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Dr. Kareem Samhouri Fitness

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Dr. Kareem Samhouri Fitness Reviews (116)

• 18 h ago

Create My Workout
I wholeheartedly endorse Create My Workout for individuals seeking to embark on a fitness journey or seeking to diversify their existing routine. This exceptional resource is suitable for anyone aiming to enhance their overall health and fitness, and I am immensely grateful to have discovered it.

• Jun 02, 2023

Dear CMW, I have very much enjoyed other products and services received from Dr Kareem, Not only have I seen significant improvements in my physical health, but I've also gained a supportive community of like-minded individuals who share my commitment to wellness.

• Jun 01, 2023

Joji S.
Great exercises and program highly recommended. Also, the support is very good, they totally know what they're walking about.

• Jun 01, 2023

The Nubby
I'm keen on acquiring one of those "Nubby" products that caught my attention on Shark Tank. I'm currently dealing with Trochanteric Bursitis and experiencing pain on the side of my leg, extending from the Greater Trochanter to approximately 5 inches above the knee. Additionally, I'm also dealing with pain in my right sacroiliac joint and hip. I'm hopeful that the Nubby can provide relief for the pain I'm currently experiencing.

• May 31, 2023

I bought the 5 Stretches DVD and it offers a wide range of stretching exercises that target various muscle groups and areas of the body. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. The demonstrations were also executed well, making it easy for me to understand. It is great for anyone looking to improve their flexibility and mobility.

• May 27, 2023

Health Puzzle
The Health Puzzle offers a game-changing approach to health optimization. By combining genetics, lifestyle factors, and cutting-edge research, this platform equips you with the tools to unlock your full health potential. Prepare to embark on a transformative journey towards optimal health, well-being, and an improved quality of life. I highly recommend Health Puzzle to anyone seeking to take control of their health and maximize their overall happiness and vitality.

• May 26, 2023

Rene A.
It`s hard to make an online purchase nowadays. But having security and assurance from this company made me feel safe. Now I`m enjoying my food from Dr. Kareem`s cookbook.

• May 26, 2023

Dr. Kareem's program isn't just about physical fitness - it's a holistic approach to wellness that has helped me improve my mental and emotional health as well.

• May 24, 2023

I got my body cookbook and I love it. The recipes are easy to follow and most importantly delicious! One of the things I appreciate most about this cookbook is its focus on healthy foods. As someone who is always looking to improve my diet and eat healthier, this was a huge selling point for me. Another thing I appreciated about this cookbook was the variety of recipes. With its delicious and nutritious recipes, it's a fantastic resource for anyone looking to improve their diet and overall health.

• May 20, 2023

I recently had the opportunity to try out a massage device the Nubby, and I must say, it exceeded my expectations in every way. The provided me with a truly relaxing massage experience. I highly recommend this to anyone in need of relaxation, stress relief, relieve aches, pains, and areas of past restriction.

• May 19, 2023

It was an incredibly fantastic experience! I participated in their coaching call yesterday, and it was truly awe-inspiring. Numerous individuals took part, creating a highly engaging atmosphere. It provided an opportunity to inquire about diet and exercise, as well as seek advice for injuries or physical discomfort. The most remarkable aspect of the call? It didn't cost a dime! Yes, it was completely free of charge. I'm confident that this valuable resource is available every Wednesday around 7 PM Eastern Standard Time. Without a doubt, I'll be joining again next week.

• May 18, 2023

Jay J.
Dr. Kareems FREE anti-aging DVD is a great product, considering its FREE only charge shipping and handling for it. I`ll definitely order the DVD set, since the Free one is such a great product.

• May 17, 2023

I got the stretching DVD and love it! The DVD offers a comprehensive stretching workout that targets all major muscle groups and helps improve flexibility and mobility. It is easy to follow, the exercises are well-paced and each movement is clearly explained. The workouts are effective in relieving muscle tension and promoting relaxation.

• May 14, 2023

5 Stretches DVD
Dr. Kareem's 5 Stretches DVD has been a game-changer for me. I have always struggled with flexibility, but these stretches have helped me to become more limber and feel better overall. The DVD is easy to follow, and the production quality is excellent. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a way to incorporate stretching into their daily routine.

• May 13, 2023

Great program!!!
I've been following Dr. Kareem's workout program for the past few weeks and I am extremely impressed with the results. The program is well-rounded and includes a variety of exercises that target different muscle groups, making it a great full-body workout.

• May 12, 2023

I can't recommend Dr. Kareem's fitness program enough! His expertise and guidance have helped me break through my fitness plateau and push myself to new levels of strength and endurance.

• May 11, 2023

SOOOO Awesome! I joined their coaching call yesterday and it was mind-blowing. There were a lot of people who joined and it was very interactive. You can ask questions about diet and exercise, or if you have injuries or experience any pain in your body, they can give you some great advice. And you know what's best on that call? It was absolutely FREE! Free, I tell 'ya. I believe it's every Wednesday at around 7 PM est. I will definitely join again next week.

• May 11, 2023

Wintesa D.
I ordered the FREE products from Dr. Kareem, because one of my best friends is currently using Dr. Kareem`s programs. She said I need to try first, and so I did, and now been doing the exercises for weeks now. It great, that`s the only thing I can say.

• May 10, 2023

I've signed up for the create my workout program and overall I'm happy with it. It's user-friendly and I was able to find the workouts quickly and easily. It's convenient, effective, and enjoyable to use, and it offers a lot of variety and customization options to keep you engaged and motivated.

• May 06, 2023

14 Day Fat Loss Plan
I recently tried out the Fat Loss Plan workout and I have to say, I'm really impressed with the results. The program is well-designed and easy to follow, with a good balance of cardio and strength training exercises. It's a well-rounded program that offers both physical and nutritional guidance, and I feel like it really helped me achieve my goals.

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