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Dynamic Weapon Solutions

5842 McFadden Ave, Huntington Beach, California, United States, 92649-1336

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Went into Weapon Dynamic Solutions yesterday, and had a great experience. I needed some assistance installing new sights, and they took care of it free of charge! Other shops near me wanted as much as $45 to help me out, and there would have been a wait to get my gun back. WDS had me drop by the shop, and they did the job while we chatted. I also got a hat, sticker, and patch! They seem like good people, and I’ll be back when it comes time to get more work done. As a local customer I’m glad to find a shop close by that knows what’s up. Thanks for taking the time to help me out DWS!

I sent in a brand new Glock 19 Gen4 slide to be milled in a certain pattern. I was not informed that this slide I originally sent in, was later damaged in the milling process, and that the company had sent me an aftermarket slide instead of my original. The aftermarket slide I had received had a blemish on it. After confronting the owner (Pedro) with the issue regarding the blemish and the fact that I did not receive my original slide back, he stated to the effect that I should have received an email stating that my slide was damaged, and that they would be sending me a different one (the one I received). The owner informed me to send the blemished slide back and that he would supply me with an original Glock slide, milled to my specifications. Some days later, I received another slide from the company, which in fact was damaged as well. Again, I notified the owner and he immediately sent me a return label for the slide and issued me a full refund for the original services that were supposed to be rendered. Most recently (10/11/19), I informed the owner that I wanted a factory original Glock 19 Gen4 slide (not milled) sent back out to me so we could end this issue and I could have an operational pistol again. Through text, he stated that he would have that slide sent out to me the next morning (10/12/19) via USPS overnight mail. He has since been delaying the process and not sending me tracking for the item he said he would send. Aside from receiving a full refund, I am still missing the product which I originally sent in to be worked on. I am owed either $295 (replacement cost for the original Glock product), or a brand new original Glock 19 Gen4 slide. I have been without my slide since July of this year and the owner is not cooperating or satisfying my needs as a customer. This is extremely unprofessional and this issue could have been resolved months ago. I do not trust the owners statements and feel like he is un necessarily dragging this out.

Dynamic Weapon Solutions Response • Oct 14, 2019

This client and or customer has been well informed every step of the way. We’ve updated them, issued a complete refund and still planned on sending them a completed product due to us wanting to do the right thing. He’s received tracking information every time, timelines and countless almost daily updates. When you send our items out for machining and or custom work unfortunately issues can happen. It’s our job to make them right and or replace whatever is needed. It’s the clients job to understand this and be patience. He was quoted timeframes and we beat them all. This client is fully aware that we’re already sending a new replacement item and has already been refunded. He will be getting what’s he’s requested overnighted as promised.

Customer Response • Oct 24, 2019

Good afternoon, I recently accepted a message from the business which I have a complaint with and I got the notification that the complaint has been resolved and closed. I wasn’t aware that my action would close the complaint. I would like the complaint to be re opened due to the fact that the company created a shipping label but never dropped the product at the post office, as well as the fact that the owner stated that he would reimburse me but has not yet. This whole process is being dragged out for no reason, when all the owner needs to do is PayPal or Venmo me the cost of the product his company destroyed.Thank you for your help,***Sent from my iPhone

Dynamic Weapon Solutions Response • Oct 24, 2019

This matter has been resolved. He not only was reimbursed fully for the work he wanted us to do. We also reimbursed him fully for the item damaged. We have proof if necessary. I’m truly hoping that this has come up on accident. I’ve spoken to our client and his wife. Always being professional and apologetic.

WARNING: DO NOT BUY FROM DWS. TERRIBLE SERVICE (countless “shipping delays”, no one pays attention to email details), HORRIBLE SLIDE WORK (RMR milling incorrect, they damaged OEM slide that was sent in), and CUSTOMER SERVICE IS RUDE (lies about shipping times, does not provide tracking info appropriately, and forces customer to solve own problems) I am currently 7 months without a slide, more than likely it will never be in my possession since it was mailed to the wrong address. No apology was given, still working on issue to refund entire order and have a stock slide returned without work to replace lost item.

The company specializes in firearm slide modifications. I sent my Glock19 slide to them on 9/26/2018 with the order form as directed. I was contacted by the CEO Pedro G, on 10/26/2018 and was told that during a quality control inspection they had missed to perform one of the modifications. I was advised that this would delay the return but they would take care of it as soon as possible. When I finally received my slide 11/15/2018 I immediately noticed a chunk missing from my front sight. I immediately contacted DWS and told them about the issue. I also supplied them with pictures. This was not the condition it was in when it was sent in for modifications. I was told by Pedro that he would replace my sights but never did. Emails were exchanged multiple times for approximately 4 months with no success. We even spoke on the phone and was promised by Pedro the CEO that he would ship replacements the next day. He never followed thru, and always had excuses for everything. On 2/4/2019 he stated in an email how they had shipped my the replacement sights on two separate occasions. I never received anything and when I asked him for the tracking information on the so called shipments, he never replied. I have email documentation to prove that the above statement are 100% true and can be provided upon request.

