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Do It Right Plumbing, Inc.

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March 28, 2016 Re:  [redacted] complaintDear team,   We did the work for Mr. M and we did encounter a scheduling mishap, that is completely our fault.   Our estimator met with Mr. M before we did any work and looked at everything that had to be done.  He was...

given an individual price for 5 projects; we did 3 of those projects at the price Mr. M had agreed upon.  The main part of his complaint is that we finished the work too quickly and proficiently and didn’t take 3 days to do a 1 day job.  What he and most people don’t see or take into account is the prep that goes into getting to the job.  We have to train people, get supplies, get insurance, get and maintain a vehicle and then have them show up and do a stellar job only to have the customer complain that we did the work too fast.  How is that right?    Mr. M also gave us a very poor grade on Angie’s List and wrote a review looking for a refund.  We had a phone conversation previous to that where he said he had seen other people get refunds when they complain and a bad review could be avoided with a refund.  That makes us wonder what his motivation really is.   What are we at fault for?  We had a scheduling issue and we didn’t talk to him before he started writing bad reviews.Mr. M agreed to the price before the work was done.  When there is a legitimate issue with a project we do our best to come to a mutual resolution.  We did the work proficiently and timely at the agreed upon price.  We will not be issuing a refund for a job that has no flaws.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. 
Regards, [redacted]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted]2, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
Regards, [redacted]

Great , timely, and professional service!

Our response to this customer's latest response is that we will offer $100 to this customer and he needs to remove his review from Angie's List.  He will not receive the money unless he pulls that down. Once he does we will send money. Chris H[redacted]Do it Right Plumbing, Inc.

I had a minor leak in my upstairs bathroom and this company was very efficient with scheduling me right away. The person they sent (Patrick) was very respectful and informative. He fixed the problem as cost effective as possible and then explained expectations for the faucet performance for the next year or so. Since he was already here, he reviewed with me maintenance ideas I could do to keep my plumbing running smoothly (and the advice was not attached to dollar signs!) Patrick does not mind explaining every move he makes and invites the home owner to watch him while he works. That is a definite bonus! He offered insight for future repairs and encouraged me to price compare with other companies while reminding me that this licensed business "may not be the cheapest but they will get the job done the best". I am a very satisfied customer and will be returning my business to them (when the time comes!)

We hate that any situation has to come to the for resolution, but our side of the scenario is this.  [redacted] called Do it Right Plumbing Friday, January 2nd at 4:50pm and we were the only plumber that took his call and would come out for service.  The New Year's holiday ran...

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and he called after normal business hours.  Either one of those criteria would put him in an after hours situation; [redacted]'s inability to reach another plumber should have told him that it was not normal operating hours and therefore normal pricing would not be in effect.  We spoke with him that evening and went over the billing with him and explained the situation.  He said he spoke to another plumber that evening, why didn't that other plumber come out to do the service?  We are not unreasonable or try to take advantage of people, we would meet this customer half way and settle for an additional $100 and consider this matter closed.

this company charged me $475.00 for the job that less then 2 hours to do ,n left my property with my water pump still not working properly the minute they left .I tried to call them back ,and he said they will send somebody else to look at it ,but after over an hour I decided to call some other company ,and they say that they just don't diagnostic the pump properly. finally I decided to do what the other company told me to do ,and everything went well .so I called do it right plumbing ,and told the owner the situation that night ,he said I will call you later that night ,but he never return my phone call. I tried to call him again the next morning and he said he is busy with his daughter and he will call me later .he never return my calls again ,and never answer the phone from that point on .I'm just not happy with this company handle my situation and the employees working on my pump as well .also the amount of money I have to pay them in that such easy and quick hurry up job they do .I felt like I got rip off big time ....

