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E Merchant Club

Wilmington, Delaware, United States, 19801-1120

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I joined emerchantclub a month ago with the big value website for $14.95. Joshua did my website training it was very educational. He was helpful answering my questions I started out with the smallest store they had to offer. After speaking with Joshua during the training he explained to me that my website was limited, so we talked about their larger business stores they had. I decided it was best to upgrade my website so I have access to more products. I also learned that there are three different warehouses with all kinds of products that I have access to at wholesale prices. I'm excited to see how this will go I would recommend this company to anyone looking to get something started from home at an affordable price. Brianna

E Merchant Club Response time Jun 03, 2020

Thank you, Brianna, for launching your online business with us. We are committed to your success and look forward to helping you grow your business!

May 06, 2020

I got in on the "free trial" website offer a year ago. After not doing much with it for a few months, I decided to get serious about it and upgraded to the bigger store so I can choose what products to sell on my website. Everyone I've talked to has been helpful, and if they don't know the answer to something, they get back to me. I have been putting some effort into marketing and getting my website traffic up, so they are helping me with SEO. I'm happy with the service they provide, and the upgraded website is worth the price. I would recommend this company to anyone who wants to start an online business without having to do a bunch of the background work before launching it.

Started my business somewhere back in 1995 with the original company and catalogues going door-to-door, Bought many items myself and flea marketed a lot. Customer service was great back then. a few years ago, I believe around 2004, I purchased a website from Smart Living Company, Joshua help me set it up along with someone in tech support, My job took me to several states using my website as an online catalog and ordered for customers, items coming to me first and me delivering them Since then, I've upgraded and expanded a little each year and each time, my website was down while they worked on it no more than 3 business days. Joshua helps me every step of the way, he doesn't know all the answers so transfers me to the right people or he finds out and gets back to me. I've just upgraded to the fully loaded website, and the techs don't work on weekends just like so many other businesses. If I need to drop the website, it will require a notice to E-Commerce by mail as well as a phone call and I will be charge the fee each month until they receive the written letter as stated in the beginning.

This company reduced my rate for six months but didn’t make it clear to me that I was agreeing to a six month contract. I have been with them for many many years and need to cancel, but won’t let me until June. So much for being a monthly service. I feel like they took advantage of me because of my age and not always understanding what is going on. I am in my 70’s and when I did go to try and cancel they hung up on my several times, apparently a bad connection, and when I finally spoke with someone they offered no solution and there is no written contract just a phone agreement, which I thought was just reducing my rate not locking me into a six month agreement. So it just makes me feel sick that I can’t cancel.

E Merchant Club Response time Jan 27, 2020

We are sorry that our longtime member is unhappy with the agreement we made regarding her account. We are sorry to hear she feels we didn't explain the generous offer fully, as it is never our intent to confuse members. She has the right to cancel her account at any point, and her account was successfully cancelled before she lodged this complaint. We wish her all the best in her future business endeavors.

The company did not live up to claims. Spoke with team member and told them the website was not available after a week of waiting and requested service cancellation. Member unhappy but agreed with cancellation.
I was not informed of a 2step cancellation policy. I was billed monthly and after my debit card was changed, we received a collection call for “delinquent payments”. I tried to explain the situation to the man on the phone. He was not willing to hear our side of the story. I asked to speak to a supervisor. First he said there was no supervisor. I lost my temper and started to speak VERY loudly. I asked again for a supervisor and I believe the same person said he was a supervisor.
Procedure for cancellation explained today by a young man who spoke to both my husband and myself. I have sent the email (step 1) and as of this moment have been on hold on the cancellation line for 20 minutes.
We will continue to hold until a human answers. I wonder why a cancellation line is so busy there is no one available to speak with us

E Merchant Club Response time Jul 23, 2019

Upon joining eMerchantClub on December 21st, 2018, we built a free trial website for this member on a promotional offer that was only $9.95. This website was fully functional upon release to the member after they chose their website’s domain name. The work was completed on December 28th, 2018 by eMerchantClub. In our lengthy verification script, which was read to this member upon their purchase, they agreed to a monthly hosting fee of $29.95 that is debited to the payment account on file with eMerchantClub on the second of every month. This fee was paid successfully in January (paid late, on 1/18/19), February and March. The April payment declined, followed by non-payment of the May, June, and July hosting fees. The total amount owed as of this morning was $119.80. Starting with the first missed payment in April up through this week, we called and sent emails in hopes of getting this account back in good standing.

