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Dynamic Weapon Solutions

5842 McFadden Ave, Huntington Beach, California, United States, 92649-1336

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Excellent quality product, absolutely miserable customer experience.

TL;DR at the bottom, but my experience with this company has been pretty terrible. I will grant that so far their products have been quality, but man the customer experience has been awful. My first order was place 3/31/19, ordering a "pre-cut" slide wiht an optic cut, that was advertised with a 1-2 week processing time. After not receiving any updates after 3-4 business days, I sent an email asking if it was expected to ship on time. I was informed that the "pre-cut" description didn't apply to the optic cut, which would lead to an additional 2 weeks. Disappointing, but I figured that was reasonable enough. After a month I followed up, which turned into a run-around of being told I should expect a tracking email and not receiving one. Approx 6-7 weeks after my order, I was provided with a tracking number, that said the label was just created, when I had been told that it should have shipped a week earlier.

At this point, Pedro, the owner, got involved. After a handful of emails we spoke over the phone, where he apologized, and offered a refund, while still sending the product that I had ordered as a show of good faith. I accepted these terms and after another 2 weeks (now 5/28) I was shipped the product that I ordered (which is a quality product, to be fair). Upon receiving the slide on 6/1 (two months after I ordered), I emailed Pedro letting him know everything looked correct and that I'd expect the refund to appear on my card soon. I never received an acknowledgement of that email, and never received a refund as promised. After 3-4 weeks (knowing that refunds can be slow to process occasionally) I reached out again (we're now in August), and was told that their POS system wouldn't allow them to process a refund, and he suggested Venmo as an alternative. After sending my information a couple of times, I was again shut out, and communication from Pedro ceased - though I did continue to send reminders every few weeks , just saying "hey, still haven't received that refund..." Unfortunately by that point my card issuer said that I wouldn't be able to submit a chargeback as I didn't have proof of the promised refund in writing.

Fast forward to February of this year, when after 8 months of one or two emails/month, Pedro finally responded! He stated that unfortunately, due to the amount of time he was unable to issue a refund, and stated that they had migrated to a new email service therefore he had lost access to the old emails. He offered as an alternative, some complimentary slide work, and we agreed on an optic cut, top window, and a black multicam cerakote finish. Again, I had a similar issue with this experience. I sent the slide in mid-May, and did receive it back today, which is within their current lead time window, but only after a few misleading emails that it "should ship Monday" etc. They did indeed do the optic cut, but no top window, and the finish is just black cerakote, not multicam. At this point I'm not sure what to do - I really don't want to put myself through another garbage customer experience, and the slide should be functional as is.

Thank you for the review. It looks like we have a pattern here. I am getting the same lies. I am going to file a criminal complaint.

I absolutely love this company, the customer service is great and the people are awesome, I’ve never had a bad experience with them

Got a Black Friday sale discount for an optic cut. Customer service was great through phone, email, even IG. I had a ton of questions off and on for a couple months leading up to Nov and Pedro was great and always avail. After purchase I mailed my LE backup slide in. After sending it in, I changed my mind on a couple details and it was no problem. All concerns were handled and my specific LEO needs met. RMR fit couldn't have been tighter, absolute perfect fit on my MP9c 1.0 with the combat site cut in front of the optic. Added a top window and Cerekote looks great! Can't wait to do another with DWS.

Perfect gift for my husband. I was a little concerned with ordering custom work so I made sure to give my self plenty of time to be able to get it back in time for his birthday. They shipped it back within the original estimated time frame. I ordered during a sale so it was very reasonably priced and didn’t even take as long as I thought. I see all of the posts on *** about how many slides they do and really thought it would take forever, but it didn’t. I had to call and make a change to my order after I already paid and it was easy, friendly staff. I think the hardest part of the whole thing was trying to keep it a secret from my husband! When I get my own Glock I’m coming back to get that sparkly color I saw on a post!

I saw that they recently opened up their storefront so I decided to take my slide in to get some more info on the process before going through with the purchase. I got my slide work done at an amazing price and couldn’t be happier with the quality of work they did.

DWS was one of the first Glock slides I have had work done on a few years ago. When I received it in the mail and opened it for the first time I was amazed by the originality and detail that was done. Needless to say I’ve had slides done by other manufacturers over the years and yet I still go back to DWS for their response time and timely shipping along with some of the best customer service around.. in my opinion, they have the best designs most details and one of the largest varieties available for Glock and M&P along with others..

I have been a Police officer for the Kansas City Missouri Police Department for over 19 years. I wanted to get a product that I could trust with my life and the lives of my family. I choose Dynamic Weapons Solutions and was not disappointed. I have used their products on many different platforms without any malfunctions or failures for over a year now. I would recommend their products to both law enforcement and civilians. I will continue to do business with Pedro and the folks at Dynamic.

I have had 2 slides done by the DWS team so far. Both came out excellent! G19 and G43. The attention to detail and artistry is excellent. The turn around time was just as discussed and I will be sending some more work their way in the future. Thanks a lot guys I appreciate it!