Dynamic Weapon Solutions Response • Mar 30, 2019

If we still owe you sights or damaged them. Please contact us and will make it right.

Dynamic Weapon Solutions Response • Apr 10, 2019

We Reached our the minute this issue was brought up to our attention. We had no response. We will reach out again but we are definitely trying to resolve this issue. Items are in stock and ready to ship Provided we can verify the information.

Customer Response • Apr 16, 2019

This place is a joke! They called and left a message April 10th. I have called the name and number a total of 3 times and left messages with no luck. Really tired of this company. You obviously have my information on file since you called me. What’s is there to talk about. Ship me what you damaged. Glock Night sights or better. I have attached copies of my calls and the damage to my front sight.

This Company offers customization services for customer supplied items. They advertise a 10 week lead time for services. After waiting 10 weeks (Feb 4th) I was told that my slide had only just started the customization process and that I would be recieving services paid for within 2 weeks. 2 weeks later I was informed of delays and again promised my property returned in two weeks. Another two weeks have gone by and still I'm being told "this week" over and over again. Normally a delay can be tolerated, but I have personally spoken to over 5 other individuals in similar or worse circumstances dealing with this company, several of which have also filed complaints with the The company has insisted they would return my property by last week, only after notifying them of my intention to file a complaint. They also offered me a refund if the deadline they set was not met, which they are now refusing to honor. I have disputed the charges with my Credit Card company this afternoon and am now requiring action to have my property returned to me.

Dynamic Weapon Solutions Response • Mar 04, 2019

We did state we would be offering a refund and nothing has changed. We didn’t meet the deadline given by ourselves and had full intention of honoring our agreement. If the charges have in fact been disputed this will complicate things of course, but we’ll always have the best intentions to make it right as leadtimes are estimates and issues can arise.

Dynamic Weapon Solutions Response • Mar 04, 2019

The client has already been provided the tracking number and the refund has been issued. With notification via email. Nothing more we can do at this time.

Customer Response • Mar 08, 2019

The Item returned to me by the business was not mine. The color and serial number did not match that of the original item shipped to them. They claimed because my money was refunded by the credit card company, and their work had already been completed, they were unable to return it to me, and sent me an inadequate and mismatched replacement. I immediately called to express my dissatisfaction and shipped their item back to them and have agreed to pay an amended rate for the return of my property with completed modifications. I have
requested it be shipped immediately but The business has yet to send an invoice for the agreed upon price and has refused to ship my property til their replacement has been delivered, causing a further delay

Do NOT use this company. They sent me a defective slide, I sent it back, and they gave me the runaround for well over a month about getting a replacement or refund until I had to threaten to reverse the charges. Absolutely horrible customer service and they lied to me multiple times saying "We're sending it tomorrow".

On July 12th, 2018, I ordered a MRK I Aggressor slide cut package on Dynamic Weapons Solutions (DWS) website, I paid $307 for this order and shipped my factory Glock 19 Gen 5 slide with a pair of Trijicon HD night sights install to them for the milling work. On Sep 22th, 2018 I receive my slide back from them, when I opened the package I immediately realized that the slide custom work was not done as I requested. I addressed that I did not want any top serrations on my slide, they cut it anyway. Also, my Trijicon HD sights that was originally installed on my slide was missing, they didn't put it back on and send it back to me after the work. Most importantly, the made a horrible mistake by cutting the weight reduction pocket too deep and actually penetrate the slide and cracked it. This is a very dangerous mistake, if I fire a live round with that slide on my gun, the slide will certainly crack and cause serious injuries to me. I contacted the company owner, Pedro, he said this issue was not acceptable and they promised that they will order a factory slide from Glock Inc, cut if for me again to make this right. I trusted him, I send the defected slide back to his shop, and it takes forever for him to send me a replacement. I phoned him up on October 30, he claimed he have ordered a slide for me and waiting for it to get delivered. I offered him an alternate solution for him, allowing him send me a pre-cut Gen 4 Glock slide which will work on my gen 5 frame, and after the factory slide comes in just send it to me without cutting it again. He accepted this offer and told me they will send me that pre-cut slide next week. And now, I've been waiting for two more weeks than his promised dead line, and nothing came. It takes forever for him to answer my call and their customer service does not provide any progress of my case.

Dynamic Weapon Solutions Response • Nov 16, 2018

We definitely have been in contact and keeping this client up to date as possible. We’ve attempted several calls and have one on one communication with this gentleman. He was informed of what we could do and yet here we are. We don’t steal, and have made every attempt to work with this client and will continue to do so. Please reach out to us as we’ve made several attempts to do so on multiple platforms.