During the purchase verification script that this member agreed to on 12/21/18, our representative explained eMerchantClub’s cancellation process, which is a 2-step process. Our cancellation process is also available for all members in our Membership Rules section of our website. The following information is included there for full transparency:

4. Cancellation
You may cancel your website or any other eMerchantClub service any time following this two-step process. First, notify eMerchantClub by E-mail of your intent to cancel at [email protected], and then by verifying your account information by contacting us by phone at 888-839-8761 and stating your intent to cancel. For account security, both processes must take place in order to cancel the account. Both steps must be completed 72 business hours before the 2nd of the month in order to avoid that month’s hosting charge. Any outstanding owed hosting, payment installments or upgrade charges immediately become due and will be charged to the account on file at time of cancellation. Any unpaid balances will be charged to the account on file until the balance owed is paid in full. Any incoming E-mail sent to cancelled or terminated accounts will not be bounced back or forwarded to another account. Everything regarding the website that is stored on our servers may be deleted. Cancellation will not entitle you to a refund or relieve you of your obligation to pay the remaining balance of your account.
The member both agreed to a monthly hosting fee and also agreed that the cancellation process was understood. As an act of good faith and to help this member successfully cancel their website, this morning our staff offered to pay half their accrued fees leaving only $60 in fees for the member to cover. In the time that this complaint was written and posted, the member spoke to our cancellation department and successfully closed their account and shut down their website. As we have relieved this member of $60 worth of accrued fees that were not paid and in light of our no-refund policy that is clear in our membership rules, we have closed this case completely on our end. We wish them the best of luck in their future business endeavors.

june 28 2019 I was charged $199 to update my website however I didn't want the new update. and the email they said they sent me gave me the impression that if I want the update then call them to reserve my update version 20. so I called and requested a refund for the $199 charge. and sent an email that my account be cancelled. and I called again no one answered. july 2 2019 I received a call from the cancellation department and she pretty much said if I cancel my website I am losing $199 charge. I told them to cancel my website. I don't think that is fair, when you look at the email it doesn't say if you don't want the update call us I think it is very miss leading. and I told the rep that if I was only paying the hosting fees it would be fine but I didn't want to pay for any update. back in April 2019 I spoke to two different reps Hope and Nick they quoted different prices for the updates
Hope said $259 and Nick said $199 so I told them that I am not ready for an update and that when I am ready I will call to set it up. so, I was shocked that June 28th I was charged for this update that I did not ask for.

E Merchant Club Response time Jul 08, 2019

eMerchantClub sent out a total of 5 emails to all our members that outline the annual software update charge that takes place the last business day of June. Our membership rules, available on our website, state clearly that every member is charged the yearly fee and the fee is also outlined in our purchase verification script. We clearly state in every email about the yearly fee that it will be automatically charged to the payment account on file on the last day of June, which fell on June 28th this year. Mr. O was given ample opportunity to opt out or set up a payment plan for this essential and important update. The fee is not optional because it ensures our members’ sites will get a year’s worth of security updates, technology updates, and new features. The yearly update fee is non-refundable, so to get the most of this charge, Mr. O can continue to work his website and enjoy the new features that will be added in the coming weeks. We wish Mr. O the best of luck in his future business endeavors.

This company has been nothing but a rip-off and seems like a scam. I have been trying to cancel my membership for months. They talked me into trying upgraded site at discounted rate but I had nothing but trouble. I have now been leaving messages and emails to cancel and no response.

E Merchant Club Response time Jul 03, 2019

eMerchantClub has continued to offer solutions to Ms. J throughout her multiple membership timeframes. Our membership rules have not changed, and Ms. J did successfully cancel her original membership in 2011. After restarting her membership and website in June of 2018, Ms. J attempted to cancel in December 2018 with our two-step process (an email stating intent to cancel and then verbal confirmation to our cancellation department). At that time, we offered her an upgraded website and reduced fees to help her keep her business online. She agreed and her membership continued.

On the evening of May 15th, 2019, Ms. J emailed a cancellation request to our Technical Support department. The next business day, our Technical Support team returned her email giving her the Cancellation Department’s email address and phone number but, as a courtesy, they forwarded her request directly to the Cancellation Department. The second step was for Ms. J to call in and verbally confirm her wish to cancel.

