off of the tire and went to the nearest discount tire store. [redacted] at the store refused to honor the warranty. He told her he would honor it but she had to buy three more tires brand new because they cant replace only one tire due to their liability insurance. We were never told this and after looking at all the fine print in their warranty on their website, it doesn't state these terms anywhere. They fraudulently sold us this warranty knowing they would never honor it. Furthermore, it is my belief that they knowingly sold us a defective tire in order to have a failure and force us to buy 3 more less than 3000 miles into the tread life of the tire. [redacted] told my wife she should feel lucky he was gonna do anything for her. I left 2 messages for [redacted] the regional manager in [redacted] who, thus far, has not bothered to respond. I am filing this complaint here and if I do not here from the regional manager tomorrow I will be filing complaints with the local newspaper and television station. I may even take my family out in front of their store and steer business away from them until I receive resolution. I have informed my company's fleet department of the issue as well and recommended that we cease doing business with them. I am posting on my LDS church website and my personal blog in an attempt to flood the store and region manager's phone with calls of support and complaints and recommending that nobody in the Truckee Meadows area does business with Discount tire.Product_Or_Service: TIRESDesired SettlementI want my tire replaced. If their insurance requires them to replace 4 then I want them to replace 4. Otherwise I will accept a refund of 16/17ths of the total price I paid for the tires and warranties, including tax when I bought them brand new. Regardless, I will discontinue to do business with this company. The only difference they can make now is how long and how much damage I do to their reputation. The only chance of salvaging my business is to replace the tires and fire [redacted].Business Response Letting you know we have takin care of [redacted] issue with us.If there is any other issues feel free to let us know. Thank you[redacted]Senior Assistant ManagerNVR 01[redacted]

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