Sent my Glock slide in, I had questions and they answered promptly. Slide looks awesome has exceeded my expectations. Will be doing business with them again soon!

Great service I spoke to who I believe is the owner and after being a pain because I kept making changes to my order was very accommodating got my slide in a reasonable timeline unlike my previous purchase from a competitor that took 14 weeks and will not list because they deserve no recognition. They will be my go to from now on

Just got my slide back from DWS. This thing is so sick, I had so many questions and they took the time to answer each one. The lady up front SONIA was the best, called us back and updated me everytime I called.

I’ll definitely be going back for more slidework, cerakote and I’m sure.... more of my questions.

They are a bunch of professional working there! Great company over all! Nothing but great thing to say ! Thanks DWS

After receiving the 3rd slide I’ve had done by DWS, I can say I wouldn’t go anywhere else. DWS does some of the best slide work in the industry, from mill work, custom cerakote to custom engraving, they have done each of my slides with all these features. If you take advantage of their sales you may have to wait a little longer but it’s worth the wait. Yes, I will be sending another slide in for some work.

I'm not sure about the negative comments on here. I have had nothing but great experiences bringing my items to DWS to get work done. Sometimes I think people are just impatient and want everything RUSHED. Yes, sometimes there are delays however great work must be done correctly. Please consider this unique business model this brings to both our Economy and our Community. I've built multiple projects with DWS now and they answer my questions, give me lead times based on what they know, and deliver the best quality workmanship I've seen. Great company, great company, great skills and products!

Just got my Responder slide for a 10mm build it’s just perfect super pleased!

I dropped off my stock glock 17 slide and a few days later these guys turned it into a work of art! Beautiful Cerakote and amazing milling! They mounted my red dot too! Price was incredibly low too! It shoots like a dream! I saw the bad reviews and took and chance and Pedro and Francisco couldn't be nicer or fairer guys. Sure *** goes wrong sometimes when you are cutting metal, but these are stand up guys who look to make everything right! I will be back for sure!

This company is garbage. I have been waiting on "precut" slide for months and not only will they refuse to give me any kind of answer on a ship date, but they also refuse to give me a refund. I have asked several times and get absolutely no response to an email or a phone call. There are many other companies out there that do this same kind of work. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!

As with many other people, I also had a poor experience with Dynamic Weapon Solutions. I very strongly recommend you do not spend your money here.

The product I ordered arrived 2 months late and was missing parts. I worked very patiently with the owner Pedro, trying to remedy the situation. All I wanted is for the advertised product – the product I paid for – to be shipped to me.

Several times DWS stated they would ship me the missing/incorrect parts or provide an alternate resolution, yet they NEVER fulfilled any of their empty promises. I recently filed a formal complaint with the Department of Consumer Protection through my state government. Pedro was not honest with the state mediator, provided zero evidence of his claims, nor did he offer any resolutions. Additionally, he opted to ignore the state’s second letter.

Look closely at the website. You’ll see numerous complaints related DWS and incomplete orders and absent customer service. Hidden complaints are marked as “Answered” meaning “Unresolved” or “Unacceptable”.

I am now in the process of contacting my credit card company’s fraud department and considering small claims court. I again recommend you do not spend your money and time here!

Customer service, or lack thereof, is terrible to say the least. It is quite simply to acknowledge and communicate with your paying customers. Dealing with DWS been nothing short of difficult. Pedro has the most passive and uncaring personality. I originally bought a slide and my barrel would not fit. He tells me to shoot 500 rounds through it and lube it. After the headache of dealing with him via written correspondence I came into their shop to get it resolved. I stupidly bought a 2nd slide and requested he make my barrel fit into it, he said sure we can do that. My 2nd slide comes and not to my surprise the barrel is nowhere to be found. They have been ignoring all my calls, voice mails, and written correspondence. He has only said "I will look for it and call you" which he has not. Prior to this incident the handful of times I have actually had communication with him has been me repeating my order due to his lack of organization and frankly memory. He actually thought I wanted to swap my barrel with one of his? No one ever said that...he does not care about his customers from what I have experienced and now I am missing my barrel which I don't expect he has anymore. I am tired of dealing this company and going through the headache. I actually like their product and its sad to have this bad taste when I think of their name. Filed a dispute with my bank. Cool products but save yourself the trouble of dealing with these clowns and take your business elsewhere.

They sound like BS Artists!

Do not buy from them , my slide was a precut which should be in stock ready to ship but it took 11 weeks for me to get it. Once I received it , it did not fit due to some overhang of material that was not machine off so I had to deburr it myself. Also my order was missing my night sights which was suppose to be installed , it is now 15 weeks I have yet to receive my sights which I was promised to be mailed to me 3 - 4 weeks ago. This company is a JOKE , TERRIBLE SERVICE AND QUALITY PRODUCT!

I would agree with your statement that " This Company is a Joke" However I don't think they are even registered as a company in the state of California!

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Address: 5842 McFadden Ave, Huntington Beach, California, United States, 92649-1336


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