As another courtesy, our Cancellation Department called Ms. J on May 16th to help expedite her cancellation request. She did not answer, so we left a voicemail asking her for a quick call back to confirm. We also emailed her with the Cancellation Department number again to help her complete the cancellation process. The following day, May 17th, we called Ms. J a second time to help her cancel her website and account. Again, there was no answer so we left another message followed by an email. Our third and final attempt to reach Ms. J came on May 20th, 2019, followed by another email stating that we tried three times to reach her. The email requested that she call our Cancellation Department directly as soon as possible so we could close her account and website. Ms. J did not return our calls, and on June 3rd she was charged another hosting fee, which was paid without issue.

Upon looking through our phone reports, it appears that Ms. J called the cancellation line on June 26th, 2019, but did not speak directly with anyone. She was on hold for a short time but disconnected the call before speaking with our Cancellation Department. At the end of the month, our cancellation line sometimes has a longer-than-usual wait time due to an increase in calls.

eMerchantClub has gone to great lengths to help Ms. J complete her cancellation. Without verbal confirmation we do not cancel websites, which has been our policy throughout our two decades in business and the same for all of Ms. J’s memberships. Again, as a final courtesy to Ms. J, we will cancel her website and close her account now and wish her the best of luck in her future business endeavors.

Customer Response time Jul 03, 2019

Complaint: 13653935

I am rejecting this response because:

I agree with the cancellation of my website but they did not address any form of refund. On top of monthly fees I was recently charger an upgrade fee for a website that I have been trying to cancel. And calls were not disconnected I left messages like recording said I could because I can't spend 20+ minutes on hold.


*** J

E Merchant Club Response time Jul 09, 2019

eMerchantClub understands that Ms. J is upset that she didn’t successfully complete the cancellation process to deactivate her website and therefore was charged the yearly software update fee that is mandatory for all our business-level websites, but eMerchantClub did reach out multiple times to secure confirmation without any response. Beyond the phone calls and messages we left on Ms. J’s phone, we also sent multiple emails about how to complete the cancellation process.

As for the yearly software update fee that Ms. J was charged on June 28th, 2019, we sent an entire series of emails alerting her to the date of the charge and instructions on how to set up a payment plan if needed. All of eMerchantClub’s Magento-based websites were charged the standard yearly fee that provide an entire year of security updates, technology updates, and new features that will enhance our members’ online store throughout 2019 and 2020. The first email alerting members to the upcoming charge was on 5/23/19, which Ms. J received, then the second arrived in Ms. J’s inbox on 6/3/19. We sent another reminder about this automatic charge on 6/13/19, and then the final reminder arrived in Ms. J’s inbox on 6/24/19. During this timeframe, she also paid her June hosting fee on 6/3/19 without issue.

As stated in our membership rules, which Ms. J agreed to upon purchasing her website, all purchases made for websites are non-refundable. It’s also stated in our membership rules that the yearly software update fee is non-refundable and happens the last business day of June of each year. We understand that Ms. J tried to reach our cancellation line on 6/26/19 but did not stay on the line long enough to speak to one of our cancellation representatives. As a courtesy, we have cancelled her website without this cancellation protocol, but we cannot refund any purchases. While it’s unfortunate that Ms. J is upset, we feel that we did all we could to help her, including reducing her monthly hosting fees, a website upgrade, and multiple calls to help her complete the cancellation process, along with multiple emails regarding the upcoming yearly fee. We invite Ms. J to call our technical support department if she would like to keep her website online since she has already paid her yearly software fee; we’d be happy to help her get it back online at any time.

Customer Response time Jul 09, 2019

Complaint: 13653935

I am rejecting this response because:


*** J

I did try to contact the company many times including leaving messages like instructed after being on hold for 15-20 minutes. I sent emails about my disatisfaction. I do not feel that I should be held liable for upgrade when I started trying to cancel before the upgrade was even charged. I'm not going to be using the site and haven't used it. Yes I was with the company before years ago but had to quit. The company was a lot more user friendly then. Now this company is nothing but a scam. I want my money back.