No good deed goes
unpunished.  [redacted]s brother [redacted] is a
former employee and friend of ours and he asked us to do a favor for his sister
while he was home on leave.  We originally
went out to her home on October 1, 2013 and snaked her line and cleared the
back up for less than half the regular price. 
We waited about 4 months to be paid when she called back having another
problem with a clogged line.  We sent our
technician out to snake the line and this 2nd time he could not get
the machine to go through the pipe.  This
tells us that there is a bigger problem with the sewer system.  Our technician left the property in the same
condition that he had found it. The sewage problem that we walked into was the
same as when we left.
[redacted] told them there
was a larger problem than a sewer cleaning and knowing that both [redacted] and her husband are
a young couple who are both on disability they would be wise to contact a state
or county service agency to help people without means with large expenses like
this.  [redacted] took this
information and all was fine.  A few days
later [redacted] got a phone call from her husband and his tone was decidedly
different and he then started to accuse us of damaging their line and holding
us responsible for their misfortune.  The
conversation escalated as [redacted] kept refusing to own their problem and again
told them there are several agencies that could help them with this type of
expense.  The husband got belligerent and
did not want to hear anything other than what he was proposing.  [redacted] was frustrated at this point and told
him that we would not be out again and to have someone else repair their sewer.
Our technician uses
our machine to snake more than a hundred lines a year and we have never had an
issue with “breaking” someone’s sewer line. 
This machine is designed to go through pipes and remove obstructions.  It is not capable of doing damage to pipes
that are in good operating condition.  If
a pipe is deteriorated and collapsed already, obviously that is a preexisting
We regret that this relationship
has gotten to this point, but it is not our responsibility to repair their
deteriorated pipes when we did not cause this damage to the pipes.  We regret the conversation also deteriorated,
but both parties are responsible for the outcome, as a business man [redacted] does
not conduct business by berating potential customers, but when attacked he will
defend himself and his business.
Do it Right Plumbing,
474 W. 1st
St. S
Fulton, New York

We had Do it Right Plumbing come to inspect a stain in our ceiling, between floors and under the bathroom. [redacted] came out and insisted the stain was the result of the dryer vent needing to be cleared and refused to cut into the ceiling to do further research. The stain continued to grow after we had the dryer vent cleaned and had Gecko Plumbing come out. [redacted] cut the hole in the ceiling and found, after running the water 12 minutes in the shower, that there were not only one, but two leaks from the drain. Stay away from Do it Right Plumbing. They only want your money.

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.Regarding the response from Do It Right Plumbing. They stated the faucet was repaired and no longer leaked. The technician said the faucet was repaired. When I used the faucet, it was still leaking, so it was not repaired. I called Do It Right Plumbing and they sent the technician out again. At that time, he stated he could not fix the faucet and it would have to be replaced. Since the leaking faucet was causing the pipe under the sink to leak, and leave water in the cabinet, I did not think it would be a good idea to use the sink until the faucet was replaced.I did call [redacted] and was advised there would be no problem receiving a buy out, but they needed information regarding the price of the faucet from Do It Right Plumbing before they could give me payment for the faucet. Each time I called Do It Right Plumbing to see when they would be giving the necessary information to [redacted], I was told the person I needed to speak to, [redacted], was not in the office, and she would return my call when she came in. I did not receive any phone calls, no matter how many times I tried to contact her.  After receiving correspondence from the indicating they were unable to receive a response from Do It Right Plumbing regarding my complaint, I decided to try to resolve the situation with [redacted]. On March 16, 2015, I spoke directly to the Cash Out Department of the warranty company. They told me they had information in the file that I could be paid $100.00 to reimburse me for my old faucet. The person I spoke to could not give an explanation about why I had not already received my payment.  They assured me I would get a check within 7-10 business days. I believe the faucet was worth more than $100.00, but at this point I felt like I was lucky to get anything, and I should accept whatever I could get ( I had been waiting over 3 months for reimbursement).  I received the $100.00 check last month. Therefore, the situation has been resolved. It was not resolved by Do It Right Plumbing and should, therefore, show as an unresolved complaint on their record.Regards,[redacted]

Terrible communication. This company is completely failing with communication and continue to not show up to appointments and have been 'scheduling repairs' for 3 days. They are incompetent and wasted a week of my and my tenant's time. I would not recommend them. The two telephone reps Ruby and Linda were unprofessional yelling back and forth to each other while I was on the phone. They also demanded and begged for a service call before they arrive-- that was just the first red flag. Don't waste your time!

Best customer service ever!!!! From start to finish. Professional, knowledgeable, fast reply time, on time and my favorite "CLEAN" not to steal a phrase but no Melvin's with this company. The office staff [redacted] and [redacted] constant communication, pleasant I will never use another plumbing company again. he name says it all DO IT RIGHT PLUMBING. Thanks you guys [redacted].

