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• Sep 13, 2021

Happy so far!
I have been with eMerchantClub for about 4 months now. Currently my online business is the starter store. I like the products and have got sales. What I really am excited for is their new line of jewelry products. Overall, my experience has been good. I do use their customer support line quite often because I am not the most tech savy person. Nevertheless, they assist me whenever I call (at least once a day :) )

- Laura

DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS COMPANY.. IT IS A SCAM! After several months of not using E-Merchant Club, I called requesting a cancellation. I was told that cancelling was a two-step process - a phone call to the cancellation department as well as a written notice. I followed up with the phone call to the number I was given as well as an e-mail dated February 4, 2020. When I called the number, the lady I spoke with said that since it was paid through June, I may as well keep it until then. In June, I started calling once again to make sure the cancellation was going through. Due to the pandemic, no one answered the phone and I was asked to leave a voice mail message. I did this at least four times during the month of June. On July 5, I forwarded the original e-mail with another e-mail requesting the cancellation. Again, I called. This time, after about a 20 minute wait, I was connected with a live person. I was told that since I had not cancelled prior to July 5 (the date of my latest e-mail), that they would not issue a full refund. I argued the point for some time with no results. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS COMPANY.. IT IS A SCAM!

On June 30th navy;"> of each year, there is a standard $software update charged to all website accounts, which is explained to our customers and must be agreed to upon purchasing a website This information, including the two-step cancellation process, can be found in the Membership Rules on our website, and each and every phone call from every member is recorded for quality purposes to ensure members agree to all terms and conditions of membershipPer our notes after Ms [redacted] received notification that her refund request was denied she called back asking for a supervisorHer info was sent to a supervisor and she was contacted to discuss the matter furtherAnother request was sent and again deniedWe do not feel that Ms [redacted] is entitled to a refund based on our findings and cannot be held responsible for emails not being checked

E Merchant has a process for cancelling accounts, and if the steps that the member states were completed and there is an oversight on our end, we will be glad to rectify the matter as quickly as possiblePlease accept our sincere apologies while we try to investigateOur escalations manager will be contacting ­­­Mrs Soto and Mrs Soto may also contact F [redacted] at ###-###-#### Monday - Friday from 6:30AM to 2:30PM Pacific Standard Time

We review Mr [redacted] 's complaint and contact him to discuss the matter in further detailMember may also contact [redacted] *** at ###-###-#### Monday - Friday from 6:00AM to 2:30PM Pacific Standard Time I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 10146838, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Regards, [redacted] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 10431018, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to meE-Merchant club has refunded us our $debiting our bank account twice for an account with Emerchant that was closed back in September of Regards, [redacted]

I am sorry to hear that D [redacted] was dissatisfied with his purchase that was made three years ago, but it is difficult to understand how this complaint is being lodged nowMrT [redacted] became a member of eMerchantClub in March of and cancelled his website in April His reason for cancellation was that he could not afford the standard $monthly hosting fee, which is the same fee that he has paid monthly for the entire three years he owned his websiteHis claim of being charged ‘three times’ for a website is provably false; he originally purchased one of eMerchantClub’s smaller online web stores in March and immediately upgraded to a larger ‘Value Plus’ store the following month (April 2012)MrT [redacted] ’s Value Plus website is completely customizable, and he has the ability to change widgets, backgrounds, colors or layouts at any time to make his website look exactly the way he wants it to lookReviewing our detailed documentation, MrT [redacted] contacted our Tech Support team many times over the three years he was a business owner with us to receive help and feedbackBased on these chat records and phone calls, MrT [redacted] seemed extremely happy with this website throughout his membershipThe first notice we received of his dissatisfaction with his online business was when he cancelled his membership and website in April At that time, we offered an option that allows him to keep his domain name but requires a small domain name transfer fee, which covers the fee our business pays to transfer a domain off of our serversMrT [redacted] declined this offerAs for his claim that he was on hold for hours attempting to contact us, we have reviewed our records for the day he last called into our businessHe called on 4/6/(not 6/15/as he stated) and our longest wait time for the entire day was minutes and secondsWe also know that during his call with us, the call was dropped at 9:54am PST but we immediately called him back to resume contactMrT [redacted] did not answer at that time and we left him a message to call us back at his earliest convenience to complete his requestMrT [redacted] returned our call that day at 5:pm PST and completed contact.We are sorry to lose MrT [redacted] as a member, however there was no indication during his three-year membership that he experienced any issues with his website that would warrant a refund