The sales representative told me that I would have a website with 3000 products for $9.95 a month. The truth is that they control the website, and will charge $29.95 a month for 80 products! The tech support guy told me if I wanted more products I had to pay $100s if not $1000 more. I have been totally misled. I called and emailed requesting my $9.95 to be returned and not to charge me anymore. The representative said that they will not refund my money. He also said I could try calling their tech support for it but that was silly because they are the same company. They were not truthful at all. Bogus lies. Return my money and stop misleading people!

E Merchant Club Response time Jul 03, 2019

eMerchantClub has worked out a mutually agreed-upon resolution to this issue with Mr. directly. His account and website have been discontinued. We wish him the best of luck in his future online business endeavors.

Customer Response time Jul 03, 2019

Complaint: 13653266

I am rejecting this response because:

I’m waiting for confirmation that my money gets returned to my credit card. That needs to happen first before closing this case. I don’t trust the seller but I promise I will honor my end if the money does get returned. Action speaks louder than words so, as mentioned, I will need to see it first. Thank you.



E Merchant Club Response time Jul 08, 2019

We have canceled his account and processed the refund request as said in our previous response. It can take a few days for the financial institution to post the funds. We suggest Mr. contact his bank or credit card company to check the status if needed. There is no further action being taken on our part and again we wish Mr. the best.

Customer Response time Jul 08, 2019

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 13653266, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me - I can confirm that the funds have been returned.



I signed up for an online store business in' or around March, 2019 for $9.95 hosting fee. Around the April 1, 2019 I emailed to cancel, and later received a call stating it was a 2-step process. I would have to email first and the telephone to cancel. I began getting telephone calls stating my $29.95 hosting fee was past due. I informed the individual that I was no longer interested in keeping the account and was told I still owed the fee. I spoke with another individual that offered me a reduced offer and would allow me until the April 15, 2019 to start paying. I advised the individual that I did not have any money and if I could pay I will and she offered to call me before April 15, 2019 to determine if I would be able to continue. I never received the call and was told that I can't cancel until July , 2019. I advised her that I will not be paying and wanted her to cancel my account. She continued to tell me that I could not cancel until July, 2019. I told her I was not paying and I want this to end.

E Merchant Club Response time May 21, 2019

eMerchantClub is sorry to hear that Mr. R is unhappy with the online business opportunity that so many of our members benefit from. Our standard $29.95 hosting fee for his fully functional online store was agreed to by Mr. R when he started his membership, and our team worked with him to reduce this hosting fee for 3 months to help his financial situation. While he did agree to the three months of reduced hosting, we understand that sometimes financial strains arise. We have hereby cancelled his eMerchantClub account and removed the balance to ease his concerns. We wish him the best of luck in his future business endeavors.



Customer Response time May 21, 2019

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 13561060, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


*** R

I am having several issues with my website. The most pressing issue is that I believe this company is charging me for FREE version of my ecommerce website. I noticed the following information located in the source code of my website:

This source file is subject to the Academic Free License (AFL 3.0)
that is bundled with this package in the file LICENSE_AFL.txt.
It is also available through the world-wide-web at this URL:
If you did not receive a copy of the license and are unable to
obtain it through the world-wide-web, please send an email
to [email protected] so we can send you a copy immediately.
Do not edit or add to this file if you wish to upgrade Magento to newer
versions in the future. If you wish to customize Magento for your
needs please refer to for more information.
@category design
@package rwd_default
@copyright Copyright (c) 2006-2016 X.commerce, Inc. and affiliates (
@license Academic Free License (AFL 3.0)

On 3/6/19 I emailed the above information to [email protected], to date, I have not received a response.
I was unsure if my emails were being received, so I talked to S on 3/11/19 and was assured that my emails have been received and I have yet to receive a response. This company has different levels of websites and I want to be certain that I am getting the service that I paid for.

There is also a problem with emails being sent out from the site. I only get notified if there is a new order. No other emails are being sent out. All online marketing has been stalled which is making obtaining new customers difficult. I discovered this issue last summer and it is still a problem.

E Merchant Club Response time Apr 02, 2019

We are sorry to hear that after communicating and working with Ms. B she has filed a complaint. Her eMerchantClub website is fully functional and was built on our server, including access to product inventory that she can sell on her website for a profit.