On or about December 23, 2014 our company was dispatched to the home of Ms. [redacted]. Two attempts were made to repair her faucet which was dripping and hard to turn due to calcification. Ms. [redacted] is a customer of [redacted]. Since her faucet was under manufacturer's warranty the...

protocol of AHS is have the manufacturer replace or send repair parts. Ms. [redacted] had difficulty understanding the protocol. She felt that something should be done now since it was near the Christmas holiday and she was having out of town guests coming that week.Ms. [redacted] was given 3 options.Option 1: Do nothing at this time. The faucet itself was repaired (by Do It Right Plumbing) and no longer leaked. However, due to calcification (which is a non-covered item) the spout did not move as easily as Ms. [redacted] wanted it to move. But, in our option, could have sufficed through the holidays.Option 2: The faucet was under manufacturers' warranty and we were glad to order one. The wait is generally 7 to 10 days unless she wanted to pay for overnight (which she denied to do). Option 3: Call [redacted] explain her dilemma and perhaps under the circumstances they will give her permission to take a buyout. '[It turned out that since it was under warranty no buyout option was offered].After giving options, going to her residence on 2 occasions, fixing the dripping faucet problem and following the rules of [redacted] Ms. [redacted] chose none ofthe options given. She did not call to for permission from AHS to buy a replacement faucet she simply went out on her own and a faucet.Approximately 2 months later our office received a call from AHS requesting a report on the [redacted] customer. Although there were previous notation had been made Ms. [redacted] was attempting to force AHS to reimburse her. [redacted] cloSed the file and advised our office "not to talk to Ms. [redacted] about the situation anymore it had been resolved." Ms. [redacted] called our office over and over and over again. Each time we aSKed her to call her warranty company.It is unfortunate, that Ms. [redacted] chose not to follow the rules of [redacted], however, decisions the terms and conditions of her insurance policy are not known to Do It Right Plumbing. We feel we did our best to accommodate Ms. [redacted] by giving her options which she chose not to follow.In our opinion since the faucet was no longer leaking or bro[redacted] "the stiff spout aspect is something that could have waited. We were more than willing to order same from the manufacturer. In this instance the customer chose not to follow protocol.Thanks for your time.Call with any questions.

I have used Do it Right plumbing for several years and I'm always pleased with their services

Do It Right Plumbing was sent out by my home warranty company when I called about a leaking toilet. The technician arrived at my property and within 2 minutes determined that I needed a new toilet. The toilet was very old so I had no problem replacing it and I was trusting his professional opinion.
He said he would be back the next day between 3-5pm to fix it. After organizing work schedules so someone could be home he never showed up. I called the office and they said they had no record of the appointment. I then called the technician and he said he doesn't handle scheduling.
After some frustration I set up a new appointment for the next day. I told the office someone would be home all day until 3:30pm and they said they would have someone out by 1pm. The technician arrived at 3pm. He walked in and said he couldn't repair the toilet because the tile floor was finished too close to the toilet base. He said the toilet he bought wouldn't fit and he didn't notice it the first time (his 2 min diagnosis). He said he was not a flooring guy and I should probably find someone on [redacted].
In addition to the incompetence of the technician I found the office to be poorly run. Every time I called I had to re-explain the situation and reconfirm all my information. It seems like the employees do not communicate or keep records on work orders.
I would never use this company again and I asked my warranty company to remove them from their preferred vendors.

Sadly this company's name should be "DO IT WRONG PLUMBING". I was assigned this company through my home warranty. I have been without hot water for 5 days now. A representative from this company did nothing but LIE to me by first telling me my hot water heater was ordered when it had not been. Then telling me on a Friday that the plumber was finishing up a job and would be at my home between 1-3. By 5pm this mysterious plumbing did not show nor was he ever scheduled to show as I have found out later through the home warranty company. I have since found my own plumber - will be going out of network from my home warranty company - will pay out of pocket and be reimbursed a portion from my home warranty company - just to not have to work with DO IT WRONG PLUMBING and ensure that the water heater is installed correctly and TODAY (Saturday). NEVER - EVER work with this business. Anyone who LIES to their customers should not be in business. THE ONLY SERVICE THIS COMPANY SHOULD DO IS CLOSE THEIR DOORS. DONE!!!!! p.s. thanks [redacted] for all the lies!!!!

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