We have reviewed the complaint and feel that Mr [redacted] is not entitled to any refund due to the fact that he did not cancel his website prior to the being deductedThere is a two step process which needs to be takenMember is to call and send in writing their request to cancelPer our notes Mr [redacted] did not call in until 07/03/several days after the was charged nor did we receive it in writting An email is sent out roughly days before letting members know that they are to opt out of the version upgrade and if they do not do so they will be automatically chargedThis is also explained to members when they purchase the siteWe have canceled the website effective 07/03/per member's requestIf Mr [redacted] has any questions regarding this decision he may contact me directly at [redacted] Monday through Friday from 6:00am to 3:00pm Pacific Standard Time

I am rejecting this response because:
*** *** called me and I was unavailable to answer the callI called her back the next morning and I got her voice mail and left a messageI called again later that same day (Wednesday of last week) and got the voice mail again, but did not leave a second messageI have not heard back from herIt doesn't seem they are eager to resolve this matter
*** ***

I am rejecting this response because: As I stated, I called long before This charge for a monthly chargeI told the rep at that time that the account should be closedThe rep gave me a phone number to callI called the number to discuss the issueThe rep that I talked to told me that the account was closedThis was a couple of months before I was charged $The next contact that I had with emerchant club was the chargeI also recieved an email the other day saying that I owe more money for monthly servicesI did pay that to because the email was threating to send the charge to collectionsEmerchant club already drew $out of my account, they would send this to collections as well and cost me $more along with dropping my credit scoreEmerchant Club has "lost" any communications that I had with the company before the $chargeI do have the email that was sent to me, along with my reply
RE: eMerchantClub Account: xxxxxxxxx
Website: xxxxxxxx
Just a short note to let you know that your Monthly Hosting Fee has not been paid for the current monthWe value your business and wish to keep you as a member in good standing, so please contact us at ###-###-#### to make a hosting claim and keep your account current
If you have already contacted us with the updated payment information, please disregard this notice
Customer Service
eMerchantClub LLC
***Please do not delete any part of this message when replying as it may be used in the tracking and resolution of this issue.***
This is the email that I recievedI also responded to it saying that I requested it to be closedI was told by the rep that I talked to the other day about itHe told me that the email was computer generated, that nobody reads the replysWell, why have the ***Please do not delete any part of this message when replying as it may be used in the tracking and resolution of this issue.*** for? Does not make sense, unless Emerchant company was hoping that I would delet this emailDoes Emerchant club have records of sending this? I did "x" out my account number and business name
*** ***
I am still waiting for the response promised by the company
Regards, *** ***

The complaint is being reserched and E-Merchant will contact the
consumer to discuss the matter in further detailMember may also contact
Fairelynn Villa at ###-###-#### Monday -
Friday from 6:00AM to 2:30PM Pacific Standard

We have reviewed MrH***s complaint and see that he emailed (responded) to auto generated emails regarding past due amounts owed as well as sent his request in writingWe unfortunately were not able to reach MrH*** to
verbally verify his request. Voicemail's were left requesting for him to contact Tech support to complete this processEven though MrH*** didn’t speak with a cancellations rep we will take this complaint as his request to cancel and have removed him from owing anything further We wish Mr, H*** the best in his business endeavors

The company made attempts to withdraw funds from my accountAfter withdrawing funds compan refused to give me a refund and representative placed me on hold and disconnected call several times without notifying meWhen I called back I repeatedly requested a manager or supervisor, in which I was told none available and he will have one to call me backI told him I would wait and he would not complyHe interrupted me several timesI even told home I would contact so he knows there is a post about himI am highly upset with this company and wil not recommend to anyone after today

We are reviewing Mr D***'s complaint and accountE Merchant will contact Mr D*** to discuss the matter in further detailMember may also contact *** *** at ###-###-####
Monday - Friday from 6:00AM to 2:30PM Pacific Standard Time

I just bought a deluxe website for almost $2000.00 and looks like that I will never be done paying for the site. First of all, the site they sell you is not secure. When you call they tell you that you have to pay for a software to make the site secure. Next, you discover that the site can only accept pay pal. When you call, they tell you that you have to pay for the feature that enables you to accept credit cards. This they don't tell you when you are about to purchase the website. This is very unfair.

Please be advised that Mr [redacted]'s complaint is being investigated and E Merchant will contact Mr [redacted] to discuss the matter
in further detailMember may also contact [redacted] at ###-###-####
Monday - Friday from 6:AM to 2:PM Pacific Standard Time.

The consumer will need to contact [redacted] at ###-###-#### Monday
- Friday from 6:00 AM to 2:30 PM Pacific Standard Time to discuss the matter in
detail as well as come up with a possible resolution.

We review Mr [redacted]'s complaint and contact him to discuss the matter in further detail. Member may also contact
[redacted] at ###-###-#### Monday - Friday from 6:00AM to 2:30PM Pacific Standard

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