Her complaint about the Magento source code is unfounded. Magento is an open source platform, which means the software to build websites does not cost money, but what does cost money is the extensive time and effort required to build a fully functional online store. eMerchantClub uses the Magento platform to build our websites upon, which requires hours of coding, design, and linking to inventory databases to create a functional shopping cart-based website that supports ecommerce. What Ms. B paid for is a robust and functional online store that links directly to Smart Living Company’s inventory database, something that no other company can do for her. This affords her a complete business, including products and a website to sell those products on. There are not many companies that can provide a full business package like this, and that’s why eMerchantClub has been so successful for more than 20 years. The Magento source code that she refers to is built into the Magento platform and is not something we or any other website builder can control. There are more than 300,000 websites built on Magento, and most of then cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to build. Compared to industry average cost for a Magento-based website, eMerchantClub offers an incredibly affordable website on state-of-the-art technology.

eMerchantClub has spoken to Ms. B numerous times about the email issue that she cited, and we have documentation that her issues started weeks ago and not in the summer as her complaint claimed. We have been and continue to work on fixing this complex situation, and our team of developers has made significant progress in the past week. We are looking forward to a full resolution of this issue very soon, and we’ll be sure to inform Ms. B when we are confident the issue has been completely resolved. The email issue, while unfortunate, has not kept Ms. B’s website from functioning fully as an online store where she can sell products at retail price and keep the profits. She has even accepted a goodwill offer we extended to her regarding this issue, so we feel that we have done our best to ensure her satisfaction.

We are happy to further provide Ms. B with free technical support of her website going forward and wish her the very best luck in her online business endeavors. eMerchantClub does not require our members to sign a contact and business with us is done on a month-to-month voluntary basis.

This company has taken advantage of my mental health issues (bipolar disorder and anxiety disorder) and naïveté as a senior citizen to scam more than $3600 off me, and the rude service rep has not responded to my requests for a refund, or to my daughter when she called (with me also on the phone) to ask for a refund. In fact, when my daughter called and spoke to the very rude H *** with me giving my name, account #, and permission, she still wouldn't answer my daughter's questions about their sketchy services. I see that this company already has 14 customer complaints and only a 1 star rating--this company should be closed before they can scam more elderly people with limited incomes and mental health issues.

E Merchant Club Response time Nov 07, 2018

eMerchantClub is disappointed that after numerous attempts to help Mr. S, we’ve been met with complaints, unpleasant phone calls, and a fraudulent “chargeback” through his banking institution for the purchase price agreed to for services and a website that was delivered as promised. Our policy is to send accounts that perform fraudulent chargebacks, like the one Mr. S performed, to collections. The money he agreed to pay for his eMerchantClub website and services was used to deliver a fully functional online store that gives him the opportunity to earn income though by selling products. Chargebacks are taken very seriously by eMerchantClub, especially when we have performed all work agreed upon by Mr. S and our representatives. Along with the fraudulent chargeback, Mr. S sent a letter that included this admission:
“She said that money was not refundable. I told that I agreed that money was not refundable
but my calls were not answered, and help was not provided when needed. As a result, money should be refunded.”
Our representative repeatedly tried to return Mr. S’s calls, but the number associated with his account was disconnected. After a few attempts, our representative heard a message from Mr. S with his new number, which was then added to his account and used to get in contact with him. Not returning his calls immediately is not grounds for claiming fraud.
Mr. S purchased his website and associated features in a series of payments, the last of which was in August of 2018. Complaining that he hasn’t made all his money back yet, two months after starting his business, is not what was promised to him. A home-based business start-up, which is what he received for the agreed-upon purchase price from eMerchantClub, does not guarantee or claim that anyone will make thousands of dollars instantly or even make the total money spent back. Our representative went through this with Mr. S multiple times in our stringent verification process, where he also agreed that the money spent was non-refundable. Like any business, Mr. S will have to put forth daily effort and planning for his business to grow and succeed. eMerchantClub does not offer or claim to be an instant, get-rich-quick business opportunity, but instead gives members a fully customized online store with necessary building blocks and a head start to create a business of their own that can help them earn profits.
The nature of Mr. S’s complaint is that we sent him a notice of collections, due to the fraudulent chargeback performed against our business. This business practice is not only practiced by eMerchantClub but by any legitimate company providing quality goods and services. eMerchantClub is extremely proud and works very hard for our A+ rating, and any attacks against that will be defended with provable information. As agreed to by Mr. S, we cannot refund money for a product and service that was delivered satisfactorily. The chargeback he performed through his banking institution still stands, which has negatively impacted our business. We have cancelled his account, effective immediately, and wish him luck in his future endeavors.