I ordered a pre cut slide on the 1st of September. It’s now close to mid November and still haven’t received anything yet. Contacted these guys plenty of time, through email, phone calls, and texting. About every time there was an excuse saying it would ship the following week, and they also never kept me updated to why it was taking so long. I was finally told it would be shipping out the next day and that I would receive a tracking number but it was never updated. So it took several calls and emails to get a hold of the guy to find out what was going on, just to discover that the item “went missing”. He was kind enough to offer me a new slide and even ship it out overnight the next day, even though it wasnt exactly what I wanted, but we came to the agreement anyways. It’s been a week, and still no update, no slide, but same excuses. I even asked for a refund, but it wasn’t allowed.

Dynamic Weapon Solutions Response • Nov 08, 2018

Unfortunately sometimes things get lost in transit via the mail. The clients items went out on October 19th which is slightly over our lead time but they where sent emails letting them know this. The package although shipped never updated. We reached out to the client and gave them some options of we could do to rectify the situation. He decided to have us ship another one out to him. Which we did. The tracking number currently says it will be there this Friday (Tomorrow). This is the wife of the client who has made this complaint not really knowing any of the facts. She also reached out last night on our social media page and she again was updated. We’ve also spoken with her and tried our best to keep the communication up with her and our client, we even congratulated her and the husband on there upcoming pregnancy. So I’m not sure what more we could have done, as we have been notifying them of the progress and corrected the issue by sending another item out.

Customer Response • Nov 08, 2018

Everything that was said about being updated was me trying my contacted them. I was never once stayed up to date unless I had to go out of my way bugging them and there was an excuse every time. The only reason why it’s even shipping out and arriving Friday is all because of my wife having to go as far as to making a complaint for something simple to happen. Especially due to my crazy schedule with work and me leaving to Germany for PCS orders for the military, I made sure it was clear almost everytime I contacted them. Yes my wife also made a comment on a post of their social media noticing one of the slides that looked very similar to what I was suppose to recieved last week, but instead that comment got deleted within 5 mins with no response. I have every single proof of email and text messages of me trying to get ahold of the item that I payed for. Never have I ever had to go this far as to make a complaint on anyone or their business. On top of that, it was sent to the old address after I made it clear that I wanted it to get sent to my new address. I was hoping things would go well so that I would keep doing business with these guys in the near future, but from the way things are right now, I don’t see that happening. Even after receiving the slide, I don’t think I would even keep it after finding out how these guys run thing the way they do.

Dynamic Weapon Solutions Response • Nov 09, 2018

Should they need to contact us about anything we’re always open and willing to talk and work with our clients. They’re important and matter. Our goal isn’t to have back and fourths with them it’s to resolve this issue. Not every transaction can run smoothly every time, things like in life happen. As a business our mission is to handle issues professionally and with a positive outcome as quickly as possible. We apologize for the original package not arriving. We got another one out within a few days after communicating with the client for his approval.

Approximately 2+ months ago I had ordered a custom Slide for a firearm. The conpany stated the lead time would be 4 weeks. After 6 weeks I had not received the product. After numerous emails they finally shipped it and I received it 2 weeks later. Upon inspection of the product they had not done one of the custom cuts I had paid for. After reaching out They asked me what I wanted to do about it. I replied I would like them to do the work I paid for. They stated they would send a return label and it would take one week. After a week of waiting- no label. I emailed again and they said they sent it and would send again. Another week went by- no label. I reached out again via email and expressed my dismay with how they are handling the situation. I received a response saying they would call me that day- no call. I emailed the following day and they stated I didn’t pick up and would call again. It has been 2 days and still no call. ( I had confirmed they had the right number in the email). They did not leave a voicemail or reach out again. I now have no means of getting the product I paid for or returning what they sent for a full refund.

Dynamic Weapon Solutions Response • Oct 04, 2018

We have responded to every email from this client, sent a return shipping label weeks ago even offered a partial refund. We attempted two phone calls as well with the client both going straight to voicemail. He contacted us on 9/24 stating he didn’t receive a return label, he was informed he would be receiving a shipping label at the start of the following business day. Client Waits over a week to communicate he hasn’t received anything so we suggest a phone conversation to send the shipping label while in the phone with the client and see what we can do for mistake made on our part. We haven’t received any phone calls from the client, we sent a shipping label as requested and we even offered a partial refund when he notified us of the issue. We have made it very clear we want to fix this and resolve this matter. We’re certainly trying on our end, maybe the client can pick up the phone and give us all call because all we want is to set this right.

This company does slide milling (i.e. metal work) for firearms. I sent this company 3 separate pistol slides under two work orders. Order #*** and Order #***.

Order #*** consisted of two slides (a G19 gen4 and a G17 gen4) totaling $610.00 charged on 10/8/2016

Order #*** consisted of one slide (a G17 gen4) totaling $305.00 charged on 10/28/2016

Thus far I have only received both G17 slides.

I am still missing the G19 gen 4 slide

I have sent several emails and have called several times. Approximately 75% of the time, I receive no response, no one answers the phone and no calls back. When I actually do speak with someone, I receive promises of "a week of two." This has been going on now for approximately a year. I was even told on one occasion that they couldn't find my slide and they would 'cut' me a new one within one week.

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Address: 5842 McFadden Ave, Huntington Beach, California, United States, 92649-1336


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