Customer Response time Nov 08, 2018

Complaint: 13171169
I am rejecting this response because:This business is dishonest and misleading, which is why there are numerous other bad reviews about them on and elsewhere online, and they can't just imagine away their corrupt behavior. Someone representing me will be contacting the relevant county's district attorney to file a complaint about emerchant's misleading and predatory business practices that take advantage of ill and naive elderly people.
*** S

E Merchant Club Response time Nov 14, 2018

eMerchantClub tried repeatedly to answer Mr. S’s concerns over the phone but we were not able to reach a meaningful mutual understanding. eMerchantClub delivered Mr. S’s order on time and as promised. After his non-refundable purchase of a customized website and accessories, he charged back most of his purchase with his banking institution, which is considered fraud. eMerchantClub’s foundation is individually building customized websites and related services to help our members build an online business, which we did satisfactorily for Mr. S and cannot refund the hours spent by our staff creating and customizing his website. The expectation of making all the money invested in a business back in an 8-week period was not initiated by eMerchantClub; we repeatedly expressed to Mr. S that starting an online business did not guarantee any profits or return on investment. We are willing to speak to Mr. S in a calm and helpful manner if he should want further explanation of his closed membership and account, the terms of service he agreed to, and the nonrefundable purchases he initiated.

when I signed up 3/27/2018 I was under the expression that everything would be set up in 7 business days. now I cant get a working website untill 4/10/18. meanwhile I have to pay $29+ for my account to stay in still. we had an agreement and this delay is costly I am unable to make a profit because of this delay. I regreat the day I signed up. my website they are hoasting is still down ( ) and not build yet.

E Merchant Club Response time May 14, 2018

E Merchant is working with Mr. R and the issues he is having with the website.

Customer Response time May 14, 2018

Complaint: 12835822
I am rejecting this response because: when my website was finally made it looked like a 10-year-old child made it. my website was made poorly and I'm going to terminate my services the 26th because of it. I have no sales because stuff is out of stock when they give you a website with only 100 items on it and 20 may be out of stock it really hurts business. I don't see a profit here so at the end of my month I will be calling to terminate my services. there is no choice to change the way it looks that I could find and I just don't like the work that was done. I made me a better cart myself at briansgiftshop dot store, but at least I have items in stock and I have over 100 items. just not happy with the experience I have had them when I wanted help I got told by Jaush in customer service they don't have time for me. I was told I was going to get a callback and never did. so I end up calling again my self to get that matter resolved. why tell somebody you don't have time for them? I think that was a little rude on their part.

E Merchant Club Response time May 14, 2018

Mr. R opened his original complaint with incorrect information stating he purchased a website on 3/27/18 and that he did not have his website with in the 7 business day timeframe he was quoted when purchasing the site, this complaint was registered on 5/1/18. Mr. R first interaction with eMerchantClub was on 4/27/18, at this point he was given a free website as long as he paid his first months hosting for $29.95 which would actually cover him all the way through 6/3/18. During that call Mr. Reynold was advised his site would be available within 5-7 business days. At the time of the complaint, 5/1/18, it had been 2 business day. I notified the member on 5/3/18 that his site was up and available online, which was a full day before the quoted timeframe. Mr. R also mentions that he is paying $29.95 a month for his site that has nothing on it, his first automatic payment of $29.95 to keep his site online has not yet occurred. After speaking with Mr. R on 5/3/18, he called back shortly to speak with Josh about options on his site. I listened to the call and Josh was on another line completing a walkthrough with a member and asked for Brian’s information so he could call him back when he was done with the call stating it would be about 30 minutes. Over the next 20 minutes Brian called in 10 more times, but all the representatives were on the phone, eventually he ended up speaking with ***. In that call he told *** that Josh was rude and told him that he did not have time for him, which did not happen. Brian also stated he did not like the way the website looked and that he wanted the Deluxe website. *** explained the upgrade pricing and that he was provided a free website to get started, Brian declined any upgrades at that time. We have tried to make Mr. R happy and wish him nothing but success, however we cannot do more for him than give him the site he paid for. If Mr. R wishes to cancel his site then he would need to contact E Merchants cancellation department.

Customer Response time May 21, 2018

Complaint: 12835822
I am rejecting this response because:

I wish to cancel they have the cancel line rigged where you hold and hold and hold there is nobody there after 30 mines on hold. I tried 4 times. I want somebody to call me to cancel. . I have had pure rotten service from day one I wish I never done business with them. my website looks like pure trash to the point I have customers saying it looks like a 10-year-old child has used a templet to build it and if it looks this bad they are not buying anything from me. if I cannot cancel them I'm going to cancel the credit card on file and let them bill me forever and ever.

I want somebody from the cancel line to call me to cancel my service. I have had enough with this rotten service I have had and I wish to cancel my service asap.

I did a verbal upgrade website agreement 2/20/18 over the phone. The down payment does not start until 2/28/18. The upgrade included a 1,000 of my own products. My Manufacture informed me that I needed import/export options on my website so that I can update inventory in My Magento site. Emerchant Club which is part of Smart Living co. does not let you know that your website doesn't have that option and when you inquire about that there answer is to do it Manually. Now I think that that should be up to the customer if they want to sit there all day or weekend to Manually update there own products. I told them to cancel my upgrade and leave my Deluxe website which there answer was that I could not cancel even thou they haven't done the work and also I haven't paid the down payment. They also said that they would cancel my deluxe website even thou that has been paid in full since 8/25/2017.

E Merchant Club Response time Apr 12, 2018

We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience and will be more than welcome to review the account. Please note the complaint is for E Merchant, so we will be asking that it be transferred. The consumer will need to contact F *** at Monday - Friday from 6:00AM to 2:30PM Pacific Standard Time to discuss the matter in detail.

Customer Response time Apr 18, 2018
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 12699122, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. I will be calling the number that they Provided. As far as I know Smart living and Emerchant club are the same company but different Department

I have been trying to cancel my membership for about 3 weeks . Every time I called no one answer the phone. I was on hold for a while then the phone got disconnected. I spoke to tech support they transfer me to another department still could not cancel. I followed their first step of the cancel process. Now I finally got through 12/01/2017 to cancel membership. She tired to convince me to keep the account but from the first day I signed up I wanted to cancel. Now they want to charge my account of 29.95 for December and I did not use the account for even month no activity. Then she told me it's my decision, my choice to go through this so I have to pay for December. I had the account less than a month . Then she said if I do not pay they will send my account to collection and add $100 or more . This is absolutely horrible I so dislike this company never again and I will never recommend. I am disappointed. Being charged for nothing

E Merchant Club Response time Apr 12, 2018

E Merchant has a process for cancelling the websites, and if the steps were all completed and there is an oversight on our end, you should contact our escalations manager immediately. Please call and ask to speak to F ***; she will assist you with your claim. Thank you.

I was promised a website that was capable of doing more than they delivered on when I asked about itI was told you had to pay more for the upgraded site. I attempted to cancel verbally and they hung up on me I sent an email and they still refused to cancel and they now want to charge me for 2 months of hosting for a website I didn't use.

E Merchant Club Response

We are sorry to hear that Mr. B had issues canceling and we look forward to rectifying the matter as soon as possible. E Merchant has a process for counseling sites, and if the steps were completed and there was an oversight on our end we will take care of it right away. Emerchant escalations manager will be in touch with Mr B to go over the complaint

I cancelled my website (by email) on July 26. It is a 2 step cancel so I called. I was on hold over 30 minutes. I can't just sit on a phone forever waiting on some one to decide to answer. I called several more times each time waiting at least 10 minutes (most of the time much longer). I emailed to let them know they are not to charge me and told them of the times I called. I got an email from Nathaniel wanting to help me with my website. I said I want it cancelled. He said he couldn't cancel it but to call and he could help me get it set up. I told him if he could not cancel then he is not the one I need to talk to. Fast forward to August 3. They charged me for the hosting fees. I am on hold as we speak (now at 25 min and 38 seconds and still holding). I plan to file a fraud charge with my card company as well as file complaints anywhere I can. I checked Nevada Secretary of State and don't see them listed as a business so I will be calling them too. I would strongly advise you NOT to use this company. There are much better opportunities out there.

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